Strength in Numbers

This morning I did BB hip thrusts. I’m so ready for this week to be over. I have woken up with a neck and tooth ache the last couple days. I am not sure if they are connected or what.

Pam Great job on FS MIC + Pull and Shred Cardio + Push + abs! That is ridiculous to spend that long on the phone and still not get it resolved. Definitely poor customer service on their part. I hope they either fix it for you today without you having to do any more calling or they let you close the account easily.

Cheryl Great job on getting through half of ICE KB! You tried and that is awesome that you did half with so little energy. I think your plan to just do yoga and stretching the rest of the week sounds great. I bet your body will love you for it too.

Have a great day!
Cheryl That's good that you are able to get the results right away. I hope that they are able to figure out what's going on, it must be miserable having an achy stomach all of the time. I think your plan to just stretch and do yoga the rest of the week makes sense. Hopefully you don't have to give up wine OR chocolate!

Julie Great job on BB hip thrusts. A neck and tooth ache doesn't sound like any fun at all, I hope that they both go away soon!

This morning was FS Boing bootcamp + legs and gluten. It's strange that the warm up is so long on that one, it's almost as long as the cardio. I do like it though, and I was feeling my legs from yesterdays workout. Those push dips are killers though. I had decided to call the bank and ask what I needed to do to close my moms account, and when I called the manager said that she was able to find someone to fix the problem. So after about another 20 minutes, it's finally resolved. Then I had to call to change her insurance. I was all ready for that to be a big hassle too, but that was much easier. It looks like my friend has decided to adopt Lucy and Ricky too! She asked fi they could keep them while I was out of town and now they have decided that they don't want to give them up. I told her it was fate that the other people brought them back, because they are meant to be with them. Now I just have 1 left from that bunch that is old enough to be adopted and I need to get an appointment for the 4 little ones to be spayed/neutered in a couple of weeks. Have a great day!

Julie Good job on BB Hip Thrusts. It is possible that they are connected. It doesn't sound like much fun, are you going to go the dentist to have your tooth checked out?

Pam Good job on FS Boxing Bootcamp + Legs and Glutes. The push dips are killers. That is great that the bank finally fixed the problem, too bad it took them so long but at least it is done. That is great that your friend adopted Lucy and Ricky. Good thing the other people didn't keep them.

So I was feeling not too bad this morning so I did ICE To The Mat Legs and Glutes. It isn't too hard of a workout. Then I did the laundry and housework and got that all out of the way. Dragon boating was cancelled because we didn't have enough people. I guess some people are on vacation, working late or are busy with their kids graduations. Hopefully we can get out there on Monday.

Have a great day.

I think I had been clenching my jaw at night and it was bothering both my tooth and neck. They are both better now. This morning my alarm went off in the middle of a deep sleep dream. I was so exhausted but I got up and did Cycle Max scrambled. I started off slow but I seemed to gain energy as the ride went along. So happy it is Friday. It is supposed to be a scorcher here in the high 90s so no outside activities but I guess that means I better do something inside.

Pam Great job on FS Bootcamp + Legs and Glutes! I wish she had done a different warm up as an option for when you just want to do the legs portion. The warm up for the cardio is more upper body based. So glad you got the bank issue sorted out and the insurance wasn’t a hassle either. Yea! Lucy and Ricky Ricardo will be finding a home!

Cheryl Great job on ICE TTM! Bummer about dragon boating being cancelled. If I remember correctly, your allergy test is today. Wishing you good luck and happy news you don’t have to give up wine and chocolate.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on ICE TTM, I'm glad that you were feeling a bit better. Hoping for good news for you today at the allergist. That's too bad that dragon boating was cancelled. It can be tough this time of year with vacations.

Julie That makes sense that clenching your jaw would affect your tooth and your neck. You must be under too much stress. Great job getting in CM, it sounds like the workout helped your energy level. I think we're in for a really hot weekend here too.

This morning we were supposed to go for a bike ride, but one friend had to stay home for the AC repairman and the other one had a flat tire again last night. This is the fourth or fifth time she's had a flat on that tire in a very short time, so she's taking her bike in to the shop. I thought about going by myself, but decided to stay home and did Intensity and the core work from Lean legs and abs instead. Have a great day!

Julie I can see that clenching your jaw would cause your tooth and neck pain. Glad that they are better now. Good for you in getting up and doing Cycle Max scrambled. Wow it will be hot for you definitely time to do something indoors where it hopefully will be cooler.

Pam Bummer that you couldn't go for a bike ride but good work on Intensity and the core work from Lean Legs and abs.

