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Good afternoon everyone! Yesterday was Bike to Work Day here (I think it's maybe national? Not sure though). Anyway, it was soooooo hot that I took the light rail for a portion of the ride both ways. Later on in the night I took the dog for a short ride so he could get a run in.

I caved and bought a bunch of Bob Harper DVDs while he had that great sale going on. I previewed his latest three workouts and I have to say that I'm interested. I also looked at Shaun T's latest and I'm going to pass. I haven't pulled the trigger on Hip Hop Abs either because I am worried that they are going to be pretty easy.

Anyway else catching the clips of Cathe's updates? I'm already getting excited!

Love the picture! It looks like you are having a great time!

I'm so sorry Bella is sick. What is it with these summer colds? Tyler has been sniffling as well. I am glad that she is feeling at least a little better today.

Tyler's party was good! I think all the kids had a blast. My sister made another awesome cake and totally outdid herself yet again. I attached a picture of it!

I'm jealous of all this talk of traveling. I am chained to work until the first week of August :mad:. I am soooo ready for a vacation. I'm trying to plan a trip for Tyler and me so that we can get away for a bit. Are you heading to Montana for business or pleasure?

I am dreading when Tyler is a teenager! It's hard enough already some days!!!

Great job on the walking workouts! The library is awesome isn't it? Ours has a decent selection of fitness DVDs as well. The only thing that's a drag is that we can only keep them a week at a time.

Have a great day everyone!


Hi everyone :)

Yesterday's w/o was Bulk Arms + 4min jump rope finisher (2min X 2). Then the three of us went for a walk to KFC. I had this crispy chicken sandwich which was actually very tasty :p. Gotta treat yo' self sometimes :D.

What an amazing pic!

I'm sorry to say, but I "unliked" Bob off FB and won't be buying any of his DVD's from here on out :(. After the release of his new book, I was put off that he was condoning this crazy 800cal diet for women. I'm trying to distance myself from trainers in the health/fitness industry that *IMO* have radical views on diet & nutrition. Anyway, that's my soap box for the day :p. But of course, I hope you DO enjoy the DVD's :).

Great job on the walks! I'm so glad you like Leslie :). She makes me laugh sometimes with her witty little comments. I especially like when she says that the body was meant to stay in motion. What I also find motivating about her, is that we share the same body type! I hope to look like her when I'm 50 :).

Have a great w/e everyone!


Morning! TGIF!

Today I just didn't wanna....but I banged out 2 miles of a 3 mile walk. I hate the heat...it's been so bad.

I'm still trying to figure out the timing of getting M ready in the morning and getting him to camp. He's been awesome about getting right up and eating/getting ready but it's still taking me extra time. I may have to start getting up 15 min earlier (4:30) to get my workout in and get to work at the right time.

We're on vacation next week. We'll visit family towards the end of the week but Mon and Tues it will just be M and me. It's supposed to rain all week. :mad: Tues is cheap day at the movies so I'm thinking of surprising him with a movie or two. How fun would it be to just spend the day at the theater?

Stacie: Great job with Bike to Work Day! What Bobs did you buy?

Natasha: I'm really liking Leslie...I'm so glad you turned me on to her! Do you have any workouts with Carol (older woman) in them? How old do you think she is? She's feisty!

Toni: Awesome picture! Have you had good weather?


I've missed checking in with you all! So busy trying to get ready for my trip and I had a couple deadlines to wrap up at work as well.

I am still a little sore from Burnsets Wednesday. I used the barbell/TT and did 65# chest presses... much better than the 30#x2 dumbbells! It really made a huge difference!
Thursday was glutes-focused.
Today I did glutes and then To The Max but not the compound exercises section.

I will start Night Circus on my flight tomorrow!

I think a day at the movies sounds great; have a good time on your vacation!

Seriously, check out the Air King fans; industrial strength is awesome.

