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Good morning,

Yesterday I did the Hip bursitis stretching routine that Judy posted here. It was a little painful, but I am hoping that if I do it every day, it will help. Also went to agility class.

Diane Sue, Gertie sounds a lot like Kylee. She is constantly bringing a toy to me to play with her. She could play all day long. Are you going to try avoiding stevia to test to see if this will help your allergies? How was dinner?

Valerie, I felt the same about ginger ale for a long time. Not that I drink it anyway. I never tried any diet change, except for the 24 hour liquid beforehand and all tests were successful. I am now on a 5 year plan.

Carolyn, that is great that you add on a yoga stretch after a workout.

Hi to Lori & Judy,

Take care,


Today is a rest day. Deb, great job with getting the bursitis stretch done. I hope it helps with the pain after a few sessions.

We don’t have anything special planned for today. I’m still recovering from having 4 very high energy people with huge personalities here. I love them dearly, but they are exhausting!

Hello to everyone and have a great day.


Good morning everyone. we had a rough night last night. the fawn that keeps getting in our garden (looks like the Bastille) got back in. he gets in and out of spaces that seem secure. he started howling, screaming loudly around 9:30. it seems his mom wanted him to come out and however he got in, he could not get back out. we got up, DH started opening gates while I watched from the deck to see if we could see where he got in and out. he got panicky and disappeared behind the tomato bushes and somehow got out. we are worried he will get trapped inside, or hung up on the netting. he and mom trotted off as if nothing had happened. it was a pretty exciting 10 min. he hasn't eaten anything, but likes to go in and sleep. he has broken thru the netting but we keep zip tying it back together. we have bricks holding down the fencing. we even picked the garlic yesterday which is where he usually sleeps, thinking it was ready, and that removed some cover. didn't help.

then the people who didn't use up their fireworks on the 4th did so last night. incredibly loud most of the night. explosions. loud cars revving and racing. this is all loud noise, nothing that goes up in the air so you could see where its coming from. we don't know if people who live here, or what. chances are yes. it was a loud night. regardless, I slept well, in until 7:30. I think I was getting too much caffeine. I slept well the last 2 nights and feel caught up. you can't just call in a 911 complaint unless you can identify where it's coming from at least generally. if we have to get up and drive around to look it ruins your sleep totally. we've done it and it's hard to locate sounds.

Deb, good work on the stretching. be careful with advil you don't want to re-ignite your stomach issues. I am lucky, it doesn't bother me, but my DH can't use it at all anymore. I am careful myself.

diane sue, that is a bad time for a procedure. we always schedule early morning so we don't have that added almost entire day. DH can't be hungry that long and would get a migraine. someone has to get the later appts though.


Today is my rest day. Nothing much going on here. We drove by the Arthritis center so I could see where it was located before I go for my appointment a week from Sunday.

Deb, I hope the stretching helps. I am going to try avoiding Stevia. Fortunately the Collagen I purchased from Dr Axe in unflavored and no sweetener. Also I bought BioChem Whey and it just so happens the one I bought has sugar in it and no stevia. I tend to forget that BioChem a formula with Stevia and one with cane sugar. Those and the occasional nutrition bar are the items that I tend to get the diet sweeteners in. Dinner was really enjoyable. Another couple came along too and we ate at Longhorn Steak House.

Valerie, that is crazy that you keep having the fawn getting in your garden when you have the netting and stuff on it. My daughter has had problems with her garden and young fruit trees and deer messing with them. You would think those people would be all done with the fireworks. I intend to try to make sure I do not get a later appointment for the colonoscopy. Unless it is the only way I can get it done on a Monday.

Carolyn, a house full of energy can be fun and wear you down fast. I try to plan ahead as much as possible, meals and set up, so I am not running non stop.


Monday is often the most popular day for the procedure since most working people try to do the "clear liquid" day over the weekend. it would be hard to do the prep and work at most jobs.

erythritol is sugar alcohol similar to xylitol and will give a lot of people gas and diarrhea. I do not come anywhere near.

