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Hi everyone!

A few exciting things happened these past few days. Ok, #1. WE ARE GOING TO JAMAICA IN MARCH! Super, duper excited for that :eek:. Not sure which resort yet, but I will keep you guys posted. #2. I FINALLY was able to bump my squat # to 90lbs @ 6R :eek:. I wanted to ensure that I could do everything possible for a strong session, so I ate a high carb snack right before training and I allowed 2 1/2min between rest sets. I'd like to think that those variables made me stronger :p in addition to actually getting stronger of course :p.

I really like Legs & Glutes! Body Blast series is so much fun!
I truly think DL'ing with strict form has helped my back, believe it or not. My posture has also improved tremendously, which is also a factor. Yes, I had to buy 2x25lbs plates for the program.
I will take a look at the link you posted! I was trying to do it now, but it won't allow me to click on the link while in "writing mode" :mad:

WOW 100lbs lost is amazing! Having a strong, positive, support system is definitely important.
Let me know how you like the recipe! Ya mon' :p:D;).

I'm so happy the massage was wonderful :). When I was in that car accident a few years ago, I went for weekly deep tissue massages -- I wanted to MARRY that woman! :eek:;)
I hope you like the pressure points thingy! When my family comes over, they are intrigued by it, so I start "rolling" them. OMG they end up turning into putty -- it feels SO good :). Make sure you get Craig to roll your back and the back of your neck!
I admire you for taking a class for obese & overweight people. Your dedication for helping people is truly inspiring :).
Congrats on the trip to Mexico! Which resort are you going to? I want DETAILS please :eek:.
Love hummus and boiled eggs too! Hummus goes good with everything :p.

Have a great day everyone!


Hello ladies!! Sorry I haven't checked in in a while. I HAVE been working out though :D I finished last week with P90X3 Pilates X, Pedal Power, P90X3 CVX. Saturday is my normal rest day and today I started the week with All Out HiiT.

My shoulder still hurts :mad:, but it is getting better. This week I'm avoiding any workout that does body weight moves with the upper body :mad: Most of P90X3 has these moves, so I'm not able to do many of those workouts right now. I also am not doing any HC right now. I think my shoulder will need to two more weeks before adding those moves back in. I'm going to do some traditional isolated lifts for UB this week. That will allow me to adjust the weight to what I need for shoulder moves and still get a workout in for the rest of my upper body. I will certainly go back to my rotation as I had originally planned it. I'm super bummed that I can't do it right now, but better safe than sorry. I'd rather be doing modified workouts than no workouts.

This year I have decided to focus more on my finances and put more of a focus on savings this year. I spent new years day and eve reading a couple of Suze Orman books. They were really good and gave me some good ideas about how to adjust my thinking toward how I look at money. I also got some good pointers that I'm excited about putting into action this year :cool: One of the things I'm doing is going back to packing my lunch daily. It's not only healthy but it save a TON of money. A year of so ago I did this daily and I couldn't believe how it affected my bank account in a positive way. I've just gotten lazy and now need to get back to it.

Seems we are all have big travel plan this year :cool::cool::cool: I myself am going to NYC...whoot whoot!! I found some cheap flights and my DH is giving me his hotel points. I'll be able to stay on Time Square for $70/night!! Can't beat that with a stick!! I do wish I could go to the NJ road trip, but I'll be out of money by the time I get done with my NYC trip.

Mexico sounds totally awesome. I hear the resorts there are really nice. I love the fact that you took that class on helping the obese!! Education is the key to getting better in any profession and that seems like a really good area to get some additional info in. I would imagine working with someone that was 'obese' most need a slightly different approach than others in better health. I've worked with a couple of trainers and I've watched a couple others at the gym. I find the best trainers to be the ones that are able to meet their clients where they currently are in their level of fitness. I had one male trainer that seemed to think I was a body builder and needed to be lifting all this heavy amount of weight and he would get disappointed because I just wasn't strong enough to lift what he felt I should. All I really wanted was to lose 10 lbs to fit in my wedding dress. I switched trainers to someone who listened to what I wanted and gave me workouts suited to achieving my goals!!

