Push It January 2014


I did do Afterburn Thursday. Friday was Yoga Max although I would have preferred 40/20 but I listened to my body instead. Saturday was Great Glutes Extreme, and this morning was Imax2 AND Yoga Relax.

Next week I plan to hit Flex Train and and a heavy upper body workout; also some sort of circuit, Athletic Training comes to mind but I haven't done To the Max or Cross Fire in a very long time so I might do either of those. Of course I'll hit Glutes several times as well and do a Yoga or two.

Nancy, that is SO funny - freaked you out by your extra Mississippi's doing the crow. Congrats!

That's so awesome about setting up the bird bath for you kitty. They do love to watch birds! I had 2 cats when I moved in with hubby (they've passed away) and I bought a screened/glass door to put in front of the regular front door so the cats had more places to enjoy fresh air and gaze out the window.

Thank you, I try making a difference when I can and that population needs the most help!

Nice job with the garden! We don't ever have much luck with bell peppers so I think we've finally given up on those. They are much better at the farmer's market or grocery store. We did REALLY well with summer squash the last couple years but last year all of a sudden they just collapsed. We think a gopher ate the roots and killed the plants. We'll try it again, though. We do cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes. We started an asparagus plant a few years ago -- finally looks like we have a few edible stalks! We always have too many jalapenos so we have SEVERAL quart-sized bags of jalapenos in the freezer from last year; I think we should skip them this year. One of these days I'd like to look into broccoli.

Anyway, we haven't planted anything this year, yet.

I agree, I'm going with less animal products than I ever have in my life. I feel better and my complexion looks better. The meat I eat Humane Certified (levels 3 and 4 from Whole Foods) is only in the evenings; I have veggie soup with hard boiled eggs (mixed with plant-based blend of protein powder) for lunch. Breakfast is still a smoothie but now I make it with home made almond and oat milks, mineral water, plain low-fat yogurt, a blend of plant-based protein powder mixed with vanilla Whey Isolate, and frozen fruit.

I hope you enjoyed your tranquil and coffee this morning :)

Enjoy your week - hope to check in before the weekend but one never knows!


Hello everyone. I didn't check in at all last week. It was crazy busy. I finished Meso 1 last Monday with the leg workout. I had planned to do cardio for recovery week but I was so busy every evening so I ended up resting in the mornings. I was so tired on Friday and I just crawled in the bed and slept for a few hours as soon as I got home from work. I felt great on Saturday morning and did elliptical cardio. I ate sandwiches everyday for lunch last week. I rarely eat a sandwich for lunch. I just saw it as the easiest and no brainer lunch to fix in the middle of my crazy week. My husband and I are both excited that there are no games today. I look forward to cooking dinner this evening....hope I feel the same way this evening LOL.

Started Meso 2 this morning.

Nancy---I bet your kitty loves the new view. Pets are so special.

Toni---I agree with Nancy, breaks from the forum crosses everyone's mind. I have thought about it. I do appreciate you giving us the heads up so we won't worry as much. Life can take us spinning when we are trying to balance family with everything else. Hang in there.

Jennifer--that Daytona trip is tempting. DH and I celebrate 20 years in December and we want to plan a small get a way. Not sure if I can swing the October trip with the other things I have planned. Good luck with registration. Will let you know if I change my mind.


Today was Meso 2 Legs. I was so tired at the end til I only did two sets instead of 3. I was wiped out.

Lot of rain all around. Be safe everyone.


It has really been interesting around here with the thunderstorms! Today is supposed to get really bad in our area, so I moved all my potted flowers and veggies under the balcony that covers our front door. I hope it protects my plants from the predicted hail and wind.

I have been plugging away as usual with my workouts: Monday was BS Bis & Tris with Core#1, yesterday was Lean Legs & Abs with the bonus barre segment, and today will be Flextrain! I gave myself 2 days off from "crowing" and will give it a go again today. I've also started doing push-ups at work: I plan on doing just one set on my toes everyday. Each week I will add one more rep. So, this week I am only doing 10 perfect form toe push-ups and next week it will go up to 11 reps. I want to execute PERFECT form and really focus on depth of movement. If I keep this up, by next year I should be doing about 60 reps, right :p?

