shoulder padding for barbell on shoulders?


I need to lift heavier. The safest way to do that is using some type of rack, and the barbel on my shoulders. you already know this, just stating the facts.

so even now. as out of shape as I am, there is very little padding on that part of my arms/shoulders, so what do you girls do?

wear padding or cushioning of some type?
wear a weighted vest?
does it just not bother you after you build up the shoulder muscle?

without the barbell I'll have to do just moderate weight or plyo.
mod. doesn't challenge me enough, and obviously I can't do a significant amount of plyo often.
I bought this cushioning thing that goes around the bar as it sits on your shoulders. It was probably 10 bucks at walmart. Look around the weight bench stuff. It looks like a foot long tube and connects to itself with velco. Very cool and does the job very well. I'll bet any sporting goods store has it like Sports academy, Target or Sports Authority.
I don't lift with out it... Manta Ray Manta Ray: Sports & Outdoors

Cathe's 10lb vest. Love it!!!:D

Speaking of squat rack and lifting heavier....I'm so sore I can barely walk today. :eek::eek: I'm trying to relearn the squat for heavier lifting and full range of motion (deep squats).
Here is a wonderful squat youtube series

Part So You Think You Can Squat Part 1 - YouTube
Part So You Think You Can Squat Part 2 - YouTube
Part So You Think You Can Squat Part 3 - YouTube
Part 4:So You Think You Can Squat Part 4 - YouTube
Part 5:So You Think You Can Squat Part 5 - YouTube
I also use at least the bar pad and sometimes both the bar pad and my weighted vest for cushioning.

And fit44 ---> ROCK! IT! OUT! girl. WooooHooooo!
My husband bought some foam pipe wrap, at Home Depot, very inexpensive and if the barbell is too heavy to lift over my head I will use my weighted vest.

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