Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 6/28


This morning I did Step Sync, combos 2 and 3. That was 38 minutes and 308 calories burned. My average heart rate was 138 and maximum heart rate was 163.

Diane Sue, that was quite a workout with the super long Step Sync plus bonus. Great job. I went to the bank Monday. I intended to do the drive through not realizing that it was closed. I prefer freshly ground nut butters and had been grinding it myself in the store. That’s not an option these days, but the store grinds it fresh.

Valerie, I was going to mention Fitness1st, a site where I ordered my barbell and some dumbbells. However, when I looked at their website yesterday they are sold out of dumbbells too except for the very heavy sizes.

Judy, nice job with the KCM workouts. I am also concerned about people who are traveling around and possibly spreading the virus. Home Depot might not be a good place for you right now.

Cathy, I am sorry that you are having such problems with sleep. I have to stir my husband’s peanut butter periodically to mix in the oil that separates. He never does that and the peanut butter in the bottom is too dry.

Hello to Deb, Lori, and Christina.


Good morning,

Yesterday I did LITE Stacked Sets Lower Body ( Carolyn, great minds think alike! workout today. Had over 11,000 steps, but my FitBit will not synch with my I can't access the actual report.

Valerie, it's amazing how people are thinking we are all "back to normal" now. I still find it amazing that there are no dumbbells available. Remember the old fashioned DB's where you had the bar and you put the plates on to make it heavier, lighter etc? I still have a set of those, but stopped using them when buying the preset weighted DB's were so much easier to use. That was nice of your neighbors to give you those masks.

Judy, Good job on KCM! I understand how you must feel conflicted about working. You need to do what makes you feel comfortable. Like you said, you can get another part time job later.

Lori, I can't imagine how you are getting any sleep at all with all that is going on with you right now! What did you end up deciding on where to live? Is it a condo? I remember Cathe's original Boot Camp came with Muscle Endurance didn't it? I had the VHS tape and the DVD. I felt so good when I could finally do all the exercises in it. :)

Cathy, YAY for 5 hours of sleep! not a yoga fan here...I am hoping that the new DVD series yoga workout will be something I can stick to. I have had LIVE for about 4 or so years now. That is definitely a long drive, and I would not want to do it alone either. Yes, lake effect snow is scary and so unpredictable! Keep your nut butter in the refrigerator upside issue with the just stir it and it is great.

Diane Sue, nice job on the KCM workouts. People can go ahead and sell their "now not used" fitness equipment, but I hope they keep the pets they got. :(. I can't predict what my FitBit is going to seems pretty consistent with the HR and calorie count, just the synch problems bug me.

Carolyn, glad your sinus headache is gone. Good job on Rockout Knock Out....and Stacked Sets Lower Body. I hope your dentist's office staff was able to ally your worries about going there.

Take care,


Deb-Nice job with Stacked Sets Lower Body! Thank you,conflicted is exactly how I feel. I really enjoy working at HD. I love my co-workers and before Covid I really enjoyed helping customers and working with people. I hope that I don't have to quit in order to stay safe during this time. I think I will be able to take a leave of absence if/when it comes to that.

Carolyn-Great job wit Step Sync! Thank you, it does seem like HD might not be the best place for me right now.

Valerie-I wish I would have bought a couple of 40 lb dumbbells for Chris before all this happened but he had no interest in working out at home then. I agree, it will be difficult to close the businesses that have just reopened but it looks like it might be necessary.

Cathy-I'm sorry about your sleep. I wake up several times during the night but usually end up going back to sleep. I'm lucky if I get 6 hours total. I was doing better for a while then with all the Covid stress, my sleep started to deteriorate again. I haven't been to northern Michigan yet, even though I've lived in Michigan for almost 13 years. Whenever we travel it's usually to Indiana or Colorado to visit family.