I have enabled a co-worker into buying the Xtrain series! I had lent her my Slow & Heavy and Pyramid DVDs for her introduction into weight training and she got hooked. She has been a cardio junkie (Insanity, T25, etc) so I enticed her into our Cathe world with the HIIT DVD to start before exposing her to the weights. I'm so glad she bought Xtrain! It will be fun to motivate each other (she's 22 years younger, but I can keep up ;)!).

Heartymax, I can relate about the fatigue. It is very hard to balance all the demands of the day AND tackle a Cathe workout! Have you had a recovery week in a while? Are you staying hydrated throughout the day and eating enough?

Jennifer, I keep forgetting about Athletic Training! That really is a great workout! I'll have to add it to my rotation for next week...I like the lower body emphasis (kind of like the upper body focus in Flextrain?). I have also developed a real love for LLA and GGE. They are very synergistic and I love hitting my legs twice in a week with weights/conditioning.

Well Ladies, keep pushin' pullin' and movin'! Hope you are both out of harm's way with the bad weather!


Happy Thursday!
The storms (I hope) are slowing down.

Tonight is our first Psalms class at church; 6:30-7:30 every Thursday in May. I love that our church has been offering so many different classes for so many different types of interests... Celebrate Recovery for those with addiction(s), a Staying In Love class for married couples (frankly I want to take this one but it has't fit into our schedule yet), and now the Psalms class. They also had a Revelations class we wanted to take that also didn't fit our schedules but they will repeat these classes two or three times throughout the year so we're hoping to catch more classes as time goes on.

Okay, moving on to the workout stuff!
This morning was To the Max Extreme; felt really good to bust that one out again. I felt really strong.
Monday was a rest day.
Tuesday and Wednesday I worked glutes (Stong Curves and Gym Style Legs); I also did Hiit 40/20.

Last night was Pilates class and this time we added some exercises using the Stability ball; the participants seemed to enjoy the exercises and the change. Unfortunately the obese couple didn't make it to class; I was disappointed and I wanted to give them some Airex Mat information that I printed out for them. I think that mat would make their floor exercies much more comfortable and I hope they come back. I do think they're serious about changing their ways because they talked about "their nutritionist" and people don't go to a nutritionist unless they are serious.

I still haven't done a solid upper body workout but I don't have to tell you how much Yoga actually works the upper body so I'm feeling stong and still have decent definition in my muscles. I think I'll continue the Yoga.

I'm not sure how much time I'll have Friday morning to work out but between Friday and Sunday I will do Burnsets and Yoga Max.

My neighbor stopped by last week and wants to go walking together so I imagine I'll be calling her this weekend to see when she wants to go for a walk. I think that will round out a very good workout week :D

20 years coming up - congratulations!

Also congrats on finishing Meso1 and a great start on Meso 2! 2 out of 3 is fantastic:cool: I'm glad you're getting plenty of rest, too. It's so important!

Practice makes perfect. I did find that taking a break from a few exercises helped me get back on track and come back stronger. You'll nail those pushups and Crowing Mississippi's!

Athletic Training is fantastic, I'm looking forward to doing that one again. I almost did it this morning but as you can tell I changed my mind.

WTG on turning your coworker on to Cathe! It's so nice to have someone close to home who will be able to relate to your workouts.

I loaned my Cardio Core Circuit and Travel Fit to my Massage/Physical therapist. I hope she likes them. She generally perfers to be outside jogging but lately she's been doing exercises in her basement and says she hates the exercises. After finding out what equipment she has (only a stability ball) I figured maybe she'd like CCC and TF. I anxiously await her reviews :)

I best get to earning my paycheck. Have an awesome day!


Looks like we're in for a sunshiny day down here!:cool:
Yesterday I planted a miniature (or "fairy") garden in a nook by my entryway: little wee "hobbit" looking houses; itty bitty table and chairs; a pond; and several varieties of low growing green micro plants. It's very cute; sort of like being able to have my Dickens village up in the summer :p!

Today is a rest day and I HAVE EARNED IT!!! Thursday was Great Glutes Extreme, Friday was XT BS Chest, Back, & Shoulders and yesterday was Supercuts. I think today will be walking, some yoga and foam rolling, and Crowing! My upper body was too fatigued to try it yesterday :eek:. I need to sketch out the rest of this month's rotation.

Well that's about it for now...hope that you both have a sunny happy Sunday!


Since I last logged in I did Burn Sets (Chest and Back only) on Friday;
Saturday was Yoga Max.

