Pentagenarians & Beyond" W/B 7/7


This morning I was hesitant on the challenge workout, but did get it in. Not one that I am in love with. I started with tomorrow's workout which I really like, Raw Interval's 4, 41 minutes, 286 calories, met 8.0, heart rate average 135, max 173, 2708 steps. Then I did today's challenge, Raw Tubing Works, 41 minutes, 146 calories, met 4.0, 523 steps, heart rate average 96, max 136. Total time 82 minutes, 3,131 steps, 432 calories. I did both workouts because I want to do just cardio tomorrow and not weight/strength work. I have my grandson 8 is here today.

Tabata style 8 rounds of each exercise 5 rnds then 3 rnds burnouts
Uses a stability ball, tubing, and loop band(which is only used for one round)
Rows on stability ball with tubing 5 rnds then 3 rnds faster paced burn out
Bench Press on stability ball with tubing 5 rnds then 3 rnds at a faster pace burn out
Abductors seated on stability ball with loop band above knees 5 rounds then 3 rnds burn outs
Crunch on stability ball 5 rnds with 3 rnds burn outs
Biceps curls on stability with tubing 5 rnds and 3 rnds alternating run burn out
Triceps kickbacks on stability ball with tubing 5 rnds and 3 rnds alternating run burn out
Adductors on floor with stability ball between knees 4 rnds hold squeeze for 20 seconds then 4 rnds pulse squeezes
Lower abs reverse curls with ball between knees 4 rnds then double leg raise to hands with stability ball between feet 4 rnds

Coffey Fit Raw Intervals #4 requires 6 inch step and 12.5 or 15# dbs I used 12's and 15's and 10's for overhead press
One cardio 30 sec and one strength move 30 sec repeated twice and move to the next then all are repeated ending with some core and upper body the second time
Split and squat jack cardio/ dbs power curls
Pendulums cardio/ deadlift upright row dbs
Achy feet (Heisman?) cardio/lunge press 1 arm
Plunge lunge turn side to side lunge cardio/side lunge curls dbs
Jump on step squat touch down/plank rows dbs
Heel crossovers/ jacks and skates
Repeat all cardio and weight segments again excluding heel cross overs and jacks and skates (second time is shorter, the cardio is done twice followed by one set of the weight moves or a shorter session when it requires each side.
End with lying on step skull crushers to sit ups
Flys with leg raise
Stretch at 39 minutes

Deb, nice workout yesterday. I was relieved to have got the package. I was not going to leave it up to them to deliver again. I guess our street is pretty quiet since it is a circle and not much traffic. It was unusual to see deer in the middle of a hot afternoon hanging out in front of homes. I have seen herds across from the park and my husband has seen 8 of them in the wee hours of the morning milling when he turned into our neighborhood. We are not in the country, but there is woods and the park and lake around us so I guess that is why there are quite a few here.

Valerie, too bad the deer ate your berry bushes. They were sure plucking away at that tree. I know farmers do not care for deer all that much because they eat their crops. I think they are beautiful creatures. It was pleasant seeing them as I am rushing out the door. I had to stop and watch them for a bit.


Today I did Slow and Heavy Chest and Back. That was 69 minutes and 221 calories burned. Average heart rate was 102 and maximum heart rate was 141.

Yesterday there was money flying all around one of the expressways here! Apparently the door came open on an armored truck and money was everywhere. People were pulling over on the highway and trying to grab some of it. It was the craziest thing!

Diane Sue, that’s amazing that an entire deer herd was across from your driveway! We usually see one or two at most.

Deb, nice job with Chiseled Upper Body.

Hello to Valerie, Judy, and Lori.


Carolyn, nice work on Slow and Heavy today. That is wild about the money flying around. I would have figured it would be in trunks or something. I don't suppose people were stopping to gather money to help out the driver. I bet the driver is in trouble for the doors coming open. It would sure raise a lot of commotion and traffic problems.


I saw pics of people chasing flying money! we have bad enough traffic problems without that!

some years we have a big herd of deer, and other years they are dispersed. in Montana there is a herd of mule deer that hangs around that is about 15 deer, all does with their offspring. I get mad when they eat things I want to keep, but I'm a total softie about doing anything. sometimes we spray deer repellant on some new small bushes so they have a chance to get growing and established.

ended up taking the day off. some house and yard projects and shopping.


Good morning,

Yesterday I did LITE Cardio Party, 39 minutes, 230 calories. I am really starting to like this one a lot.

Valerie, I did an Ibdm search on BCS Season 2 and read the descriptions of the episodes. It looks like I may have missed some or skipped some. I am going back to the library and taking out season 2 again and re-watching it. When I continued with season 3, it got more and more confusing, to the point I figured I had to have missed something.. No, I have not seen BB. I thought since BCS was the "prequel" to BB, I would start there.

