Pidgy died.


The people at the wildlife rescue said she had blood in her mouth and several deep, small puncture wounds. She passed yesterday. Since she made it through that first night I had such hopes. And yet, I'd heard most birds attacked by cats die in just this way. I didn't think to ask about her egg. I kind of don't want to know. But I'm guessing if it actually has a fetus they'll hatch it, foster raise the baby (I know a co-worker does this), and release it into the wild. The children don't stay bonded to the parents like the parents bond to one another, I've been reading.

I asked about her DH (who is NOT in the tree today) and was told to watch for him and try to keep the cats away. The woman said he'd mourn for her for some time, walking the ground, looking for her. He's really at risk of a cat attack, down there on the ground, preoccupied. If you ask me, when the partners put themselves in danger, it's a subconscious form of suicide, wanting to go to the great beyond to be with their partner, since they mate for life. I asked if he'd ever get another partner and she said probably not. Destined to walk alone. Damn.
May you be blessed Stacey for your love-filled heart.

Poor Pidgy. May Pidgy's soul rest in peach. I hope Pidgy's partner recovers emotionally and stays safe and I hope her egg hatches into a fine mini-pidgy.
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I somehow missed your previous post(s) about Pidgy, but I wish him a safe and peaceful voyage to birdy Valhala!

(Birds do seem so fragile. I've tried to save a couple, and it rarely works.)

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