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when people get vertigo like DH did, it is sometimes due to little particles getting out of place in the inner ear canals. intense vertigo symptoms. he got up yesterday and could hardly walk, he was so off balance. he never had this before.
I did a movement called the Epley maneuver. you can look this up online, I think its called many different things. it involves lying down with head hanging somewhat down, and rotating your head in a pattern holding positions for 30 sec to a minute. he had no other symptoms than the intense dizziness so we were sure it wasn't a stroke or something! it worked right away. we did it 2x in about an hour and a half. he is fine this morning. its a real common thing to happen and it doesn't hurt to know what it is rather than wait in misery to see a doctor to do it. we used to give handouts to patients showing them how to do this at home so its something you can look up and know about in case you need to do it for yourself or someone else. Getting old is tough|!

we rode 26 miles this morning, 2 hrs 10 min.
I will make a point of doing metabolic workouts regularly. it was pretty warm and humid yesterday, but I surprised myself with it being so hard.


I went for my follow up on the Heart Smart Screening so the doctor could go over it with me. She wants to schedule me an echo and I think an ultrasound for the thyroid. This has to do with some of the results. I was hoping I was about done with doctors for awhile. Then I had a 100 degree temp when I went in there. I guess it must be from all of this arthritis and inflammation or something.

Judy, I am glad that you are back in the garden center again. Will you still be in the indoor part of that area in the winter? Nice work on the active recovery. I feel like I am on active recovery. I have not done anything intense the last couple of weeks. Hoping the PT makes a difference. It is fun playing with the musical instruments. That makes sense that the yin yoga would help you go deeper in the lunges.

Lori, that is great that you are enjoying your vacation and they have added new businesses and to your time share. The funny thing is, my car is tiny, but when we put the seat down we can get an amazing amount of stuff in the back. My husband took it the last two times we went to work on things at our churches' school. He had a table saw, and several tool bags, shop vac, and small step ladder in there. We do the same when we go to Home Depot. He has a big trunk in the Taurus, but not as much room all around. I use my Instant Pot so much still, two days ago I made chicken curry soup, yesterday I made my husband a steak, and today I cooked acorn squash. Took 3 minutes to cook a small squash. I still prefer it baked though, as this is really kind of steamed. But, it was a last minute decision for dinner. I colored my hair this morning. I like doing it myself rather than spend time in a salon. I did my stretch and vacuumed upstairs while I was waiting on it.

Valerie, I only see a few women with nice grey hair. I have a friend at church whose grey is pretty. Almost white and silver and it shines and is smooth. She started to let it grow longer recently as she has usually kept it pretty short. It looks nice. I don't think mine would look nice. More like the dirty blonde I always had with grey stuck throughout. That is how my mother's looked as she never colored hers. I would imagine that the humidity does not help with the workout either. It is pretty humid here after that rain. My husband had his officers go through active shooter situations using the school when the children were out. Being prepared on how to handle the situation is good. It is too bad that things have come to that. When doing daycare you are required to have drills in case of tornadoes as well. Being ready for those is important too. I have a backpack of things that I put in the middle bathroom when there are possible tornadoes coming. I make sure I have shoes handy even if going to bed. I also put my purse in that bathroom to have with me and my cell phone. Thinking about it , I do not enjoy high pitched singing either. I also do not enjoy singers that seem like all of their music and songs sound exactly the same. I start feeling aggravated by it and end up realizing I would be happier if I turn it off.

Carolyn, some of the songs on the keyboard and in the lesson book are silly. I am not planning on playing twinkle little star or home on the range LOL But, it does have some good stuff and some classical that I like. I have my own music anyway. There is a more advanced book with more music that came with it too. I haven't really went through it yet. The 1st one is divided up into levels as ABCD. The D is where I need some work. Yes, MIS is just straight forward weight work and one of my first introductions to weight work.


Yesterday I did a 30 minute Peloton Arms and Intervals ride before work.

Lori-That's great that you brought your rebounder with you! You have been doing an awesome job with the workouts. My active recovery week only lasted 3 days this time lol! I have a hard time with them too. Maybe I'll try doing another 3 days of recovery/yoga next week and see how that goes.

Valerie-I've had vertigo a few times and it is awful! The last time my ENT gave me instructions on how to do the maneuvers. I'm another one that is not getting nice grey hair. I've been getting my color done, every 6 weeks or so. I think I'm going to try doing it at home at some point. I don't care for violins either.

Diane Sue-Yes, I think I'll be working in the inside garden/seasonal area during the winter months. I'm sure that hours will go down, which is ok. It will be nice to have a little more time again. I hope your echo and ultrasound go well. My husband is having a stress test with echo next month and I may schedule an appointment with the cardiologist to have one again this fall. My last one was in 2016.
Did you feel sick when you had the 100 degree temp? Could you have been fighting a virus or something?

