Rotation/ideas for thinning out the middle?


Hi gang,

I've read the thread and all the ideas you offered about thinning out the legs. My trouble area is my middle. I guess I'm apple shaped and I wondered if anyone had a rotation idea to help me lean that area out! Thanks,


steppin out

I also have that problem, but I think more of it is due to my eating habits than any rotation. I have been doing the XTrain 12 week rotation and it has helped to slim down my middle (almost done and I will let you know results once I'm finished), but I think if I ate healthier I would have much better results.

Looking forward to comments from others.
I too am an apple! I cannot seem to lose the belly fat. I think one of my problems is being diabetic. I eat a very low carb diet because of that, need to to keep the sugar levels at bay. I have almost no fat on my arms and my legs, no hips to speak of, so my middle is even more pronounced. My daughter is keeping married in September and I truly need help! May sound superficial, but I don't want to be in the pictures looking like this :( I have almost all of Cathe's workouts and would love some help with this problem. Any suggestion would be welcomed!


Man I hope someone can help!! I'm an apple too! I saw only the begging total of this thread and thought it was another about pear shapes! So glad to see someone say apple!! Lol I wound love to see a rotation that someone did to help lean out the apple shape. Surly something will work.
I already hear diet is 90% blah blah and I have cleaned up my duet alot and added weights and cardio and I still have not lost weight, I have seen some definition in arms and butt higher but cloths are same size, my shape us slightly duff in my cloths. But number on scale is the same. No not trying quick fix I know it takes time it gas been over a year now just to get what I mentioned above. Yep I feel like giving up but I think if I do my arm will look worse again like a burrito!!
My belly never goes away lol
It doesn't seem like there are that many of us apples out there! Or none of us have had any success. Renee, I feel your pain. I have been working out with Cathe for 13 years and have never been able to redefine my shape, even though I have cut out a lot of carbs. I probably eat too many calories. I too feel like giving up some times, but them I think what if I do....I may explode. Anyway, we just have to keep working and I thank God for Cathe and her workouts. I can't imagine what shape I would be in if I had not started working out with her. Cathe and crew and this forum give me the support and encouragement to keep pushing ahead. One good thing was that I went on a wilderness trip with heavy portaging last week and out did the peple who were 17 years younger than me. They were all sore. I was tired at the end but then bounced back much more quickly. I could have done it again in an hour and they could hardly walk. I am willing to do the work, but I need to know how and what to change.


Brenda that is true!! I agree I can't give up. I am in good shape for my age and even before Cathe I to had same experience cause I always exercised I went to basic training at37 and was the first female to pass the pt test out of a whole company! It was five males and one female! That one was me and all the kids was way younger then me 18 and such so I am grateful for my health.
I have joint issues right now because I am to heavy on my feet and knees but I do think I am more tighter then I was before Cathe. I think if all the benefits doing her videos and I know I can't give up! It helps with stress headaches and keeps my joints lubed lol. I would be as big as my house if I didn't at least try to exercise !!
Thanks for your encouraging words!


I am another apple shape. I have lost my post bay weight, has more endurance, can lift heavier and starting to see the definition in my arms and legs, all after starting cathe almost a year back. But, my belly still appears out of shaped compared to my other body parts. I too am in search of that ever elusive flatter belly :-(


whittle my middle....please!!! Cardio, weights, and diet and I still my have my pooch (below the belly button)....and now I'm getting kittens (above my belly button)!

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