Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/6


Good afternoon ladies...

Here is my moving update. I will be back to normal posting most likely next week. Still a lot to do to organize around the apartment. Bob and I are very happy with our decision to move here. We love our apartment and the area it is in. Lake Mary has so much to offer. We nailed the perfect location for us.

Our truck finally made it last Thursday morning around 7am. We were so overwhelmed with the unpacking! Our spare bedroom was pretty much wall to wall boxes. Finally, started seeing the carpet Sunday afternoon. Was able to make a tiny workout space on Monday that I can live with for the time being. I actually worked out Tuesday morning for the first time in close to a month. All my work outs have been walking GiGi. Felt good.

GiGi seems to be adjusting well. I think she misses her previous environment but getting used to the new one. She is loving her morning walks. It is dark here in the morning, so I can’t leave before 6:45am. Otherwise it is just too dark and I do not feel safe...from critters or people! We have settled into a good routine and hope to keep going with it. however, if I have to wait till after 7am to walk her I may run into time restraints. Thinking when the time changes in November it will make a huge difference.. Spring ahead/Fall back!

My Birthday is Friday and I told my husband I wanted a metal Flamingo for our patio. Lol! Got to have one living in Florida! Hahhaha

It pretty much rains everyday here like clockwork in the afternoon. Crazy hard flooding rain for about 20 mins. Then it is beautiful once again. Everyone seems to be used to this and I have learned never to leave the house without an umbrella.

Hope everyone is doing well. I have not read posts in a while. Need to try and breeze through this weekend to get a feel of how you all have been.

chat with you all next week!
I did Triceps early this morning and then went to the zoo to walk. I was one minute short of two hours, did 4.3 miles and burned 432 calories.

Valerie fires are so scary. I hope you stay safe, so many people have been left homeless.

Diane Sue I probably won't do anything about Cathe Live for awhile and if I do it, I'll probably just do a trial with my laptop for a month to see if I like it before doing anything else. We have all Apple Products, so maybe I should look into Apple TV. My new iPAD has one year free. That sounds like a great workout!

Carolyn I really preferred the music when it was real songs. I understand why she doesn't do that anymore, but it's just not the same. I can't remember if I've ever done that workout or not. Like Valerie, I haven't done much from that series. So many workouts...and no where near enough days.

Lori glad you are settling in. Unpacking is never fun. I haven't had to do it in over 20 years, but I had moved every few years before that. The pics are beautiful! And yes, my sister has long talked about the daily rain. I'm sure you're happy to be able to workout again.

Planning to do a run up and back trip to Marquette on Sunday to celebrate Nick's birthday with the boys, but now I'm thinking I might spend the night. I just don't feel like I'm ever rested enough for a 15 hour driving day. I can get a room at the place I've been staying for $90. I'm meeting them at a park along the bay for treats and gift because I can't go in their places and I doubt the hotel wants non guests added to the people there. Not sure that I'll see them again after that time because there's just not much else we can do and by evening it'll be too cool to want to eat outside. Plus Derek's hockey team has a semi-final game that day. If they lose, I wouldn't want to be around him anyway! LOL
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Today I did Cathe Live Ready Set Step, 44 minutes, heart rate 124/158, 227 calories, 4,395 steps. I then did Raw abs and stretch from the virtual road trip, 22 minutes, heart rate 89/158, 375 steps, 39 calories. Total time was 66 minutes, 266 calories, 4,770 steps.
Lots of school work today. I never saw a zoom meeting put up this morning :rolleyes: I stopped the step workout to run down stairs at nine and kept trying and got nothing. I don't know if it is not working for me or there is no zoom meeting today. I guess she is doing her assignment planning and star testing so that is why. I found out that we are supposed to be doing zoom PE and Music classes 3 times a week. Gosh, I am having a hard time getting through the other stuff. I am headed to bed early. I don't care if I clean or not.


Hi Everyone,

Monday I did Muscle Meltdown Triceps. Yesterday I did a 30 minute Peloton ride, Muscle Meltdown Shoulders & ICY Core 1. Today I did a 45 minute Peloton ride, 10 Minute Peloton Arm Toning and 10 Minute Peloton Lower Body Strength.

Deb-Great job with the Live workouts this week! I love the Live Burn Sets series.