Let me tell you, that was a fantastic 2-day combination. I felt the stretch and the strength kick in, and my arms were shaking; my triceps were struggling to hold my body.

Sunday was All Out Low Impact HiiT. I had planned to do the Extreme Cardio premix but I didn't have time but that worked out perfectly; I felt good and worked out, and I probably would not have finished the Extreme premix, or very weakly at the least.

My upper body still was feeling strong and stretched.

Yesterday, Monday, I was still feeling the slight burn from AOLIH in my glutes (I use 3 risers instead of 2, by the way).

I still wanted to do some glute strength work so I did 1x20 each of leg lifts, clams, pizza presses, barbell hip thrusts, hip rotations, and single leg dead lifts. Then took the dogs for a little walk.

So, this morning was High Reps Upper body premix, single leg back extensions, cable abductions, front/back band walks, and then Slide and Glide cardio portion plus the hamstring and outter thigh band work which immediately follows the cardio portion.

WEIGHT GAIN issue. I still have not lost the 5+ pounds I gained a couple months ago when I switched to a vegetarian diet; the extra fat and carbs sure did take its toll. However I have lost a few pounds since I revised that diet.

Also, I realized that I have totally not done -- at all -- f/b band walks for a couple months so I added those back in. I guess I figured I was doing enough other glute work and didn't take the time to do those anymore. I promised myself that I would add them back in and I felt that working the extra cushion around the front/back part of my thighs (as would be expected!).

I did the doorway and wall stretches for my upper body; when I'm consistent with those I really feel a difference. My Physical Therapist/Massage Therapist showed me another one that really stretched my arm all the way down the torso and into the hip. It's amazing.

Wow, what a handful of hard workouts you did for sure! I hope you were able to walk and use your upper body okay ;) Foam rolling and relaxing yoga sounds perfect after those workouts.

Your fairy garden -- too cool! I bet it looks amazing! Post a picture if you can - I'd love to see it.

Maybe one day I'll try the crow:cool:

Gotta run - have an awesome day!


TEN MISSISSIPPIS!!!!!! I held the Crow pose for 10 Mississippis twice in a row yesterday!!!! :eek:
Today is my rest day and it couldn't come fast enough! Last week was brutal:
Mon: XT BS Bis & Tris
Tue: LIS AOLIH + Core#1
Wed: XT BS C, B, S
Thur: XT CLB
Fri: PUB
Sat: XT Legs (all segments)

The rotation in itself isn't what wore me out as much as the fact that I've really been pushing myself to lift heavier and my strength gains are through the roof! Next week I'll be doing more of a metabolic light weight week before hitting it heavy again the next week:

Mon: Flextrain
Wed: XT Supercuts + Core#1
Fri: LIS Athletic Training (becuz Jennifer reminded me of it!)
Sat: LIS CSS + Step

I really hope I can pull this off! I've been seeing and feeling some nice changes and love it!

So, how is everyone doing? Is anyone left?????? :p;)


Since my High Reps last Tuesday I did Yoga Max (Wed).

Thursday was all of Body max2 but I did fire walkers (2 segments of front/back and 2 segments side/side) instead of the squat and lunge sgements. I can't believe I've never done the UB segment on that DVD before but I'm so glad I did. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Next time I do that UB segment I will shoot for the 72-min Double Upper premix. Seriously, it was a fantastic and different UB experience that I felt especially in the mid-back (thorasic) section which is just where I need it the most to help my winging shoulder blades. I used a different angle than what Cathe used - according to my physical therapist I needed to make some position adjustments.

Friday I walked with my neighbor - I think we did about 2 miles going around the neighborhood twice. It's nice to have a walking buddy.

Saturday was Glutes and Abs (thrusts, ab roll outs, goblet squats, and extensions).

Saturday night we went to a fund raiser; mouse races. They are so cute :)

Sunday (Mother's Day) was HiiT 40/20. It did feel easier this time?! What?! Speaking of Mother's Day, I honestly felt like a mom that day... we gave all 3 fur-kids a bath then I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and in the kitchen making lunches for the week and dinner that night. Whew! I was exhausted... late night Saturday and then early Sunday school/Church on Sunday. Then we stopped at Home Depot to get tomato and squash plants. We also are going to do onions/scallions for the first time. Lucky for me Craig did all the grunt work getting the garden hoed and ready for planting. Now it's been raining so the planting will begin this weekend.

Yesterday, Monday, was Yoga Max.