Cathy I carried more than you for back up. I was working and needed back up clothes, shoes/boots. I got off a plane once somewhere in Montana and there was 2 feet of snow in the rental car parking lot. those boots were handy! carried a down parka, hat, gloves. MT is a lot more civilized now than it was 30-35 years ago. contact lenses, saline, make up, DH always carries meds for a day or two.
DH and I have been caught in the lake effect snow in Utah more than once. Ugly! everything is fine...until suddenly..... it's not, summer to winter in 30 feet. I traveled alone most of the time and was ready for almost anything. I lived in WI for 20+ years and I don't think I ever drove much in northern WI or the UP. my family didn't travel and I had no reason to go north.

we mountain biked this morning. it was beautiful. it was hard!. route goes uphill on a road for a mile, that was OK. then the trail is very narrow single track with tall grass and flowers on the sides. I have trouble steering when its so narrow, I wobble all over, going uphill. coming back downhill I am fine. . the tall vegetation makes it feel very closed in, and messes with my head. just gorgeous out.


I just finished Coffey Fit Raw Cardio Crush #2 for the second time this week. Much better than it was Monday with the Fitbit. I knew it was way off then and wanted to repeat it. This was 32 minutes, heart rate 132/169, 179 calories and fitbit did not drop out on me this time. 3,184 steps. Lots of fun, but I was surprised they were doing that jumping and squat thrusts on driveway pavement. I followed this with Coffey Fit Raw Intervals #5, 24 minutes, 120 calories, 1,706 steps, heart rate 126/156. Love this one. I used 10# dumbbells and a 10# kettlebell for overhead moves (there are two) otherwise I used 15 nd 20 # kettlebell for the swings, 20 for the figure 8's (forgot how long it goes and fast paced), 10 and 12 # dumbbells for the rest of the dumbbell moves. Bench presses have become hard for me because they hurt the front of my shoulders Total time was 56 minutes, 299 calories (should have jumped around for a couple minutes LOL) 4,890 steps.
After I was done I went to Sprouts an did some shopping. Boy are meat prices going up!! My husband eats a lot of beef which is crazy expensive for the lean stuff I buy, and I am not the one that eats most of it. I bought 2 # of Salmon because it looked decent this time and fresh, not like it had been sitting there for awhile in the ice. I did not eat before I went and it was 3 o'clock when I got home. I ended up with such a bad headache and to top it off, my neck is really hurting. I ate and took Excedrin which gave me a stomach ache. Better tonight. I need to get done and try to get some sleep. I will take some Calm magnesium before I go to bed.
I still need to spend some time playing with Gertie. She gets so bored and when I offer to play with her she gets so excited. One of my older grandson's has been over quite a bit lately and she loves it because he tosses her toy for her. She has a favorite which is funny as she has two and one is the smaller of the two, she cherishes the one that has the squeaker and chews on the one that doesn't. They are the same toy. One is pink and one purple. She has been through several of them, but the pink has lasted two years.

Judy, I did Strength and Stamina a lot before Kelly got so many workouts up on her streaming. It has been awhile now. I do like her workouts a lot. I don't blame you for having some anxiety about work. I have decided to quit listening to so much media. It makes for anxiety and less sleep. Funny my preacher said he didn't watch the news for a couple of days and felt so much more at peace and once he decided to turn it on for a bit nothing had really changed.

Valerie, I have some macadamia milk that froze in the back of my refrigerator. Now it is not smooth. I can put it in a smoothie in the Ninja blender and it works okay. I transferred the milks and creamers to the bottom of my refrigerator. I need to get my freezer fixed. I checked yesterday and it seems the norm for having a new gasket put on is 250 dollars. It would be worth it I guess. We put one on it, but it still frosts up within a few days. It doesn't fit right and we spent 100 dollars on that gasket. Won't do it ourselves again. It is an upright freezer. We bought it 8 years ago when we purchased a side of beef. Winters I have turned it back on because if it is cold in the garage it takes longer for it to get too much frost build up. I am tired of digging around in the side by side refrigerator freezer that is in the garage to make things fit. I hadn't thought about people buying up the freezers. Makes sense because they sure like to gut the store shelves. My daughter said she saw a guy with a container with 5 packs of Clorox wipes at Walmart. She said she went and looked and couldn't find any and he said there was just a few and they were under some boxes. So, she went back and found them. It limited to one of the 5 packs and she gave one to each of my granddaughters.