we used to have problems with deer eating our fruit trees, blueberry bushes, raspberries, and strawberries. they will take a bite, just one, out of ripe tomatoes, one bite per tomato. sometimes they just trample things. they eat plenty of the ornamental plants but it varies yearly what they like.
we tried deer spray but it rains a lot here, and the sprays smell bad to people too. eventually we just fenced the whole thing. we had trouble with a fawn 15 years ago. this one behaves the same way. almost like it's a chase game. he has not destroyed anything. we are worried he will get in and not be able to get yesterday ... or get entangled in the netting. we had a group of young bucks go thru our yard once and take most of our netting with them. we found it down in the trees. we switched to heavier netting after that. I still love to see them even if they cause trouble.
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Valerie, as far as I know any sugar alcohol can cause cramping and diarrhea. That is why I said I nibbled the cookies. I kind of felt guilty about tossing them with the costly ingredients that went into them. I keep hanging on to that bag of sweetener which seems silly as I know I am not going to use it. That makes since that most would want to do the prep on the weekend. My problem is that I need someone there and that means only Monday is available. I prefer it to be my husband or my daughter that is the dermatologist. Her office is closed on Mondays and have longer work days. It just hit at a bad time when she has these conferences. I will just get it rescheduled.
The deer are wonderful to watch. I have sat on my daughters screened porch and seen them leap over the fence and run up the hills. I would have thought their two labs would keep them chased off and prevent the trees and plants from being eaten. It still happens. Something came in and killed all of their chickens too. They would let them wander and shut them up at night. It is too bad they get inside the netting.


Good morning,

No workout, just the hip bursitis stretches.

Carolyn, I will give the stretching a few more days to see it they help. Right now, it really hurts to do them, but that is expected. LOL...about the strong personality types and being tired.....I get that! We have a lot of those in my family.

Valerie, sorry about the bad night. Hopefully as he gets older, the baby deer will start being more independent and at least Mom won't be trying to get him out of wherever he is sleeping. I can see how you would not want to call 911 without more info on where they are doing the fireworks. The police would probably not respond without more definite info anyway. I switched to Tylanol from Ibuprofen because I think the ibuprofen was causing issues. I only took 2 Tylenol last night. Not sure it did anything anyway.

Diane Sue, I hope avoiding the stevia helps. That would be great.

Hi to Judy and Lori,

Take care,


Deb that’s right. You can’t call 911 without an address or location. Can’t expect an officer to try to figure out where noise comes from in the dark especially if it’s intermittent which the explosions are, plus there were several locations. . Last night was quiet especially compared to Saturday.
Can you try icing you hip after stretching? Kind of an odd spot to get to with an ice pack
More later today


This morning I did All Out Low Impact HiiT for 40 minutes and 272 calories burned. Average heart rate was 130 and maximum heart rate was 157. I was very careful with the disc cardio and did most of it on floor without the discs.

I try to avoid medical appointments on Monday when possible. It’s a very busy day for all of our doctors. Some of them have different office locations so we can’t always avoid Monday appointments. I think my colonoscopy appointment was done on Friday so I missed 2 days of work.

Deb, using ice on your hip is a good idea. I’m sure that it will take a while to get better, but hope you can find short term relief.

Diane Sue, I didn’t realize that there are specialized arthritis centers, but that makes perfect sense. I’m sure there is one around here and I never noticed. What type of outcome do you expect from the appointment?

Hi to Judy, Lori, and Valerie.


Today's workout was Coffey Fit Raw Tabata weights, 36 minutes, 159 calories, met 4.0, 842 steps. I then did Kelly's 30 minutes to fitness lean body circuits mix hi/lo, 20 minutes 127 calories, met 5.8, heart rate average 140, max 155, 1,969 steps. Total time 56 minutes, calories burned 286. I have a lot to do today so needed this to not be too long.
I really liked the format of Tabata Weights. Time went by quickly.
Weights Rounds 1-3 timed at 20 seconds per exercise no rest between
1 arm row 15# heavy
bench press 15#
biceps 12# dbs (I think Kelly uses 10's)medium
lateral and front raise 8# dbs light
squats 15#dbs heavy
suitcase dead lift 15# dbs heavy
round 4 and 5 raise weights to 20 heavy, 15,medium, light 10
same exercises except biceps are supinated curls and front lateral raise is just lateral raise
round 6 is not timed and all the exercises done as in 4 and 5 are done at 12 reps each

I called this morning to change my appointment for the colonoscopy and they are having someone else call me back. I hate when they do that because that is when I get caught out of the house or in the shower or something and not prepared with my calendar on hand.