This morning I spent an hour just on glutes... Thrusts, goblet squats, dead lifts (all circuit style, no rest between exercises); then bandwalks (only front/back), hip rotations, torso rotations, cable hamstring kickbacks (again, circuit style) and finally elevated back lunges with no rest between those sets, either.

The plan for tomorrow (Wednesday) is Double Upper Body BM2 premix but I may just repeat the BM2 workout I did last week since I liked it so much... I love the cardio segment.

Then I'll have Pilates class in the evening. Still no obese couple; I'm afraid I've lost them. I'm sure the floor and mat work was uncomfortable for them. I'm still hoping to at least run into them so I can give them the AireX mat information which would make a huge comfort difference for them (and anybody, really!).

Congrats on your hard work paying off! It always does, but it's so nice to finally notice the changes :D

I think Alternating weeks of heavy and high rep is THE way to go, quite honestly.

Have a super awesome Cathlete kind of day!


"Saturday night we went to a fund raiser; mouse races. They are so cute"
You must use teeny tiny saddles for mouse riding ;):p! I guess the upside is that the paddock area can be relatively small!:eek:


I typed a long post yesterday only for my cell battery to die before I could send it. I totally forgot my battery was low.

I dont have time to redo it now.

Jennifer--love your mommy duty day. I spent Mother's day on the baseball field.

Nancy---you have been very committed to your workouts.

Saturday was elliptical cardio and yesterday was back as and biceps. I am in week 2 of Meso 2. Behind due to my crazy whacky busy schedule but im getting in the workouts when I can.


Yeah...I know! Long time no hear!

Hi Ladies! I'm glad the check in is still here! I missed you all very much and you were often in my thoughts. Work had gotten incredibly bad...even worse than before. They did a restructure about a week ago which sadly removed me from a lead role but at least is decreasing the stress some. It got to the point where my doctor was offering to write a note to the company regarding my stress levels and the affect it was having on my health. Anyway, our entire team was dismantled and dispersed to other teams. We are all still adjusting to it since we really liked our team. Anyway, I hope all has been well with you!

Today was STS disc #1....my first workout in months and it felt great. Have a great weekend!


Last night I switched my planned work out because the Cathe site was down. I usually use the workout manager to figure out which weight value to use. Instead I did 25 minutes of intervals on my spin bike. Hope all is well!


Happy pre-memorial weekend!

It's been over a week since I posted last... can't recall all the workouts I've done but I remember doing BodyMax 2 double upper body premix, Burnsets, Afterburn, HiiT 40/20, and this morning was Trisets upper body split; then I added on with 100 reps of double arm rows. It had been a long time since I did Trisets but I really enjoy that workout.

Tomorrow I will do some sort of cardio after a glute workout (Strong Curves). Lately I've added straight leg stability ball holds - they really work the hamstrings - and then did the Cathe move where you squeeze the stability ball with the inside of the calves and then do hip lifts.

We don't have any plans for the Memorial weekend and I'm glad for that... that'll give me plenty of time to work on the flower bed and catch up on some reading. My Hydrangeas haven't one single bloom yet :(

This past weekend we watched Interview with A Vampire --- a 20-year old movie that I used to love. This time around I couldn't recall what it was about that movie that I used to love so much... I used to think it was fascinating I guess, not to mention I liked all the main players. It is funny how much we change. We also recently watched Rocky 4 and 5, and then the original Rocky; still enjoyed those movies like crazy. How can they not drive the force deep within to get in awesome shape?!

I loaned my Cardio Core Circuit and Travel Fit DVDs to my physical therapist/massage therapist. She was in a rutt and very unmotivated to do anything so I was hoping some Cathe would help.
She called CCC "Cardio Corpse" (too funny!).
She enjoyes them both and thanked me for helping to get her "pork butt and ham hocks" back into shape and wants to use them for a while. I might have made someone a Cathlete! She doesn't have much at home but she just might be motivated enough at some point to invest in some weights and then Cathe can really whip her into shape :D

So good to hear from you! I am sorry to hear how bad work was. I am very glad to hear, however, that the results has decreased your stress level! Mixed emotions and a blessing in disguise I suppose. Good for you for getting back to your workouts :)

How is Tyler? is he still doing karate? You and Heartymax are probably counting down the days 'til summer break. Or, no?! Does summer break make things harder or easier?

TOO FUNNY about the tiny little saddles :)
How did your rotation go?