Carolyn-Great job with Ramped Up Upper Body, IMAX 4 and Strong & Sweaty Bootcamp! Strong & Sweaty is such a good series and need to revisit it soon. Work is less stressful than before. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Diane Sue-Nice workouts this week! Having to do Zoom PE & Music 3 x a week sounds like a lot of work. You are doing a great keeping up with workouts while dealing with all the virtual schooling.

Cathy-Great walk today! Driving to Marquette and back in one day would be rough. Staying overnight sounds like a good idea. I bet you would really like Cathe Live.

Lori-Thanks for the update and photos! Now I want to move to Florida, lol! It looks like you are in a beautiful area. Happy early birthday! I hope you get your Flamingo :)

Valerie-I've been reading about the fires and thinking about you. I hope you stay safe.


I was thinking that maybe I could try using the zucchini in a zucchini bread. There is a chocolate loaf that I made before that had zucchini in it with chocolate chips and my grandson 8 loved it. I got the recipe off of pinterest. Although maybe shredding with it frozen may be some work. Maybe I could shred it while it is still frozen. Maybe I should just throw it out.

Valerie, YoYo ink has always worked on my printer. Mine is probably around 7 years old though. My husband has a new HP and it would not take the YoYo ink. I have to buy those expensive HP ink cartridges that do not last as long. Quite often he ends up printing on mine. He also has problems with it suddenly not wanting to print color when he wants color and things like that. I tried to get help and it seems that it happens to everyone and you got to re install which is really ridiculous. Everytime, he is ready to throw it out the door. I got my YoYo ink and it printed fine this afternoon.

Cathy, when I first did Cathe Live I used my laptop, but not for long. At first I only had a Roku stick and it would only work with Roku 3 or better. Then I got my husband a Roku 4 for the main television and took the Roku 3. Then Kelly Coffey quit working on Roku 3 and I added Fire TV stick. I am liking doing the streaming, but dvds with all of the pre-mixes is nice. Kelly has all of her dvds except the two new ones on her Raw channel, but not all of the premixes. She put up a few and she has the individual workouts separate from her Build and Burn series.

Carolyn, I prefer whole bean coffee, but had started using coffee pods then lately have been buying Wildcrafter Immune defense coffee and the calm one in ground as they do not have it whole bean. It costs way less ground. I sprinkle cinnamon in the coffee filter with the coffee. It isn't bad, but I do miss fresh ground coffee.

Lori, that looks like a lovely place to walk. I wouldn't want to walk in a park area in the dark either.

Judy, nice work outs this week.


I did Ramped upper body today since we've talked about it. as soon as I loaded the disk I remembered the problem with this whole series. the music sound track is really loud on my dvd player, so loud I messaged cathe CS when I first got it, thinking I had defective disks. I have to turn off the music and do voice only. the music drowns out her voice and I dislike the music itself too. so a good workout, but the sound issues made this series one I use less often. I don't go as heavy as she does in some places, others I'm fine with her weight. the ab workout is a tough one. a couple moves I have trouble doing at all. anything leaning on one shoulder makes me nervous. those are hard to modify.

we used Yoyo for a while but it didn't work on the newer HPs.

Lori it looks lovely there. I'm happy you found a place you want to live. I could not get to the Orlando airport fast enough to get out of there!! We are all so different in what we like.

our weather forecast is still not good, but should be improving , with a on-shore marine air push on monday with drizzle. amazing how nice that sounds! if things stay under control, we will be heading to MT this weekend. it is smoky and scary dry out there so we are still not sure. conditions can turn on a dime.

diane sue that might work if you shred the zucchini and use it before it thaws. But if it doesn't, it will waste your time and a lot of ingredients too. DH loves chocolate zucchini bread. I like it too but doesnt fit into WW very well.

conditions are absolutely terrible. we personally are ok so far but everything can go up in flames with the slightest spark. connected with our family in parts of CA and OR last night. its worse there and getting worse rather than better. whole towns are gone. for California, it isn't even the bad part of the fire season yet. SIL lives on Oregon coast, one of the wettest places you can imagine, and they have a fire uphill from them. often cell towers are up on those hills, communication can go down if the fire advances.
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This morning I did Strong and Sweaty Total Body Giant Sets. My time was 58 minutes with 259 calories burned. My average heart rate was 112 and maximum heart rate was 138.

Lori, it’s wonderful that you are getting settled into your new home. It takes a while to get things the way that you want them to be. Those pictures look lovely and so peaceful. I remember daily rain like that when we lived in Panama (former Canal Zone).

Cathy, nice work with triceps and your walk at the zoo. Spending the night when you travel to see your sons sounds like a smart move.