Jamaica in March sounds fab!! Certainly will be nice to get out of this cold winter we are having!! Are you taking Bella? I knew that squat would work itself out in due time!! I'm loving that you have found a style of workout that fits you to a T!! There are so many different things out there that it gets confusing at times trying to figure out what we need or even like. So nice when you find something that totally works and makes you happy :eek:

That HC Bootcamp workout looks like a BEAST!! I was bit scared of it, which is why I didn't order. So glad you are liking it. I may have to add it later in the year once I get my shoulder back together.

I hope you were able to make your Cornice boards. Those do look doable in a weekend. I love love love house projects, but they can be oh so expensive. Glad you found something that is reasonable to give your place a nice touch. I really like when I make a change to something in my house that makes me smile when I walk in the room. When I do that I know I got it right. Our house project this year is to paint our kitchen cabinets black. We would LOVE to be able to rip everything out and start over, but that is just not going to happen right now. I think painting the cabinets and walls will make the kitchen fit in better with our new family room(we have a split level so the kitchen is seen from the family room). I'm hoping that will make me smile for very little money :cool:

Planning to do P90X3 Eccentric Upper tomorrow...looking forward to it. I'm totally loving these 30-45 minute workouts!!


I have behind on my 30 day rotation but I'm still hanging in there. I took an extra rest day in week 2 and did HC one day this week as a workout so I'm just two workouts behind. I subbed the elliptical for Ride today. I didnt have for any core today because I needed to cook my oldest breakfast so I could take him to his service activity this morning. The criminal justice program really keeps DS busy and organizations always ask them to volunteer. I like that DS loves volunteering so today he is helping at a Dr. King event.

Toni---reflecting on finances is something most people need to do so I admire you for setting the goal this year. I have been doing the same thing lately, especially thinking about how we will be paying college tuition in 2 years. It literally scares me to death. We have some money saved for college but not enough. I take my lunch everyday and it really helps save money. I need DH to do it more because spending 7 to 10 bucks a day adds up. A few years ago I read an article in the local paper about a financial fast and I decided to do it for 30 days. There was no eating out at all during this time and I focused on essentials only when grocery shopping. I didnt but clothes, gifts or anything during this time. The article was written in the business section by a lady who attends an area church so it became the talk at many churches. Well, by the time my church talked to the congregation about doing the fast, I was almost finished:). Finances is a tough topic that many people try to avoid. I too am trying to make some better financial decisions. Good luck to you and your family with your financial goals.


Its a snow day. My boys are excited. I really didn't want a snow day. We only have 4 built into the calendar and there is much more winter ahead....arrgh. the snow hasn't started yet but the forecast predicts 4 to 8 inches starting late morning.

Today's workout was Tabatacise. I only did one interval of Tabata 5 because I was totally exhausted.

Toni---I actually saw the P90x3 infomercial for the first time this weekend. I just saw the T25 one recently so I see they both focus on shorter and intense workouts. I know eating is the main key to their transformation.


Back to work today....
I LOVED LOVED LOVED my 3 day weekend! I worked out, I cleaned and organized, and I MADE MY CORNICE BOARDS!!! They turned out REALLY WELL!!! I am going to attempt to post a picture of the large living room window (spans 88 inches!!!); this is the view I have during my workouts :p! The smaller living room window is half that size, but difficult to photograph with the sun blasting in!

Yesterday I did SuperCuts with Core#1 in spite of my sore neck (from looking down so long while making the cornice boards :eek:). Tonight is Cardio Leg Blast! LOVE that one!

Okay, I'm going to try and post that pic....WAHOOO, IT WORKED!!!!!