Oh man, such a bummer to lose a post.
I'm proud of you for going for Meso 2 again ;)

Anyone doing anything for Memorial weekend?
Have an awesome day!


I am really looking forward to a long weekend coming up! I took Friday as well as Memorial Day off so I'll have 4 days off! It has been a long week already (lots on my plate here at work) so I am going to really savor the time away!

I have been enjoying my Cathe workouts (of course! :D) and managed to get through last week's metabolic/LIS TBT week intact! I put together a rotation get me through the rest of the month:

Mon: XT CBS + Core#1
Tue: LLA
Wed: LIS CSS + Step
Thur: XT B&T + Core#2
Fri: GG Xtreme
Sat: XT Tabatacise + Core#1
Sun: Rest (HIKING!!!!!)

Mon: PUB
Tues: XT AOLIH + Core#1
Wed:pyramid Combo
Fri: PLB
Sat: Flextrain
Sun: Rest

I haven't done LIC in a loooooong time. I've been slowly getting back to doing more on the step...my foot seems to be getting better (PF???) as long as I remember to foam roll the bejeebers out of my calf. I want to be able to do the Party Rockin' Step workouts by mid-summer. For some reason, Hard Strikes is really bad for my foot (too many jumping jacks)...but I'd like to give Rockout Knockout a go, if possible ;). I miss being able to do Crossfire Extreme and To The Max Extreme like I used to, but that is what started my foot thing in the first place :p!

Jennifer, the only plans I have for Memorial Day Weekend are one day of hiking (and NOT on Monday!). I just want to get a few projects done, get my workouts in, get some sunshine, play in the garden a bit, and do some reading. RELAAAAAAX!!!!!! BTW I posted a picture of my Fairy Garden in my pictures...check it out...very whimsical!

Hope everyone else is going to get a chance to relax this weekend. I'm impressed by HeartyMax and Stacie kickin' the STS!!!!;)


Stacie--Welcome back! it is so great to hear from you. For some reason my app on my phone has been acting up and I had to delete. I went back to reload it and couldn't find it. I tried to access the Cathe site from my computer a few days ago which I rarely do and couldn't. I see this morning that the site is different but since I don't log on the entire website often I am not sure if it is new. Since there was a website issue, maybe that is why I couldn't find the app to reload to my phone. I have to try again.

Jennifer--- How in the world can you give someone CCC to introduce them to Cathe...LOL!!! If that was my first workout...I wouldn't be a Cathlete today....DREAD FACTOR---BEAST------:eek: Glad she liked it and hope she becomes a crazy Cathe fan like the rest of us. Yes, I am still moving along Meso 2, but this time I am kind of behind on all my workouts and casually moving through the phases so it is going okay. With our busy baseball schedule, it is the cardio that I am slacking in right now as some weeks I am only getting in 4 workouts...maybe 5 but never 6.

Nancy---Enjoy your 4 day weekend. DH said he may take Friday off just to rest. We are expecting some nice weather.

My Memorial Day weekend plans include baseball games for both boys. One location is about 2 hours away and the other one is local. The oldest is now playing on a summer league which is started---ReALLY---it is not summer yet so what happened to my break. :D

Saturday I worked on the elliptical. The family went to see Godzilla on Saturday night. It was a request of DH's so we all went. The boys enjoyed the movie and it brought back memories of watching King Kong, Godzilla from back in the day. Monday was STS chest, shoulders and triceps. My triceps are not nearly as strong as they used to be. From my previous notes, I am not able to lift as heavy. Today was 40 minutes from Cardio Fusion.

The boys get out of school on June 18th so we still have a ways to go.


Happy Friday!

So after Trisets and the 100-rep double arm row I am still feeling it but in a very good way. I feel a lot less stress in my shoulders, and the DOMS in my back is still very slight. I think I'll need to make the 100-rep dumbbell double arm rows a habit, or maybe alternate that with Inverted rows on the Turbo Tower.

Wednesday was All Out Low Impact HiiT and Stong Curves gluets exercises... barbell hip thrusts and front/back band walk circuit, then lateral band walks.

Thursday was Yoga Max.

Today, Friday, was Sleep Max! Wasn't planning on a rest day but that's okay; I needed it.

I'll have 3 days off to do some pretty darn good workouts, that's for sure! Heavy glute circuit, a Heavy Upper body plus additional back work, and probably a Circuit -- haven't done a High Step in a long time.