So this morning I just did the first segment of ICE Low Impact Sweat. You are right Julie I did have my allergy test today but at least he couldn't test me for the sulfates in wine so I am still going to enjoy my glass. However there is another swack load of things I have an allergy to and they are things that I have almost every day. So here goes the list: corn, wheat, oats, egg whites, cow's milk (I haven't had that in years so that is OK), apples, pineapple, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, soy (I had that last time but this time the reaction to it was a bit less), carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, spinach, salmon, cod, shellfish, chocolate :(, coffee :( and tea (except for the herbal kind). I guess I have to cut out my morning cup of coffee which I have had every morning for over 40 years so that is going to be a really tough one for me especially the caffeine withdrawal. I think I may be a bit moody for a while.

Have a great weekend.

This weekend flew by again but I am taking off Thursday and Friday so I only have two days to work this week! Saturday I did BB Deadlift and then DH and I ran errands and did some chores around the house. Sunday was my lazy day. This morning I did BB Squat. My lower back was a little tight from the dogs sleeping right up next to me. I tried to go slow and be careful so hopefully I didn’t tweak it any during my workout. It is hard to tell right now but I am sure I will know more tonight or tomorrow morning.

Pam Great job on Intensity and LLA core! Bummer about her tire. Hopefully they can figure out what the problem is and get it fixed for good. Last week was very stressful. I think this week will be better with being off most of the week!

Cheryl Great job on ICE LIS! Wow that is quite a list of allergies! There are so many things on that list that I eat that I would be bummed about. I could probably live without most of it but tea and chocolate no way!

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on ICE LIS. Wow, that is a long list of allergies! I think I would have a hard time keeping up with it all and I guess you have tp be really careful about reading labels too. I'm with Julie, the chocolate and tea would be the hardest to give up.

Julie A five day weekend, that's awesome! Great job on BB deadlift and BB squat. I hope your back is ok.

I took Saturday as a rest day, but we did ski. DHs back did great and he skied well, so he was happy. Sunday morning my friends and I did a 30 mile bike ride. it was really hot and muggy so we were drenched when we finished. Then DH and I skied in the afternoon, so I was pretty spent last night. This morning I did Imax and the abs from muscle endurance. Then I went and picked up two more kittens :oops: As soon as she found out Lucy and Ricky are being adopted she had two more for me. Someone is coming over tomorrow to meet my other kittens too. They adopted Naomi from me, and the other kitten they adopted had FIP and they had two put her down :( The ones I have now are all super sweet, so hopefully they will decide they want one of them. Have a great day!

Cheryl, Great job pm 1st segment of ICE Low Impact Sweat. OOO, yes enjoy that wine. WOW! That's a long list of allergens! I don't envy you.

Julie, You did a good job on BB Dead-lifts, running errands and chores. Glad to see a rest day. And doing BB Squat. Hope you didn't tweak your back too.

Pam, Nice to have rest days. Glad DH's back and he skied well and he was happy. Great job on a 30 mile bike ride Sunday, and the skiing with hubby. Also for doing Imax and the abs from muscle endurance. Sounds like kittens will be well cared for from adoption. YaHoo!

Yesterday I spent most of the day taking weights from Shelton and bringing them to the beach house. Up and down the stair many many times. And continued gathering things to move to the Beach House that I miss and need here. Same today, but now unloading the weights and again, up and down the stairs. Whoo! I did my exercises for sure the last two days.
Julie A 5 day weekend will be great, I hope you have lots of time to relax. Good job on BB Deadlift and BB Squat. I hope your back gets better soon. I am sure that the dogs took up most of the space on the bed too and left you and DH with not much space for yourselves. I am really bummed about this list. I am bummed about the coffee and chocolate.

Pam It is hard to avoid a lot of these allergies that I now have. Coffee and chocolate have me the most bummed out. Great job on skiing and that DHs back did great. Good job on your 30 mile bike ride when it was so hot and muggy and this mornings Imax and abs from Muscle Endurance. Oh wow 2 more kittens you will have a house full again. That is great that someone may be adopting one of your kittens but so sad that they had to put down one of their other kittens.

Janie Moving the weights up and down stairs is a workout in itself. Nice that you are going back to the beach house, it will be great for the summer.