Deb, Tylenol rarely works for me. Ibuprophen upsets my stomach and causes me to lose hearing for some reason. Excedrin helps but it has caffeine and still can upset my stomach sometimes. It hurt like crazy when my low back and hip were hurting initially. I went with light pressure on the rolling and therapy balls on the side hurting. The other side did not hurt at all. Same with stretching, I could really feel it in the sore side. Then I would try to not over stretch the other side because Sarah Beth says to do things equally on both sides which makes sense. I am still doing the therapy balls and stuff, just not every day. I don't want that to come back.

Carolyn, I am not sure what to expect from the arthritis center. I mainly want to be sure it is not something like Rheumatoid arthritis. I also am hoping they might have some helpful suggestions without medication. I hate taking meds. When I think about it I wonder why I am going as I have been able to handle it myself. I would like to understand why some of the misshapen joints though. I know the questionaire left me thinking I must not be that bad off , from some of the questions asked. I workout and I don't think anyone with some of those things going on would be able to. I guess they are weeding out the worst case scenario.


Hi Everyone,

My low back has been bothering me a little so I'm taking a short break from my usual workouts. Yesterday I walked for an hour and today I walked a little over an hour. The weather is so nice this week, it felt good to be outside. We're making progress on the flooring. The half bath is completely finished and I'll post some photos later.

Deb-I really hope the stretching routine helps. I'm going to have do her low back video.

Valerie-erythritol does not agree with me either. I try to avoid all of the sugar alcohols as much as I can. My husband has no problems with them at all.

Diane Sue-Great job with the KCM workout! That tabata weights one looks good.

Hi to Carolyn & Lori!



Fawn got caught inside the fence again. :rolleyes:we hiked this morning and got home about 2:30. I looked at the garden and didn't see him in there, but 10 min later there was a bunch of screaming again, and sure enough he was caught in the netting but I wasn't sure at that time if he was inside or outside the netting. it's a corner behind the 5 ft tall tomato plants and hard to see. he ended up inside..... running around. I went down and opened a gate just as our next door neighbor came over. he heard the screaming too. this little guy is LOUD. we opened two gates and he bounced off several walls but finally ran out an open gate. this is getting old. we still can't see how/where he is getting inside but whatever spot he uses works to get in and then not too well to get out. all the drama is done for the day I hope.

hike was not too long and very rough. mud water, tons of snow. mosquitos to start. probably 3 miles RT with a fair elevation gain. awful drive to get there. a nice hike. we haven't hiked much this year and I expect to get sore and plan on another hike later in the week to get broken in and used to it.


Valerie-That sounds like a rough hike. I'm sorry about the fawn getting caught inside your fence again. I like deer but they can cause problems.


Good evening ladies,

I came back on Saturday. Was so very hard to leave. She was having a really bad day and in lots of pain. I have been crying off and on. We keep telling ourselves we have had 2 years more than expected and so many times we thought this was “it” and she hung on and bounced back. Now she is in Hospice and at the end of her Chemo pills. When you have Hospice then the Chemo pills are not covered by insurance and they are thousands of dollars a month. She will need to either go off this pill or stop Hospice. Stinks we have to make this decision.

I have been doing well with workouts. Strayed a bit from the SB rotation but been getting caught up the past couple of days in addition to a Sanfran circuit Bounce yesterday and a LEKbounce interval today.

Judy your floors look amazing! I bet you love them!!! Completely changes the look of your home. Hoping your back is better soon.

Valerie...funny how loud they can be. That stinks it keeps happening. Snow!!!! Where the heck did you hike! Lol! Been crazy hot here the past 10 days or so.

Diane Sue...great job with the raw workouts. You are relly taking advantage of them. Don’t blame you! Hope the new date is scheduled soon. I know what you mean when caught off guard. I need Ibuprophen. Tylenol does nothing for me.

Carolyn..same appts on Monday!

Deb...oh I hope your hip is better soon.

Have a good night all.


Good morning,

No workout, not much improvement in my hip situation.

Valerie, funny you should mention it, but I am going to try icing after stretching. Yes, hard spot to ice, I guess I will have to be lying down.

Carolyn, I can understand leaving out the discs. They can cause more issues if not extra careful.

Diane Sue, I always ran away from anything with "tabata" in the description , but that one definitely sounds interesting. The tylenol did not work at all for me either. What are therapy balls? Are misshapen joints always diagnosed as arthritis?

Judy, wow! the bath and floor look great! good that you are resting your back and going to do the stretches.

Valerie, poor baby fawn! Maybe he is jumping the fence to get in? He may have a running start from the outside, but then can't do the same when he wants to get out. That's too bad about the drive to where you hike, especially since you like the hike.

