Please more choreographed step workouts like Party Rockin!!


I would love that but not to difficult of choreography. More like if u add risers to it then u can get harder concept. But I would love to have one that is like the choreography of party rocking step or low impact circuit cardio portions! U can make it harder by jumping higher and such.

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Another vote for Step choreography
Love the Party Rock'n 1 and 2 :)
I think while my body gets a workout it wouldn't hurt for my brain to get one too ;) Lol !


But if such a DVD is part of a full program (like RWH, XTrain, Strong and Sweaty, etc.) please make it optional (like Ride) or provide a suggested alternative to it in the main program rotation. Some of us that have two left feet simply cannot do complicated step routines.

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