Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/6

Just finished today's workout. The cardio and abs from Cross Train All Step, biceps and the Extended Stretch #2 from LITE.

Judy I'm glad to hear people are almost all wearing masks while you are at work. Around here, people seem to be following the rules indoors at least. I've thought about getting a bike to use indoors, but I know when I checked out the sites for some online that my legs aren't long enough. :( My previous road bike was a kids bike.

The last few years we often stay home for Thanksgiving. Before that we'd go to my parents, and I'd premake our food to take along. We still go there for Christmas, weather permitting, since they live in Kalamazoo which has a lot of lake affect snow. Though politically we are all on the same page at least so that is a plus. They came up last week for an outdoor with masks visit. I gave my Dad my old iPad which was an adventure in playing tech support. LOL

Diane Sue great workout (repeats to self-I do not need Cathe Live...) I hope you are able to get into a routine with your grandson soon. When my boys did math at home, I used a curriculum with videos. My way of doing things was not theirs! But, it made the transition to school math a lot easier than if I had taught them the way I learned.


good morning. decided not to ride this morning as its really foggy. will try tomorrow.

yesterday was a total garden day. no special exercise but got a long low level workout. major weeding and harvesting too. our corn is ripe and it is wonderful . we have had trouble finding good seed for several years now. people gravitated toward super sweet varieties. I think they're horrid and way oversweet with no corn flavor. old reliable varieties are not good quality seed anymore. we grew two new types from Johnnys (Maine I think ) and they are excellent. wonderful to have good corn again. i am a little piggy when it comes to fresh corn.

Cathy I'm pretty short 5' 2" on a good day. my outdoor bikes are Trek. the brand has women specific frames for their bikes. men usually have a longer torso and arms, so "mens" bikes are stretched out too far for most women. I have 2 trek mountain bikes.
by indoor bike do you mean a standard exercise bike or a spin bike? spin bikes are extremely/ infinitely adjustable with seats/handlebars that go up and down/ forward/ back. you will probably need an exercise equipment store to test sizing. we have a Le mond spin bike . it was around $1200. DH and I use it a lot in winter. we wear out of equipment so don't usually go with lower end models. standing up and pedaling is awkward on a standard exercise bike, but spin bikes are made for it.
we buy outdoor bikes are from a bike shop. they will need servicing/adjusting regularly to keep them rolling right. bikes are not easy to fix by yourself. if you want an indoor cycle I think you'd be happier with a spin bike. they are not as expensive as a big cushiony seated monster. ours spin never needed service. it adjusts in seconds to your size. DH and I set it much differently. I cant buy one- size-fits-all products at walmart or costco. my dh is short too, so we get what fits ... then use the hell out of it.
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Today is my regular rest day. We just finished our weekly family Zoom call which was fun. I really miss seeing them in person, but travel is not on the agenda for any of us at the moment.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


Today I watched church from home and cleaned house. I think there is no school tomorrow. I tried to get the lessons for starting our classes this week, but I have to wait. Maybe tomorrow I can get it. I was hoping to be set up ahead of time. I am still reading and trying to figure out why the teacher's zoom link did not work for me when I was trying to get on a couple of the times. From my understanding there should be an id number or something to join? I am technologically challenged here or something.

Deb, I spent some time looking over the live workouts this morning. Thank you:).

Valerie, I miss fresh good corn. My Dad used to bring me corn from Nebraska or give me some when I visited. You just cannot get corn like that in the grocery store. It is tasteless. As is most fresh produce purchased in the grocery store. Once in awhile I get something that is surprisingly great. Like the blueberries that Whole Foods subbed for the blueberries. Huge and sweet and not real seedy, like I remember picking in England.
I went outside to try to sweep up some leaves and clean the walk way. It was really a task because it is so windy. Not the most wonderful thing for my allergies right now.

Valerie, it sounds like you had a nice rest day with having the zoom with family.
Just finished my workout. I did the step combos from Step, Jump and Pump and Biceps. Doing the zoo tomorrow because there is no way I'm going on a holiday.

Valerie I had checked a few months back and both Peloton and Echelon had 4'11" as their cut offs and I'm a couple inches shorter than that, and my legs are REALLY short. Proportionally I got a bit more torso and less legs. Hope you were able to get your ride in today.

Carolyn glad you had a great zoom with your family. We moved ours to tonight this week. I had to set a reminder on my phone because after all these months of Sunday night, I'm pretty sure I'd forget.

