Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 6/28

No workout today. Derek had his graduation this morning. 12 per half hour and he was in the first half hour and second to go. Got in line at 8:50, and got back home at 9:30. We were the only ones wearing masks, but that's no surprise given where we live. Even the majority of staff weren't. At least once you were at your first spot social distancing was followed through the rest of it.

Derek had a really rough day at work yesterday as he was told to go play with the bubble machine outside. 66214C20-E664-4DCD-BD14-F99BE93B523D.jpeg:D


Today I did Jessica Smith’s WS3 One Mile of Motivation which was 15 minutes and 111 calories burned. Average heart rate was 129 and maximum heart rate was 153. Then I did Jane Adams Yoga for Beginners, Complete Floor practice for 28 minutes and 32 calories burned.

Deb, thanks for starting the thread this morning. I hope Ike is better today.

Cathy, congratulations to your son on his graduation. Operating that bubble machine is hard work :).

Big hello to All. Have a great afternoon.


Hi all,

Today I did LIVE Boot Camp Heavy Weights, 47 minutes, 264 calories. I am usually not a fan of Boot Camp workouts, mostly because the cardio is usually all high impact. This one interested me because of the heavy weights aspect of it. As normal, the cardio was all high impact, but very easily modified. I liked the way she integrated the core with either an upper or lower body move. The time just flew by.

Diane Sue, great job on STep Boss, but sorry about the issue with the heart rate. Which device were you using? I would have hurried out of that Walmart never know these days what something like that can turn into. Ike is better. Hopefully what we are doing will work this time.

Cathy, nice job on ICe low impact Sweat and xTrain bi's & tries! Sometimes I feel like giving up the calorie counts etc, but for some reason, I feel like I didn't do anything if I don't log it....I know....nuts. It sounds like a very nice visit with your parents at the zoo. Yes, Ike had the same problem....we are stumped as to what causes it. Hopefully the new meds will help him get over this. It's too bad that Derek has to go to his first year with this going on. He will not have the same experience that was "normal" before.

Carolyn, nice job on Stacked Sets Upper Body. We went to our first meal out Thursday....We had breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants, outside on a very large patio. It was nice to be sitting at a table, that is not our kitchen table...LOL...

Lori, You know what they say.."every thing happens for a reason" Your husband's layoff is probably going to make the move etc easier in the long run.

Valerie, where are you going? It's crazy that they don't wear masks....I don't know what they are thinking....IKE is better, so far so good. He didn't last a week this past time....I think it was Carolyn, Diane Sue and I that did the Pyramid Pump workouts....the premixes are great on that one. I like the upper body, "up only" premix the best.


Hi all we are on the way to Montana. Been driving 9 hours so far. Cold and raining so not the best. Traffic is pretty much summer weekend level guess everyone thinks crisis is past Most people masked but young people are not.
Masks are the best tool we have to get to reopening. I don’t understand the magical thinking this virus will up and leave on it’s own. clearly that's not happening. this is some sort of “trickle down” theory from the total leadership vacuum at the top.
I did the pyramid pump upper and abs premix the other day. I liked it a lot. I’ve done stacked upper body too many times, need another upper workout that uses fairly light weights I can do over here. I want to get some 12’s to use here. Have 5, 8, 10. I don't want to invest in another set of heavier weights. no stores have had weights since the crisis started.

what prolific bubble producer!! Thumbs up on the mask!
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Hi Everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I'm still working. I'm going to see how things go for a couple more weeks before I decide about going back out on leave. I'll be back later to get caught up on posting.

Have a great week!



got here about 7 last night. its cold and damp but I'm fine with that. I get tired of hot and sunny in about a minute. we may do something later today but don't always on our first day. we take inventory, get a shopping list going, unload, get organized and take an easy day. especially with the unpredictable course of the virus openings and closings, we don't leave a lot here in the fridge in case we cant get back when planned. our only public contacts are gasoline stops and using the rest room. we are masked up as were most adults. young people...not so much.
our neighbors made some very nice fabric masks and gave us each 2 of them. I hate sewing but was going to do it and now I dont need to. they stopped here and visited us in MT last summer.


Good morning!

I worked out Saturday with a Jumpsport instagram workout I grabbed a couple of weeks ago. You used weights while bouncing and then had some great leg work. This was my only structured workout...I have been exhausted going to bed with all the activity of moving and packing. My son wants wood floors in the master bedroom and office so we moved our bedroom to the living room and will be moving office furniture to our screened patio. They are coming tomorrow with floor samples and will be installing soon after. Once the floors are in son and fiancé will be moving in. So you can see why I am so overwhelmed - packing to move and at same time kids are moving in. Once they are in it will be a little easier. Now they are her and will be able to help us continue to pack. I have been in touch with a couple of moving companies and have a ”virtual” walk thru of our home this morning at 9am. Our move date is August 17th. Still can’t believe we are doing this. We are very excited at one end and also extremely concerned about covid.

