Pentagenarians & Beyond: WB 6/10

Yesterday I did Live Total Body Toning. This was a tough one and I loved it. I did a 10 min bellicon cardio bounce after and that was enough. Be prepared to be worked with this Live workout.

Yesterday we did a lot around the house then set up our pool. The water is too cold to use today but it will be ready for Father’s Day next week. It is still filling this morning. I also bought dog fencing to block off the pool area from GiGi. She keeps jumping on the walls and we can’t have that. So we immediately set up her little pool and she was very happy. :)

Not sure if I am going to workout today. Maybe a health bounce. I need a rest from yesterdays workout!

Diane Sue...I do not think I ever have done the complete Intensity workout only premixes. It has great variety. an hour for 8 miles. There is so much construction on my commute. So very fustrating. I try to plan for it but just sitting there in traffic drives me insane. I have yet to do Build and Burn! 39 inch works great for me too. I use the smaller more frequently then my larger one.

Have a great day all. It has been beautiful this weekend here in New England.
Carolyn that is what traffic is here much of the time now. morning and evening commutes are generally 90+ minutes for about 20 miles. it is become the new normal here . I would not move here anymore, and I loved it here for much of my life. so nice to vacation somewhere that is not blocked up constantly.

I started thinking more about the Rosemond column Deb mentioned. I realize many of you may not have heard of him or read it since it usually is discussing parenting and the mistakes parents make these days. diane sue I will go back and read that article you posted a link to. one thing he rails about is phones, especially smart phones, and other electronics to young children and allowing unlimited use. when I was a kid, I had to walk or bicycle everywhere. or take the bus. my mother didn't drive and my father was not often willing to take me places. How does that work with kids these days? If I was late I was expected to call and these days, if you don't have a phone it would be hard to do. public phones have almost disappeared. saying 'almost" but I can't remember seeing one. asking to use an adults personal phone seems different than using their land line phone. Is this why so many people get phones for their kids?
Today is my rest day. That traffic nightmare gave me a headache yesterday! Traffic can be pretty bad here, but not usually in the areas that I frequent. It’s getting worse every year.

John Rosemond’s column appears in our paper and I read it occasionally. It sounds like common sense parenting to me, but that’s not the norm for many young parents. I saw that first hand when I was working. Today we celebrated the graduates at Church which was wonderful. So many young people working on positive things is very uplifting.

Hello to everyone and have a great day.


Rest day today for me.

Lori, i have done the full Intensity workout a lot, including the bootcamp segment. It burns a lotbof calories. I stopped after a few minutes of the step because my knee was not feeling good with it. Thats great thatbyou got the pool set up. I remember when I was a child having our springer spanial climb the pool ladder and having a swim. It left a lot of dog hair. I would worry about claws.

Valerie, I know a lot of parents dont do it, but my children have been able to monitor exactly where their children were when away from home. Although they learn sneaky ways to get around that too. It has been less and less safe for children walking the streets. My parents never drove me to school. I walked to stores and friends. I know service stations used to have a pay phone, but it is rare to see one. I had a neighbor come over and borrow my cell phone when we first moved here, she didnt have a car and her new cell was not working. It is almost a must to have one. The government gives the needy cell phones. I think just a plain flip phone should suffice rather than handing out ones with wifi capabilities though. No facebook and all of that. Those are not necessities. There is no reason at all in my opinion for a child that is not able.

I thought that I posted earlier, but I forgot to send. I just did a 30 minute total body yoga stretch from Sarah Beth Yoga and pre hab knee hab along with the Yoga Tune up neck 10 minute segment.

Carolyn, our church always has a special service with the new graduates. They had a celebration after church as well. It does make you feel good when you hear them making their future plans and telling their goals. :)
Good morning,

We had a good time in Erie, she finally got the other agility title yesterday! I was thrilled! :)

Lori, Thanks for getting us started yesterday. That's too bad about the parts that you need for the fountain not being in. My workout space needs a major de-cluttering! Funny about Gigi and the pool. Good that you got that fencing.

Valerie, agree on the phone situation. I can understand and appreciate them in case of an emergency, and like Diane Sue said, there are hardly any pay phones available anywhere. It drives me crazy when I see a 10 year old with a smart phone. Maybe a regular phone because of the lack of pay phones, and yes, it would be difficult to ask a stranger to use their cell phone.

