Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/17/2023

This morning I did STS 2 Upper Body 1. Throughout these workouts about 3-4 reps in I often find myself thinking I should increase my weights next time and then I get to the last couple reps and I'm like, nope don't so. LOL

Carolyn great job with Stacked Sets Lower Body. Not a fan of having my eyes dilated. I need to make an appointment to get my eyes checked. Was waiting till I get Nick's flight booked, so I could make his at the same time. I've been watching the flight with google alerts for a price drop. Made the mistake last week of not jumping on it when he gave me the okay on the dates, but it was late at night and I opted to wait till morning when it had jumped $100. Ugh Lesson learned.
Yesterday I did 50 minutes of Peloton rides and 10 minutes of Peloton Arms & Light Weights. This morning I did 45 minutes of Yin Yoga and am planning on going to the gym tonight with Chris.

Valerie-Great job with the hikes. Chris is the same way with travelling. He just doesn’t like being away from home for long.

Cathy-Great job with STS 2 Upper Body 1. I’m sorry about the well pump. I preordered the new workouts. They all sound great and I think I will get more use out of these than I have STS 2. I’m just not quite ready for that much strength training so I’ve put STS 2 on the back burner for now. I’ll revisit it later this year or early next year.

Carolyn-Great job with Stacked Sets Lower Body. We have our eye exams and numerous other appointments coming up soon. The next couple of months seems like one medical appointment after the other for both Chris and I. Just routine things but I wish they weren’t all at once.

Diane Sue-I hope you are feeling better today.
So, I'm going to alter my rotation for a few days. Which makes me sad because my body is responding really well to STS 2. Except my darn wrist. It was feeling pretty good yesterday morning, and only twinged on a few moves, but by last night, ouch! So, this morning instead of STS 2 legs I did a mixed routine I put together with fire walkers and disk work from XTrain and the barre work from Lower Body Blast. I'm going to skip my next upper body workout and see how I feel come my next lower body day. What I did find out today, was that while STS 2 with heavy weights have been beneficial my tolerance for endurance isn't there so much. I did it, but it was not fun.

Judy great job with Peloton rides and 10 minutes of Peloton Arms & Light Weights.
Judy, my DH is not fixated on being home, but he always needs "projects". doing something. our home in Wa there are more projects because its bigger more complicated house, a garden and landscaping, vehicles. always something needs doing. our MT house is much smaller simpler, no garden or landscape of any kind. it's what we planned. he cant sit and read or do nothing. so I'm not complaining, because we have so MUCH, but he gets antsy. so we drove yesterday when it was clearly raining and going to rain for two-three days. yesterday was 11.5 hours due to traffic. unloaded, had dinner, and both slept well. weather here wont be good either but I have an appt every day this coming week. our set of tires arrived as scheduled so we have 3 brand new tires to use when we need to replace on either subaru. that fiasco worked out well.

did nothing yesterday but sit. thats HARD. need to organize, shop, get mail and packages. today and tomorrow depending. some on monday. we are finally getting some rain soon and its needed because its extremely dry but about to flip to very wet.

HATE dilated eyes! sometimes it bothers me more than other times, but not pleasant and doesnt wear off as quickly as they say.

hey cathy, leave the wrist alone! let it rest for a few days and it will likely be fine.
Today is my rest day. I did my usual Saturday produce shopping at the farmer‘s market. I saw a variety of winter squash that I have never heard of—North Georgia Candy Squash. It’s long and huge!! I had to look it up once I got home. It’s an heirloom variety that was cultivated by the Cherokee tribes. It was interesting, but probably more prep work than I want to put into a squash dish.

Cathy, great job with STS 2 Upper Body 1 and the lower body workout. My wrist is bothering me a bit too. I stopped the bicep curls after a few reps when I was doing upper body this week. I‘m trying to give it a chance to get back to normal. I haven’t decided if I want to preorder the new workouts. I know that I won’t get the Cycle workout, but I’m considering the others.

Judy, great job with the Peloton ride, arms, and Yin Yoga. STS 2 is a great series, but you definitely need time to devote to it. Maybe later you can try more of the timesaver premixes.

Valerie, it’s good to have the drive behind you even though it wasn’t your preferred travel day.

