STS first time!

Good day! It's sunny! I took the day off. Tried RWH--UB Circuit premix with abs! It's refreshingly different, of course! A little fast-paced for me so I was perennially a rep or two behind. I hope I didn't strain anything on my shoulder! I loved the ab work since it included a bunch of new moves Cathe hasn't done before, like standing abs!
I liked Brenda's purple top a lot. It's nice to see the crew wear run-of-the-mill store-bought athletic wear; I noticed Champion, Reebok, Nike. I cannot see what make is Brenda's top though. Cathe's hair is so much shorter than in last year's filming; I prefer it this way. Oddly enough, the women don't have any noticeable moisturizing lipwear on.
Carolyn, since we haven't heard from you, I hope you didn't catch ds' bug. Are you ok, mentally and otherwise?
Missy, how awful for your chiro friend. I'm sending thoughts for their healing.
Jean, congrats on your MP3 player! Enjoy your music! I love my collection of disco songs in mine:D. (I do have other music in there, in case you're wondering.)
Marie, hoope you survived the gatherings.
Success on ribs today, but it meant dh had to go a third time. One batch is cooking in the oven.
Back to my laundry.
Oh Carolyn, that's awful! I hope ds recovers soon and no more trips to the er. What a worry. And your pet bunny as well, so sorry. All I can say is, hang in there! You all probably need a good night's rest.
Good evening...

Carolyn...I sure hope your little one feels better.... I know to well how bad a fever and body aches make you feel.... I have him in my thoughts.

Today...I woke up coughing yellow mucas I'm hoping his means soon I will be better....Tim had the day off with we went to tally and had lunch and went to the book store....then stopped by farmers market on way home.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping day..and that's it! I want to rest!

Betty....u made me giggle with your disco have my music on my phone....a mixture of high beat music for running and country....and of course some classic rock....

Cooking dinner....grilled chicken breast with a hashbrown cassorole for Tim and a salad for me.

Jean....I definitely hope you don't catch this sickness....its aweful!

Oh....I took my Christmas stuff down today....back to normal.....yippppeeeee!!!!!!!

Oh, Carolyn, I'm so sorry for what ds and you all are going through, incl with bunny. I hope the worst has passed and ds is on his way to recovering! How worrisome. I hope you all get a good night's rest. Hang in there. You're in all our thoughts.
We were at my brother's till past 11 tonight, and tomorrow afternoon begins with dh's family. Can't wait till we return to normal, as Missy says.
Good morning....yesterday I was busy doing home chores....

This morning...I'm up and on my bike....hoping to get back to my workouts....I'm still coughing uo mucas but feel a lot better....fingers crossed....cause I feel so flabby for not exercising for 3 plus weeks....

Carolyn....I hope your son is feeling better. do some must be a social stay to

Happy sunday....last day of my christmas sure was a muchneeded time off so tim and I could rest!
Good morning. Light sprinkles today so far. It was sunny and mild yesterday.
Dh's family was here for over 10 hours till past midnight.

Carolyn, is ds all right? Just do a quick update for us so we know.

Missy, keep spitting out as much of the mucus as you can! Just take it easy with the exercise. I bet it feels great.

Jean, you get to experience the most awesome things! I would have loved to see what you saw at your neighbor's. I love ribbons. And crafty.
Good afternoon....

Omg...betty...after midnight....I would be a mess....I have a hard time staying up past 9:30.... yes....I'm an old lady....must have my sleep! Lol

We had to go get hay today and on out way home...tims brake locked we are just leaving parta he can replace his calipers....thankfully tim is mechanically inclined.....

Later we are suppose to go out to dinner with the inlaws....where....I don't know....I hate it....I'd rather eat at home!

Be back in a bit....
Jean, I finally got the movie Lullaby. I loved it but what a tear-jerker! Sheesh. I see what you mean about Garrett Hedlund.:D. He must be musical too. Impressive how these actors can really sing too, but he wasn't as great as Keira Knightley.
Missy, you're lucky Tim is mechanically inclined. So is my dh. He is trying to troubleshoot our old car. Don't know what's wrong with it but it's running so crappily. He's changing out parts one by one.
Well, there goes another day. I'm glad I had four days off.
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The Christmas extravaganza is officially over and boy am I relieved. It was great, but I'm loving today so much. I've been in my new fleece pj's all day :) My mom and stepdad just left to head back to Duluth.

Yesterday my mom and I did RwH Low Impact Hiit 1 and Bonus Abs 1. This morning was LIH 2 and BA2. We loved them!!! The pace was fast but lots of great new moves :) Love working out with my mom :)

Yesterday we went to my MIL's and then DH's grandparents. Busy but fun day!

Today my mom and I played outside with B :)

Carolyn How scary you had to bring DS to the ER. Hope he's doing better now. And your bunny :( That's so sad...sorry :(

Jean Have you seen The Fault in our Stars? We have it but haven't watched it yet. I just never feel like crying. Oh and we better not be breaking up. I love my workout buddies! My MIL does ribbons in her tree too. So pretty!

Betty Add me to the mechanically inclined hubby list ;) You've had a couple late nights. I get all quiet, more than usual, when I'm out that late. Just dazing! Good for you for powering through it!