Diane Sue I think you would need a password for the zoom. I know whenever I've joined online discussions I've gotten a link for them that includes the password. I hope you figure it out. They really should have done some kind of tutorial with the parents and other adults who are helping kids.


gosh Cathy, you ARE short! you should definitely try before you buy. what kind of challenge is it finding clothes? things are usually too long even for me. petites help somewhat. I had a long time friend who was about 4'11 and even shoes were a nightmare. she could get everything at reduced price if she ever could find her size, and she always always wore heels. . I get angry with things like shower heads being too high, beds being too high etc. kids things are not usually made as well since the assumption is they will grow out of them quickly. ( I guess i cant complain about "short" anymore!. )
we are riding this morning. yesterday I did Stacked upper body right before dinner. it was too foggy to ride yesterday morning, and then it cleared but traffic would have been bad.


Today I did Ramped Up Upper Body for 55 minutes and 313 calories burned. Average heart rate was 120 and maximum heart rate was 163.

Cathy, nice job with Step, Jump, and Pump, step combos. That’s another one that is fun to do. I don’t blame you for not going to the zoo today.

Diane Sue, the email invitation for the Zoom session should include the meeting id and the password. I don’t have to enter the password if I join from the link. I hope that you can get it to work. That’s very frustrating and a waste of valuable time.

Valerie, good job with doing Stacked Sets Upper before dinner. I hope that you got to ride this morning. I have had really good locally grown corn three times this summer.

Hello to Deb, Judy, and Lori.


Today I did Cathe Live Fit Tower Boot Camp #2, 64 minutes, 206 calories, heart rate 106/152 ( I tightened my watch way into it and my heart rate picked up:rolleyes: ) 2,070 steps. This used a med band and 10# dumbbells. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Cardio Finisher, 13 minutes, heart rate 122/156, 1,276 steps. Total time was 77 minutes, 274 calories, 3,346 steps. I need to go back to the store and pick up a couple of things and would like to pick up some more immunity shots. Wish Sprouts would get back in the immunity Nuun tablets for my water in the mornings.

Carolyn, thanks. That is how I got on the first time with zoom was just clicking the teacher's link in the clever app for her class, then I have had problems since then. Maybe problems just need ironed out. Nice work on Ramped Up Upper Body.


I liked Ramped upper body but don't use it often. I havent used that whole series as much as others. I looked around stores yesterday calling to find heavier dumbbells. no luck. still out of stock except for light weights. we will look next time in Bozeman to see if things changed there. we found a new store that wasn't listed previously so maybe well get lucky.

did our ride this morning, 2 hrs and 6 minutes. about 25 miles. it was windy but that makes it harder one direction and easier coming back so it all works out.

for some reason farms around here have gone almost exclusively to super sweet corn varieties. we have a shorter growing season than warm areas. I skip it entirely if its supersweet. our home grown corn this year is really delicious. its sweet but not overly so, still tastes like corn.



Yesterday I did Live Push Pull Total Body, Heavy Weights 43 minutes, 213 calories, and today I did Live Quick Fix Cardio 31 minutes, 224 calories.

Cathy, great job on the cardio, biceps and stretch workout. Yes! You DO need Cathe Live.....:) LOL. You go to the zoo pretty regularly. I may have missed something about this...

Valerie, gardening is a great use muscles that you probably do not use in the standard workouts. Love fresh corn too! We had some yesterday.

Diane Sue, I hope you are able to get the info you need for the virtual lessons. You are pretty computer savvy compared to a lot of people I know. I feel so awful for those parents and grandparents. I really think you will enjoy the Live workouts. Especially the newer heavy weight ones.

Carolyn, your rest day sounds great, especially with the Zoom family call. Good job on Ramped Up Upper Body.

Hi to Judy & Lori,

Take care,


Valerie, I have not used Ramped Up upper body and that series for quite sometime. I did when I first got it. I just like some workouts better than others and tend to migrate to the ones I like the most. I went to Sprouts and picked up some fresh veggies and fruit that I did not get at Walmart. I wanted some red grapes as I snack on those off and on all day. Just a couple here and there. Also made up a broccoli apple salad for my dinner. I wanted to be ready for the grandchildren tomorrow, although I will need to drive by the vet to pick up dog food in the next couple of days.

Deb, I was hoping to get those workouts today and it says it is locked till tomorrow :( That is frustrating. This makes it take so much longer having to wait till I am ready for them to get them. I have had my eye on some of those heavier weight live workouts. Cathe really picks up some heavy ones. I was wanting to do one of the Fit Tower ones today and since the grandchildren were not having school because of Labor Day, I decided to to one since they are pretty long. Nice work on the Live Push Pull Total Body. It is a nice length.