Hello to Diane Sue.
I am feeling better. Yesterday I did CDorner 45 minute Arms and Abs at home, 50 minutes, 121 calories,, heart rate 94/134. This was alternating upper body move with an ab move. My Garmin counted the abs as a rest I guess as it had work time at 25 minutes. I followed this with CDorner hip mobility and flexibility33 minutes, 58 calories. Total time was 83 minutes, 179 calories. I needed this as my hip flexors and hips were tight and sore for no apparent reason other than sitting a lot. I started to put the in the weights for upper body, but I wrote it out on a small piece of paper and cannot read all of it as notes were scattered.
Today I did CDorner Calorie Blasting Cardio with light weights, low impact and no jumping, 32 minutes, 158 calories, heart rate 116/135, 2,845 steps. I also did Raw Squat Finisher with a 20# kettlebell, 23 minutes, heart rate 116/135, 103 calories, 399 steps. I finished with STS 2 Mobility 1, 19 minutes, 28 calories. Total time was 74 minutes, 289 calories, 3,244 steps.
I got outside yesterday and dug up a dead bush and planted an azalea in the ground. I have not done much outside in awhile.

Raw Squat Finisher 23 minutes or 18 as Kelly has it at 18 minutes
Kelly uses a 20# kettlebell and says you can go heavier.
(I used 20#) 45 sec work with 15 sec rest and each exercise was done 3 times
Goblet squat repeat 3 times 20# kettlebell
Elevated squats with heels on small dumbbell 20# kettlebell 3 times
Split Squat right 20# kettlebell 3 times (no rest before going to left side)
Split Squat left 20# kettlebell 3 times
Sumo squat 20# kettlebell 3 times
Pulse squats 3 sets no weight (first set is pulse 3 and stand, other two sets just pulse squats)

Judy, nice work on the Peloton RIdes and 10 minutes Peloton Arms and light weights. Nice work with the Yesterday with the Yin Yoga, I hope that you got in a good workout at the Gym with Chris.

Cathy, I hope you can work around the wrist and it improves. Do you know what caused it? Do you wear lifting gloves that support your wrists? I am not a real fan of endurance work either. I am sorry you did not have fun with what you did. I think that I want the new workouts, but I may wait a while to get them.

Valerie, I would like to have the time to be able to just sit and read. I quit going to the eye surgeon doctor for exams because it is pretty far away, and he insists on dilatating my eyes. I will use him when my cataracts get worse but will not drive like that. The one I have now said I could go without, or they could give me a lighter dose dilation which worked fine for me since I am not far away and very little traffic. I am going next month and hoping to get new glasses as my frames are broke and they do not stay on my face well. They can't fix them. I hope that you get the rain that you need.

Carolyn, I much prefer fixing smaller squash and prefer squash like acorn and butternut. I those a yellow squash? I will have to go look that squash up.
The woman from the farm said that they are ”so good“. She roasts and purées it then freezes it in smaller proportions. You can use it any way that you would other winter squash. She makes pies with some of it.
This morning I did the IMAX 3 combos and STS 2 Chair Yoga. Got my new watch yesterday and I've been testing it out. Compared to FitBit it has some features my Versa didn't like it does blood pressure and based on past history it seems pretty accurate. Heart rate seems accurate. Reviews said that the step counting was a bit iffy. I've gone out and walked a couple times and while the count is lower than what I was getting with my Fitbit it's not that much lower. However, when I had my workout going, it seems to have stopped counting steps. So workout steps wouldn't count towards the total. I'll see if that trend continues of if it was a fluke. For a cheap watch it actually has a lot of features. It's a FitVII Fitness Tracker. They are currently $49 at Amazon with a 10% coupon. Plus I had some rewards points. Sleep info is different than FitBit but seems reasonably accurate. I'm going to see if I can find a YouTube video on the features since the info that came with it is pretty bare bones.

The wrist is weird. Not sure what caused it other than my watch band may have been too tight for too long before I noticed and something the positioning puts pressure on one area too much. What's weird is that a lot of things don't bother it. Lifting things when my wrist stays straight is no problem. Things like moving the barbell into position for overhead presses bothers it, but the actual presses don't. It really didn't like reverse curls. Giving it a couple more days off.

Valerie my issue with my husband and travel is he gets bored so easily, often when I go places there is a fair amount of time spent in the hotel room. Like if Derek and I go to a zoo, once we get to the hotel, we are there till morning. We both just do stuff on our laptops, but my husband doesn't do devices other than the smart phone his job forces him to have and he hates TV. So, that really doesn't leave much to do. Last time we went somewhere we got up and were having breakfast and I was taking my time, but he finished his quickly and announced we had to leave and go do something, anything. Rainy days are really bad. I can travel with either of the boys so easily, he's just a huge PITA.

Caroline sounds like a great find at the Farmer's Market.

Diane Sue great job with CDorner 45 minute Arms and Abs and the flexibility/mobility work.


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