Carolyn-Great job with MIS and Cardio Slam! I really need to do MIS soon. I'm pretty sure that is one I haven't tried yet.

Hi to Deb!



This morning was Cycle Sweat timesaver #3, 40 minutes, 230 calories, 127 average heart rate, 183 max, 2,800 steps. (I found my pulse point on my ankle and works much better) met 6.5 (Cathe's met was 9.6 and there is no way) I went 8.72 miles. My daughter and grandchildren are headed over. I will check back in awhile.


My grandchildren are here. I have the 5 year old cleaning the storm doors :) I made sure that he had a bottle of cleaner that only had a small amount in it. Just in case! I had to call the physical therapy place to check out why they had not sent my welcome packet. I was afraid they might not have my appointment set. They did though and she said maybe they used caps on my email. She resent and had me check so now I can fill out my paper work. I really did not want to have to fill all of that out when I got there.

Judy, it will be nice for you to have a little more time for other things. I was feeling a little under the weather, but my arm and shoulder were throbbing and I was feeling somewhat nauseated. When they checked my temperature they asked if I was feeling okay. I was going to go to Hobby Lobby afterward, but changed my mind and headed home and took some Motrin. I would have taken a nap, but my husband got off early because power was out at work. I slept okay last night. Today I feel better, but I still think it has to do with this inflammation and pain. I guess it is good to get those extra screenings to ward off a bad outcome later.


this is a good explanation of the epley maneuver and the conditions where it might be useful. there are a lot of references to it, videos etc. it is regularly suggested as something you can do at home if needed. sometimes it needs to be repeated. it seems like people who have this problem with inner ear tend to have it a few times before it gets resolved.

we did a 3.5 hr hike, probably 6 or so miles RT. we went early before it was over run with people. so disappointing to have everything be a free for all.

Judy, Ive never had vertigo but DH now has, he has treated many people with it, but he felt pretty awful!
we hiked today and he was nervous it might come back but it didn't so I think we may have to repeat the procedure again.

I had an echo a number of years ago and thought it was absolutely fascinating to watch. the screen was right there and for the first time in memory, I was called 'photogenic". I guess some people show up better on the heart pumping sequences.
Judy, I had family who had gorgeous silver hair. friends too. guess I didn't inherit that gene! mousey brown and the gray mixed in, just makes it dismal looking. I have friends who have gorgeous "stainless steel" looking color. I would not mess with hair color if I had anything like that. so far, no luck. I do my own color every other month and have a salon do it in between. I need a decent trim every 2 months anyway.
Best of luck to your DH and his procedure. I always think the procedure itself is no biggie, but the several days of prep are hell.

Diane sue I hope you get some testing/imaging done and identify what the problem is. not knowing is sometimes the worst because your imagination (and the internet) makes your imagination go crazy.

Lori, that is hilarious but smart, taking your equipment along! I have enough duplicate supplies at our vacation house to do exercise, but I take the DVDs back and forth. a big reason why I have stayed with dvds, as I can stream to the house but not to the right room. we can fit an incredible amount of stuff in the Subaru when we fold seats down and stack carefully, but a few DVD's are nothing to take along.
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Good morning,

Nothing new on the workout situation. I did have an agility class yesterday.

Diane Sue, that is great that your new tablet lets you read when on the tread climber. I have a weight bench with a leg extension/leg curl attachment that I have not used in years. It also has a nice bb rack that can be used for heavy BB squats as well. I remember liking it a lot, but when I got into Cathe DVD's it kind of went by the wayside. My father played piano a bit, as did his mother ( my grandmother). He liked jazz and "boogie-woogie" which is why that is my favorite piano playing as well. I never did learn, but now I wish I would have. Never did find out exactly what Orange Theory was. We have one here too.

Carolyn, good job on the August rotation. I think almost everyone must "tweak" it a bit, due to not having the called for workouts, or just not liking some of them. Safe travels.

Judy, nice that you started playing guitar again. Do your husband and you play together?

Valerie, nice job on Total Body Metabolic, yes, those can creep up on you if you have not done one in a while. They look easier than they are. What, if you don't mind mentioning, is the home treatment you used for your husband's vertigo? John gets that once in a while ( he has meniers (sp?) disease. It's not has bad as it was before he had the surgery but he still gets dizzy sometimes.

Lori, it sounds like you will be having a great time at the cape. LOL about the Instant Pot and your son bringing his to your house. No way you could bring Gigi with you? It sounds like something she would love. Have you read about all the dogs getting sick with the algae or some type of "bloom" in the lakes? Dogs have died from it. Very scary.