Judy, great job with your mix of workouts this week.

Diane Sue, great job with Cathy Live Ready Set Step and Raw abs. I’m sorry that the Zoom school sessions are so trying. It’s lot to work through. I strongly dislike coffee from the pods! I’m the first to admit that I am very picky about my coffee. I have cut back on the amount that I drink, but I want it to be really good coffee.

Valerie, I remember now that you had issues with the music in the Strong and Sweaty series. I have done Cardio Slam and Ramped Up Upper Body more than any others, but I also like Total Body Giant Sets and Bootcamp. The PHA workout is good, too. Those fires are so terrible. It seems like everything is burning.

Hello to Deb. Have a wonderful day everyone.


Has anyone seen worksheets for the Strong and Sweaty series? I looked in the compendium that I used before and it doesn't include that series. I have printed sheets so I got them from somewhere, and I am not finding how to do that. I used Ramped upper quite a few times and need to reprint it.


Carolyn thank you. its not the same as what I was doing but will work fine. all I record is the weight I used and an up or down arrow if I need to adjust next time. eventually I run out of space or the pages get mangled from use.

I did rock em Sock em and the ab workout today. air quality is hellish and will be worse tomorrow. at least nothing burning close by, all smoke from a long way away.
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Bad headache and neck pain tonight again. I did get in my workout though after we did most of my grandson's work and his zoom. I left him to write his numbers. I did Coffey Fit Raw Box and Sculpt outdoors, 37 minutes, 168 calories, 3,010 steps, heart rate 113/153. I then did Cathe Live Burn Sets Express legs: Heavy, 40 minutes, 117 calories, 1,041 steps, heart rate 98/140. Total time was 77 minutes, 285 calories, 4,051 steps.
I could have used some extra stretching, but did not manage it. Tomorrow, I am not sure whether I will work out or not. I have an eye field vision test in the afternoon so am having their dad pick them up a little early as I want my husband to be able to drive me home since my eyes will be dilated. So, I want to get my grandson's work all done and caught up. We tried to do the Star reading test with zoom and some other app on Chrome and it did not work. The teacher set up a second appointment time and it still didn't work. We were on Zoom, but the Renaissance app did not work it said oops. So, that did not get accomplished. Wasted a lot of the afternoon.
Workout weights today
Cathe Live Burn Set Express Legs: heavy weights
5 rnds approx 12 reps each exercise 3 exercises each round
warm up uses 12 and 15#
Rnd 1 Squat 25# dbs 12 reps
Static Lunge 20# dbs 12 reps
deadlift 30# dbs 12 reps
Rnd 2 elevated squats 25# dbs 12 reps
Lunge 20# dbs 12 reps(Cathe messes up and does static and adds more reps to correct)
Deadlift wide stance 30# dbs 12 reps
Rnd 3 sumo squat 45# db 12 reps
side lunge 20# dumbbell 12 reps
deadlift single leg 30# db 12 reps
Rnd 4 Squat plie 45# db 12 reps(Cathe uses two 20's)
Cross back lunges 20# dbs 12 reps
stiff legged deadlift 25# dbs 12 reps
Rnd 5 pick up squats 45# db 16 reps(Cathe does a few bonus reps)
front lunge 25# db all right then all left 12 reps
elevated toes dead lift 30# dumbbells 12 reps
Just finished ICE To The Mat. Although I curse a great deal through it, I really like the workout. No workout yesterday as I was shopping.

OMG I so wish Snapchat allowed for sharing video away from the sight. My youngest made a video at 1 a.m. of him sanitizing his dorm room. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen, and he has always been a clown. It included dance moves, lying on the floor doing angels with a wipe in both hands, laying down while eating an apple and holding a wipe between his toes to wipe his shelving. I had tears running down my face.

Judy that sounds like you got some really good workouts in this week. And thanks for the additional Cathe Live enabling. :D

Valerie, wishing lots of rain for the whole west. That is the kind of rain that does NOT include lightening. Would be lovely if we just send what we get there for awhile as we have had more than our share the last couple weeks. My sister works for a company based in Portland and she's hearing from a friend there that a number of the fires were deliberately set. Have you heard that, too. Rock'm Sock'm is a fun workout.

Carolyn great workout! Again another one that I'm quite sure I haven't done yet.