Cathy that is a really long drive for one day by yourself. I used to drive 100 mile trip and that was plenty for me. I kept my doctor in Oklahoma City when we moved away and would drive down here to visit family and go to my appointments and then drive back to the other city. We moved back two years later so I am glad I kept my doctor and bank. I really like Step Sync and it is one of the workouts that I do that gets a lot of steps in. You wouldn't see me driving in bad weather. I still check all of my weather apps and check several days ahead of appointments for any reason that I might need to change that appointment because I am not getting stuck outside during hail, snow, tornadoes, floods, whatever. I think I have been caught in too many of those situations in my car and it is not fun. My guess is that the oil may have leaked out of the top of the seal or something since the nut butter probably got hot. I had 1 jar awhile back from Amazon that was left on my doorstep and when I opened the box it had oil down the sides of it and a little had escaped. It was hot outside and even though the seal seemed to be intact it had obviously let some out. Plus it was on it's side in the box. It was okay though when I opened it. I just need to make a not to myself on mail orders as to how well it will keep in heat. I read someone say on a vitamin supplement that their capsules melted while being shipped. I had fish oil in the bottom of a jar of omega 3 vitamins that I purchased once. With Walmart though, I am guessing things are kept somewher

Carolyn, you did a lot better than me with Step Sync and doing the shorter workout. I really should give the Fitbit Blaze a try again, but I hate that I have the newer one and it is so inconsistent. Today it did better and I wasn't trying to add lots of extra jumps and oomph to the workout to get some. I used to buy nut butters where you ground it yourself. I guess the next best thing is the nut butters Sprouts has in the tubs. I just went back to buying it in jars. I usually always go through the drive through if I have to go to the bank. My husband used to work at this back as their security and likes to go in and say hi. He really liked the people there that he worked with. I guess that is why the girl at the window mentioned the cases of covid to him. I doubt she'd tell just anyone that comes to the window. They were wearing gloves and masks.

Deb, did you try shutting both your fitbit and your phone down and trying. Fitbit has been messing with things and had put out something about being down because they were trying to fix a problem with Fitbit syncing with MFP. I think they keep messing things up and trying to do new updates. I wish they would just get it right. I do hate the way people get animals for fun and they are like a disposable toy or something. People are always finding abandoned pets around here. Someone in our neighborhood had a lop eared bunny that was obviously a pet, but they couldn't locate an owner. She put it out all over and someone else that had some pet bunnies took it in. But dogs and cats are found quite often. Then some people say they can't find any at pet rescues. People have taken them home.


I went food shopping this morning including a trip to Costco, so no workout. My body felt like a rest day was needed. I didn’t think about planning for the 4th of July when I went to the store last week and I didn’t have some needed items.

Deb, that’s funny that we did the same workout Wednesday. Nice job getting over 11,000 steps.

Diane Sue, I always get a headache if I go to long without eating. I was like that Monday when I had the sinus headache. I couldn’t eat because of the headache, then I felt worse when I didn’t eat! I only had a cup of chicken broth for dinner which was all I could handle.

Waving hello to everyone this afternoon. Have a wonderful day.


I slept way to late, but I guess I needed it after the head and neck pain. I did Raw Step 3 changing up the weight a bit so no overhead shoulder presses or upright rows. I just did side to side squats and biceps curls for those spots. this was 44 minutes, 217 calories, heart rte 123/158, 4,375 steps. I then did Merge Yoga Good Posture neck and shoulder focus just the first half which is neck focus, 33 minutes, heart rate 74/88, 33 calories. I liked most of this as there was a lot of making sure you are lengthening through the neck and some tractioning through moves. The part I was worried about is the lying on a yoga block and tilting the head back to the floor and lying there. I could not do this without supporting my head with my hands and not going back so far. It was painful. Hopetully it was all good and I don't pay for it in the end. Also, I have read that plow is not a good move for the neck. I will be using it more providing it does not lead to another day of pain. I will try the neck later. I also have another marked that I wanted to do. Total time was 77 minutes, calories burned 250.

Carolyn, I am thinking I will have to take more rest days next week. I am not sure how it will go. I have two appointments at the Heart Hospital, my 5 year old grandson one day which I want to have time with him as I haven't seen him much lately, and I made an appointment with Sears to fix our Freezer since my husband found someone he knows that raises cows and has beef for sale. That leaves me Monday and Friday. Also, I am sure there will be a store trip in there somewhere. I think I am going to go upstairs and do the shoulder portion of that yoga before I go to bed. I got floors cleaned up and cleaned out a cabinet of cleaners that are really old and tossed. Felt good to clean it out and put new shelf liner in it. We are not doing anything for the fourth of July. We used to always have family and we would sit in our back yard and watch fireworks. The place where they used to do the display at a church nearby stopped doing them. Then when we lived in another town we had a barbecue and loaded up to go into town and watch them together. It just sort of stopped when we moved away for 2 years everyone started doing their own activities.

