Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/17/2023

Today I did Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper with the extended stretch, 53 minutes, 135 calories. That is it. Putting together enchiladas and getting ready for family tomorrow.
Good morning. I did my usual yoga/mobility this morning for 18 minutes.

Diane Sue, nice job with Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper Body and the Extended Stretch. I know that you will have a good time with your family today.

Waving hello to everyone else. Have a wonderful day.
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Lack of sleep so no workout this morning and for some weird reason my left wrist is painful. On the outside. Not swollen or discolored, and I can use it however I want, it's just not comfortable. It's possible my watch was too tight. Sometimes I don't notice that until it's been that way awhile though it usually only leaves marks. I switched it to my right arm which feels super weird. What I do know is that it was fine when I worked out, which lends credence to the theory that after my shower I put it on too tight.

Valerie in the Upper Peninsula the only divided highway is I-75 from the bridge to the Soo. Everything else is just 2 lanes with the occasional passing lane and the majority are passing for only one side. So the highways across the body and the top are 2 lane and 65 mph, but if you live here you know the odds of getting stopped for going less than 10 over are minimal, so traffic is generally going at least 70-75 and the really crazy ones more. I recipe for disaster. And in the summer they are very busy with tourists. It's been a long time here since you can get into a dump. Everything is closed off and they generally have a same day bury process. We rarely have issues with black bears attacking people, but some do end up needing relocation.

Diane Sue great job with Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper. Have fun with your family gathering.

Carolyn nice job keeping up with the yoga.
Did stretches last night but thats all.
this morning DH and I visited our neighbors and rode their SUVs never been on one before. neither has he. he got used to it right away but I'm shaky driving one. got better after a while. long time before I'd be comfortable. it would be nice to use one on long rough roads that aren't drivable with a car or mt bike. a lot of those here. I have a lot of thumb arthritis, makes it hard to hold a steady speed with all the jostling. we may try a longer ride later this week but I will be passenger. would not be OK on really rough roads like the one we are thinking of. a little like an overpowered riding lawn mower. ok but not something I can enjoy .

grizzly bears are nastier neighbors than black bears. same thing happens with black bears though. they get accustomed to human food via garbage cans, trash, fruit from fruit trees, dog food left out and hummingbird feeders.. people aren't careful. so much easier for a bear to raid cars, houses, and garagesre than dig for roots and berries! big payoff for the bear little effort. then hunters bait them with jelly donuts.

cathy I used to wear watch on my left side but I started a metal allergy and got a bad rash. I cant wear any jewelry. I switched to stainless steel worn right wrist and have since. either will work.
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This morning I did Cardio Party which was 39 minutes and 273 calories burned. My average heart rate was 131 and maximum heart rate was 183.

Cathy, I hope that your wrist feels better and that it was only the watch band causing the soreness.

Hello to Valerie, Judy, and Diane Sue.
Yesterday I did a 20 minute Peloton ride and Muscle Meltdown Biceps. This morning I did Rock’m Sock’m KB and Muscle Meltdown Triceps.

Diane Sue-Great job with Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper with the extended stretch. I hope you are having a nice day with your family.

Cathy-I’m sorry about your wrist. I hope it’s better today.

Carolyn-Great job with yoga/mobility and Cardio Party. The rower will be here next week and I can’t wait to try it out and post a review.

Valerie-Nice job with the stretches.
Did our close in mountain bike this morning for 5.5 miles and an hour and forty minutes. we are having guests come today for a couple days so I will probably not post.