Take care,


Deb, its the Epley maneuver in the link above. the one thing I don't know is how to decide if one ear is the problem, or if it affects both ears, and then which way do you turn the head first. I would ask John's ENT doc what they suggest. I have absolutely NO idea if this procedure helps with Meniere's. for my DH we rotated his head so he was facing to his right first, then to the left, and then down. he told me to look for rapid eye movement during the process ( called nystagmus) but he shut his eyes and/or blinked rapidly so I could not tell. my DH thinks he could have meniere's , but unclear. the Epley fixed him so maybe no more than the inner ear particles getting out of place. its another reason why he's eager to get medicare lined up. he is good to go Nov 1. his current insurance covers zip and doesn't include any of his current docs. a lot of money for nothing. he has his colonoscopy scheduled already. he has a bad fam hx so wants to go to the same guy who has "done" him several times already but current insurance does not cover that doctor.

TBM really surprised me! I've been pretty active but sometimes it seems like there is no overlap between different kinds of exercise. you would think there would be. so I can road ride, mt bike, and hike and do weights, but still get flattened by a metabolic workout.

We get toxic blue green algae blooms here in fresh water lakes. it is a big health risk especially to dogs since they drink the water. I don't think the water looks " bad", with all kinds of green slime, but certain lakes here get it annually so signs get posted to keep everyone out of the water.
Deb we have a "home gym" setup that we would love to get tid of. it has the leg extension and a pull down bar. we used it a lot at first but my knees got really sore. it was like the angle was wrong for me. we used it a lot for a few years but both of us like free weights better. good luck trying to even give it away.

ETA we mt biked today, about 2 hours. forgot to stop my timer. too many days in a row, tomorrow is a rest day.
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I did not sleep well last night. I ended up sitting up and reading for a couple of hours. My shoulder and neck hurt and I could not find a comfortable position and the Motrin did not work. I did try to do something before physical therapy and all I got done was the warm up from Fit Split Low Impact and the first move of the bonus abs. The second move was bear crawl and after doing the crab move I decided that was not going to work for me. I forgot what the moves were in that one. I originally was going to do the cardio and then felt I would not have time and was not feeling it. Decided maybe the abs..... Finally showered and got ready for physical therapy. I think it went well. He seems to think I have really tight muscles in the neck that are causing all of the problem. Funny thing is the left side is the one that is tightest and he measured my range of motion on each side. He worked on this after checking my movements and taking more measurements. It felt sort of good getting the deep stretch he was doing even though there was some discomfort. When he was done I got significantly more range in the left side. After some of that he went through the exercises that I will do at home with me. I did all of those. Afterward I went out to get the groceries and things I needed for the birthday cakes. One is going to be a cheesecake. My youngest daughter likes cheesecake like I do so I thought that would be a good one along with chocolate cake. I should make 4 cakes since we are celebrating four birthdays. Maybe I should have made some cupcakes. I baked the cake and wrapped it in the freezer last night and will do all of the decorating tomorrow. When I came home from shopping I tried playing the piano for awhile. I started feeling the tightness building and went through those exercises again. So far it has not got as bad as it has been. So, hoping this works. I go back Tuesday.

Carolyn, enjoy your time visiting your daughter.

Valerie, I already have an appointment for the Thyroid ultra sound on the 28th. They have not called for the echo schedule yet. I was hoping it would be the same place as the thyroid is going to be. She wasn't sure if they did those there or not. Hopefully everything comes out fine. I find watching the pictures of what is going on inside too as long as they aren't probing with a needle or something at the same time. I was watching when they did the needle biospsy till she hit a nerve and I got sick from the anesthetic. Ultrasounds and that sort of thing are interesting. I am sure the echo will be interesting too. I thought it was interesting when I was getting the testing and she had me uncross my legs because it was affecting my blood pressure reading or something. What month is your husband's birthday? Mine has his in February and I was going to work on getting his medicare set up and hoping this weekend. I got out all of my current paperwork and the 2019 Medicare guide. He is already getting loads of those mailers with people wanting to help with his medicare.


Good morning,

No workout yesterday. I renewed my subscription for Cathe Live. Hopefully I will be able to sign on to it easily, without having to have tech support from Chromecast..

Valerie, thanks for the info and link. John is such a skeptic, he most likely would not even try it. He is way overdue for a visit to his ENT DR. Good that your husband is getting Medicare soon. I have been really happy with what we have. Of course, we have more than the basic one you get from Medicare, with the parts C&D being paid to Independent Health, $65 a month. It's still a bargain compared to what I was paying before I was 65.