Diane Sue, that is sad that electronic devices have taken over the entertainment of children. I remember loving going for a ride on Sunday with my Dad. We would go to a museum, then out for ice cream. It felt so special, since he worked second shift and we hardly saw him during the week.

Carolyn, that trip of 8 miles in an hour had to be frustrating I can see why you would have gotten a headache. I hope it's better today. I guess this is the season for road work.

Hi to Judy,

Take care,
Deb congrats on the title!. Lori patio looks lovely and inviting. Gigi is so adorable.. . love the shot of her head on her empty dinner plate. fountain will get there in time. you are good at following thru on your plans.

As a kid I would have hated to drag a phone everywhere. as an older adult, I still don't like it. I remember how depressing it seemed when I had to start carrying books back and forth to school and we could not leave them in our desks. it's sad about children having to be watched every second and equally sad that parents have to hover over every move. In TV and movies, you hear dialogue where parents are always asking or almost begging their children to do things. one of rosemond's thoughts is that children need to be told what to do, and there shouldn't be a discussion. frankly I can't imagine my parents "asking" me if I wanted to do something.

I was having trouble with my phone yesterday so went shopping without it and felt uneasy. so strange. most of my life I didn't have one and now I can't go to the store 5 miles away without one? We reset modem /router, it's working OK today. there was a warning from the FBI about 2-3 weeks ago recommending a reset, due to Russian hacking/interference. Creepy. we hadn't done it since weren't home. we did the reset at our other house. so if you missed the warning, you should do a reset. You can google for it I'm sure, but I saw it in both the seattle and new york times. anyway, my phone stopped sending/receiving messages and for most apps I got the busy circle. it is back working again this morning.

no workout yesterday just the shopping and drive recovery. will road ride today after the morning clouds and drizzle stop.
I did a short 20 minute walk on the treadmill today and followed that with 20 minutes of yoga. I didn’t have much time because I had an appointment with the oncologist. This was my one year follow up exam and everything is fine.

Deb and Lori, the pictures are wonderful. Lori, the patio looks nice and relaxing.

I still have a slight headache and am taking it easy. I took a short nap when I got home from the doctor.

Hello to everyone.

Great pictures of Gigi. The patio/fireplace one looks great. Is the other an outside room as well?
Deb...the picture with 2 yellow chairs is outside. The other is a screened in patio off our kitchen which leads to the outside one. (Lattice is to prevent GiGi from jumping thru the screens! I have the blinds down on the back wall to keep her from barking at squirrels and birds. If she can't see them she can bark at them. We have a propane pit in there as well. The flame on this one if very low. Ceiling is not even warm to touch. Three huge walls of ventilation too. We open the back blinds while it is in use. I researched about placing one in a screened in patio before I even thought about doing it. We met all the criteria plus I added in a couple more. Can never be too safe. We use it practically every night and have done so now for more than a month. We love it.

OMG Kylee is adorable!!! Such a sweet face!!! She should be proud of herself!!!!
Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did RWH-Lift it HiiT it Legs Premix 7 (with bonus abs 1) and I finished with a 20 minute Jessica Smith Chair Stretch. Today I did an indoor ride, 85 minutes and 22 miles. We worked on the half bath all weekend. Unfortunately we didn't make as much progress as we thought we would. We replaced the door and frame, which ended up being very time consuming. It also took a few trips to Home Depot and Menards to get everything we needed. We have to do some dry wall repair so we won't get the vanity in for another day or so. I'll post photos later this week after we get more done.

Lori-Great job with the Live workout!

Deb-Congratulations on Kylee's title! That is great!

Carolyn-That's great that your exam went well.

Valerie-I was 37 when I got my first cell phone. I can't imagine what life would have been like to have had one as a child.

Hi to Diane Sue!