Ive been doing the limited upper body work a couple times a week and lifting our bikes up to the back of the truck to hand off to DH who is in the truck bed. the shoulder issue is getting less and less. wish I could tell what move aggravated it. still being careful. doing dips, tri push ups, curls several sets of each but nothing over the head. the bikes are heavy.

judy looking forward to hearing about the rower

carolyn I envy you being able to do cardio party. always looks like such a fun one.
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Morning didn't go quite as planned so I ended up doing STS 2 Lower Body premix that is 1 set and the bonus exercises and then I went and walked at the zoo. Apparently, I left the charger for my Fitbit at the hotel. I've gone through all my stuff multiple times. Since it didn't die till today that means it went a full week on one charge, which seems unusual, but I don't remember charging it since I got home. Pulled out my old Apple Watch 3 and charged that but it's still linked to Nick, since I'd given it to him and then he gave it back, and that's been at least 3 years so he doesn't remember the password. I sent him the info to disconnect through the cloud, but I'm not hopeful given that he already has a to do list of more important things he's ignoring. Then I pulled out the other old one that I got from Fit Track, they've since changed their name and I think I deleted the app. Sigh I can use it for basic stuff, but it doesn't have an alarm, so I'll have to go back to using my phone. I'll call the hotel tomorrow, but even if they have it and Derek or Aliah go over and pick it up, I won't get it till Thanksgiving or Christmas break. My wrist feels a lot better, still a bit sore. We'll see how upper body goes tomorrow, since it requires different motions with the wrist than lower body.

Valerie great that you did the mountain bike ride today. Enjoy your time with your guests.

Judy nice job with 20 minute Peloton ride and Muscle Meltdown Biceps, Rock’m Sock’m KB and Muscle Meltdown Triceps.

Carolyn great job with Cardio Party.
Today I did Stacked Sets Upper Body. My time was 44 minutes with 194 calories burned, average heart rate 113, and maximum heart rate 142.

Judy, nice job with the Peloton ride, Muscle Meltdown Biceps, Rock’m Sock’m kickboxing, and Muscle Meltdown Triceps.

Cathy, good job with STS 2 Lower Body timesaver. You can order a new charger for your Fitbit directly from Fitbit or Amazon. Even if you get your original charger back it’s good to have an extra.

Valerie, nice job with the close in mountain bike ride. It will be nice to have friends visiting.

Hello to Diane Sue.
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No workouts yesterday or today. I had to get up at 3:50 yesterday to be at the hospital for the bronchoscopy. I slept most of the day and last night I slept 11 hours. Today I feel kind of queasy and have a clogged ear. I think I should probably wait to get the results. They numbed my airways nasal and through mouth with lidocaine then put me out. I feel kind of like a zombie.
This morning I did STS 2 Upper Body 2. I opted to do the premix with one set because I wasn't sure how my wrist would do as it's still a bit sore. It handled it okay, but the full workout might have been too much. Hopefully by Friday it'll be a lot better.

Carolyn great job with Stacked Sets Upper Body. The watch was starting to have some issues, so I'm not inclined to spend money on a new charger. I found a sale on a different brand that with my rewards points will be under $30, so I think I'm going to give it a try. In the big picture, the FitBit wasn't that old, but from my past experience it was in the soon to go really bad time frame.

Diane Sue sounds like you really needed all that rest yesterday. Sorry to aren't feeling great today. Sounds like taking it easy for awhile would help your body. Do you get results soon?
This morning I did KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix, workout one, which was 27 minutes and 177 calories burned. My average heart rate was 127 and maximum heart rate was 165.

Diane Sue, hopefully you are feeling more like yourself today. It takes a couple of days to get back to normal.

Cathy, great job with STS 2 Upper Body. I certainly understand not wanting to spend more money on your device if you feel like it’s about to go out. I have had a Fitbit Charge 5 for a few years and I’m very happy with it.

Hello to Judy and Valerie.
Today, I felt I needed to get in some movement so did a short workout. I did Raw Timesavers using warm up+box and tone+abs. Total time 45 minutes 157 calories. Still coughing, but better. I made an appointment with my primary doctor for the ear problem. I am tired of hearing a buzzing sound all of the time. Of course, I made the appointment and I seem to be hearing better tonight. Still waiting for results. One of the things tested for will take around 3 weeks so there is some waiting. The online report after the test said there was fluid in the lower left lung which they took a sample of. Things verified the original diagnosis and I have mild bronchitis probably due to cough. There should be some of the results soon.