Hitting a store tomorrow. It will probably be Walmart Market as I need toothpaste, garbage bags, and that sort of thing. I probably could do that at Dollar General, but if I can't get everything , then I have to go to two stores.
I went to Amazon to order the Centrum Gummy Omega multi vitamin that I get for my husband and usually share. It is the only ones I can give him since they taste good. None available unless I want to pay a huge price from another seller :( I am going to check Walmart. It seemed a lot of the gummy vitamins in different brands were not in stock. I ordered another type that has Omega 3's in it and it will be a week before it gets here. I guess people are interested in the vitamins now? Weird.


A marathon shopping day plus a routine truck service. Dh is not a relaxed shopper and charges thru everything at breakneck speed. This is NOT how to grocery shop! Crazy . I don’t enjoy shopping but I hate it with my husband. Got it done, though. It is very busy here with people everywhere and few wearing masks.
I did stacked upper body late this afternoon and plan to mt bike early tomorrow I have been eating below my points most days. Clothes are looser
No workout yesterday, as I was shopping, too. We're vegan, so our food costs haven't gone up as much, it's more that the stores I shop at are running a lot fewer sales, and there are things I buy only on sale, but it always helps to get at least some stuff that way. At least at Whole Foods, I can use my husband's Prime account for extra off sale items and he gets 5% back in rewards when I use his card. Was freaky though yesterday, I hadn't opened my Whole Foods app where the code is all day, but when I got in the check out line and pulled out my phone-the code was open. Amazon=Big Brother

Slept better the last couple nights and this morning I did ICE Low Impact Sweat Cardio 2 and the extended lying stretch from Step Boss. Ave HR 127 peak 154 burned a whole 128 calories.

Deb I'm there with you on hoping people keep the pets they adopt. Once they go back to work and aren't home all day, those animals are going to have a huge adjustment and people are going to find themselves dealing with behaviors that are understandable, but if you aren't a long time pet owner are unexpected and you have to be willing to work through it. We've been a having a rash of cat drop offs. Why people can't at least take their kittens/cats to a shelter is beyond me. My cousin volunteers with a cat rescue and I took two to her right before quarantine. We had a kitten show up a couple months ago that was just old enough to not trust us. It's become buddies with our youngest cat, but won't let us touch it. Really need to catch it before winter. And now 3 other older ones have been seen this week. Ugh!

Valerie it sounds like you have a beautiful place for riding, but it would feel weird to have a narrow path through that much tall grass. My husband and I haven't shopped together in years. He's the opposite of your husband and literally has to look at everything to make sure he doesn't miss something he might want. I have my list and I know where everything is in the stores. Last time we did it, I was done and he was only about 1/2 way through the store. LOL Big congrats on the looser clothes!!

Diane Sue really sorry to hear about your neck pain. Hope it improves and goes away. I actually love the drive to Marquette (as long as the weather is good) once you get north of Lansing, it's open land that changes over to woods, and once you cross the Mackinac Bridge you are driving through forests. I avoid holidays and I don't go north on Fridays or Saturdays and I don't go south on Sundays, so traffic is pretty light. Likely more people than usual are taking supplements because of the virus.

Hi to all!


agree on the thought that a lot of pets will be dumped when people go back to work /school. we want to get a kitty but the shelters have ben complicated to visist and didn't have much good choice. I get really attached to my pets and bond with them. cant imagine dumping one like trash when you get a schedule change.

cathy I also shop with a list and know what we need. he is in such a hurry I feel rushed and stressed and then he wont decide anything and tells me to decide. he likes Luna bars so I usually get him the same flavor. when we are shopping tgether I'd like him to look at the flavors and see if would like something else... but he gets annoyed. for living in Wisconsin so long, I think I got to Michigan about once, except for parts of the UP from the Wisconsin side.
wow vegan. I was vegetarian for many years but now eat some chicken and fish. have things changed that much? it was almost impossible to get something to eat in a restaurant and visiting other people...... you would see the look of terror when you said "vegetarian" because they didn't know what to do. I'm good in the kitchen but I would have trouble with vegan. the little things you don't think about.

