Strong & Sweaty DVD Shipping Alert!

Oh Ceci, thanks for your concern, but it's all good :)..... Didn't mean to sound so dramatic:), but just saying not
Everyone, for whatever reasons, have gifts to open at Christmas, big plans, family gatherings, etc at this glorious
Time of the year. But to have your health, a precious pup, a warm home, is the biggest gifts of all, 'course, having
The DVDs wouldn't hurt either :)......I did receive my calendar today, and it is really nice...
I did as well!!! Got it 5pm central time so I'm sure it won't be shipped till tomorrow-but that's ok!! Good to know they're on the way!!! Maybe Thurs or Fri this week?!?!

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Has anyone seen pics of staff getting the DVD's ready for shipping? I usually look forward to receiving those, weird they didn't post this time..?

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Does everyone who ordered receive a shipping notice? I ordered two sets (one for me and one for my daughter), but haven't received a notice. . .
No, not everyone will receive a shipping notice, but don't worry it's rarely a problem. We also have only just begun to process all of the pre-sale orders. We're going to try to finish all of the pre-sale orders by late tomorrow, but we're not sure if this will be possible.
I am sure these will be on demand by xmas day n'est pas? if not, maybe you can make another workout for all of us to enjoy. I've done a couple of your workouts already! gifts indeed.

Bien Vu:););) @CeciFifi
I shall remember about on demand. A screen print off would, eventually prevent me from being a soreness on a tail end!
Hmmm Printing off a purchase proof of all those cloud access wouldn't hurt I guess:)
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I received my shipping email yesterday as well, but in just checking it, it only still says a label was created, not
Even picked up by the post office yet....I thought the PO scanned the package when they pick it up, so if they
Don't go till Tomm, delivery by the weekend (Sat) sounds iffy.....

ETA: I also noticed it says first class, not priority, so that is slower as well.
The post office usually takes 24 hrs to register the pickup. I've dropped things off at the post office after creating the label at home and it still took 24 hrs to register when they received it.
With or without a notification, I have always received my parcels.
I am not in a hurry so whenever it turns up I am good :D. No need to harass my postman
Merry xmas everyone:) I had a shipping notification.:), posted first class --/-- Thanks to cathedotcom for their hard work.

Yep, mine's on the move now! Actually expected delivery is tomm (Thurs) Awesome...Starting Friday, I'm off from work until after 1st of year,
so timing seems to be great. Christmas plans or not, I'll be hummin': previewing, maybe printing and blending too, if all that is available by
then. Happy, Happy, Happy Dance time (almost :) )

Thanks, firemedic, for your info.

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