Today I did IMAX 4, 7 of the 10 combos. My time was 35 minutes with 262 calories burned. Av heart rate was 132 and maximum heart rate was 177.

Diane Sue, nice job with Live Fit Tower Bootcamp and Raw Cardio Finisher. That broccoli apple salad sounds yummy. I thought about making one Sunday, but went with a fresh tomato and feta salad instead. I hope that virtual school works okay today.

Valerie, Ramped Up Upper Body is one of my favorite upper body workouts. Nice job with the ride. I’m glad that it worked out for you.

Deb, great job with Live Burn Sets Lower Body, Heavy weights.

Judy, I didn’t realize that you were back at work. I hope that it is less stressful now.

Hello to Cathy and Lori.
Well I'm pushing the zoo till tomorrow because it's raining longer than the weatherman said it would (so shocked they'd be wrong-:rolleyes:) I did Biceps and the abs from Butts and Guts, the ones that are part of the workout, then since I'd decided not to go walk, I came down and did the step combos from IMAX 2.

Deb, I have a zoo membership and it's a good place to walk. If you go weekdays early, there are very few people and there are a fair number of hills and inclines. Since the boys went to college, I've been going once a week. During the summer they were both working there with different schedules, so one of them drove my car. And thanks so much for playing enabler. LOL The biggest thing stopping me is that our TV's are old and I'd have to use my MacBook Air. Not sure I want to do workouts from this small of screen. It sounds like there's an iOS app that I can download and just use that if I decide to try it.

Valerie a lot of my clothes are girls, but it's hard to find things that are basic and don't look like I should be in elementary school! Ugh shoes. I wear a 5 and there was a time when they were much easier to find. Now, basically no stores carry them and it's hit or miss online. I can wear a girls 3.5, but they don't make good quality workout shoes for kids. These days it's harder to find petite clothes, too. Back in the 80's most malls had petite stores and most stores carried petites. I do have a new pair of workout shoes coming Thursday because the lateral support in my current ones died. They aren't in a color/pattern I would prefer, but there were few options.

Diane Sue I hope you were able to figure out zoom today. Is there a tech support person at the school you can talk to? They should have someone. Local school started here today and my sense is most people are sending their kids. We'll see how that works out.


My friend had size 5 feet too. she lived in a metro area PHX. she always had shoes, mostly dressy heels.
I have ripped my hair out finding petite clothes. womens clothes still more likely than mens. this country is more and more diverse, sizing may move toward fitting shorter men too. asian men and latino men are often not as tall as 6'6" Norwegians with 36"inseams. as you know from experience, shortening the legs doesn't necessarily mean things fit. I'm mostly used to tops being too long and the sleeves with thumb loopas are designed long. Athleta brand has petite pants/tights. so-so about their styles and pretty pricey. seems capri length tights are less available, and those were one way of getting "short". LLBean has short lengths in some things. even amazon has quite a few petites but you need to look up each item to be sure.
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I got a weight workout in. Problems with school stuff again. I think others had the same problem printing up the lessons. She got it back up and my daughter let me know to I might need to log off and go back on the site. Then I was printing and my printer decided my color ink was damaged and not genuine HP. I was printing black ink!! So, I ordered more ink cartridges that should come from Amazon tomorrow hopefully. Then when printing each page has a split with two of the same lesson on it. I am thinking what a waste of ink. I generally by Yoyo ink which is HP cartridges refilled and have the chip in them. It has worked for me for years, so I don't know what the problem was. I just put in a new black cartridge last week when I was trying to print up the school work. I ended up drawing the math pages myself for writing numbers in. Later this afternoon I was able to print it. I am not having him redo what we already did. I did Cathe Live Push Pull Total Body: Heavy Weight #309 50 minutes(44 actual), 120 calories, heart rate 96/146. 873 steps Lousy calorie burn. My daughter got his science lesson done that I couldn't print this evening :)
I was able to get on Zoom this morning, but had to use my cell phone again and click the older link my daughter texted me as the newer link she sent was a photo and didn't work. The tablet was not working, but I noticed that the link for last week was the same as this morning on the tablet and I think maybe if I had used that button it might have worked. It had the passcode with it. Later she had another zoom for parents. I did not log on to it. I might have got some answers though. At that point I was really hungry as it was almost two and I had not eaten at all today.

