Push It January 2014

I read some of you posts and wanted to try to catch up...

Way to go with the Crow! 2 Mississippis is hilarious :D I looked it up because I didn't know what it is.

I hope you had a nice birthday (belated).

Weight is an interesting and sometimes frustrating thing; I'm glad you're doing well. I go back/forth about splitting upper body. I find that glute training really works my back/biceps so if I can do shoulders/triceps/chest a separately then I'm okay with that.

Welcome back to M1.

Sorry to hear about your funk. I think bright new shoelaces is a great idea, as Nancy mentioned.

Take care, ladies.
Just a quick post for now....
took an unscheduled rest day last night as I overdid it a bit with Tabatacise the night before :eek:! I got a little too aggressive with the impact moves and needed to give my foot a rest. Today I'll be doing Flextrain and tomorrow will be Lower Body Blast. We are expecting a mild weekend and I hope to get a lot of walking in too! All the fruit trees have exploded into blooms down here; the daffodils have been up for a few weeks and now the tulips are making an appearance! I love this time of year in the South...but the pollen can be brutal :rolleyes:...
who else has spring fever????;)
Nancy - weather is mild here this weekend too.

Today was 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and STS Meso 1 Legs. Ouch!!
Good morning, thought I'd pop in again before I get going with my day.

Saturday was Pedal Power; this morning was Burnsets (minus concentration curls, which I remember we all love those - like a hole in our heads).

Only 2 more Financial classes left.
BTW, if you don't have Identity Theft insurance it is only $6.95/month AND they clean up the mess (I got mine from Zander.com). Life Lock does not clean up the mess; it only alerts you.

Have a good week, everyone; enjoy your mild weather. If anyone deserves it more than anyone it's you all; seems the NE keeps getting belted.
Hello all. Sorry I haven't posted much, I've had quite a bit of stress in my life and I haven't been working out much. I'm shooting for 3 workouts this week. One TB, 1 HC, and 1 metabolic or HiiT.

I actually just purchased the home version of Financial Peace University. The husband and I are going through it. It has opened my eyes to many things. I've also been listening to Dave Ramsey's daily podcast and the weekly podcast from Suze Orman. I find there are always interesting pieces of financial information in each show as well as motivation for staying on track. And the fact that I can listen to them daily is also helpful to stay on track.

Spring fever here for sure!!! I can't wait for the weather to break. I want to get outside and do some walking and/or hiking.

How are the boys doing now that school is wrapping up? Any good plans for them this summer?
H! Surprise day off for me today... taking a total rest day.

Yesterday was Intensity step portion after glute activations, hip thrusts, goblet squats, and cable abductions.

Sorry to hear how stressful things have been. Is the grandbaby okay?

Glad you are learning new and interesting things regarding finances. I can relate. In fact I just now realized that the extra few bucks I've been adding to my car payments has only been going to interest on the loan, not to the principle! Okay, maybe most people already knew they had to specify that --- but there is no place to "checkmark" when making payments via my bank. I called the auto loan company and got all that straightened out. Scary to think I'd never have even realized this before; just didn't pay enough attention. But seriously, who would pay extra on purpose to benefit the bank rather than pay down the loan more quickly? It's deceitful, I think.

I've heard great things about Suze Orman. I saw her once on a local TV station; she is very popular. I need to look into more podcasts because clearly there is more that I need to know!

Your 3 workouts a week sound extremely well-balanced. Good for you; stick to it, girl!

Take care everyone.
Jennifer---I didn't know that. I agree that is very deceitful.

Toni---hope the stress improves soon. We just started 4th quarter and boys are in school til June 18th and me 2 weeks after that. Right now I don't have anything planned for them which is unlike last summer. I haven't even planned our mini vacation yet.

