Not yet, tomorrow is 6$ Tuesdays, and I also want to see Madagascar, I love animated movies, there times when I wonder if I will ever grow up.:eek:


I saw it as well. I thought my popcorn was much better than the movie. Not a bad movie though.


I saw the movie yesterday actually. I was a little disappointed, but not a bad movie. But boy did the main character have some nice abs!


This was an awesome movie!! Is it really the prequel to the movie Aliens? The ending totally makes sense now.


I thought Prometheus was mediocre because there were so many holes in the plot. Things were set up for yet another prequel, or a sequel to this prequel, so maybe Ridley Scott will do better on the next one. I won't offer any spoilers, but will say that the android is a combination of Hal from 2001 and the android in the first Alien--really, really bad. He does a mean imitation of Peter O'Toole. Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw (from the orignal Girl with the Dragon Tattoo films) is pretty resourceful, but no Ripley. Charlize Theron doesn't really do much but look lean, mean, and like she should be doing something. What I would really like to know is why that machine is programmed to do surgery only on men.


Hubby took me to it Friday night for our date night. There were a few intense parts. It made me want to go home and train my endurance strength. Noomi looked great and showed incredible endurance. I appreciated that the main actress wasn't a bread stick and could handle herself.
When we watch movies that show the character really having to do demanding stuff my husband says "That's when your glad you do Cathe workouts." LOL


I really enjoyed Promethius, and I thought Noomie did a really great job. I just wondered if she was willing to go into stasis/hypersleep and let the robot take care of things. I wouldn't!!

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