I actually did think about buying more downloads just to get more for my money:D However I decided just to keep it under $20 and only purchase S&G... honestly I don't even know if I'll do it while on vacation but I do know that I will at least do some glute exercises! By the way and FYI, I had to change the download format to mp4 from the m4v, and then transfer it to the kindle. Then - no matter which folder I put it in the file would not show up anywhere... Finally found it in the Apps/Personal Movies folder:rolleyes:

Oh my gosh, Bulk Arms and then jump rope:eek: I don't think my arms would be able to do that. Then walking to get dinner... very nice day of exercise:)

Oh, I also get DOMS in surprising places after the cardio portion of S&G! LOL! I did buy that download, only that one.

Sorry to hear about Bella's fever and I hope she feels better soon.

Looks like you are having a fantastic time; absolutely beautiful pictures!

I'm looking forward to seeing the cake! I'll have to log out and get to your post then log in to see the picture. It is just crazy. I don't get why I still have to do my workaround but I'm glad that I can still get in and write:)

Enjoy your new DVDs!

I know how you feel, you must be overdue for a vacation! I know I feel that way. I'm going to MT for pleasure; my mom is meeting me there (from Boston) and we are going to visit my brother/SIL/kids. I'll get to see my dad, too:).

August is right around the corner; maybe you and Tyler will go hiking again?

I hope your knee and foot feel better soon. I agree, I'd still be sleeping at 3:30 in the morning! But ya know I guess we gotta do what we gotta do;) I do not plan to wake up early to work out before my flight tomorrow, that's for sure! Speaking of, I booked my flight to Philly; I arrive at 2:45.

I best get - need to finish packing. Stay strong, healthy, and safe!


Hello everyone. I finally have 5 weeks off for the summer. I did sign up to work 3 paid days during that time. It's nice having some extra cash for back to school shopping:). Our department gets 5 paid days for the summer and one of the other counselors will work the other 2 days.

My body really enjoyed the rest. I got in 45 minutes on the elliptical. I believe the running has helped increase my speed and endurance on the elliptical. But my body felt a whole lot better afterwards. I feel beat up after running outside. I don't plan to stop running, but I just wanted to get in a good workout without fear of injury today.

Toni--- love the pic on mountain.

Jennifer-- enjoy spending time with your family. How do you plan to get to the hotel. Are you taking a cab or Rapid Rover. I don't know anything about RR but I read about it on the forum somewhere.

Tasha---hope Bella is feeling better. You have been getting in some great workouts.

Stacie--sounds like Tyler's party was a blast. I'm happy to report that I will have the same principal next. I wasn't ready for a change yet:).

TMJ--glad the walking seems to be working out for you. Didn't realize you were doing WW. My coworkers have done it and like it too.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Hello ladies

It seems as though I've gotten sick :(. Rough night for me, so probably a no-go for w/o's.

Yesterday's w/o was Build Legs. I started off with the the plie squats and felt this sharp pain in my right knee :confused:. I ended up modifying all the squats and did the hip thrusts instead. This morning my knee is ok, so I'm not sure what all that was about. I think I might back off the heavy lifting for a week or two (my low back also feels a bit tight). Or at least be really conservative with my weights. I was thinking I might get Nia's body weight program and give that a go. That would def solve my problem of no heavy weights...except for my own body weight. You guys know what I mean :p.

Enjoy your 5 weeks off in the summer :cool:. Are you planning on doing anything with the family? You and Jennifer must be super excited with the RT coming up :eek:.

Oh ya, I totally agree about the barbell. You can hoist some heavy weights up there :eek:. WTG!
I hope you have a great trip :).

I hope you have a nice vaca :). I can't wait to start taking Bella to the movies. I think that's a great idea :).

Have a great w/e ladies!


Just did a 1.5 mile followed by 1.5 miles on the elliptical. Running the 3 miles outside beats me up...LOL!! At least I know I wont need a rest day because my body is worn. It feels good to be able to run but DH thinks I shouldn't have eased into instead of going 2.5 to 3 miles from the beginning. Running is a different kind of cardio for sure.

I wanted to make an omelet for breakfast but didn't realize we only have one egg.


