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Hi Cathe!

I have recently returned to weight training, working out about 3x a week using the gym style series and full body STS.

I have noticed that i have shoulder pain in the front of my shoulder, top of my arm near my collar bone. It is sore to the touch! It hurts when I do any chest exercises! I can't do push ups, flies or presses. It even hurts to do dips. It's really frustrating.

Any tips to help me? I read it could be due to poor form (shoulders rolling forward)...or weak rotator cuff.

Thanks in advance!


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I'm going to offer my two cents but you might want to get this checked out. I always tell people to be super careful with anything resembling joint pain.

Because of a prior injury to my shoulder (not exercise related) I am very careful to do shoulder mobility exercises and err on the side of lower weights with shoulder dedicated exercises. I also alternate push pull as much as possible when working it. I don't do all the pushup reps and alternate modified pullups instead, etc. The shoulders get worked so much assisting other muscles.

Anyway, I encourage you to rest your shoulder and get it checked.

Everyone has a body part (or two) they need to be mindful of, and shoulders may be yours. Don't worry, it doesn't mean you can't still lift later..just be more careful.


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Always be careful during training. After what exercises do you feel pain? Try to be sure that you are doing these exercises correctly. If the pain is severe, it's better to see a doctor. Also, try massages but after consultation.


Hmmm, ice it & rest it & schedule an appointment with your primary care provider - you may have torn your rotator cuff .... one other sign is difficulty sleeping thru the night due to shoulder pain. My shoulder pain did not improve with rest, ice or physical therapy- it took surgery (the bicep was totally severed and had to be surgically reattached). But it took 3 months of tests, PT appointments and consults to get to surgery. Then it was a slow recovery process, but it eventually healed. Joint issues can be tricky to diagnose, treat and heal. Good luck.


I also had shoulder pain, front of shoulder. I saw orthopedics, cortisone shot, and went to PT for a few weeks. my issue was "impingement" and it did improve. I'm still careful with that side and don't do as many toe push ups. more knee push up instead. depending on your health care set up, you might need to see primary care to get a referral to see an orthopedics or sports medicine doc. I don't know what caused the problem, but it did get better with a conservative approach. I also found thru PT that I was hiking that shoulder up somewhat, and learning to keep that shoulder down seemed to help too.
As for me, you should go to the doctor. Very often, even the smallest pain brings great harm in the future.
A couple of years ago, I loved sitting with a lot of weight and with the wrong technique. My knees often hurt, but I did not pay attention to it. After 2 years, I still decided to undergo an examination, and I was told that if I had come earlier, this could have been avoided.
Be extremely careful with your health! After all, we go in for sports for the sake of improving health, and not so that there would be problems because of sports.
Hope your shoulder is doing well!)

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