Diane Sue, nice workouts! You are really enjoying Kelly's RAW streaming. I keep saying I will sign up for it, or get Cathe's back, but I feel I have not really given the LITE series the use I should have. We have never since a deer in our neighborhood, but we have had wild turkeys. LOL...

Carolyn, what you described is something out of a movie, "Manna From Heaven" was just like that. They had to be crazy to be out on the expressway! It's surprising that no one was hurt.

No workout today. We are taking both dogs to the groomer ( actually their breeder who grooms as well), going to the outlet mall to kill time while they are there.

Hi to Lori & Judy,

Take care,


Today I did a premix from KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix for 37 minutes and 281 calories burned. The premix was part of workout one and all of workout two. My average heart rate was 132 and maximum heart rate was 146. After that I did Element Yoga with Alanna Zabel for an additional 23 minutes and 43 calories.

The flying money on the expressway was crazy. It was like a scene from a movie. People initially pulled over onto the side, but some stopped before they were out of the traffic lane. The police are reminding people that they can’t keep the money and one man has already returned $2100.

Deb, Cardio Party is a fun cardio workout. I like it a lot.

Hello to everyone and have a wonderful day.


This morning I did Cathe's Step Blast, 56 minutes, met 7.8, 381 calories, 5,160 steps, heart rate average 146, Max 180. I then did Step Jump and Pump step only, 16 minutes, heart rate average 134, max 159, met 7.0, 95 calories, 1,524 steps. I finished off with Raw abs finisher, 19 minutes, heart rate average 98, max 156, met 3.6, 62 calories, 376 steps. Total time was 91 minutes, 538 calories, 7060 steps. For some reason my watch quit syncing with my devices when I did the abs, so after messing with it and shutting everything down etc., I gave up and used Map My Fitness to get the rest of my stats. I had already written down what was on the watch. I just used the steps from last time, otherwise I had everything. I hope it starts working right.

Deb, wild turkey would be different. We always have lots of geese milling around the streets. Now they are not likely to get out of your way. They take their time when they see a car coming. They leave an awful mess when they hang around the mail boxes. I have used the lite series quite a lot. Still using it some with Kelly's workouts. I really do like it.

Valerie, I would probably be the same way with the deer. Deer ate the fruit off of my daughter's fruit trees the first year. I think they got some last year and did some canning. The trees are not real big yet.


Deb, I don't know how much I would/ would not understand if I hadn't seen BB before Saul. there are many characters and connections that maybe made sense to me , but not to you. It might end up making BB clearer from the beginning if you plan on watching it too. Maybe you accidentally skipped a few episodes. things get explained in time. part of the fun of this series is the time jumps, not getting everything, in order, from the get-go. after season 5 comes out I would like to watch beginning to end, if that is the last season. I don't know that, just assuming #5 will be end of the story.
we watched Saul and BB from DVDs (Netflix_), so when new disk comes we immediately look to make sure they sent the right one. Netflix has made mistakes plenty of times before! with both of us watching, we didn't skip anything. sometimes we'd start an episode and stop, back up to previous episode to make sure we didn't skip something by accident. the story does not follow an unwavering timeline. so yes, expect periods of confusion. it definitely doesn't hurt to go back and make sure you didn't skip.

Another series we have enjoyed is Shameless. OMG.... I'm hesitant to recommend this one! it has something to offend EVERYONE many many times over. guilty pleasure? they manage to make the characters warm and kind and endearing(mostly) even though they often do foul, disgusting, monumentally stupid things. doing those disgusting things is really the whole story. You will see quickly if it's anything you can enjoy. not(!) for kids or sensitive people.

its funny because we seldom see deer in the mountains where they get hunted. we see most deer these days in the suburbs where they are relatively safe and habituated to people

Diane sue, our deer eat the fruit... and the whole plant with it. they tore up strawberries by the roots and ate those too.
do you remember when canadian geese were a special treat, hearing them fly by in fall honking? well, now they are breeding everywhere squeezing out other birds and leaving their green green poop everywhere. they stay here all year. I am all for a hunting season on them.
Update.... our HOA has been awarded $67,000 for settlement and litigation costs against the party trying to rent out his house for commercial purposes. so glad we persisted. now we wait for the money.
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Valerie, that is great news that your HOW was awarded settlement costs. So has the owner stopped renting for commercial purposes??
I have noticed that the geese do not seem to leave in the winter. I mentioned that to my husband when it was getting cold and wondered why they were not all heading south. We are by the lake and there is a small lake in our neighborhood as well that has a stream that runs down along the back of the houses across from me. I know the water attracts them. There are both ducks and geese and one big white one. The ducks don't wander around the neighborhood so much though. Although one nested in our hedge out front. Once the eggs hatched it left.


he can only rent it out like a B&B which way limits commercial use. he has to get documentation, and approval ahead etc. it isn't perfect, but the whole B&B thing is new and we didn't have anything in our CC&Rs that addressed this. it has stopped the flagrant abuses, and maybe will turn out to be more trouble than its worth. we will see. our HOA still has to keep track of and monitor what he does. I don't know when the money will show up. we have a road fund that needs money so I expect it will go there rather than be returned to us but that's OK. it was worth it.