So I have had a rough couple of days trying to wean myself off of caffeine. Saturday I didn't workout and I had a headache all day. Sunday I was a bit better so I just did some yoga. Then we went out to celebrate my parent's birthdays. My mom's was on Saturday and my dad's was on Sunday. We went to a restaurant and I could find stuff that I could eat :rolleyes:. Today was better again but I am sure missing my morning cup of coffee, it is hard to break a 40+ year habit. The allergist did say that I could try introducing foods again in about 3 months so guess what one of the first things will be :p. This morning I did S&S PHA Training. The weights felt heavy this morning but I could keep up with Cathe though. Tonight I am going dragon boating. The weather is really cool here so it won't be very warm on the water.

Have a great day.

My back is much better. I had a heating pad on it most of the day at work yesterday and I think that did the trick. This morning I did BB Bench Press. I am so happy I have the next 5 days off of work. It has been super stressful lately and I feel like I need a break.

Pam So happy DH’s back was doing better so he could ski. Great job on your 30 mile bike ride especially with it being hot and muggy! I bet the ski session felt nice though being on the water. Great job on Imax and abs from ME!

Janie I think you got your exercise in with moving the weights and all the stair climbing! Hope you are able to walk today after all of that!

Cheryl My husband has gotten bad caffeine headaches before. I feel for you. Good thinking to do yoga as you were weaning yourself off. Oh that sounds good that you can introduce foods again in 3 months. Great job on PHA Training and keeping up with Cathe! I would love for you to send some of your cool weather my way!

Have a wonderful holiday and weekend! Talk to you next Monday!
Janie Oh boy, you sure did get a workout with that moving. Are you at the beach house for the summer now?

Cheryl I'm not a coffee drinker, but I can't imagine giving up chocolate. I know that caffeine withdrawal can give you some nasty headaches too. I do have a houseful of kittens again. I think I may need to remind her that I was already over, but there are just so many kittens this year. Great job on yoga. I imagine it must be really difficult finding something to eat in a restaurant with all of your allergies. that is such a bummer about your coffee, I hope that you are able to successfully add it bak in a few months. Great job on PHAT and keeping up with Cathe. I hope it's not too cool dragon boating. I hope you had a good Canada Day.

Julie I'm so glad to hear that your back is ding better! Get jbon on BB Bench Press and enjoy your 5 days off.

This morning I did Hiit circuit upper body. My upper body is still really sore from skiing, so it was good to do something that wasn't too heavy. Have a great day!

Julie Glad that your back is better. Good work on BB Bench Press. Enjoy your 5 days off work, hopefully you can relax and de-stress.

Pam There are a lot of kittens here too. I don't understand why people won't spay or neuter their animals. Yes we did have a good Canada Day. We just chilled with the family to celebrate my parents birthdays. Good job on Hiit circuit upper body. I guess it will take a while for your upper body to get used to skiing again.

It was nice out last night for dragon boating, it even warmed up a bit. This morning I had no energy again and a headache so I didn't workout. So around 10:30 I had enough and guess what I did. Yep I had a cup of coffee. I couldn't take it any longer :oops:. I was feeling better a few hours later though. I don't think coffee is something that I can cut out. I thought after 4 days I should be getting better but I guess not fast enough for me. As the caffeine allergy is really low I will drink it again unless I do get a bad reaction. I am finding that this round of things that I am allergic to is really hard as I am having problems trying to find things to eat.

Have a great day.

So this morning I did S&S RUUB. I am doing Cathe's July rotation but I didn't have time to tack on 20 minutes of cardio though I did walk down to the SPCA. It was a noisy day there as they have summer camps for kids that just started this week. I looked after the rabbits again and the manager asked if I could weigh them as well. Ha ha easier said than done. There was no way I could get the bunnies to sit still on that scale. After that I went and got groceries. I hope all of you enjoyed your 4th of July celebrations.

Have a great day.

Cheryl I don't get why people don't pay and neuter their animals either. I also don't get how people just dump them somewhere when they don't want them anymore, or because they have kittens or puppies. It makes me so mad! I'm glad you ended up having nice weather for dragon boating. I can't imagine trying to find things to eat with the allergies that you have. I'm glad that you were feeling better after having coffee though, hopefully that will work out for you since it isn't a very high allergy. Great job on RUUB and walking to the SPCA. I bet it would be fun to take care of the bunnies. I can relate on trying to get them weighed, I've had similar challenges trying to weigh kittens.

Yesterday I didn't do a workout, but DH and I went skiing. Then Eric and his girlfriend had a pool party here. They had quite a good turnout and we invited a few of our friends too. The kittens were a big hit and got a lot of attention and they'll seem to be pretty tired today. This morning I did SJP and then went to get a shingles vaccine. It's on backorder though, so looks like I won't bet getting it for awhile. Have a great day!