Cathy, it is nice that you can put together your own mixes of the workouts. Nice work on the core with weight plates and mini ball with extended stretch. I hope your wrist gets better.

Carolyn, nice work on Cardio Quick Fix. You are right, I needed to get the anesthesia out of my system and back to normal. I really felt I needed to move around.
Tuesday was an unplanned rest day. We had a project to finish up in the basement and it ended up taking most of the day and part of the evening. Yesterday I did ICE Metabolic Total Body in the morning and a 35 minute strength circuit at the gym in the evening.

Valerie-Great job on the mountain bike ride.

Cathy-Great job with STS 2 Lower Body premix, STS 2 Upper Body 2 and the STS Core mix with SB Extended Stretch.

Carolyn-Great job with Stacked Sets Upper Body and Cardio Quick Fix, workout one.

Diane Sue-I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. I hope you get all of your results soon and that your ear problem gets resolved. Great job with the Raw Timesavers workout. I still need to try those.
we did significant hikes the last two days. I forget if I said we had guests here for two days and its a lot of extra work. they were great guests but it still is hard and tiring. both hikes were about 5 hours with a lot of up and down. with the drive into and out of the park it makes for a long day right away. we will be heading home saturday unless DH gets too impatient and wants to go tomorrow. I dont understand what the rush is. we could relax for a day since today is a lot of cleaning, laundry etc. he is always in a damn hurry to leave and once he gets somewhere, wants to go back to wherever he came from. drives me crazy. if I can make him sit still for a bit he enjoys it but its a hard battle. it might rain but it might not, and maybe we could do a ride instead of rushing back. saturday is a better drive day.we might end up leaving tomorrow anyway as forecasted weather tomorrow is not very good anymore. it is fairly wet today and tomorrow will be similar so we might end up going anyway. we had a good visit this time and I dont want to leave! looked better but the updates are not very good.

diane sue, take a little time off to recover if you're not feeling right yet. all procedures cause a lot of stress and are energy zappers.

judy, household projects tend to expand to fill the time available. always things you didnt think of, or dont have and need to finish.
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No workout today, as I shopped, and in the not fun category, woke up to no water. Between the time I left and got home, DH called a well guy, he came out and put in a new well pump. So, I came home to water. So in less than 2 weeks, we had a new well pump, a new sump pump and DH bought a riding mower because the push mower died again. Really should have bought one years ago when the old one died as we have quite a bit of yard even considering we leave a lot of it natural. All that was $$ we hadn't planned to spend.

Valerie Sounds like you managed to get some great hikes in the last couple of days. I'm sure it's frustrating working with your husbands travel needs. I hope you are able to get him to stay till Saturday.

Judy great job with ICE Metabolic Total Body in the morning and a 35 minute strength circuit at the gym.

Diane Sue nice job getting in Raw Timesavers using warm up+box and tone+abs. I hope you get answers to your health issue. I've had tinnitus for about 3 years now, but I've sort of made peace with the cicadas living in my head. How loud it is comes and goes, but it's always there at some level.
This morning I did Stacked Sets Lower Body. My time was 42 minutes with 184 calories burned. Average heart rate was 114 and maximum heart rate was 134.

Cathy, great job with your own blend of STS 2 Core with Plates and Weights, and SB Extended Stretch. It’s hard on the budget when unexpected home expenses come up. We’ve had quite a few lately.

Diane Sue, it’s good that you were able to do a short workout with Raw timesavers.

Judy, good job with Metabolic Total Body and strength circuit at the gym. Projects have a way of taking up more time than planned.

Valerie, your hikes sound like good ones.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
No workout for me this morning. I had my annual eye exam today. My eyes haven’t recovered from the dilation yet even though they always tell me it will just be a couple of hours.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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