Question about organization of downloads


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Wondering if others who purchase the downloads and use an ipad can chime in..

How do you prefer to organize Cathe's videos in itunes? As home movies, or TV shows?

I keep going between wanting to see all the covers and wanting to keep the series together so I can find them easier.

Looking for suggestions.



I have mine organized as TV shows so they're grouped together. But I'm not super consistent about how I organize them.

I have one grouping called Travel Workouts, since that's how I usually use the workouts on my phone or ipad. Then I have a grouping called step/weights/heavybag, since those are more often done at home. Then I have a couple of individual series listed separately. I don't use the downloads much at home (I have the DVDs too), so I haven't spent too much time organizing them in itunes.

Not sure if that helps, but there you go. :)

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