Hey everyone....I'm back :cool: Today's workout was an Interval spinning DVD. This is one of the four new ones I got from spinning.com. It's FAB!! Funny when I previewed it I was kind of scared of it, but it was totally doable :cool: I'll be spinning three times this week....need to loose some fat from all the food on the trip ;) Rotation for the next three weeks will look like:

Spin - interval
UB Pyramid
Spin - strength
Spin - endruance

No doubles...done with those :D

I'm trying to work my way up to a race day spin DVD which is all speed work. Speed work is the hardest for me at this point. The interval DVD has some speed work and strength work, so it helps me get ready.

Good idea to ease into running. The impact from running is like nothing else. Takes things to an entirely different level.

A body weight program sounds very interesting. However, I would never be able to workout from a PDF file. I'm terrible at stuff like that. I need the video to keep me on pace :mad: Please let us know how it works out if you decide to do it.

Have a good time on your trip!!

The hiking trip was awesome!! It rained the first three days, which wasn't too bad. The last two days were sunny and pretty :cool: I put three pics in my profile. I tried to add three more, but I kept getting some security error :confused: Might try again tomorrow.

It's getting late and I need to go to bed....see ya tomorrow :D


Toni--Glad you had an awesome hiking trip. With all those double workouts, I know you had a super amount of energy for the hikes. Sounds like fun.

As I do many times, no Meso 3....I decided to do Xtrain. Today was Burn Sets bi's and tri's. I love that workout when Cathe's bangs out the 20's from the beginning. I haven't decided what workouts I'll be doing up to the roadtrip yet. But I do plan to mix it up a bit.


Busy day today so a very quick post...

I decided to modify my rotation because of my sick day, and having today off as well. Yesterday I opted for LIS TBT UB + XT Rear Delts. I was able to do all of Cathe's solider plank push-ups (1 arm/1 leg extended back into a push-up).

Happy Canada Day from all of us here up North :)


Happy Canada Day!!!

Today I did 4 fast miles with Leslie. I used a playlist from Grooveshark. The beats were often off which was a bummer but it was nice to listen to good music.

I have my weigh in tomorrow. I peeked today and it looks promising. :) This weekend will be a test for sure with July 4th and visiting family. I did ok with eats this weekend but I felt myself not stuffing myself which was nice.

Natasha: Are you feeling better? Enjoy the holiday today!

Heartymax: I have to say I love Xtrain, particularly Burn Sets. It's such a fun workout.

Toni: Glad to hear that you had a great time on your hike. I like your rotation.


No workouts to report :(. My nephew came for a visit on Friday and is here until at least today. I love seeing him. I wish he could stay longer. I am thinking of stopping Body Beast. The summers are just too busy to maintain a six day a week workout schedule. That's the same reason why I had to stop Rushfit last year. I love both programs though and it makes me really sad about not finishing either of them. Of course, I can always revisit them once school starts again. My new thought is to do two total body workouts a week with two cardio days.

I realized I forgot to attached the picture of Tyler's birthday cake. I did it in this post! Sorry!

I loved the hiking picture! You looked so happy and relaxed!

Is Bella all better? How are you feeling?

I had read about BH's crazy recommendation on a couple of sites. Jillian recommends something similar in Body Rev for the first week. She wants people to do two workouts a day and says to drop the caloric intake to I think 1200 calories. I'm not sure if BH's 800 calorie goal is just for those three weeks or permanently. Maybe they are caving to pressure to get results? People want the easy road to everything and it seems like most don't realize that it takes time to build good muscle structure and to lean down. Even my neighbor used to suffer from this...she wanted to loss a ton of weight right away.

Happy Canada Day to you too!!!

I bought 6 of BH's workouts: Totally Ripped Core, Bob's Workout, Kettlebell cardio, Kettlebell Sculpt, Yoga Warrior, and Total Body Transformation. I think Totally Ripped Core and Bob's Workout are the ones I am most excited to try!

Great numbers of the chest presses!!!! 65lbs is awesome!

