STS first time!

Hello Monday!

Today has been so crazy at work...but at lunch..... I went to the gym for 30 minutes and did weights.... helped my stress level! LOL

Thursday I have a dentist appt at 3:10.... to have my tooth filled.... I also have spin class at 5:30.... Do you think the numbing will be okay during at class? I dont want to miss class cause I do enjoy it! hmmm.... I called dentist and they could not see me another day this week.... and I dont want to push it out any further......

Marie.... the energy balls were tasty with the pb2! And so much better for you....hehehehe

Hope everyone is okay in the snowy areas......
Missy I bet your tooth will be fine. If anything one will distract from another. You'll either be thinking about your tooth or how intense the spin class is :) Next time I make energy balls I'm definitely using pb2.

Jean We watched that movie last night and it was good but definitely intense. It's not for everyone that's for sure. Way to stock up on food. It's so nice out here today. It's in the thirties. Missy I'm sure you'd be freezing ;) I'm hoping we don't get the storm but I have a feeling that's not going to happen.

Swim was awesome. We have to sign up for the next session soon. He's doing great in this more advanced class and now surpassing the kids at this level. The teacher pulled us aside and said we should go ahead and sign up for the next level but to do it at the front desk because the minimum age in that class is three and they can only be in that class at age 2 with an instructor recommendation. I'm not quite decided yet on what we're going to do but we shall see. I'm so proud of my little man. Playing play-doh now. That's about all :)
Good evening... I did so good today in the eating dwpt...that was till I got home and dug into some homemade salsa andchips.... I just ccouldn't I'm all bloated....I told tim what I did...and he said....u just can't be trusted around salsa....hahaha

Yes marie....30 is too cold for me....which I'm freezing now...its going down tonight to mid 30's....and ots very windy.....errrr!!! I'm ready for some hot sunny days....bring on the heat! I'm sick of this cold weather....there's no need on

I can't relate to buying food for snow....but I can for hurricanes and tropical storms from my florida days....

Off to take a bath and try to warm up....then I will crawl under the covers and watch some tv....

Oh btw...there are too many sick and twisted people in the world....did u hearof the craigslist victims in ga? Terrible....just terrible! I was telling Tim...this is why I am such a worried woman all the time....I don't even like to walk outside alone anymore....cause every person and or car...I thi nk the worst.....u just can't trust anyone these days! Terrible.

Bath time....bbl....
It was flurrying all day, with temps in the teens. Toward the end of my workday, I had to go to FedEx Kinkos and the post office:confused: The lines were not in the store; they were on the road. 20s mph bumper to bumper. Took me over 30 mins to get home when it's usually half the time.
School was cancelled for us too! No work for me! Yay! Sleep late and hopefully I'll get in UY. Have ShovelMax too.
I'm repelled by the lines and the people who go to stock up for a storm. I don't do that and would steer clear!

Marie, you watched The Interview?? Was it funny?? I read a little story about North Korea in the paper yesterday and am disgusted by the suffocating way people live there. They're brainwashed from the time they're children!
Blame it on your period, for sure! You're clear-headed and all but something just comes over you, right? Insane. I remember those days.:confused:
Walked my neighbor's dog just now and there is a biting fierce wind out there. And the blizzard hasn't started yet. I look forward to sleeping late.:D I already said that, didn't I?
Missy, I didn't hear of the victims. I don't want to know. It's probably something sickening.
Jean, we posted at the same time! I watched that. It was ok.
I'm with you and Carolyn and would say I'm not here to stock up for the storm.:D
Good morning... its cold!!!! I hope yall are okay and snuggled up and warm.

I went to bed early last night....and guess what....I woke up late this I will only have 30 minutes to do cardio this morning.

Be back in a bit.....
Morning. Nice and snuggled and warm here. Alarm just went off. Time to hit the basement.

Sorry about your short workout Missy but way to still do it :)
Good morning! We're really snowed in here, wind blowing and snow coming down heavily. It is hard to see out my kitchen window, can't even imagine trying to drive.

I had to stop at cvs last night to get some cold medicine for dd, even that was crazy. I took a peek into market basket because she wanted some chicken soup, and it was still mobbed at 5. What are these people thinking? Luckily they have canned soup at cvs.

I just finished RWH chest, sh, tris. I had to do a longer warmup and cool down than Cathe, my body just needs it.

Stay warm and safe everyone! Carolyn, I hope dh does not have to go into work today!
Good morning. Lots of snow and wind. Bitterly cold. Don't know when we will shovel.
About to have my millet.
Jean, we still reference the blizzard of '78 every year here! It still tops it!
I just finished Travis' Foundations 3. It was marvelous! I scanned my list of all the UY ones and couldn't settle on any one being just the thing, but when I looked at my notes for 3, it sounded great. It felt great! I was able to go down straight-legged from plank to cobra once. I didn't want to push it so I went down to my knees on the rest. My shoulders were mostly great.
We just got the robo call about school cancellation tomorrow! Yay!
I measured about 18". Still snowing and blowing though. Biggest snowfall in Boston in January or something.
Carolyn, the plow guys appreciate your dh for opening.
I have no work tomorrow!:D. I won't waste it though! I will do a long workout, like I used to be able to do. Hmm, what to do? I already did KPC! Maybe all of PRS 1 and then some weights?? Idk. Will need to shovel out tomorrow for sure.
Jean, that's quite coincidental both your dhs are named Frank! Dh's family has this funky thing going where both his sisters are married to Peters; two uncles are married to Stellas; there are two Gregs (one is just a boyfriend); and I can't remember what else. I'll think of it later.
I laughed out loud at your snow comment! That's why I'm outta here in 3 yrs!
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I hate that I'm up so late! Was catching up on TV. Now doing OP. And making my millet.
Carolyn, for sure PT helped. And Cathe. If I hadn't been loose and limber from exercising weekly, I would have been tight and anxiously stiff.
Still snowing out! Not accumulating much more though.
Nighty night.
Jean, I agree with Carolyn! In exactly the same order! So funny! Sorry I'm not much help either.
And may I now say, OMG! I LOVE your dining room set. It's Shaker looking and I love the clean lines. I love the decor, the curtains, your modern home! Drool...
I love that you went to a thrift shop. My fave thing to look for in a thrift shop is furniture!
Hysterical that all your animals are in the pic. I think I can make out 7!

I can't exercise yet since I need to help dh and ds shovel.
We just got up, of course!:confused:
Hello, Ellie! She looks like a Swiss snow patrol dog! How cute!
We just finished making sushi, which ds learned in school. It was messy but tasty. And very filling.
And before that..... I did PRS#1, unrushed and in its entirety. It's lovely to just do it with a clear mind and unrushed time.
I didn't really shovel that much. The snowblower did all the work so that I barely exerted myself:eek:.
We sleep till 10 and half the day is gone, especially when we spend ages waking ds to eat breakfast with us.
I would never move to FL with humidity, mosquitoes, and hurricanes!
Jean, the white kitty with the fluffy tail looks the exact coloring and tail of my neighbor's Papillon.
Blue goes better with the wall but not as well with the carpet since it's predominantly blue.
Ok Jean, just to complicate things, I think the blue would be too much, but the green is too light. Can you do a slightly darker shade of green so it doesn't blend into the wall?

School was just cancelled for tomorrow too, I can't believe it. The sidewalks are not shoveled. I need to make up a list of chores for my girls.

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