Lori, that is sad about Madeline, but like you said, you had 2 years that you did not think you would have with her. It sounds like she is in a lot of pain, and that is no way to live. Is she awake/conscious? That is one of the hardest decisions to make. Will you be going back again soon?

Class this morning, hoping to do the stretches/icing beforehand..

Take care,


This morning I did Coffey Fit Raw Intervals #3, 28 minutes(32 with writing it out) 206 calories, met 5.8, heart rate 115 average, 153 max, 1,813 steps.
I stopped here. I am just so tired. I have been coughing like crazy and hardly sleeping. There is just not that much energy there and I have my grandson here and vacation Bible school to go to with my daughter and her children this evening.
Raw Intervals #3 no fancy footwork for the step and cardio portions, everything has a fast paced low weight followed by a heavier weight for each body part Kelly uses 3# and 10# dumbbells, you need a warm up for this
3# quick biceps curls followed by slower curls with 10#
ski runs and jacks
bent arm lateral raise with pulses 3# followed by 10# lateral rases
step single leg knee pulls
triceps 3# run followed by 10# alternating kickbacks
step scissors / pop squats done in sets of 8 with a pause
pec dec 3# pulses followed by 10# pec deck
step lateral leg lifts with arm movements
back rows 3# fast followed by 10# rows
waist line side to side bends followed by seated on step knee ins

Lori, I feel terrible for Madeline and for you and her family. She has put up a tremendous fight.

Deb, I have found that all tabata workouts are the same. This was more a timed weight workout with little rest. I generally think of tabata rounds as really high intensity cardio bursts as hard as you can go with a break. But I have ran across other Tabata weight workouts that were much like the one Kelly did. Everything I see when I look up an explanation is that Tabata is an extra intense Hiit workout. So, with that the only thing I see tabata in in the weight realm is that it is done in short weight bursts in rounds with brief or no breaks. I was referring to the yoga tune up balls that I have and use as therapy tools. :)

Judy, I really liked the Tabata weights and am sure I will be doing that one again. I love your remodel. The flooring looks son nice with the white contrast. The bath looks great.

Valerie, I am sorry the fawn got in again. I feel bad for it. You would think after the fright that it would go somewhere else. I am sure it is not nice having it mess up your garden too.


This morning I did ICE Chiseled Upper Body. It was 48 minutes and 197 calories burned. My average heart rate was 111 and maximum heart rate was 166.

Deb, I used to think of tabata the same way—something to be avoided. However, I have done several that are not at all like that. Kelly’s Lower Body Tabata is an example and I have tried one from Chris Freytag.

Diane Sue, a shorter workout today was probably a good idea. You have a lot going on this week and you don’t want to overdo.

Judy, your remodeling looks great. You and your husband have done a wonderful job.

Lori, that’s sad news about Madeline. I’m glad that you were able to spend time with her.

Valerie, I can’t believe that the fawn keeps coming back and getting caught. Nice job on the hike.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


its raining this morning so will wait til later to see if we can further block garden access. no way he jumps over. he pushes under and thru the netting as far as we can tell. the netting is heavy duty, but garden is a huge space over uneven ground so netting is spliced together in many places. he has not hurt anything in the garden. we worry he will get injured trying to get out. whatever way he gets in must not work well getting back out. we found some of the first places he used and blocked them, but he keeps finding more spots. fawns will crawl under things. we think he gets his nose under the netting and then pushes forward and upward next to some landscape bricks, but going back out, he is instead coming from above and maybe can't get enough push to get under the netting without getting snagged. you would think all the trauma would have him going elsewhere but no.
we ended up having a chat with a neighbor who came over to help when he heard the fawn screaming.

Lori that is sad. hope some compromise can be worked out for madeleine.
there is tons of snow yet. it is a late year for melt out but high places don't always melt out completely. there are permanent snow fields and glaciers. seasonal snow melts back a lot but not always completely. depends on the year. higher roads are open because they are plowed. snow is not necessarily good or bad for mountain travel. it can be treacherous but also can be easier to walk on than what is underneath, that can be a tangle of downed trees, branches and brush. its hard to explain until you've been there.

Judy, it looks fantastic. we used similar colors and brushed nickel and towel rings.

I got barely sore at all from the hike. good news. biking and hiking don't work muscles the same way so I was pleasantly surprised. will try for another hike later in the week.

Deb I read icing is recommended. guess it depends on where it hurts

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