ETA had to leave. we did a 2 hr mountain bike but am back now. was sunny and hot and then a downpour with wind developed but that's over too. Anyway, if he doesn't pick something I keep buying the same thing and then suddenly he's sick of it and then need to find something else. when hes along I ask, but sees he doesn't want to give input. its so much easier and less rushed to do it myself. sounds like everyone is on the same page for various reasons. the road we ride is washed out in several places. OK to carry a bike over the missing sections but not suitable for vehicles. fair number of people walking up the road while we were riding back down. expect they all got caught in the downpour.

I cant remember what Plow pose was like. I know I did it. the only neck issues I have are from too thick pillows. if there is any question, I would skip that pose.
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This morning I did STS Total Body. My time was 1 hour 20 minutes with 366 calories burned. Average heart rate was 114 and maximum heart rate was 153. I really like this workout. I hadn’t done it in over two years, but it’s such a great total body strength workout. The rep patterns and speed are just right for me.

We don’t have any plans for the 4th this year. This is when we usually have my daughter and her family here as well as other family members. I plan to cook a couple of things that my husband likes and associates with summer holidays.

Diane Sue, nice job with Raw Step 3 and Merge Yoga Good Posture. Is the neck pain that you are having due to the arthritis? The Plow pose is one that I avoid.

Valerie, my husband rarely goes shopping with me. When he does it is very difficult. He likes to add sweet treats and junk to the cart instead of real food. I usually end up forgetting something because I’m trying to get him out of the store quickly. Nice work with Stacked Sets Upper Body.

Cathy, that’s great that you slept better. Good job with Low Impact Sweat 2 and Step Boss stretch.

Hello to Lori, Judy, Deb, and Christina.



No workout today. I have had a sinus headache for 2 days now....nothing seems to work. :(

Judy, I would guess that HD would grant you a leave if it is due to your concern regarding working during this time. My uncle (father's brother) used to live in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Diane Sue, glad your neck is better. Nice job on the KCM Raw workout. That's good that your FitBit is acting "normal" again. Beef prices are skyrocketing here as well. That is funny about Gertie and her toys. I have a hard time with trying to play with each dog separately, then train them separately. They both want to play all the time and get very jealous when I train one, and not the other. John came home with 2 stuffed western type "boot" dog toys. After 5 minutes, they had them ripped open Before the stuffing and squeakers came out, I de-stuffed them, removed the squeakers and gave them back. Kylee doesn't mind toys that are just fabric shells, IKE not so much. I have not tried shutting down the FitBit....actually have no idea how to do that! I frequently re-boot my phone, actually each time I use Cathe Live.

Valerie, Yay for looser clothes! I get so upset when I see people in stores with no masks, or masks pulled down around their necks. I think store employees are afraid to say anything to them, even if there are signs on the doors saying do not come in without a mask.

Cathy, glad you got some better sleep. That's horrible about the cats being dropped off. My husband is the food shopper in our house. If I never went to a grocery store, I would not miss it at all.

Hi to Lori and Christina,

Take care,


Today I did Coffey FIt Raw Cardio Tone stopping at the floor work, 20 minutes, 104 calories, 2,146 steps, heart rate 124/156. I then did Cathe Fit Split Mixed Impact cardio only, 28 minutes, 138 calories, heart rate 120/154, 2700 steps. I finished with Kelly Coffey Muscle Up abs bonus, heart rate 96/ 122, 147 steps, 28 calories. I forgot how tough this was and all of the plank moves. Ouch. Trying to avoid the shoulders. That Merge Posture yoga hurt and was just not good for me. She has her head way back a lot and she did the plough, wheel, and more stuff with the head way back. One was lying on a yoga block with the head all the way down to the floor. I won't do it again. I did the shoulder portion before I went to bed and could feel it in not a good way this morning. Anyway total time today 63 minutes, 270 calories, 4,993 steps. I took some Excedrin and went to Walmart Market when I was done. My neck really hurts this evening. I hope it is better tomorrow. I should have just stuck with Lindsey Samper.