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My physical therapist gave me some specific exercises for the mid and lower traps which I believe will continue to help my neck and shoulders. The desk jockey syndrome has lengthened those mid/lower muscles (so they are not very supportive) and have shortened my upper traps; tight neck and pec muscles worsened the condition. I'm just glad to be feeling better and back to my normal activities... and have some freakin' answers as to what has really happened to me!

No workout this morning because I wanted to get to and from work early... After work I made hummus, just something I'd try, no recipe. Rinsed/drained can of chick peas, a red pepper, a tblspn each of minced garlic and tahini, and a jalapeno. I also boiled some eggs. Yep - it will be a very nice snack or meal at some point:cool:

Pilates tonight. Tomorrow I will more than likely do Cathe's Yoga Max premix (about 30 minutes) as well as check out my new Tracey Mallott Booty Barre Plus Arms and Abs.

Workouts for me this week, since Saturday:
Sunday - glute activations, hip thrusts, ab roll outs, band walks (front/back), Slide and Glide, and lots of stretching.
Monday - Great Glutes Extreme - my buns were feeling that for a couple days:D
Tuesday - VERY happy to say that I was able to do Burnsets, Chest/Back/Shoulders/Triceps using heavier weights than I had been able to do, and I didn't get any sass back from the muscles! Chest was a bit sore but the most important thing is that I was not in pain. Instead of the triceps pushups I went with external rotations as well as Elliot's shoulder move using a band and held the contracted behind me.

Nancy, it looks beautiful! you did a fantastic job! Definitely sounds like you LOVED your long weekend :D Wouldn't it be great to have 3-day weekends every week?! But of course then I supposed we'd get used to that and want a 4-day weekend:rolleyes:

Toni, Sorry to hear your shoulder still hurts :( Glad you're still taking care of it.
I'm very excited for you about NYC! What an awesome deal on that hotel!
Great thinking about saving money. It really is good to have a stash for those rainy days (and for NYC :D).
As for PTs, some of them don't know how to regress an exercise, and you're exactly right -- trainers need to listen to their clients! I'm glad you found a trainer that listened to your goals... and helped you achieve them!
I have to know, how did you like Pilates X? For example, what you liked about it and what you didn't. Pilates is pretty close to my heart.
I just received a Tracey Mallott Pilates Sculp DVD and she uses a small ball; one that could be bought at the dollar store and used on a playground. I'm looking forward to trying it but it will have to wait awhile.

Tash, awesome about Jamaica! Was it a complete surprise or has it been in contemplation? Congrats on your new DL weight! I agree, with proper form DLs really can help back pain. Proper form being the key;) I really do like the roller thingie, it's perfect! Don't need a lot of pressure which is also nice.

Heartymax, when you did the Elliptical in place of Ride did you follow the DVD except use the elliptical or did you do your own elliptical workout? Just curious, that's all.
Your coworker is very inspiring! Good for her! And good for you and your son for sticking with the volunteer program. Do you all watch Blue Bloods? I like that TV show. Seems a bit related to what your son wants to be involved with.

Okay - I best get - have an awesome day and keep up the great work!
Hi Stacie and Caitlin:)


Tasha---sending you a big hug from Maryland to Canada. That Jerk Chicken was so good. DH and the boys loved it. I used thighs and wings and let it marinated for about 5 hours before baking. I broiled it for a few additional minutes to give it that crisper look. Served with white rice and broccoli. So doggone good!! Recipe is a keeper!!

Wow!! Seems like everyone have some fun trips planned. I have not been to any of those places so I look foward to hearing about.

Jennifer--Not sure if DS watches Blue Bloods but he definitely watches a ton of investigative shows. He likes science so im not sure what he may decide to consider for a career.

No workout today. School was closed again Wednesday so we had an unexpected 5 day weekend. No word on tomorrow yet. I anticipate at least a delay but I will see.

