Perfect30 Pre-Sale Orders Ship Tomorrow


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A quick update for all of those who pre-ordered the PERFECT 30 series! Since getting the DVD shipment off the truck from California, it’s pretty much been a nonstop production effort of stuff, package, seal, and load. We have various teams working tirelessly around the clock to get this massive project out in a timely manner. I’m happy to say things are moving along at a great pace and we expect to ship everything out tomorrow.
Here are some behind the scenes pics to show a few of our committed team members chipping away at the task! Thanks so much, Bob, Nancy, Sharon, Gary, Jenn, and so many others on our team!!! And of course, thank YOU for your order! Learn more or order Perfect30 at

Lady Vol Fan

Yayyyy Look at all those LOVELY DVDssss!!

THANK YOU for the pics and all your hard work in getting them to us!!

Sending all those folks.. Air Fives and Air Hugs!!! :D

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