Running my first Half Marathon!!


I'm so excited. . . my boys and I are getting ready to leave and drive down to Eugene, Oregon . . . we'll be spending the night with a friend and then tomorrow I'm running the Eugene Women's 1/2 Marathon!!

Six months ago I thought my first half marathon (which seemed totally beyond my capabilities) would be the Portland 1/2 in October. . . but I got impatient :D

I ran 13.11 miles last Saturday in 2:30, I'm hoping to improve just a little tomorrow . . . . strangest thing is I can't believe I'm so confident about it :eek: its amazing what a few months of training can do for you!!:p

Happy Weekend everyone!!
Good Luck Travis!! Just picture Mr. Tyler at the finish line waiting for you! Run like the wind, my friend!
no matter what

the key is to have fun, run with confidence and know that no matter what the time is...YOU DID IT!!! and what a great city to do it in...I can only imagine that running is very popular there!
WAY TO GO!!!!!

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