STS first time!

Happy new year!!!

This morning I crawled out of bed as I have massive doms.....and did low hiit 1 and abs 2.... so tomorrow I probably will be in a wheel we all know I love my doms!!!!

Its almost lumch time then its soap time...oh yeah!!!!

Tomorrow I work till noon....then we get the aftwrnoon off....yipppeee!!! So I can ruah home and watch soaps..oh yeah!!!! Love it!!!! Then come monday we go back to 5 full days.... so sad!!! Hehehehe

Hope everyone has a lovely jan 1st!
Happy New Year everyone! Dh and I stayed up till one last night. B requested to "sleep in mama and dada's bed" as we tucked him in last night at 8:30 so we kept our promise. Dh transferred him and he snuggled right in with me and said, "love you mama." He of course always wakes up earlier when sleeping with us but I got lucky and dh let me sleep till 9:30 :)

Not sure I'll workout today. Like you Missy I have massive DOMS. This new series rules :) I do feel sort of guilty for not working out the first day of the year but I'm not for that type of resolution anyways. We don't need to be since we without all year right?! ;)
Happy New Year, my friends! May it be a healthy and prosperous one too!

Marie, how sweet it is to snuggle with your child in bed. Mmmmm

Missy, hooray for the doms! So true about a full work week next week. Bummer.
Good evening....we had dinner at the inlaws....which means I came home andhad to eat some more.... I just cant help it....I think I'm so use to my cooking....when she trys and duplicates it...its never good....but that's because I use healthy products....vs bad stuff....oh well...

I am about legs are so sore....I just love it...but seeing me get up is funny....I look like an old lady or a 9 month preg person....lmao!!!!

Carolyn...I was sound asleep at 10.....but the dog woke me barking at all the fireworks....she was so angry....and boots (cat) was mad csuse he was sleeping too....hehehe

Off to soak theses muscles....fingers crossed I can get out of the bathtub!
Hi there, 4 of us went to my mom's for soup in the afternoon. Hanging out on the couch after that. I'll try to go to bed earlier. Morning comes very fast.
Carolyn, good girl heeding your doctor and your pain. Monday will be here fast.
How fun your rink sounds. I hope you didn't stoop or anything to make it.
Jean, dh and ds1 are binge-watching it. I have no interest in the zombie topic. Sorry.
Missy, love the descriptions of the doms! It's how I like it best too!:D
Good morning! I did HiiT It UB Circuit with Abs again. It's great.
Off to work. It's so hard getting up at 6:30. Killer, you might say.
I'd love to go to TJM/M and browse instead of work. I sure miss those days!
Not much going on over here. Just another lazy day. I work tomorrow and Sun and then back to our routine on Monday....swim lessons, toddler class, storytime and early morning workouts :) Taking another rest day today just cuz I feel like it haha :)

Betty Hope work is going well.

Jean Enjoy your movie.

Carolyn Hope the dr goes well!

Hi Missy!
Happy New Year everyone!

We just got back from the Cape, all was well but chilly. No workouts for me, I will start back up tomorrow. My stomach is still not right.
Hiho. I managed to leave work at 2. It was nice and calm (well, relatively :-/) today. I had a lesson at 3, and afterward quickly ducked in to TJM. Left empty-handed.
An evening in with the guys. Ds1 wants to go back to his dorm tomorrow:(.

Hi Mary! Great to hear from you! Hope the Cape was restful. Have you tried yogurt for the probiotics? If not the dairy kind, how about soy or coconut yogurt?
Carolyn- Sorry to hear about dd. You try so hard to prevent it from spreading but it's so hard. I remember when ds got the stomach flu I was beyond myself. I tried so hard to prevent him from catching it. Hope she feels better soon.

Mary- Glad to hear the Cape was nice but sorry about your stomach. Hope it passes soon.

Betty- That's so sad that ds1 wanted to go back to his dorm. I'm sure I did the same to my mom at that age and didn't think twice about it :(

At work on the cardiac unit now. Waiting for an admit to get here. She's a frequent flyer....always in the hospital for something. We all know her. I'm seriously not feeling work today. Maybe it's because I haven't worked since Christmas eve or because I haven't worked out in two days and have not been eating well. My energy is low but it's my own doing. I need to get back on track. I really don't understand how people can eat unhealthy and be ok with it. I get off the wagon for even a few days and my mood and body hate me. Oh well....enough complaining. I went for one walk so far today and Monday starts back to the hardcore workouts :) That always leads to better eating.

Well that's it for now......have a good day everyone :)
Hiho. Light snow started here before 5. You could feel snow in the air before it came down. Oh well, here we go again. The next 3+months of pure, well, I'll just call it disgust. Hope and pray for an easy winter.