Today was Tabatacise and planks. Tough workout.
I'm enjoying a "Gym Styles" week with LBB, All Out HIIT, and Flextrain on the in between days. I'm thinking of re-doing my one rep max tests so that I can make sure I'm working to my fullest potential. I have those awesome little Pace Weights that allow me to eek my way up in 1/2 pound increments and I need to make a better effort at it :eek:!

Jennifer, I didn't know that about those extra $$$ going to interest :mad:! This time of year really gets me annoyed that you basically need to be a CPA just to understand finances and do taxes! All these little ways the banks and the government take advantage of us...very unethical!

HeartyMax, I agree about Tabatacise! I always tell myself "just get through 3 segments and then you can stop"...and then I end up doing all 5 anyway! I feel so accomplished afterward! But that little demon always tries to get me to quit early :rolleyes::p!

Toni, I hope the spring time weather can lift your spirits a bit and ease some of the stress. Have you been able to get out hiking or walking lately? I hope you were able to stick to your workout plan!

PS I added another "Mississippi" to my Crow pose! So I think I'm up to 3 seconds now. Believe me, it is a big deal ;)!
Finished Meso 1 back and triceps.

Does this mean you're moving on to Meso 2??? I am tempted to get back to some STS myself! I did Cathe's LIS/STS rotation before I did the official 3.5 month STS rotation and I loved it! Maybe I'll look into tweaking it a bit to fit the new workouts. How do you feel you're doing this time around with STS? How many times have you done the program?
Nancy---I'm still doing Meso 1. That was just my workout that day. I love STS. I have never done the 6.5 month rotation. I have done the 3.5 fully once and then Meso 1 and 2 a few times and maybe part of Meso 3...I can't remember. I know I skipped week 2 but I did week 3 and plan to finish 4 and move to Meso 2 without the rest week.

I finished 45 minutes of elliptical cardio today.

The weather is so nice today. Finally! ! We have school 2 days next week and then we get out for break. I'm looking forward to that.
Good very-early Sunday morning to you!

Yesterday was a lot of cleaning; I went on a spree because my allergies were going nuts. Indoor allergies, not outdoor allergies. I decided that we need a shelf behind the TV to set all the cables and cords on so they stay off the floor. It is SO hard to clean back there because it's just a big mess. Craig has a 73" TV with about every electronic hooked up to it that you can imagine. My dad is stopping over today for a quick hello since he'll be in the area; he enjoys wood-working so I think I'll ask him to make some sort of shelf for us. Seriously, the dust and dog fur that gets trapped back there as become a health issue for me!

I also THOUGHT about Rug Doctoring the living room however after all the cleaning I had already done I was wiped out -- plus we're supposed to get rain today so the dogs would just track in more mud so I decided to wait before using the Rug Doctor. At least I brought it upstairs;) We really need to make the dogs stop at the door before entering the house so we can wash off their feet but I gotta tell ya', with 3 dogs it is not easy to do.

Yesterday we also took the dogs for a walk; it was an absolutely beautiful day. Hot, actually, unless the slight breeze picked up which was very welcome. The daffodils everywhere are looking SO beautiful!

Workouts for the week weren't very big -- Yoga Relax, Athletic Training, and a little Glute work. Plus I taught my regular Pilates class Wednesday night but I also subbed a PiYo class Thursday. Since I don't know PiYo I did Pilates again. PiYo U-Tubes look really good, though, and I think at some point I would like to get into that.

This morning I'm feeling some Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders -- and since I'm up so early I'll add on a shorter premix for either Yoga Relax or Yoga Max... then it's off to church.

Have a great day, everyone!

Adding another second to the Crow is a big deal! I'm excited for you! So are you adding a particular Yoga program to your routines or just a few poses here and there? Any yoga is good.

I know, right (about principle versus interest)?

I would like to do a Meso 1 rotation to mix things up but I never completely did Meso 2. I liked the parts of it that I did, but I had started the Glute program about the same time.