Today I did Ripped with Hiit Low Impact both workouts combined, 50 minutes, 320 calories, 3,595 steps, heart rate average 127, max 169. I finished off with Sarah Beth Yoga Cooldown legs and hips, 11 minutes, 24 calories. Total time 61 minutes 344 calories. I had to rush today since my husband is off so we could go pick up his laptop and do some errands. It was nice having him with me rather than doing it all by myself. I still have not quite figured out how I am going to fit in workouts this week. Three days I will be out the door by around 8:30. I know some work and do it everyday :) I am used to sitting and reading and having coffee and me time before I get started. I am thinking maybe I can come back and do some weights and yoga without getting too sweaty. I am not good at workouts after showering and going though. I am proud of myself, I sat down this morning and made all of my doctor and mammogram appointments. They told me that medicare usually takes up the cost of the 3D imaging so I am going for it again. So, two appointments next week and on the first week of July. I have been procrastinating too long.

Debbie, that is awesome that Kylee did so well. Go Kylee!! She is so cute and I know you are proud of her. A lot is your work with her :) Kylee does look proud of herself. My grandson 7 said "no" one day recently and changed his mind and went to Home Depot with my husband. He had so much fun and they stopped at McDonalds and came back and made some project in the garage together. I was pleased.

Lori, Gigi is a pretty dog. We went to my daughter's Sunday and their chocolate lab was made to stay outside. I guess when the pool guys come and service their pool, he throws dead frogs out in a pile on the grass. The dog, Hershey, likes to go roll in dead frogs and smells bad. She said they bathe her and she goes right back and does it again. I think I would talk to those pool people. I love the screened in patio, it looks so nice and relaxing. I bet you spend a lot of time there. I love both of your fire pits. Outdoors is very pretty. Oh, yes, Gertie loves going after the squirrels. She is always coming back in with dirt all over her nose because all of the critters tend to go up through the shrubs in the back corner and she dive bombs under the bush. I recently trimmed it up higher so I could get leaves and Gertie's balls out from under it. Squirrels like to drink out of her outside water bowl.

Valerie, I carried so many books too and from school. Now many times the kids in high school carry around a notebook tablet. Work is done a lot online. I know my grandson had to pay a fee for the notebook and return it at the end of the year. Even grades and reports are done through the internet. It is so different than when we were young. One of the things I like about my daughter homeschooling is that she has taken my granddaughter to the library and had her learn looking up things in the encyclopedia and still learning cursive, since the are leaning away from cursive writing now. That is so true, children should not be given choices on what to do. They need guidance not being able to just choose what they want or do not want to do. What do they do when they go to work someday and they really don't want to do something? Tell the boss I am not doing that because I don't feel like it? Funny you mention the router. I just read something online about malware in routers and making sure that you keep the router updated. I need to check that. My internet provider had put a notice on my computer about a device in my home having a virus. The computer tech did not find one on my husbands computer using two different anti virus programs. They said it can be a virus in one of the programs he is using, because the computer was clean and running fine. I recently reset the router/modem. Things were not working right. I am glad that your phone is back to working right. I sometimes forget my cell phone and I find myself wanting to rush through my errand and get home to pick my phone back up. I feel lost without it. I use it for my shopping list, and my rebate program a lot of the time when I am out shopping. I do still write paper lists, but I am always running off and forgetting to put them in my purse.

Judy, that is a lot of work. Framing, wallboard, and finishing off the wall is a lot of work.

Carolyn, glad the oncologist appointment went well. I bet that is good to know. I had a headache yesterday afternoon. I am not sure where they are coming from.
This morning I started SB’s summer sizzle rotation. I did this one last year and liked it. It is a complete repeat but I do not mind. Today was cardio strength intervals then I did a Bellicon workout with ankle weights and 1lb hand weights. Total times was 47 mins/ 332 cal.

Our patios are really comfy with a mish mosh of furniture. A couple of weeks ago Bob and I slept on the futon. It was a beautiful saturday evening. You can’t see but we have a 50 inch TV on the other side. If you remember we like out TVs! :) My tubing finally arrived today so hoping to get the water fountain done on Saturday. I want to do nothing but be in the pool on Sunday. That is how my husband wants to spend Fathers Day. So be it!

Valerie...that is “her” plate. She knows when we take it out she is getting a special treat. I cut up some chicken and she loved it. Then fell asleep. It was very cute. Wow thanks for the info on the reset. I completely missed this! So scary. I am the same way with my phone. If I forget it I feel so lost. I like to know if I need to call some one or they need me I am there. Funny how did we ever manager without them?

Carolyn...congrats on the follow up. Good news! Hoping your headache is gone by tomorrow. You still got in a nice little workout. Sometimes that is all you need. When I do my health bounces they are not intense but I feel better afterwards that I got something in.

