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  • I have all the DVD's made -- I had more workouts on VHS, but I sadly traded them away because I don't have a VCR anymore. I keep hoping Cathe will put some of those oldies on DVD -- like the Wedding workout and Mega Step BLast and Rock Bottoms.
    Holy god! I think you have more Cathe workouts than Cathe made! I don't know how that's possible, but it's gotta be!
    I have to resize my newer pictures somehow so I can post them. I have pictures of Grimmy with a shaved butt and a cone on his head, and the butt after the hair grew back. I'll figure out a way to get them on soon! I just posted in my blog that a got a new kitty. She is actually Scamper's littermate (Scamper is the gray kitty with white chest and feet).
    I love the pictures of your kitties! The tabby with the white boots and tuxedo chest looks like my male cat. :)
    LOL--slut! That is too cute!!! Oh my goodness, my siamese is a lover too. The tabby (Izzy) is a "freak". He just wigs out. He's named after the comedian Eddie Izzard.
    My kitty's name is Grimmy. He's one of 3 cats I have. He is such a lover, we jokingly call him a slut because he'll love up to anyone. This spring he went outside for an hour and came home with his tail missing! We took him to the vet to have the last bit of tail amputated, and he had a shaved rear and a cone on his head for a few weeks. Now that would drive a normal cat nuts, but Grimmy is still just as sweet and friendly as ever and he wanted to go back outside as soon as we got home from the vet. Can you believe that? He sleeps under the covers with his head on the pillow, just like a person. I love my other 2 kitties, but Grimmy is my favorite. :)
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