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Once you download our digital downloads you can take them with you when you travel, go to the gym, or when you're on vacation without needing an internet connection. This is the biggest and best sale we offer for our downloads, so stock up on your favorite Cathe Live and Cathe's premium workouts.


If you've not tried a download yet, near the end of today's newsletter there's an offer for a free download... Leg Day .. from a Road Trip. (Since it's a bit of a pain to set up a system with a laptop in our workout area, I just burn our downloads to a DVD to use .. works great for us.) And the 40% off means you can get 5 workouts for about $30 ... & there's hundreds to choose from... good deal while awaiting the new STS2.0.


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Thank you. I've not tried a download yet, Was contemplating just purchasing the downloads for the new STS but I'm concerned they may take up too much space, and I may have trouble figuring out how to access them. Thought about transferring to a flash drive, but they sometimes fail. May just end up purchasing the CDs. I wanted to be able to access the workouts through my smart TV without having to attach a cable or cd player. What to do?


What to do
If you have good internet ... maybe an "on demand" subscription? Then you'd have access to everything!

Years ago (2009 maybe?), Cathe offered free downloads when you purchased the Shock Cardio DVD series so people could try them out. They're on my desktop, but I never use them as it's easier to pop in a DVD... guess I'm stuck in the old tech world.

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