Strong & Sweaty Pre-Sale DVDs Are Here!


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We just unloaded the last skid of Strong & Sweaty DVDs from the trucks and we're now gearing up to start shipping all of your Pre-Sale DVD orders. It's probably too late tonight to get any orders out, but our entire staff and extra help that we have hired will be working until late tonight to get as as many orders as possible ready for tomorrow. We actually hope to finish shipping all or most of the pre-sale orders by the end of day tomorrow. We will also have further updates for you tomorrow about how and when you will be able to download the workouts if this is how you purchased them. But for now we've got some work to do!!!

*You can order Strong and Sweaty and Cycle Sweat or learn more at:
Just got my shipping notification!! (and I live in Jersey - I'll have these by the middle of the week!) I know what I'm doing over my xmas vacation!!!!!
I got my notice yesterday too! That is the first time I got a notice when ordering DVDs. So, for anyone who may not get a notice, it doesn't mean you won't have them in your mailbox soon!
I got a shipping notice for the first time too! Then realized that I had them sent to my office, then realized that if they don't come by Thursday my office is closed until next Tuesday! (Lift palm to forehead in rapid motion). That's ok - I just bought ICE on the Black Friday sale and am still having fun with those!

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