Spinning intervals sound great!

LOVED your pictures; thanks for posting them!

Your rotation looks great!

Enjoy your 4-day weekend (I'm jelous!) and your hike; of course I know you will:D


Cardio Fusion! Awesome! I was organizing my DVDs and came across that one and made a note to do it within the next week.

I can relate to the decrease in strength:( I noticed that myself when doing burnsets. My back and shoulders in particular which is not a place I am happy about losing strength. One good thing is that it won't take us long to get our strength back.

Haha, I know - I almost wondered if CCC was a mistake but since she was doing tuck jumps (and hated it) I figured she wasn't afraid of hard work. Plus, with her lack of equipment there aren't alot of Cathe options.

Wow, school through June - and Summer baseball league that starts before Summer?! A game 2 hours away? You certainly are going to be busy!

I remember those movies from back in the day. A family movie night sounds very nice.

I suppose I best get. Take care and have a fantastic holiday weekend in case I don't get to check in until after the weekend!


Yesterday I baked a birthday cake for my son during my morning workout time. That means the cake was baked with so much love til it has no calories---RIGHT...:D DS turned 12 and normally has a baseball game on Friday nights. Well, there we found out there was not going to be a game. He asked if he could invite some of his friends over from the neighborhood since they haven't hung out in a while. We ordered pizza and DH went out to get wings (he didn't want them from the pizza place because he wanted the birthday to be extra special--LOL). The kids watched movies, listened to music, played video games and just had a blast for hours. DS16 has a double header that is local today and my DS12 has games today and tomorrow that are 2 hours away. DH and I have split duty today and we will go travel for the games tomorrow.

Just finished 45 minutes of elliptical cardio and waiting for my boiled eggs to finish so I can eat breakfast. :D

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone.


Happy Memorial day!

Friday before BodyMax2 -- all of it - I did glute activations (leg lifts, clams, pizza presses) followed by a circuit of barbell hip thrusts, deadlifts, and goblet squats.

Saturday was Slow and Heavy Legs and Shoulders after glute activations (again), cable hip rotations, and cable torso rotations.

Today was High Step Challenge but instead of all the leg presses and squats I focused on Hamstrings (straight leg holds on the stability ball, roll outs, and hip lifts).

Not sure what I'll be up for tomorrow; I was not really feeling the love today. I just want to focus on doing something every day; I need to gain strength in my mid-back and still want to lose the few pounds that crept into my thighs.

Yesterday I baked a birthday cake for my son during my morning workout time. That means the cake was baked with so much love til it has no calories---RIGHT...:D

Too funny! Maybe this cake would have no calories (from the Nutrition Gurus)
Grain Free Birthday Cake. I thought I might try it but only because I've heard how good (supposedly) black bean brownies are... I realize this may sound a bit over the edge or obsessive however, hey, if it's good and all the ingredients are good for me then it's a win-win. Craig's birthday is next month; it'll be interesting to get his opinion before he knows what's in it. But maybe I should have back-up cupcakes just in case;)

• 3 cups cooked white beans (1 cup dry beans soaked overnight, rinsed and cooked until soft – skimming the foam as they cook)
• 6 eggs
• ½ cup honey (I used ¼)
• 4 TBL coconut oil
• 1 TBL vanilla
• 1/3 cup coconut flour
• ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa or cacao powder
• 1 tsp baking soda
• ½ tsp salt
Place cooked beans in food processor and mix until smooth. Add remaining ingredients. Bake at 350° for approximately 40 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. If making this as a sheet cake, baking time will be less than a taller cake.

Have an awesome day!


Jennifer---All of Body Max 2. I think I have only done all of it once in my life:D. Interesting browning recipe. I have heard of black bean brownies on the forum but I don't think I recall seeing the recipe.

I finally convinced DH to go for a run again. It has been over 6 months for me and less time for him. I had been talking about it for several weeks and he kept saying --"oh tomorrow". Well, tomorrow finally came and we did a 3 mile run/walk. It was tough since I hadn't been out there in a while. For me running is so different than doing Cathe. It wasn't exactly like starting over but it was a tough run. DH was laughing at me saying he thinks that I am not downstairs drinking wine and listening to the music in the morning and pretending to be doing a Cathe workout because I was so wiped out from my run. He told me that he was going to sneak downstairs one morning to check me out. HILARIOUS:D. Gotta love him.

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