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Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! Tomorrow is the start of the STS 2.0: Muscle & Recovery presale! I’m super excited to share STS 2.0 with you
If you have any questions in regards to the presale or the workout program itself please post them here. I will check this post throughout the afternoon D9D0B087-B580-4399-A6AE-E38975550641.jpegafter the presale starts to answer any questions you may have. Please note, some specific questions regarding things like the workout lengths, etc. will not be available until editing is finished, but I’ll answer everything I can. Can’t wait to hear from you!
When will you post a list of the various workouts? I have to be cautious about what DVDs I order nowadays. But I'm halfway considering this series, from what I can glean about it.
I'm most curious about Phase 3.
Approximately how long are the "parts" in Phase 3 ... are there multiple options to combine parts to make a 3-day or 2-day split? Is Phase 3 designed to do both cardio & one muscle group a day? Aren't best results come from working each muscle group 2-3 times a week ... how do you do that with Phase 3? Guess I'm not sure what to expect with Phase 3.
Will the user guide be online or a booklet like the original STS?

Do you call out what weight you’re using as a guide? I know we always are supposed to lift a weight that challenges us but sometimes it’s helpful because if you’re using something fairly light like 8’s or 5’s on a particular exercise, it’s a really helpful to me so I can adjust my weight accordingly.

Will there be a companion cardio series to follow like the STS Shock Cardio series?

I’m so excited about the new series!
Thank you for asking here on the forum!!!

Which one of your series do you recommend to prepare for STS 2.0?

How many rest days will be in the rotation ?

What cardio complements STS 2.0?

What research most helped you develop this series?

Is this series similar to Xtrain?

Will you be able to make premixes that switch exercises between the two upper and two lower DVDs?

Can we buy an extra DVD case holder to use with another one of your sets?? I LOVE IT!!
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How is the new STS pull-up and dip bar different from the Fit Tower? I realize that both are listed as "optional" equipment, but if we have a Fit Tower, do we need the pull up and dip bar?
Ok, now I’m confused…I read somewhere that the original tower is being used and not
the FitTower. What would be the difference? I don’t have the original tower any longer,
but have 2 FitTowers. So, can that be used or not….
Do you know what kind of DVD case will be used for physical copies? Please do NOT use the same as was used for Fit Split (where the discs overlap each other and you have to take one out to get to the other)!
I’m curious too and also what size will the case be?
Ok, now I’m confused…I read somewhere that the original tower is being used and not
the FitTower. What would be the difference? I don’t have the original tower any longer,
but have 2 FitTowers. So, can that be used or not….
Not Cathe, but I think they are using the Turbo Tower for filming but they say under Optional Equipment for STS 2.0:
  • Turbo Tower (or Fit Tower)
The two are very similar and almost interchangeable from my past research. I got a great deal on the Turbo Tower (like a close out sale thing), and I researched the Fit Tower a little when it came out to see if it was different enough to purchase (it wasn't IMO, although I did read the Fit Tower might feel more stable?).

I also researched the Fit Tower because in the Fit Tower workouts, Cathe refers to putting the bar at a certain number (the holes are numbered on the Fit Tower but not on the Turbo Tower) and the Turbo Tower has more bar height adjustments/holes than the Fit Tower so I wanted to know which holes in my Turbo Tower corresponded to which numbers on the Fit Tower. I ended up using my label maker and even numbered my Turbo Tower's holes!

That said, I haven't used my Turbo Tower in many years and it's currently relegated to the basement where I put unused stuff. But I have plans to put it back to use someday.

Here's what was posted about this that I found previously on another fitness forum and how I numbered my Turbo Towers holes:

"I have the original tower and someone who has both sent me a picture. There is no hole 1, the bar is at the very bottom, then the first hole is #2, then every other hole is a number. So with the tower we have, we have 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 etc. Works good for me. I hope this helps."

Also here are some approximate dimensions I have saved:

Fit Tower: 36.2" x 36.2" x 53.7" (weighs 26 lbs)
Turbo Tower: 36.5" x 32.5" x 55" (weighs 30 lbs)
Another equipment question - I noticed that a weighted vest is not a recommended piece of equipment. Does this mean there are no heavy squat/leg work exercises in these workouts?

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