Problem logging into Workout Manager

I'm not sure if the problem is with me or with the website. It does not recognize my user name/password (which my computer automatically fills in for me, so I'm not mistyping it). I don't see a way to reset the password.

Help... must...log...workout! ;)



Staff member
The Workout Manager uses the same password as the Forums do. We upgraded the Forum software yesterday and this is the cause of your problem. Currently, you can manually log in to the Workout Manager but you may need to clear your browser's cache first. You may also need to to log out of the forums and then log in, but I would try clearing your cache first. We're still working on a few things here and hopefully later today or soon thereafter we will have the login for the Forums automatically also log you in to the Workout Manager like it used to. But this is still a work in progress.