Pre-order 30% off bonus purchas


I pre-ordered the new workouts & took advantage of getting another DVD at 30% off - got Cardio Hits because I'd gotten rid of all my VHS workouts. I LOVE those old Cathe step workouts (Step Fit, Power Max & Step Works)! I played snippets of them to see if I remembered them & I did! Can't wait to do them again!


I tried the cake!!! So yummy!!!! My Wal-Mart was sold out of the sugar-free (I guess that's the hot thing to get nowadays) so I got a gluten-free cake mix, and it turned out great!!! I had to stop myself from eating the whole thing............:p

For my 30% off DVD, I had DrillMax in my cart ready to go. I thought about it for a few days and then decided I wanted to get a series instead. SO I purchased 4DS, which was on sale already :D AND I got an additional 30% off of the sale price AND free shipping!!!

BTW, I always wanted to get Cardio Hits. They look like so much fun! Great choice.



i have the cardio hits (well i have all of her dvds) these are complex choreo(that i can remember)....haven't done them in a while....but i remeber them being fun and tough:)


Gotta love the 30% disc. with pre-orders!! mini-natty: 4 DS is a great choice. It won't be long until you have almost all, if not all, of them.


I also put Drill Max in my cart...LOVE!!! I am kicking myself (no pun intended) for missing out on Kick Max, but I've since ordered it.


So much fun!

I did Drill Max the other day and it was soooo much fun! I think you will like it.

Cardio Hits is a good choice as well. And Natasha has already heard me profess my love for 4DS. The songs in the Lower Intensity workout pop into my head all the forewarned! You won't be able to get your fix for the music unless you do the routine. ;)

Excellent choices all the way around! Cathe is quite the temptress with her coupons isn't she?

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