Valerie, I prefer shopping by myself for groceries most of the time. It was sort of nice doing it with my husband when we went in the middle of the night, but I was in pretty much of a hurry to get done and home myself. I do better by myself on what is chosen and getting what I need for recipes. Nice that your points are good and clothes looser. Way to go :) I couldn't imagine getting rid of my pet either. But, a lot of people are just not like that. That is why we find so many animals left out on the side of the road somewhere. That is how we found the our dog Gertie. She required a lot of determination on my part, and would not trade her for anything. She bit my other dog, dug holes, and peed all over the place and wanted to guzzle water. I watched every training program, purchased training videos, and purchased training tools. Now she is the best behaved dog I have ever had. Anyway a lot of people purchase their pets and then put them outside. They don't really get that bond with them.

Cathy, I tried vegetarian once, but it did not work well for me and my husband would never eat like that. I can see where it would not change your costs as much at the grocery store. I went to Sprouts yesterday because I prefer produce from there. I should have known better than to pick up what they had in front on sale though. I have found that is where they generally put stuff they need to get rid of. When I took my grapes out of the bag there were rotting ones in the bottom. Sometimes when I get something like that I take it back, but right now one trip into the store is enough. Amazon as does other companies really do get into our privacy. Our car has Alexa in it. I avoided putting Google Chrome on my new laptop and won't let it work across my devices. I don't care for all of my stuff to be shared or in the cloud. I have the Amazon Card with 5% cash back too and once I shopped at Whole Foods home delivery it kept popping up my purchases suggesting those were what I wanted the next time. I had set up a Walmart Pay account to get cash back once and it would open up when I would walk into the store. It knew I was there and welcomed me. Anyway, I finally took it off my cell phone. I
Both Sprouts and Walmart try to get me to set up a pay thing with them for additional discounts when I use Ibotta and I am not doing it. I take pictures of my receipts instead. I don't like them having access to my bank info and credit cards.

Deb, I found that having two dogs made it really difficult playing. I would throw a toy and they would both go for it grumbling and growling at each other. I would get two of the toys and generally Gertie ended up with both. I know you spend a lot of time with yours training. That would be difficult. I didn't like when we had the two dogs and they would both want attention and jealousy was there. I think shutting the Fitbit down varies by which one. On the blaze I just scrolled right and there was a Bluetooth and a shutdown. On my Versa 2 I have to go to the settings button and scroll to about then scroll down the list to the bottom and it has shut down and it has factory reset. I did do a full factory reset once because when they did one of the updates it was not working right at all. Most of the set up when I got it back up gave me back info I had put into it. But, I just shut it down if it is acting up most of the time. I have to go back and turn off and on notifications afterward though on the app on my phone or I won't get them on the watch after I shut down.

Carolyn, nice work with STS Total Body. I have not done that one in quite some time either. I like it a lot though. It is a long workout. Yes, my arthritis is flaring and I think some of the exercise moves I have done along with the new yoga I tried yesterday have really aggravated it. It was bad when I finished doing the Merge second workout that was shoulders last night and my neck was crackly when I finished. It hurt to turn or tilt my head to the left side. I didn't do complete the stuff on the workout that hurt. No way was I doing a wheel. Plough was something I used to do and have my toes on the floor over my head. I even would put my knees on the floor around my head like Tony Horton did on P90X. Now there is no way. Even he mentioned his neck on a later workout and put a rolled up towel under his neck. Lindsey Samper is more just stretches and strengthening that she holds for a longer period of time and much like my PT was doing. It seems to help, but once it is irritated. I end up with neck pain and a headache from carrying the pain around.


Good Morning and Happy July 4th. This morning I did Strong and Sweaty Cardio Slam with low impact modifications. That was 49 minutes and 344 calories burned. My average heart rate was 130 and maximum heart rate was 154.

Hello to everyone and have a safe and healthy holiday.
I just finished XTrain SuperCuts that pace was rough and I had to talk myself through the whole thing, but I did it, with a few adaptions. I have to say that is by far my least favorite background. Not a fan of the city ones in general.

Carolyn great jobs on Cardio Slam and the STS Total Body. I have done very few of the Strong and Sweaty workouts. I think I'm doing a Fit Split/RWH rotation next and then something with Strong and Sweaty.