Judy...I don’t blame you for wanting a LOA. Hopefully, it will work out for you should you decide.

Valerie...I was watching the news yesterday and this younger male (early 20’s) says “I don’t care, my imune system is strong, I won’t get sick” as he is walking around with no masks with a bunch of friends. This is a huge problem!!!! How stupid is this mentality????? What about his mother? Grandmother? Etc. I just don’t get some peoples thought process. Have a safe ride...was rainy miserable here yesterday.

Deb...great job on the Boot Camp. I like boot camp workouts...kind of like all the trampoline circuits I do now! do you remember Cathe’s original boot camp dvd? I must have done that workout a million times. I feel the same about everything happens for a reason. We are very happy he is coming at the same time. He has a ton of connections and one of those people that always gets a great job.

Cathy...congrats on your son’s graduation. Loved the picture!!!! Nice! When xtrain came out that was my first real rotation I did of Cathe’s. I loved all the workouts in this series and all the extras.

This is all I have time for! Getting the eyes from my husband!!!! Lol!! So much to do!!

Still catching up on post! Have a great day all!!
I did ICE Chiseled Upper Body this morning. I like that one, especially right now, I'm good with the lower weights. Rather impressed with myself because I only got 4 hours sleep last night, and I worked out and have walked a few times in the yard working on my 10,000 steps and done some cleaning. Hoping I can keep moving all day.

Carolyn you keep mentioning yoga and at some point, I'll kick myself in the butt and do it. It's not like I can't do it on my laptop in the morning. All the equipment may be downstairs, but I only need a mat for that.

Deb how long have you been doing the LIVE workouts? Not in my budget right now, but if it were, I'd be trying to justify paying for them, when I already have pretty much every workout CD Cathe has done.

Valerie where abouts in Montana are you? A lot of young people are being stupid, but around here they have a lot of older people joining them. I heard on the news earlier that more young people with pre-existing conditions are in the hospital now.

Lori hopefully once the kids are there and come help you things will get easier. They certainly should be motivated to help. We got rid of the carpet when Derek was about 18 months. My parents built the house and off white carpet may have worked for 2 old people, not so much with kids and pets.

Derek just texted me on his break saying that because cases are increasing here they have increased sanitation rules and now have to wear gloves and keep the drinks behind the counter so it's not a free for all of people reaching in. He apparently got the job of moving all of them.


This morning I did Rockout Knockout, premix number 3. That was 43 minutes with 309 calories burned. I had a dental appointment this morning which was stressful for me. It went well, but I was nervous about going there. I also have a sinus headache today which drains my energy. So, enough whining. I’ll check back tomorrow.


cathy we are near the north end of Yellowstone. between Livingston MT and the park.

I read an interview with college kids saying the same thing..... lets just get this virus exposure over with and be done. never mind how many people they expose in the process. and then there are all the nitwit adults who think this is interfering with their personal freedom. Is there something in the water that degrades the adult thinking process? I cant believe the stupidity level. this is a virus and all the fussing wont make it go away.

I want to comment on getting rid of w/w carpeting. we did mostly hard floors here. I love the look. slick, easy to clean. however sound echo is a problem. you may need to put in drapery, area rugs, etc because the noise factor is an issue. we still don't have our living room " fixed". ceilings are higher these days too. all the empty wall space, and open hard floors makes for a serious echo chamber. normal conversation is hard and watching the TV is a serious challenge. we are still working the problem. the one room without a sound problem is the master. it has a neutral tan w/w carpet. I had not read about sound echo being a problem with hard floors, but it is. especially if you have upstairs/downstairs. not saying you cant do it, but you need a lot of furniture, scatter rugs, drapes to dampen the noise. Really. we put in honeycomb blinds on all the windows too.

apparently the exercise equipment drought is still in effect. cant find dumbbells here. guess I will have to "commute" my heavier weights if I want to use here. amazon might have them but a set of 12's is $40 and up. I will work around, using lighter weights and up reps instead. surprised that supplies are not back up yet but the I haven't seen whole wheat flour or yeast since march either. I think I brought pyramid pump, stacked upper and maybe chiseled upper.
I did rev’d up rumble and a few sets of pushups today
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Today I did Raw Cardio Crush #2 that Kelly just put up, 34 minutes, (32 actual), heart rate 113/146(not accurate as I kept looking at my Fitbit and after the first time through all 10 moves my heart rate was 99 so I stopped a couple of time adjusting and finally tightening and then it moved up some) 152 calories (health mate app with my scale said 181), 2.652 steps. I will see how it comes out next time and hopefully it goes better. I then did Raw Power Up 45 minutes, heart rate 108/149, 146 calories, 936 steps and finished with Lindsey Samper neck and shoulder therapy yoga #11, 27 minutes, 28 calories, 47 step. Total time was 326 calories, 1 hour 46 minutes, 3,635 steps. Yesterday was a complete rest day. I should have done the yoga therapy though as my neck and shoulders really hurt last night and this morning. Much better this evening though after doing the yoga today.