I hope things are going well and getting less stressful; I also hope you're able to stick to your 3 workouts/week. I find that I get more stressed if I don't get to work out but I think 3 is reasonable and hope it helps release your stress level.
Hello Ladies!
I've been kicking my butt with a focus on legs since Saturday. I'm doing another week of Gym Styles but doing LLA and GG in place of GS Legs. This is what it looks like since Saturday:
Sat: GS Legs
Sun: Xtrain BS Bi & Tri + Core #1
Mon: Lean Legs & Abs + Bonus Barre
Tues: Flextrain
Wed: GS Chest & Tris
Thurs: Great Glutes
Fri: Tabatacise and Core#2
Sat: GS Back, Shoulders, & Bis

With this setup, I'll be hitting everything at least 2 times in the week. That is something I'm going to focus on more and I know Burn Sets will help!!!! I love how easy it is to just tack on a 15 min body part segment! Sundays are usually my rest day, but I realized that if I did BS Bis & Tris it would ensure that I hit those hard at least twice this week. Flextrain is good at cookin' my shoulders, bis, and tris, too!
Making progress on "The Crow", too! Every millisecond goes a long way to improvement!
The pollen is wicked thick down here...Jennifer, I think you'd really be suffering :(. But the flowers are so beautiful!!!!
Heartymax, I think I may do a Meso 3 week soon just to mix it up a bit! I really loved Cathe's 3 month LIS/STS Transformation Rotation with the variety and mix of the Mesocycles. I got great results from that rotation ;)!
Nancy---the transformation rotation has great reviews on the forum.

My lab work from my physical was all normal. I also had my annual mammogram the other day too. My doctor told me that she could feel my ab muscles during my physical. I value that compliment. I am so glad that exercise is a part of my lifestyle. At my age, I feel that it's about so much more than weight loss.

Yesterday was Meso 1 Chest, shoulders and biceps. Today was 45 minutes of elliptical cardio.
Happy Thursday!

Sunday I did Slow and Heavy Legs and shoulders. I also did a little gardening; the hydrangeas needed to be trimmed back terribly. Then Monday the temperature dropped and we were supposed to get snow - but we didn't. Whew!

Monday was Yoga Max.

Tuesday was All Out Low Impact HiiT and some glute work.

Wednesday was Kick Max. I ended up waking up early and that workout had been on my mind so I took advantage of the extra time to do that LONG workout. It was good, though. I took out some of the impact by using the sliding discs; it actually worked out very well.

Thursday (this morning) was Flex Train.

Not sure what I'll do Friday/Saturday (probably a Pedal Power premix and another round of Upper Body).

Sunday will be a rest day since we're going to an extremely early service; Easter and Christmas are when the church gets packed so the Pastors asked if we could try to go to an off-time service (like, 8am! on a Sunday!); he added 2 additional service times... 8am is not a normal service time.

I am SO EXCITED about the Daytona Road Trip. I was planning/budgeting for a RT next year but I really, REALLY want to go to Daytona. I think I will be able to swing it; I've already been working on my budget and planning to pay off my car earlier than next year -- however maybe I can pull back on some of the extra money I'd planned to put towards the car. That may not be the the smartest financial move but I do have a very low interest rate (hehe, the logic kicks in for the wants, right?!) and I've never been to Daytona, and I love beaches. I have to look at the overall cost before I can really make the decision by May 1st, but surely my fingers are crossed.

Congrats again on your Crowing progress!
Plus, your rotation sounds great. I agree, hitting every muscle group at least twice a week is priceless!

How nice to hear that your lab results were normal, and definitely very nice to hear the compliment about your abs! I also agree... it is more important than ever to take care of our health. Sure, it's nice to look nice as well but health is a lot more important.