Weights for Cathe Live Push Pull #309 Push Pull Heavy
warm up
deadlifts 15# dumbbells (part of warm up)
squat 25# dumbbells 12 reps
deadlift 30# dumbbells 12 reps
bench press (Cathe 25) me 15# dumbbells 12 reps
1 arm row 30# dumbbell 12 reps
close grip sumo 40# dumbbell 12 reps
wide stance deadlift 30# dumbbells 12 reps
close grip bench press 15# dumbbells 12 reps (Cathe goes way heavier here just worried about the front of my shoulders)
double arm row 25# dumbbells 12 reps
close stance squat 25# dumbbells
chest fly Cathy 25 me 15# 12 reps
band posture pulls
side to side lunge 15# dumbbell (could use 20#)
band standing outer thighs
overhead press 15# dumbbells 12 reps
upright rows 15# dumbbells 12 reps
banded read delt fly 10# dumbbells and band 12 reps
front raise 15# dumbbell 12 reps (could have used a 20)
overhead triceps extension 25# dumbbell 12 reps
biceps curls 15# dumbbells (could have done 20 but did not have my bowflex weights adjusted for it)12rep
kickbacks 15# dumbbells 12 reps
8 point drop curls done twice 15# dumbbells
push ups 16 reps
kneeling leg raise with delt raise 5# 12 reps
plank under out under alternating sides
V up boat pose 12 reps
banded superman 12 reps
banana holds 8 reps

Deb, I almost did that workout this morning. It isn't too long. Hoping I can get in some cardio tomorrow.

Carolyn, nice workout today doing I Max 4. I need to set up family day Sunday. I guess I will be busy this weekend planning that. I almost think I might just go buy barbecue or something. I love all kinds of salads. For some reason I pulled out some zucchini thinking that I was going to make a mexican zucchini skillet with it and changed my mind. I put it in the freezer whole. I guess I was absent minded and thought I was putting it back in the refrigerator. Now I am not sure how I will use it.

Cathy, if you wanted to stream you can do it with most televisions as long as there is an hdmi port. You would have to purchase a Roku or Amazon Fire stick. I am using the Fire Stick right now. I was using my Roku for Cathe Live. My daughter's always purchased zoo passes and would take the children for a walk through the zoo quite often. Once in awhile I have went with them. It is raining here too. It looks like more rain over the rest of the week.


I didn't do anything yesterday. we are sitting here wanting to leave.... but weather conditions are extremely difficult. we are hot, smoky, and dry like California and yesterday there were fires popping up everywhere. not just side-of-freeway grass fires, but huge forested areas burning right thru neighborhoods. Oregon is the same, maybe even worse. some fires are in remote areas, but many are in suburban communities and a lot of houses were lost. it is normally pretty dry here in PNW in summer, but the abundant rain the rest of the year gives us massive amounts of trees brush which is now bone dry. it is frigging scary right now. the day before yesterday lots of areas on the interstate were closed because of fires, smoke, blowing dust. it will be really hot today with humidity very low like yesterday. areas with high winds too, blowing like santa ana's downslope from the mountains with hot dry air. yesterday afternoon fires popped up all over and the footage of helicopters trying to douse flames with water looked exactly like our house.
we would give a lot for some rain right now.

diane sue, the zucchini will not thaw well. it will be water/ mush. not sure what that would be usable in.
we used Yoyo ink for a while but suddenly it stopped working. we have fairly new HP Envy printers, 3 of them. HP does something to make other brands not work. we gave up and went back to HP ink. we don't use enough to make it worth the headache.

FWIW we stream using Apple TV. we could not get Firestick or Roku to work at all. make sure you keep your receipt...we had to return both after getting them from local Best Buy. this was a couple years ago now and things constantly change, so its worth a try. we never understood why neither one worked here.


This morning I did Strong and Sweaty Bootcamp for 45 minutes and 266 calories burned. My average heart rate was 121 and maximum heart rate was 260. I had to go to Costco this morning. I was running out of coffee beans . I like their Colombian Supremo beans. Sometimes I buy a short coffee subscription from Mistobox because I like to try different coffees, but the Costco beans are my default.

Cathy, nice job with Butts and Guts and IMAX 2 step combos. That one has great music!

Diane Sue, good job with CL Push Pull Total Body. Frozen zucchini doesn’t work well. Maybe you could use it in some type of puréed soup.

Valerie, I was wondering how the fire situation is affecting you. I hope that you continue to be safe.

Hello to Deb, Judy, and Lori.


it seems very benign this morning, l

carolyn I don't think I ever did S&S bootcamp. somehow I never used that series much, and I don't care for bootcamp workouts. I should look at the whole series again. I'm going to do ramped upper today. I did that one the most of all, and I've used the Spin workout a lot. I need to remind myself what else is in there.

It's less smoky and even pleasant outside this morning. in the afternoon things get tough. no wind now, actually lovely out. most of the smoke comes from east side of mountains so it can change as the day warms up.

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