sad that its over


But was so unbelievable! Cathe is amazing and its now very clear to me just how strong and dedicated cathletes really are! Thank you are one in a billion!- jenn


I agree

I'd love to post something about the amazing 2010 RT, but I'm too pooped to pop right now. Maybe after a nice nap, some inspiring memories will come to me. All I know right now is I had a wonderful time!


It was a BLAST!! I too am too tired to post much beyond - HOW EXCITING IS IT THAT THERE ARE NEW CATHE DVDs COMING!! :)


I had a blast too! It was everything I expected it to be and so much more. It was really cool to meet fellow Cathletes. Cannot wait for next year, we'll all be racing to our computers for registration day. ;) I am so excited about the new workouts as well.



I am also sad that it came and went so fast but I am INSPIRED to eat better and workout harder. What an awesome trip.


I join in on the sadness but count all my blessings for the fun I had...guess we start the countdown for 2011! :eek: So fun to see you all!

Cathe Friedrich

Count me in the sadness too :( I want my fitness friends back. It always takes me like a week to transition back to normal after a road trip. There is just sooooo much excitement and energy and then the next day it feels so quiet as I sulk in my DOMS.

I just always remind myself that more roadtrips are on the way to help get over the current blues. I hope you will join me again someday :D


My DOMS started Saturday morning after that killer step class Friday afternoon! It never had time to leave as I just kept adding to it over the next two days...but, ohhhhh so worth the pain! :D

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