Judy...I know exactly how you feel when progress is slow. Don’t you hate having to go back to Home Depot for something in the middle of a project? Nice workouts! I was in my mid 30’s too with my first cell. Didn’t have one that took pictures until early 40’s.

Diane Sue...I wake up 30 mins earlier than need to, to have coffee and watch the news. Then I workout. I need that “me” time in the mornings. I love doing errands with my husband! That is really gross about the frogs!!!!! He needs to stop throwing them there. I think that is great your daughter is teaching cursive and using encyclopedias. One year for a school project I cut pictures out of our set. Needless to say my mom was not happy at all. I remember being in a lot of trouble. I loved reading them. I do not think my son has ever seen a volume. I remember a salesman coming to the house and selling them to my mom. Haven’t thought of these in years. We spend a ton of time in the screened in patio during the summer. Now that we have the fire pit in there hoping we can extend the season a bit.

I have been watching Kate in the Live workouts and she looks so fit. Has anyone noticed this? I love when the camera is on her. She is an inspiration to me. Not that I could ever look like that, as she is probably about 30 years younger than me! But her form is always perfect.

Have a great night all!
Lori & Diane Sue-I remember a salesman selling encyclopedias to my parents too. Mine were worldbook or something similar. I hadn't thought of that in ages. Mine are long gone, I think they were given away or misplaced during a move. Chris still has his.
Good morning,

Yesterday I did Live PHAT 3. Loved it! These are some of Cathe's best Live workouts. 49 nminutes, 278 calories.

Valerie, I got that FBI warning (I think from Yahoo) and reset our router. Sometimes I wonder how those come about, and whether it was real, but it didn't take much to do it so I did.

Carolyn, great news about your appointment. :).

Lori, those patios look great! Gigi sounds like a real spitfire! Hey, if you liked last year's rotation no problem doing it again right? Which one is Kate? I will have to pay more attention. I see the same ones all the time but not sure I have heard her name mentioned.

Judy, sometimes projects take longer than we plan, but it sounds like you made good headway on yours. We could never afford encyclopedias, we had to go to the library to use theirs when we had a school project.

Diane Sue, it sounds like the laptop is fixed....did they say what was wrong with it? Good that your grandson went with your husband and had a good time. Now maybe he will keep doing it. Ugh! rolling in dead frogs! I would have a word with those pool guys immediately! The private school that my nephews went to gave them each an iPad when they started there. I am not sure they had to turn it back in.

Take care,
Kylee is just adoable. is cocking the head sideways a common trait to all fox terriers? my aunt and cousins had fox terriers and did the same thing. makes them so darn cute!.

I know I heard about the router reset from several directions and we did it right away in MT. We had not gotten to it on our list, but nothing was coming or going from our computers here so we did it early sunday and it fixed everything right away.
I remember us getting book I think. I used to use it all the time. the library was not that close by and had limited hours. and of course school libraries but not available for much time after school or weekends. we are now so used to everything available on line instantly. it used to be a lot of effort and work to get to the material you wanted to research. I'd have to walk to the library to start with.

I had a car phone when I was working in outside sales. it was pretty nice. it was hard mounted in the front so easy to use while driving. but when the car was traded in, along went the phone. I can remember getting a series of flip phones but honestly don't remember when. mid 90's maybe? I know after I lost my job I didn't have a portable phone but then I started working from my home office so didn't need one anyway. I always liked the flip phones and I swear they were 10x easier to talk on then smart phones.
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Today I did a timesaver premix from Turbo Barre for 58 minutes and 164 calories burned. Average heart rate was 99 and maximum heart rate was 131. This premix didn’t include arms so I did SB’s Biceps and Triceps from her summer rotation. That was an additional 6 minutes and 36 calories. I would have done the full Turbo barre if I had realized that arms were not on premix #3. I feel much better today and the headache and the nausea are gone.

I still have my set of encyclopedias! We bought them in 1976 and they got a lot of use over the years. Daughter number 2 (the history professor) wants them if I ever decide to get rid of them. My first cell phone was a bag phone that my husband bought for my birthday. It’s funny to think about it now.

Sounds like everyone is getting some good workouts done. Great job!

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