Missy Yah I'm an early bedtime girl too. My mom and dh stayed up till 11 both nights watching a movie as I feel asleep on the couch. Hope dinner goes ok. I agree...I'd rather eat at home. Glad you're back to your workouts :)

Hi Mary! :)

We are dog sitting my BIL's dog while they are in FL. Frank the mastiff. He's a huge sweetheart :) I almost feel like he's depressed though. I try to get him to play but he'd rather sit in his kennel :( I took him for a walk and outside but wanted to go in right away. He's can see his ribs. They only feed him once a day. Is that normal?!

I'm watching snowboarding on tv. Dh and ds are taking a nap. I miss snowboarding SO much. I'm think I've mentioned previously but dh and I lived in the mountains of CO for four years and snowboarded everyday :)

Laundry and a full clean dishwasher are waiting for me. Chat later :)
Jean, I can't get that movie out of my mind! The music was so awesome and I have a new respect for Keira! So funny how we both viewed it so differently.:D

Marie, I certainly don't recall you saying that about CO! That is so cool. I think CO is so neat! Who went there first, you or your sis? Sadly I can't ski, snowboard, etc, and I live in the Northeast. Pathetic.
I've seen that movie and I kept comparing today's movie to it--I cried more today!!!
How fun you and mom did the RWH workouts! It is a bit fast! Two days in a row, you champ!

It's not the first time only one person checked in. It's happened to me before.

Carolyn, please let us know....
Betty We went there first. We moved back home and then her and her hubby went a few years later. It is such a great state for so many reasons. We loved hiking too! Yup I've had days where I've been the only one to check in too. Of course I just keep coming back and posting more. Just chatting with myself ya know.

Carolyn Oh no! Glad ds is better but not that's it's spreading. Glad you're staying home tonight. Enjoy your bath. I checked the scoop and they feed him three cups. I agree that it's not enough for a dog that big. He was shivering when we took him outside :( I hate to go against what they say but I can spoil him a bit right. I mean he is at aunty and uncles house :)
I made these tonight. So good! B and I liked them but not dh. No surprise there though. He isn't for healthy treats. I used vanilla extract instead of peppermint.
Carolyn, I'm glad to hear about ds, but poor dh and dd. I hope you don't get it! What is it? The flu?
*sigh* back to work tomorrow. But at least it's a shorter week.
Jean, I hear you on the giddyness of recording fave songs!
I woke up last night too. Dh does it more than me, and he reads. Do you read? It helps me fall back asleep but I don't do it often, simply because I don't have a dim light.
Thank goodness for that shorter week Betty! I woke up last night too! At 3:30 from dh snoring. We slept with b and my mom and stepdad took our bed so I ended up on the couch. I wish we had a guestroom.
Good morning....up and on my bike....

Last night we didn't go out with the parents....its been moved till new years since Tim was busy changing calipers.

I didn't get to do my evening exercise since we were so busy at the barn....oh weell...there is always today!

Tim and I longed in the living room last night and watched and oldie but goodie movie....then off to bed at 9.... but them I started coughing terribly....for about a hour....dang....not sure if I'm ever gonna kick this crap!

Carolyn....hate to hear the sickness is spreading...fingers crossed everyone feels better today and u don't get it.

Betty...back to work...eek!!! I had 5 days today wi be aweful....people will be lined at the door when I get there as they will think they are dying! Fingers crossed today goea smoothly....

End of year paperwork on top of that! Omg!!!!

Marie...I'm hoping to start the new workouts on thursday....hopefully I can work on building myself back up with cardio these next few days.....

Jean...bake those muffins....then the hubby cam indulge on healthy sweets vs unhealthy....and heck no...our fit family is not breaking up...

Okay....time to get Tim out the door....then shower time!

Have a good monday....check back soon!
Good morning! Tough to get up so early.:-/. At least the sun is out.
I did Greatest Hits. I didn't really enjoy it that much. Yikes, did I say that??
Missy, I feel for you in the lingering nuisance. It'll take time. Watch out for the sickos at work!
Jean I got the recipe on a Cathlete's Facebook page. I can message or email it to you if that would make it easier to print. Let me know :) I'm going to make some sweet potatoes banana ones soon. A friend made then and they were awesome!
Missy Good job on the bike. Don't worry about no evening workout. Once a day is plenty with as active as you are. Good luck with the paperwork.

Betty Thanks for mentioning GH! I always forget about that one. I can't remember if I liked it or not.

I did CF this morning and boy did I need it. Dh and I ate way too many peanut m&m's last night. I should have just gone to bed. We got them in our stocking from his mom. I just can't have stuff like that in the house or I eat it all. Ugh! Oh well! I had my eggs this morning and an drinking coffee now so off to a good start. Watching b and his 8yo cousin play. Watching him today for a bit.
Jean Thanks for posting that. I need to re subscribe to the newsletter. Not getting it for some reason. Ok yup let me know if he can't and I'll send a different way :)
Hello everyone!

I am off this week. The stomach bug is taking its time going through the family, we seem to have one day where everyone is ok then next day someone has it. Today oldest dd is down, hoping last dd does not get it as it will affect her the most.

Yesterday the whole family went down to Newport and toured 3 of the mansions. They were decorated for Christmas and so pretty to see. DDs had never been and we all enjoyed it.

This morning I did RWH upper body circuit. I loved it, it was a perfect workout - tough segments but not too tough, just the right length with a nice stretch at the end, and I did not feel wiped out when it was over.

Carolyn hope your family is improving, it is awful when everyone is sick.
Missy glad you are feeling better but don't overdo it!
Betty hope work was ok. It is hard going back after a break.
Jean you are funny describing your dh.
Marie, don't worry about the eating, you always manage to get some kind of workout in.

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