Pre-Order My 4 New Workouts - Estimated To Ship In December 2023

Any info on approximate time length? I understand you can't be specific until the editing is completed but a "around-about" would be helpful especially for the Cycle Power one. Thanks!
You’re correct that we really can’t tell until we’re finished editing. But my goal was to keep all of the workouts under an hour. All of the workouts came in at different lengths but what the timeline was I still don’t know. I think I remember the kickbox workout being the shortest of the bunch but still I don’t know for sure. That’s about as detailed as I can get at this point in time.
Whew! Now I can reflect.....I did order all 4, even tho' cycling is my least favorite form of cardio machine, I
do have a bike and it was only $10 more to get the 4, so a better deal I think. and I have all her other cycle ones as well. I chose Priority mail again, cause I thought what's the chance of my dvds getting lost 2 times in a row! :) (probably shouldn't say that) It was like $18.00 to use UPS and I think that's crazy!

At least the wait won't be as long.....hopefully.........
The goal is to get them edited and to you as soon as possible!!!

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