Diane Sue, glad your PT went well. I hope they are able to come up with a plan to get things back to normal. What type of schedule do they recommend? Multiple times a week?

Puppy agility with IKE today,

Hi to Lori, Judy, & Carolyn

Take care.


Deb menieres is ( I think) a different problem, caused by too much fluid in the inner ear. it can cause vertigo too, along with other things. I absolutely do NOT know if people with menieres can get the inner ear particle problem too. so unless his ENT suggests it, the procedure I posted might not help him. the "loose particle" problem is way more common. since he has been diagnosed by ENT with a different problem, I would not do this procedure unless his ENT recommends it.
Now my DH is thinking he might have menieres but since it cleared up quickly after the Epley maneuver, there's a good chance its only the particle problem. DH's 65th birthday is mid November, so he is enrolled as of Nov 1. his current coverage is just crappy but it was all he could get. mostly limits where he can get care, and then of course it doesn't cover much of anything, would only be helpful for catastrophic events. he was especially ticked about the colonoscopy not covered at the clinic where he has had 4 already. needless to say, he wants the same person to do the next one! it will be November. he has a terrible awful family history for colon cancer. almost everyone died of it, but they all refused screening and waited until it was too late for anything to help. so sad. even his parents would not get screened and his mother died of it, as the colon tumor was removed, but it has already spread elsewhere. his grandmother, grandfather, and several other family members died of it. you would think it would make people get checked early and often, but they did the ostrich routine and refused. we are doing our best to make sure it stops with this generation.

diane sue, my DH ended up consulting a woman who specializes in medicare sign up. she was very helpful. usually its free patient service. it depends on what choices there are. we may be changing my coverage too but can't do it until mid October. by then the 2020 plan info should be available but its not too soon to start looking at the options. I LOVE cheesecake. have not had it in years.

taking today off exercise. I did a lot this week.


Hello Ladies. We’ve had a busy and enjoyable two days so far. Last night we went to an informal talk that my daughter was doing at a local store, which was wonderful. I was amazed at the number of people that showed up. No time for workouts, but I didn’t expect there to be. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


This morning I did Kelly's Cardio Quick Fix workout 1 which is low impact and I added the first part of the abs and hips bonus skipping using weights though. This was standing work like warrior and arrow pulls. Floor started with hands on the floor and I quit there and then spent 38 minutes on therapy stretches and some lower body stretching to round things out.
Cardio Quick Fix was 34 minutes, heart rate 137 average, 171 max, 2,818 steps, 216 calories. Stretch and therapy moves 38 minutes and 50 calories, heart rate 71/113, 79 steps(I think from running downstairs to get my husband package tape) Total time 72 minutes, 266 calories, 2,896 steps. At least it was a bit of something. I wanted to get some mobility and movement in there.
I was hurting last night when I went to bed and was still hurting when I woke up this morning till I got moving. Somewhere in there I got in over 6 hours of sleep though. I was either so tired that I slept through the pain or it let up for awhile.

Deb, the doctor had ordered 4 weeks and they said they would have me come in twice a week and if it takes longer they will contact the doctor. They have an app that I am supposed to be able to sign into in a few days ( I will ask on Tuesday when I go in again) This will have my exercises and progress along with me being able to log what I do and ask questions and get help. I feel pretty good with my medicare and the supplements. Mine is a bit higher than yours, but the only out of pocket is the copay on prescriptions and the medicare part B deductable. Otherwise Mutual of Omaha has picked up every bit of the extras. So, yes it is better than what we had before and not all of the out of pocket copays and deductables I had with the other and not being able to get stuff done without authorizations by the insurance or going through my plan doctor.

Valerie, it is my understanding that if you are on social security medicare automatically sets you up. My husband is not on ss yet though. I set things up early so I am not sure how true that is. I read it in my medicare guide. Better to have it done in plenty of time. My husband's work retirement does have an advantage program that I sat through after I had already signed up for mutual of Omaha that was not too bad. For the most part they seem too much like regular insurance in that you have to get certain doctors on the plan etc.. At the time I had already taken myself off of my husband's insurance and once you do that you can't get it back. They had been working on that and it was not in affect at the time. I love cheesecake too. Hard to resist. I made a New York Cheesecake with some dark chocolate sour cream decor and covering over it. I definitely will have a piece. Not exactly the best for cholesterol though. That and pizza. Glad it is one day. Hopefully most of it gets eaten as there is also chocolate cake (we have those who seem to only like chocolate cake) I will send some home with the birthday people other than myself :)

Carolyn, I bet you feel so proud when you go hear your daughter speak. I am glad that you are having an enjoyable time.

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