Take care everyone; have a happy Easter! PS - sending good thoughts your way, Toni.
Hello everyone!! I managed to get in 4 workouts last week, but I can't quite remember what they were :eek: Yesterday I started the week off with High Step Training. That one is a beast!! My whole body is tired today, so I took a rest day. I'll do KickMax + core work tomorrow, spin on Wed and Circuit Blast on Friday. That should make for a well rounded workout week :D

I'm thinking about taking a break from posting for a while(but not workouts!!). My life is upside down right now and I just need a bit of a break. I'll be back soon :D
Good morning ladies,
I did decide to go to the Daytona Road Trip (if I get in).
Easter was nice; service was great as always and then we had lunch with my dad.

This week I've taken it pretty easy... Sunday and Monday I just plain 'ol did nothing (but walk the dogs). Saturday was Yoga Max. I think that's about the way it went.

Tuesday -- High Reps and cable hip twists.
Wednesday -- foam rolling for my warm up, then cable abductions and cable kickbacks, Intensity's Step portion only, then an awesome stretch.

Today will be a circuit - I'm thinking Afterburn... still LOVE that one -- or another Total Body weight workout. I'll decide after I get dressed and feed the 3 alligator mouths hounding me for their breakfast:D

I had 2 obese people in my Pilates class last night. I was VERY glad I had taken that Obesity Training course a while back; it did come in handy. I still read everything I can about that population, and I'm still working on my continuing education for Motivating People. I've not had time for it lately but I've just been inspired to make it a priority again. If that couple stay in my class I'll have a better understanding of what to say.

Hi Toni,
Best of luck to you and your family; I completely understand needing some time away from the forum. I do hope you check in from time to time; I'll miss hearing from you.

Nice job sticking with Meso 1.

Keep crowing and keep on keeping on.

Take care, everyone!
It's been a stellar week for me so far: more Gym Styles and increasing the poundage every time!!! :eek: I held the Crow pose for the longest time to date last night...freaked me out...somewhere around 7 Mississippis :p!

Jennifer, I really appreciate the hard work you put into helping others. Your work with obese people must be life changing for them, as well as rewarding and enlightening for you. I know you are psyched up about the Daytona trip! More stuff to learn and pass on to others!

Heartymax, sounds like you had a fantastic check-up and total validation for your healthy lifestyle! I agree that as we age we have to keep active and challenge ourselves mentally and physically...my Grampa is the one who told me the phrase under my signature "If you rest, you rust!". He was taking a morning aerobic class every day right up till the day he passed at 97 years young!

Toni, I understand about needing a break from posting. Many times I think the same thing and that's when you guys don't hear from me for while. I still read the posts, but just don't feel like I have anything new to post sometimes :eek:. I miss hearing from Tasha, but I know she is involved in a whole 'nuther level of weight training and she probably uses her time to correspond with ladies that are on the Nia Shanks check-in. People come and people go......

I have GS Back, Shoulders, and Bis tonight, and GS Legs tomorrow. Sunday is DEFINITELY a Yoga Relax day ;)!!! We are supposed to have awesome weather this weekend and I intend to get my little flower garden planted and maybe get a tomato plant started, too! Hope you all have a great weekend too!
What a beautiful morning out there today! :cool:
Yesterday I planted a bunch of begonias and set up a new bird bath for my kitty's viewing pleasure. This morning I plan on enjoying some coffee out on my patio. Apartment living can be challenging to find quiet moments, so I'm going to take advantage of it while it's here!
I'm having a welcomed rest day today after another week of Gym Styles. Next week will be Burn Sets/Flextrain/Supercuts with Lean Legs & Abs and Great Glutes thrown in there, too!
Bye for now....gotta catch my tranquil morning while it lasts!
Planted my veggies in their grow bags: Early Girl tomato, Sweet 100 cherry tomato, California Wonder sweet bell pepper, and Purple Beauty sweet bell pepper....all surrounded by Janie marigolds!!!! Hoping for a good harvest a little after the 4th of July! Wish we could plant more stuff!:D
I saw a great poster the other day:
Eat less out of a box and more out of the earth! ;)
Any gardeners here?

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