Have a nice time in Montana! That's one of the states I really want to go to..especially since Glacier National Park is there.

Have a nice 5 weeks off! I'm glad the principal is staying for another year! We see Tyler's new teacher every week at karate and she seems so nice. I'm really hoping for a good year next year. Hopefully she will bond with him earlier since we see her often during the summer.

Have a great Monday!


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Hello everyone :)

No w/o for me yesterday. We spent the day at the beach/waterfront. The temps have gotten cooler :confused::(.

I use playlists from Songza just to change things up. It's amazing how motivating music can be :).


Glad to see you had a lovely hiking vaca :).

Glad you got to spend the w/e with your nephew :).
Tyler's cake is awesome :eek:.
BH's crazy 800cal diet is for 2 weeks only, but I don't care, it's still too low IMO. I think that's also why I'm veering from JM and did not find her speaking concert to be very motivational. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

Have a good one ladies :cool:


An 800 calorie diet is crazy. I would have no energy.

Stacie--- Tyler's cake is nice!!

Today's workout was 40 minutes on the elliptical.


Hello ladies :)

I think I told you guys that I'm laying off the heavy weight-work for a week or 2. I have decided to do LIS TBT UB (x2) and XT Legs (x2) for the duration of the week.

My w/o yesterday was a 4mile walk outside + XT All Out. It's been a long time since I did that one. It's so fun! Can you believe my butt is DOMS'ing from it? Good stuff :eek:.

Have a good day everyone :)


Tasha---glad you are listening to your body and easing up off the heavy weights. You will have fun with LIS---gives you a chance to mix it up a little.

Today's workout was cardio leg blast. I am having fun with Xtrain again. Love this workout.


Happy 4th of July ladies! I hope you all have a nice day!

I had a doctor's visit yesterday and received some not so good news. I am going to have surgery the first week in August to have my fibroid removed. It has grown to the size of a lemon and is actually causing sporadic heavy bleeding and it's pushing the IUD out. Instead of having a vacation that week like I had planned, I will be recovering from surgery :(. I know it's for the best in the long run so it is what it is. Anyway, I think it's best to avoid heavy weights until after I am all healed up. Here is the rotation I will do for the next four weeks starting on Sunday since we are going to help my mom get wood this weekend. After surgery, I might not be able to workout for 2 weeks.

Sunday: Body Rev Phase 1 Workout 1 (Shoulders, Tris, Chest, Abs, Quads)
Monday: Metabolic Conditioning Workout
Tuesday: BR Phase 1 Workout 2 (Back, Biceps, Hamstring, Glutes, Abs)
Wednesday: Cardio (Kickboxing or Spinning or Step)
Thursday: HighReps or Muscle Endurance
Friday: Metabolic Conditioning Workout
Saturday: Rest Day

I love TBT! I think it's my favorite workout from LIS!

Does Canada Day have fireworks shows and stuff? A bunch of ours were cancelled due to the high fire danger. I was able to get tickets though to the baseball game so we will be watching them there at least!

I have been meaning to say this but running is hard on the body. I think that's why people get the runner's high afterwards. It feels like every muscle group is relaxed afterwards. Have you heard of Running.com? They have great tips on that site! It's one of my favorites.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Stacie---thanks for the website. I will check it out.

Today's workout was Xtrain Burnsets Chest, Back and Shoulders. I got super DOMS from biceps and triceps so I wonder how I will felt tomorrow. I also added on 20 minutes of cardio.

Hubby invited a few family members over for the holiday. Enjoy the 4th everyone.


Happy 4th of July w/e to all of you :)

My w/o on Wed was XT Legs and yesterday's w/o was LIS TBT UB.

I'm so sorry to hear about the fibroid :(. I'm sure the surgery will go well and that you will have a very speedy recovery. {{{hugs}}}
Yes we have fireworks displays and parties for Canada Day. Unfortunately, because I try to make Bella stick to an early bedtime, we didn't attend any fireworks displays. We have the rest of our lives to stay up past 10pm, so it's all good ;).


Hope you had a nice time with the family :).

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