I organized the deep freezer today. Its amazing the amount of food in there. I had to throw out some things but I made a list of food so I can cook what I have and not continue to buy more of the same stuff. I have 6 bags of frozen broccoli but purchased a bag over the weekend. I guess I needed to do this a long time ago. I am determined to tightened up on my grocery budget and this was step one.


Hi ladies! We finally hit our milestone at work last week and things are starting to get back to normal. I'm sleeping more, walking the dog, and I even did a workout yesterday! I did the upper body premix from LIC. I smiled a lot during it because I realized how much I missed Cathe and just working out in general. I'm trying very hard at work to keep up with all my work items so it doesn't get so crazy again.

I'm so jealous of all the vacation plans you have going on!!!! It feels like forever since I've been anywhere. I hope you all have fun!

Congrats on the increase in squats! How is the new squat rack working out for you?

Glad to hear you are finally over your cold too!

Sorry to hear about your shoulder. :( I hope it feels better soon.

Great plan to save more too. I try and it seems like something ALWAYS comes up just when I'm getting ahead. Good luck though!

Organizing the freezer something I desperately need to do. I have so much old food in there just taking up space that sometimes I have to ask my neighbor to store stuff for me! Good for you for getting it done! One day, I'll get to it.

What a relief it must be to know what was causing your pain! I hope the new exercises help.

It sounds like you made good use of your long weekend!

Have a great night everyone!


Stacie---Great hearing from you! You will be back in routine with your workouts soon and your muscles will remind you of that they have memory. It won't be starting over again:D. Premixes are always a great way to get back in the swing of things.

Jennifer- I don't have any of Cathe's Spin DVD's. I just hop of the elliptical and do choose an interval workout. Nothing to difficult though. My first time spinning was on the RT and my goal was just to spin and move...not particular pace:eek:.

Nancy--I forgot to tell you that I like your Cornice. You have good skills lady. I don't have a house decorating bone in my body.

Today was HC Bootcamp. This workout is tough, but I just take a break (while the DVD is running of course:D) and pick back up when I can. I did one round of the last two intervals. I thought about doing Bi's and Tri's since it is short workout and I have a 2 hr. delay due to the weather before going into work....it was just a thought though:D.

Have a great day ladies!


Good morning! We're officially over the hump. Still love that humpday commercial, by the way.

Total plan change for this morning - ended up foam rolling, doing hip thrusts (which totally left me breathless!), and then after I sucked enough wind I moved on to HiiT 40/20. It was great.

I forgot to mention where in Mexico - South of Cancun about 35 miles or so at a Secrets resort. It is a TOTAL splurge at a beautiful place and I am very excited! Secrets Maroma; all inclusive and can't I cannot wait!

Also, I couldn't agree more - hummus is awesome. There is a white bean and garlic hummus I've tried that was awesome; I'll have to try making that one of these days. I like to mix it with hard boiled eggs, as I mentioned, but then put very slightly-steamed spinach (and sometimes cheese) and either butter or salad dressing on top. It's a great lunch; kind of a messed-up version of salad but I like it for a weekend lunch.

SO good to hear from you! Glad you were smiling and feeling the love of strength and power again:) And I'm so glad you can get back to taking care of YOU! So sorry work has been so stressful; that's so tough.

Nice job on that HC Bootcamp workout - it sounds tough!
So cool about DS and the science. Maybe he'll be like Bones one day :D
Great use of your time indeed! Isn't it crazy how we sometimes just forget that we have so much stuff. I can completely relate! Just the other day Craig said that we are turning into Hoarders! LOL! I forgot we had so much chicken and beef already our freezer and bought more:rolleyes:

Gotta get ready for work - have an awesome day!


Happy Friday! Today was Xtrain Burnsets for biceps and triceps. I love this workout.

Jennifer---when are you going to Mexico. Sounds like you and Craig are in for a romantic time. It is nice to splurge sometimes and do something fun that you will remember forever.

We are officially half way through the school year. 2nd semester starts next week...Yeah!!