Diane Sue, I'd never had my app open like that before, so it surprised me. I've gone back to using Safari instead of Chrome, because while Apple isn't perfect they are less big brother like. I became vegan in '88 and my husband was vegan when we met, so the boys were raised on it. I generally eat as much whole food as possible as does my oldest, DH and the younger one like all the vegan junk and convenience foods. And you can basically buy vegan versions of anything these days. Great job on getting all those workouts in! Hope your neck is better.

Deb I hope you're feeling better. My sister had a really bad sinus headache all last weekend and gets a sinus infection every year about now, so Monday she got an antibiotic and that knocked it out. They are at their condo right now though in NC and they didn't want to give her the antibiotic wanted her to get a COVID test. She agreed to the test, but also pushed them to give her the antibiotic.

Valerie sounds like you are getting in some great rides. My husband is similar. He'll tell me he wants something, but when I ask him flavors, he has no answer. So, I buy the same things and then oh I don't want those anymore. When he's actually going to his office, he'll shop for himself every week or two, which is great, but he only recently made one trip to his favorite store, for months he's been having to deal with what I get and I have to hear about it. :rolleyes: Restaurants tend to be a lot more accommodating to vegans these days. Though there are some we'd never even try like Cracker Barrel. Most Mexican, Italian and Asian places have options. We rarely eat out though anyway. Last thing I got was a Smoothie at Smoothie King in Marquette when I brought Nick home in March and the next thing I get will probably be a Smoothie from Smoothie King when they go up in August. It's just as well I don't live there. Last summer I camped for a week, while Derek was at an Environmental Science camp and that was my breakfast every day.:) I got all my meals at restaurants.


Even when I was vegetarian, I ate dairy and eggs. not many eggs, don't like them much . cheese and yogurt were the deal breakers for me. I really love both and would not give them up although I limit quantity because of the fat and calories in cheese. same with ice it but not often. we eat mostly "whole foods" and lots of fruit and vegies. we like chicken and fish but not a big part of our diet. Ive eaten more since Ive been on WW since its less complicated for calculating points.

did a driving trip today. thru the park and up to the beartooth plateau. really pretty and we wanted to check out several spots for future adventures. very busy! still pretty muddy for mt biking though hiking would have been OK. found out its too long a drive to do it as a day trip and will need the camper to enjoy it. not on a sunny holiday weekend though.
I know there are WAY more options now but it still would confound most people when they invite you for dinner. we don't eat out often but do have dinner with friends ( or used to) and its a whole lot easier if you eat chicken. most people can handle that.

yes all of a sudden DH will say, "cant you get a different flavor" but when we're at the store... he looks at new flavors like they're from outer space.

Oh yes, I remember Plow! . I haven't done it in a while but I'm pretty flexible there. where I'm not flexible is things like lotus or firelog. not a prayer there. my hips do no open outward like that at all, and my knees don't either, 10+ years of yoga made zero difference.


Today I did Jessica Smith Walk Strong and Have Fun step and stride and Lindsey Samper yoga therapy for neck and shoulders. I wanted something light. My neck really hurts.

Carolyn, nice work on Strong and Sweaty cardio slam with low impact modifications.

Cathy, I used to go to our favorite Chinese restaurant and get a veggie dish and rice and once in awhile the hot and sour soup. I imagine the Hot and Sour Soup has chicken broth in it though. I have quite a few vegan and vegetarian cookbooks that I purchased. I made my own tempeh and had to order dried soybeans to make it. It made excellent chili though. All of the beans and lintels etc. did not agree with me no matter how I soaked, precooked and used things like kombu in them.
Nice work pushing through Super Cuts. Ripped with Hiit/ Fit Split sounds like a challenging rotation.

Valerie, I guess you are away from the fireworks? I heard a lot going off tonight. We are by the lake and I imagine they were shooting them off there. They were pretty loud. Last night it poured rain and the thunder work me up. I used to do a lot more difficult yoga, but some of those positions I could never get in. I can't sit cross legged for an extended amount of time anymore. Right knee is always up. With the ones I am doing for my neck, I started sitting on a couple of sofa pillows because my hip flexors started throbbing trying to sit up straight with my legs crossed.

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