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Sign up today at 1pm for Cathe Roadtrip Glassboro 2013 (order buttons will not work until Jan 31st at 1pm.

To Sign Up - Click Here

You will need to refresh your browser to see the order button with the link after 1pm.
Is this link working for anyone? It just takes me to the info. page and the red button at the bottom doesn't do anything?
Well - I was trying right at one PM and got the registration page within a minute. Filled in my info...ALL of it, with a M t-shirt. Then I kept getting an error message that I had to fill in tshirt size. It said M. I tried S, M, L, finally XL
went through. THEN my state changed to AL (from CT)

by the time I got through all this, the server must've crashed.

Now I'm on a waiting list.

Were there system problems (other than server) that kept me from the Tshirt size then the state? because that really slowed things down.
I've gone for the last 3 years and really want to go.

Will we know our position # on waiting list?
They'll e-mail you a number. I'm like 190 something. I still can't get in via the link or the button at the bottom of the page. A friend had to send me the actualy URL for the form and I had to type it in. I've been trying to get in since 1 p.m. Oh well. I doubt 90 some people are going to cancel.
How did you know what number you were?? All I got was "payment received, you will get a mail confirmation". No number. :confused:
Yeah I got the email with the waiting list number it's 173.
I'm kind of upset though because it wouldn't accept my M in tshirt (it did the second time I tried and ended up on the waiting list) and it changed my state from CT to AL.
This was within the first minute of signup.
If you got a payment received, you're in. I've actually never had a problem signing up for a road trip before. I haven't gone in several years and was really hoping to go to this one. Oh well, maybe next year.
Totally understand how you feel, Barb. I actually got through several times and kept trying to purchase ticket and it wouldn't work. I finally realized that the expiration date I entered for my cc was wrong. By the time I realized this it was too late. :(.

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