Cheryl, We live in both places, each place has work to be done outside. Caffeine is very hard to wean from especially when it tastes so darn good. Headache is withdrawals from caffeine, as you probably know. Yoga is good. Nice to share and celebrate with family. Great job on S&S PHA Training. Nice to be able to keep up with Cathe. Enjoy the dragon boating.

Julie, Glad your back is better. Great job on BB Bench Press.

Pam, We live in both places, because both yards need to be kept up. I like it though. Great job on Hiit circuit upper body.

Cheryl, I read online how wonderful coffee is for your body. Let's hope you aren't allergic to it. Just keep listening to your body. Seems you are allergic to almost everything. What can you eat? Great job for doing S&S RUUB. Hope you enjoyed your 4th as well.

Pam, Great job on skiing, it's a workout to me. Glad you had time for your friends too, pool party sounds wonderful! Great job on SJP. Keep on top of the shingles vaccine, very important.

Yesterday I did Total Body Sculpting and today walked the beach for an hour. Felt good to get back into the groove.

Take care everyone,

Juanie Well it can be nice to have a change of scenery, but it's a lot of work keeping up two places. I'm glad you enjoy it. Great job on TBS and your long walk on the beach.

I slept terrible last night and woke up with a cold. I really didn't feel like working out but decided to do something fun to see how it went. I did Cardio kicks and the bonus stability ball abs from butts and guts. I felt so much better afterwards so I was glad that I did it. Have a great day!

Pam, Yes, it'a a lot of work, but we are doing it. Sometimes though... Sorry about your insomnia. I take a drop of MaryJane oil before I go to sleep at night. It's wonderful to find something that works for me. I'm a lightweight and so it doesn't take much. Great job on Cardio Kicks and the bonus stability ball abs. Glad you did it too.

Today was suppose to be TBS, but my legs were still tired. Not sore, but tired, if that makes any sense. So I opted to walk on the beach with Bizbee today. Certainly did the right thing. When I reached home, it was enough. Walked about almost 2 hours.

Take care my dear friends,

Pam We think the same way with animals, that is why we volunteer to help them out. It is hard to find things to eat but I will manage. I have been having a cup of coffee every day and I seem to be fine. It was fun trying to do that, I can see the same challenge with kittens. Good job on your skiing. Nice to have pool party especially with the heat back east. I am sure the kittens would have been a hit. Did anyone say they would want to adopt? Good for you in going for a shingles vaccine. I have thought about it but I have a phobia to needles.

Janie Nice that you live in both places. Yes it is hard to wean yourself from caffeine, something that I didn't do so well with. I am not sad since I do enjoy my morning cup of coffee and my mornings were not the same without it. Coffee can be good for you in moderation and I am a moderate drinker. I am still learning what I can eat, it will take a while. Good job on Total Body Sculpting and your walk on the beach.

Pam Good for you in doing Cardio Kicks when you weren't feeling so good. I hope that chased your cold away :).

Janie I understand what you mean when you say your legs were tired. Mine feel like that sometimes too. Good job on your walk on the beach with Bizbee.

Thursday I did PLB but left out the stability ball legs as I didn't have time to do it. Then we went out to my parents and did their lawn work for them. Last night I went dragon boating. It was hot out but the breeze from the water felt really good. This morning I was tired but I did PUB but I had to decrease my weights on the chest and bicep work. I just couldn't do as much as Cathe. Then I got the housework and laundry done and went for a walk tonight. It is really hot out but it is suppose to rain tomorrow. That should cool things down a bit.

Have a great weekend.

Janie I have never heard of MaryJane oil so I had to look it up. I'm not sure it would be legal for me here though. I definitely need to try something because my insomnia is getting worse and worse. I totally get what you mean about your legs being tired but not sore. Wow, 2 hours of walking on the beach is a lot! Great job

Cheryl I'm glad that you are able to have your morning cup of coffee. No one said that they wanted to adopt kittens at the party. oh well. I'm thinking these guys should get adopted pretty quickly because they are all so people friendly, but I'm learning you never really can predict. Cardio Kicks didn't chase my cold away, but I felt better after I did it than I did before, so that was a good thing. Great job on PLB and your parents yard work, and dragon boating. Oh PUB is a toughie, especially when you are tired, no shame in going lighter on some of the weights. I almost never can match Cathe on biceps or chest.

This morning I did ICE LIS 1+2+the blizzard blast. It has been raining here since last night so I guess we won't be doing any skiing today. We are supposed to go to a cookout later, I hope it dries out by then. Have a great day.


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