I did Stacked upper and the ab workout today, because we are hiking tomorrow.

Canada geese used to be in Canada, didn't they? we didn't see them everywhere like we do now. we used to see them flying in the v formation heading south in fall. now it seems they stay year round, especially in grassy areas. global warming?


Valerie, I hope that it works out. I guess that is like the money our HOA collects for private roads funds. Every July we pay for that along with our regular quarterly dues. I keep telling my husband someone needs to fix these big road cracks in our circle. I keep going out and spraying grass and weed killer in the cracks in front of our house as I think it looks ugly.
I looked it up and Canada Geese just got the name because many migrated there. They actually are native to the northern states and Canada. They tend to nest in the same areas that their parents did. Since drops in temps do not last that long in the US they tend to stay, particularly in grassy areas.


Today I did Slow and Heavy Triceps and Biceps. My time was 66 minutes with 233 calories burned. My average heart rate was 102 and maximum heart rate was 141. This was the same heart rate numbers as Wednesday. I think that the 1 minute rest between each set is one reason for that.

We see those geese a lot. They make a lot of noise as they fly over.

Waving hello to everyone. Have a wonderful day and stay dry.


Hi Everyone,

Wednesday I did a 1 hour indoor ride, yesterday I did an 80 minute ride and today I did Ab Circuits, Medicine Ball Abs then Slow & Heavy Biceps and Triceps.

Deb-Great job with LiTe Cardio Party! You have gotten some good workouts in this week!

Carolyn-Great job with Slow & Heavy this week! I saw those on the July rotation and I decided to add them into my workout schedule. I think I'll do the other 2 next week. I love those old school workouts!

Diane Sue-Great job with Step Blast! I really need to get some step workouts in so I can be ready for Step Boss when it comes out.

Valerie-That is great news that your HOA won a settlement!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Today, I wanted to avoid my shoulders so I did Coffey Fit Raw Step 2, 41 minutes, met 7.5, heart rate average 137, max 164, 265 calories, 3,668 steps. I then did Raw Hips and Glutes, 25 minutes, met 5.5, 121 calories and finished off with Raw Stretch, 28 minutes, met 2.5, 67 calories. Total time was 94 minutes and calories burned 453.
Weights today
Hips and Glutes Raw
4 sets each move Kelly says she is using a 22 # barbell Moves are timed
Squats I used 15's because I did not want to lift the bar over my shoulders
Bridges on bench 35# barbell
deadlifts 1 set regular 35# barbell 4 sets dead, squat, up
pizza push 5# ankle weights
hydrant 5# ankle weights
alternating lateral leg raise (pendulum) 5# ankle weights
alternating pizza push 5# ankle weights
seated knee ups
plank on bench knee pulls (I did 2 sets) This is where the camera stops and I did not want to do four sets as the planks were irritating my shoulder.

Carolyn, I don't notice the geese squacking so much. I hear birds that seem to want to hang out on our skylights. One day Gertie was barking like crazy and she was upstairs. I went to see what she was barking at and there was a couple of crows on the skylight over the living room and she was up there watching them. I rather like hearing the birds. I worry a bit about them picking the sealant off the skylights or something though. Those longer rests always take the heart rate down and seem to lower the heart rate average overall.

Judy, I wish I was at good at those Spin rides as you are. I thought this morning that I could do a ride and it would not irritate my shoulder, but just really did not want to do it. I need to find ways to make it motivational, somehow. I should get out my Mindy Mylrea tabata spin workout that has floor and spin work. Although that one is tough. She is the energizer bunny. I am looking forward to the step boss workouts.


DH and I did intended hike today, 3.5 hours round trip. its a tough messy hike, steep, brushy, rooty and not really a trail but we get to be alone... which makes it worth it. too humid but air was clearing out as we were finishing, with cooler drier breezes.
were not sure we would go because we had a noticeable earthquake last night. 4.6 at 2:50 am. wow... it woke us up! there supposedly were 2 shocks but we only felt one, epicenter about 20-30miles away. no one has any damage so far as I know. still, scary! my neighbor and I were texting back and forth furiously, and she said her DH slept thru it. it woke me, but I knew immediately what it was.