Starting the last week of the January 2014 Metabolic Rotation today with CrossFire!!! I haven't done CF in a VERY long time :eek:! Hope I can make it :rolleyes:! Feeling uber happy today: my nephew and his wife had their second baby yesterday...a sweet baby girl this time :eek:! So now I'm a great aunt to a boy AND a girl!!! Our family is so happy! This is my recently deceased brother's son & wife so it was a very emotional event to say the least. He was really looking forward to meeting his granddaughter. I think the star I named after him was especially twinkly and sparkly last night ;)!

We are getting ready for a big snow event tomorrow afternoon...the cold is coming from the north and the moisture is coming around out of the gulf...we usually get hammered in that situation!!!! Today it is almost 60 degrees. This has to be one of the weirdest winters I've ever lived through :p!

How is everyone else doing?


Happy Monday,

Saturday night we met up with a couple friends; just hung out, had some dinner, and conversation was really good. Karaoke started at 9; I haven't participated in karaoke in a very long time but always had fun (and still didn't). I want to learn "I need a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler. Something on FB came up that reminded me of that song and it's been stuck in my head ever since. I even downloaded it from iTunes:D

I'm not good at singing but I just love to sing and dance and I always have a good time when I'm surrounded by good music. Quite frankly, sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me interested in an outing depending on the conversations:rolleyes: Anyway, I'll have a blast doing that song, and I think that no one really cares how anyone sounds as long as they like the song. I think that's a good song -- one that almost everyone knows and loves... at least at the place where we were.

By the way, Craig doesn't want to hear that song again:D The last time I played it he (was joking but...) yelled "nnnooooo!" and walked away:D

I'll backtrack --

Today (Monday) was glute activations (3 exercises, 3x20 each side) then Yoga Max epxress premix #1. I did that one a while ago and actually was sore. I already can feel it again! I noticed my balance has gotten a better and I'm able to get deeper into poses since I've really been concentrating on stretching my legs and hips (as well as neck and shoulders). A strap is very helpful!

Sunday was foam rolling, cable hip rotations, cable abductions, then Afterburn express premix intervals 6-10. I preferred to do the entire workout but didn't have enough time since I opted to sleep a little later that morning -- totally needed that since we were out late the night before.

Saturday was Gym Styles Legs - I absoGlutely love that workout.

Friday was Tracey Mallott's Booty Barre + Arms and Abs. I skipped the arms part but did the Flexibility stretch at the end of the workout (which was very humbling!). I liked the workout. Tracey is a good instructor. Although I still feel like I get more out of cable leg work it is a nice change. Next time I'll have to do the Arms with it. Comparatively speaking, it's not as tough as Cathe's Turbo Barre but I can't even do Turbo Barre -- at least not both legs, anyway, since the supporting leg is already wiped out by the time we get to the other side so Tracey's workout was decent for me.

Good luck with the impending storm. Be careful!

We also are having some crazy weather. Can't remember the last time it snowed more than a few inches, yet this year we've had an 8", SEVERAL dustings (a inch or so), Zero and subZero temps, but yesterday was a balmy 50-degrees and sunny. Today it's back to Zero.

Congrats on being a Great Aunt again! It's so sweet that you've bought and stars after them:cool:

Way to go on following Cathe's killer rotation this month! I also haven't done CF or To the Max in a LONG time.

Wow, 2nd semester already?! How is it going having your son in your counseling class?

So glad you're loving Burnsets. That one is still my favorite. I was doing it so often that I changed which exercises I did for the muscle groups. With so many exercises to choose from I think it's important to switch things up.

We're going in February so our trip is coming up quite fast! We have to get through Craig's annual Super Bowl party first but then I can start thinking about packing and such... certainly won't need my winter clothes in Mexico!