Diane Sue I'm sorry your frustrations with the school work still continue. I really hope that things smooth out soon for you. That sounds like a really good workout. They all sound like really good workouts. I was looking at the tutorials for LIVE and OnDemand. I'd need an HDMI cable and an adapter and then I could play them from my phone. I need to watch some more. I can use tech stuff just fine, it's the getting it all set up that's the issue-not because it's hard, but because my brain just wants to overcomplicate it.

Hi to everyone else!


This morning’s workout was Cardio Slam. That was 49 minutes and 328 calories burned. My average heart rate was 127 and maximum heart rate was 148. I did the premix that shows the low impact modifications in a side box. It‘s helpful to see the modifications.

Diane Sue, great job with your workouts.

Cathy, that is the same relationship that I have with To the Mat Legs and Glutes! It‘s a great workout. I’m sure that you will enjoy Cathe Live if you decide to try it. I subscribed for a while, but I find that I prefer my dvds.

Hello to Valerie, Deb, Judy, and Lori.
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Happy birthday Lori!

Cathy I have assumed some fires were set. there are some really sick crazy people out there, officials have said it is not crazy conspiracy people. with so many fires, I doubt most will get tracked down to cause. some were power lines falling, and some is carelessness, like homeless people camping out. some were lightning caused. the usual suspects.... we are always dry in summer, but drier than usual.

I've done to the mat before ....yes, love/hate. I always get sore in the weirdest spots , and developed bursitis one time .
with the outside air so polluted, we stopped outdoor workouts. no point in inhaling smoke particles, so be doing more Cathe than usual for this time of year. I always forget Rock/ Sock has more jumping than Revd up Rumble, and I need to wear a better bra. I'll do some small jumps but no plyo flying angel jumps.

we are planning on going to MT tomorrow. hoping all goes well.
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I did not work out today. I got up a little earlier and dressed to work out as I thought maybe 30 minutes since I knew their dad would bring the children close to time for the zoom at 9 since it was his day to have them. Then I sat down to pray and read my Bible and have a cup of coffee. Then my daughter texts me about the teacher setting up another try through zoom for the star test at 11:15, and I had the zoom coming up and another to do in the afternoon just before heading to my appointment, along with a lot of work to get my grandson through. I just gave up the work out. I will get one in in the morning. Weekend is shopping and cleaning. Oh, and things went a bit smoother today and worked. When the teacher did the whole class zoom, she did roll call and then asked if it was okay if she got my grandson on the star test right then, so we did it. I had been working on getting this set up on my laptop that has Chrome and a touch screen, which I now can use as well as his ipad. So, we got that out of the way and went on to assignments. Even got the homework done. We did his PE/Music this afternoon. It is supposed to be zoom I think, but the had youtube today. So, I did it with him and it was warm up and two children's Zumba classes. He told me it was lame! LOL I guess that was my workout. Fit Bit did pop up and give me a way to go or something.

Lori, happy birthday. Did you get the flamingo?

Valerie, I just finally threw out the zucchini. I don't want to waste the other ingredients. I think there is a link at the top of the home page for all of the user guides that have the workout sheets on them when you need them. Maybe a trip to MT will get you out of the smoky areas. I can never understand why people would find it enjoyable to set things on fire, throw things off bridges at cars, vandalize or whatever other crazy thing that they do. Something is wrong there. It is somewhat normal for fires where there are woods and camp fires and smokers hanging around. But, it sure seems out of control.

Cathy, I had to laugh at your son's snap chat antics. I bet it had you really laughing. Nice way to cheer things up too. You can also hook up a laptop to the television via hdmi to watch the live workouts if you want it on a bigger screen. Funny, I have one laptop that I was so surprised that there was not an hdmi port on it. My husbands brand new top of the line hp set up for gaming does not have a port for our camera sd card which is a standard size. Even my newer laptop works for it. I had to buy a usb adaptor with the right size card slot. I made sure I got one with the cd drive which seems to be becoming obsolete. Technology is ever changing I guess. I did that for awhile with my Samsung phone, but then suddenly the Hdmi phone cable quit working on me, plus when I am working out it is not good to get texts and phone calls during the workout.

Carolyn, nice work with Cardio Slam today. I think I still prefer the dvds for Cathe's workouts. But, I will enjoy checking out the newer Live workouts. The music on some of these that I have done leave a lot to be desired in my opinion. Or maybe it is just I am liking some of the music Kelly uses on some of the Raw workouts. Some are fun because of music and comraderie. Some are same music she has on her dvds. I really like the premixes.

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