Wow, everyone is doing such good workouts here lately. we should all be proud.


Good morning,

No workout yesterday, probably none today, but doing 2 agility classes, one with Kylee and one with IKE.

Carolyn, nice KCM premix! Funny, but how will the police know if the people kept the money or not? I am pleasantly surprised that someone actually turned in $2100. I would think that anyone that would risk their lives (and others lives) picking it up, would not be the type of person that would voluntarily turn it in. Maybe it is more like the person was trying to help the company get it back.

Diane Sue, so frustrating when electronics go haywire for some reason. I have seen the turkeys in a bunch on people's lawns. Don't know what they do if they are scared by people or a car. I know that they can fly hard and fast.

Valerie, wow, and earthquake! Surprised that your husband slept through it. I found that I had totally skipped disk 3 of season 2...duh! so no wonder I had no idea what was going on. I went back to the library and got all of season 2 out again, and skinned all the episodes until I get to disk 3 and found I had not seen those at all. Will look for Shameless on Prime or library. I like getting recommendations from people....even if some are not really my thing, still interesting to see. We have a lot of Canada geese here too, mostly in big fields. we run into them when we are at the arena for our trials, because it is surrounded by fields, etc. The smell first thing in the morning is horrible. Great that your HOA was rewarded a settlement. Pays sometimes to pursue things like that.

Judy, I see you did S&H Biceps & Triceps along with Carolyn. One of my favorites from the S&H series. When will the bike be delivered?

Hi to Lori,

Take care,


Deb, it was my neighbors husband who slept thru it. amazing. I was sound asleep, immediately knew what it was and was grabbing things if we needed to get out. every house is constructed differently. maybe their house didn't rattle as much as ours did. back in 2001 we had a bigger quake during the day.
DH and I were cross country skiing and were sitting down for lunch when we heard it coming. we were bounced all over the place as we sat. we hurried back home, hoping there had been no slides, and bridges were intact. found no damage once we got back there. we keep supplies ready in case of a bigger quake, but relied heavily on our camper, and with it off being repaired, it is uncomfortable knowing a lot of our back up stuff was not here. we keep extra food, water, clothes, sleeping bags, meds, toiletries. we need things for power outs too. I will feel better when we get camper back since it gives us a place to sleep, eat, cook and safe storage for contact lenses, medications etc.
just about every place has some big thing potentially causing chaos and damage. tornadoes, floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, major heat or cold. pick what you can live with.

we've had that happen when Netflix sent us a disk out of order. start playing it and no clue what's going on. glad you got it straightened out. Be warned... Shameless has plenty of things to offend ( and charm) everyone. it's based on a similar British series I've never seen available anywhere. Bill Macy has received awards for his portrayal of Frank Gallagher, a disgusting despicable creature! but you still can't help but like and enjoy him, at least sometimes. we are on Season 9 now. I loved him in Fargo!

I never bought S&H. I have STS though, and the one section with the long waits drove me crazy. I was always trying to speed it up which defeats the purpose, I know, but Id rush it anyway.


Valerie, there are 2 different (I think) programs with that name in Amazon. Is this the one?
Meet the Gallagher family as they experience life on the edge in a blur of sexual adventures, triumphs, love, scams and petty crime in a Manchester housing estate. Just be thankful they're not your neighbors. that I look at the actors, that one you mentioned is not in this one, so it must be the other one. Figures....that one is not free on Prime :(



Deb, I didn't know amazon had the british version too. we watch the American version with William macy and emmy rossum. with Neflix rental. American version is based in Chicago, not Manchester. (if you put in a link it didn't show up) guaranteed to offend EVERYONE!! multiple times. some parts make you want to laugh, cry, and maybe vomit! for me, I enjoy it once, but would not buy the series.


This morning I did WS3 Cardio Hit. It was 31 minutes and 218 calories burned. Average heart rate was 128 and maximum heart rate was 152. This was a nice short kickboxing type workout. My knee was bothering me a bit and I decided not to do Cathe’s Rockout Knockout.

Deb, enjoy the agility classes today. The police don’t know who picked up the cash. They are appealing to people to do the right thing, but that’s not really happening. About $4000 has been returned from the $175,000 that was blown away.

Judy, we chose the same workout yesterday. Biceps and triceps are my least favorite body parts to work, but the Slow and Heavy is not bad at all.

Valerie, I’m glad that you were able to get your hike in yesterday. I find that I really appreciate the rests between sets with Slow and Heavy. There’s something about the very slow movements that is very exhausting.

Diane Sue, nice job with Raw Step and Raw Hips and Glutes. It’s good that you are enjoying the Raw streaming.

Hello to Lori. I hope you are doing well. We miss you here.

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