Marie, I agree with you about eating healthy and working out! We have it in our blood. Don't worry if you skip or don't feel like it--Cathletes always get back on the wagon!:)
What an interesting story about your patient. What does she contract? Worse than colds and stomach bugs? Why would she get admitted for those? As long as it's not Ebola.:confused:

Carolyn, ds' party setting will be magical! He must agree that it is the perfect day for it! Looking forward to the pic. I'm sorry for dd though:(. Be careful yourself!
I think you can do the UB ones? Be sure to clear it with your pain doc.

Speaking of pain, this falls in the TMI category but, about 24 hrs ago I had a BM. Immediately after and ever since, I've had low back pain.:confused: Any words of insight? I've not experienced that before. Nothing out of the ordinary about it either. Finally have a heating pad on it. I've tried stretching and foam roller to no avail.

This morning for brunch I made a German apple pancake, thick bacon, tater tots. Mine didn't look that pretty. A big brunch for the sendoff. We then dropped DS1 off this afternoon. So true that at that age you can't wait to get away from your parents and don't give it a second thought if it hurts our feelings. Waaah. He was like a breath of fresh air for the past two weeks. Dh had a buddy for sports- and binge-watching stuff on tv. Whatever we asked of him, he was game. Contrast that sharply with ds2. No to everything, moody, will not go anywhere with us!

Back to my book. Jean, you must borrow this one. It's so good.
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Good evening....yesterday I worked till about 12:30.... then came home and had lunch watched the rest of my soaps and then tackled hi it chest, shoulders, back, triceps.... so today I can't lift or walk....lmao....but it feels so good.... my friend and I were suppose to walk today but it has rained all day.

Betty....sometimes straining cause cause pinched nerves in the back....any small thing can trigger a pinched nerve, from coughing, passing gas, bm, or a list of things....hope you feel better....and tmi...nope....I work in a doctors office....I hear awful things all the time....I doesn't even phase me

Jean...I just love that Sign!!!!!

Mary....hope your tummy feels better....probiotics will help!!!

Carolyn...hope everyone feels better quickly...and have fun with the party...I would definitely love to see the ice rink....that's something we could never do here in the south!!! But that's okay....I'm not very into cold temps....and Thursday they said its gonna be in the twenties....yucky!!!!

Today was rest day....

Marie...I too feel bad when I stray...but it happens....but you will be back on track....I'm sure of it....

Off to bed....
LOVE that sign Jean! How motivating! :)

Betty Yeah I'm not sure. Thinking the same thing as Jean. Oh and never tmi, especially for a nurse. Poop rules my days being one of them haha! So this patient has COPD. She continues to discharge, go home and smoke and then gets admitted again. We give her IV steroids to decrease the inflammation in her airways and nebulizer treatments to open them. Oxygen and sometimes antibiotics which she was getting this time because of her pneumonia. COPD'ers along with CHF'ers are frequent visitors if they don't take care of themselves at home.

I ended up doing Low Impact HiiT 1 when I got home. B was snoozing. I was very tempted to just shower and sit but being it's only a half hour workout I figured why not. Plus I didn't even have to put on shoes :)
Oh, speaking of Ebola, we are one of three hospitals in MN who are trained to take an Ebola patient. Crossing my fingers we are done with that scare!
Good morning.... Its drizzling rain outside....going to be a yucky day....but its okay with me...cause I'm not leaving the house today! Yep....staying in my lounge clothes and just doing home stuff!:rolleyes:

I just finished Plyo one..... hehehehe.... i'm on a roll on this rotation i'm doing!!!! Tomorrow is Back, Biceps, and Shoulder Hiit It Lift It!:D:p
Hope everyone has a fab day!!!

Marie...awesome job on the workout!!! ;)
Morning Missy! I'm jealous of your day. Sounds perfect! Good job on the workout. I may join you tomorrow in Back, Bi, Sh. One of my goals this year is to do an upper body workout once a week. As you know and understand I'm a cardio freak so this may be challenging.

I'm at work now. Cardiac unit again. Just taking my first walk in the skyways. One more lap and then off to get a couple boiled eggs to eat :)
Oh Carolyn I feel for you! Seriously it has got to be one of the hardest things ever. I really hope you get back to your baseline soon!!! Glad the party was a success. I love that you guys are doing the rink again this year. I really want to get B on skates. When did your kids start?

Work is slow today. Went on my second walk and drinking a latte now. Charting is done. Just have some meds to pass in a bit but other than that just sitting around with nothing to do. I might run to the cafeteria and get some soup soon. It's tomato gouda of the only good things to eat down there haha!

Can't wait to get home to my boys. Our back to nomal routine starts tomorrow.

Monday is swim lessons.
Tues is storytime which starts next week so this week I'm thinking the zoo.
Wed is toddler class and then our first of three dance classes in the evening.
Thurs and Fri are free days so hoping for some playdates and such :)

Love my time with B :)

Oh one complaint....I have a Norwex party on Friday. I'm not one for these type of parties. The product is great but I'd rather spend my evening at home with my boys. Another goal for the New Year, along with more upper body and yoga, is to start expanding my horizons though so that's why I said, yup I'm free I'll be there. I'll just complain to you guys ;)

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