Hi~! Does anyone know of any good HIGH protien bars with zero trans fats, at least 18 -22 grams of protien...My favorite bars was discontinued.

clif builder bars have 20g i think, tho theyre high in sugar too... ive never tried them so i cant comment on taste...
OK, I have a guilty pleasure -- try a Snickers Marathon protein bar. There are 2 varieties... one has 20g of protein and the other has 22. They are a little high in fat and probably have more sugar than you'd like. But they have 10 g of fiber in each bar and taste as good as a real Snickers bar. I love them! At least treat yourself to one as a treat once in a while. :)

I like Pure Protein bars, the chocolate peanut butter flavor is the best, the others are so-so.

They are 20 gms of protein for 200 calories, and you can find them almost anywhere. Sam's Club has them in bulk pack for a good price if you shop there.

Lynn M.
I second Lynn's suggestion. I live on Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter bars. They taste pretty good, and have a great calorie/protein ratio.

I haven't found any other protein bar that tasted very good that didn't have lots of sugar in it.
Myoplex Lite bars are REALLY good (especially the chocolate chocolate chip one), but they only have 15 grams of protein.

The Clif Builder's bars are also really good. My husband loves the chocolate and almond ones.

I also like the Jay Bars (by Jay Robb). They are pretty "clean" as far as protein bars go. The flavor is pretty good as well.
I also like Zone Perfect bars, which are 14g protein and 210 cals, but no trans fat. I like Chocolate Caramel, but they took those off the shelves with the peanut salmonella scare (although they're supposed to be back out this month). The fudge graham ones are my second favorite.
Oh, I also forgot about Chef Jay's bars and cookies... They are a bit higher in calories, but they are really good too.
I love the Oatmeal Raisin Protein cookies... 280 calories/22 gms protein per package.
Their Trioplex bars are good too.. the chocolate peanut butter and peanut butter banana are quite tasty, but they are around 400+ calories/ 30 gms protein.

Lynn M.
Just curious, for those that like protein bars...

Why do you use protein bars? Is this a "fill-in" of convenience for crazy, busy days when there is literally is no time to eat regular food, or do you feel it is important/desirable to eat them as part of your normal plan? If so, is it a known indulgence, i.e. sugary-but-better-than-a-regular-candy-bar, or is it perceived as healthy? Do you have any concerns about excess protein intake affecting your kidneys or depleting your body's calcium?
Personally, I must eat every 2 hours to avoid a serious crash and burn. I am on the go with work and my daughter and don't have time to prepare a meal every 2 hours. A protein bar is just one of my options that I use to keep me going and get my protein grams in. I am also a big chocolate lover, and I can satisfy the sweet tooth with a bar and not feel as guilty as if I had eaten a bag of M&M's or something. Bars are more convenient for me than protein powders and RTD shakes. I realize that it might be healthier to eat REAL food, but until the world slows down a little, a protein bar here and there are real lifesavers! :)

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