Our dog sitter is coming over the day before we leave and is going to stay at hour house. She also has a greyhound! Good Grief! 4 Horse Dogs in our house! I think they'll all get along fine but if not greyhounds are used to wearing their kennel muzzles so if necessary that's what ours will wear... Whisper sometimes starts something and then Dawn will join in. Aurora just hangs back. At least that's what happened when my dad brought his dog with him for Christmas. Sigh... Kids!;)

How was your party? I think you had a New Year's eve party. How are your workouts going?

Anymore news on Jamaica?!

Have a super evening!


Jennifer- your trip is soon. It will be pretty awesome to go to Mexico and enjoy some beautiful weather and get away from the wacky weather this winter. Enjoy it. DS11 is pretty low key. It doesn't bother him that everyone knows that I am his mom. He enjoys being with me. My oldest attended my school too, but he stayed as far away from me as possible. He wasn't on my grade level and I think that was a good thing for him.

Nancy---congratulations on having a new baby girl in the family. Oh how much joy she must be adding.

I didn't workout on Monday because I had to take DS to catch the bus for his ski trip. The criminal justice program to one of resorts in Virginia and DS was very excited about it. My family has never been skiing so DS was very excited about skiing and snowboarding. He said he had a blast so now my youngest wants us to plan a family trip. I am not sure about this year but....I will definitely think about it for the future.

I can't remember my workout on Tuesday but I know it was Xtrain. Wednesday was 45 minutes on the elliptical and Today was Xtrain Chest, Back and Shoulders. I will finish this rotation this weekend and havent' decided what's next.

BTW----I am not going to change the thread next month. Don't want it to be confusing and some people haven't checked in a while and will want to get caught up. It can just be our 2014 check in. I sure hope to not have these 5 pounds in December 2014:eek:.

I forgot to say, DH was contacted the other day about DS11 playing for travel baseball team. We are excited. We have been hoping he would get that opportunity for the last year. DS is a pretty good player and we felt that travel would help him take his skills to the next level. After his knee injury and he couldn't play in the fall we were not sure if anyone would consider picking him up. Anyway, one of the travel teams just got a new coach and remembers DS from the recreational teams the last couple of years and was interested in him playing for them. He contacted a parent who knew us to get our contact information and here we are. We are very excited for him. We realize travel is a huge commitment, but we are up for it.

Oh well, the weather here has been crazy too. We were closed again yesterday. Now we won't have presidents day off because we have used all snow days. Gotta run......Enjoy your day everyone. I'll check in again soon.


Stopping in quickly. Sorry I haven't checked in. Work has been ridiculous and I haven't worked out all week. Upside on that is my shoulder is all better. Took today and tomorrow off work. Jasmine has a cheer competition in Chicago this weekend and we leave tomorrow at 7am. I have nothing done :eek:

I plan to start working out again on Monday, so be back then for a real check-in and personals :cool:


Right after I checked in this morning, we found out one of DH brothers passed away suddenly. His family found him dead in bed when someone tried to wake him. Death is never at the right time but the family was preparing to celebrate my mother in law 90th bday in March now she has to bury one of her children.

We will travel south in a few days. I will likely not check in much or at all next week. I just wanted to let everyone know.


I was the last person to post

Is this checkin dead? Today I did half of LoMax and the leg portion of Muscle Max. I am starting slow with the cardio.


I am SO sorry to hear about what your family is going though. You all are in my prayers.

Best of luck in Chicago! Glad to hear your shoulder is better.

As for me,
since the last time I've checked in...
Burnsets C/Ba/S;
Yoga Max twice (premix #1 and #2);
HiiT 40/20;
Intensity (step portion only);
and today was Party Rockin' Step 2 extreme (8 combo) which was a lot of fun. Of course I've also been keeping up with my glute work.

Have you started reading any books? I know you've been looking into some options.

Take care, everyone!


I am very sorry, hearty max

It is terrible to lose a loved one. I will pray for you. Today I might do some kickboxing or hi lo, and I am doing my upperbody.

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