Coffeyfit Raw POWER UP
5 rounds and active rests which are Kettlebell swings or other activity
44:18 length Kelly uses around 32# barbell and 20# Kettlebell
I did round 1 with a 35# barbell and dropped to 32 # barbell and used a 20# kettlebell
Rnd 1 high pull 10 reps, hang pull 10 reps, clean from the hip 10 reps, bench squat 10 reps then quicker pace 10 reps, clean from the hip 10 reps, power clean from the floor 10 reps
25 kettlebell swings
Rnd 2 high pull 10 reps, hang pull 10 reps, clean from the hip 10 reps, bench squat 10 and 10 reps, power clean from the floor 10 reps
Kettlebell swings alternating 26 reps
Rnd 3 high pull 10 reps, hang pull 10 reps, clean from the hip 10 reps, bench squat 10 and 10 reps, power clean from the floor 10 reps
Kettlebell figure 8’s 26 reps (Kelly gives the option of stopping here at 23 minutes)
Rnd 4 Kelly takes out all high pulls
Clean from the hips 10 reps, squat sit and stand 10 and 10 reps squat, then sit and knee ups 10 reps, then 20 squats sitting on the bench and up, power cleans 10 reps
Kettlebell swings alternating 26 reps
Rnd 5 Clean from the hip 10 reps, squat sit and stand, 20 reps with knee ups, 20 squats quick paced, power clean 10 reps
Kettlebell figure 8’s 26 reps
At 35 minutes abs
Sit ups feet under bar, sit ups with kettlebell 20#, reverse crunch feet over barbell, obliques waistline alternating side crunches, reverse crunch
Repeat for second set
Stretch at 42 minutes

RAW CARDIO CRUSH 2 32:7 minutes no equipment and it is done outside
10 moves done twice with a couple of moves added at the end of the second set. Done 45 seconds each 25 seconds rest
jack front kick
4 jabs 2 upper cut (Kelly calls it something else as it punches over shoulder)
heel click/side squat/curtsy
jab/ cross/ turn
skater x2/lunge split switch
step/4 knees alternating
batter up
squat thrust/plank jacks/knee in right and left
round 2 same and adds
jogging single single double
box and turn jacks
knee pulls


Deb, I am still using the Fitbit Versa 2. They just had to fix a problem with it syncing with MFP so that took most of the weekend. I got the steps back to syncing today. When I use the Health Mate App which picks up my Fit Bit it gives me more calories than Fitbit for the workouts. It doesn't show the heart rate though. Same with MFP. Today's cardio was so low first half of the workout today as I kept looking and it said 99 for a heart rate. I get that with yoga! Adjusting the watch and taking it off and on I finally got it to pick up better. Nice work today. Kelly Coffey's Raw cardio and weight intervals are nice because most are not really high impact workouts. She does so much boxing though. I do love her workouts though and the live is so much fun. I still would like to do Cathe again soon. I pre-ordered Kelly's new workouts that is done being filmed and Cathe's new ones. Kelly has one though that I believe she said higher impact using a step and weights. Although the cardio portion of this new workout is short. I think maybe 15 minutes? Anyway, she is great about having a modifier.

Cathy, nice picture of your son and his bubble blower. That sounds like a job, moving the drinks so people do not dig in to handle them. I am surprised when I have not had hardly any sleep and I get this surge of energy. Although by the end of the day I am beat. Nice work with Ice Upper Body.

Carolyn, we are past due for our dental appointments. I was due in March and the hygienist took time off and then all of this virus stuff so I have not tried making another appointment. I can see where it would be stressful. I am sure that they are extra meticulous with cleaning. Although working with mouths I can't see them ever being lax. The only thing that ever bothered me at a dentist office was the light had what looked like splattered stuff on the light itself once and I kept trying to not look at it. Maybe at the time I should have pointed it out. That was years ago though. Now you all will be checking the light, Sorry.

Lori, I can see your anxiety with all of this moving stuff. Interesting doing a virtual walk through of your house. Nice that you could get in a jumpsport workout.

Valerie, hope you enjoy your time at your second home. I have looked at other weight vests and the ones that I have are not in stock on Amazon anymore. So many things are not in stock. When this is all over there will be so much fitness equipment and pets out there for people to purchase.
Got a whole 5 hours sleep last night. Go me! LOL This time though I feel asleep shortly after 10 and woke up around 3:15, so about 3:30, I said to heck with it, got up and turned a light on and just stayed up. We'll see what tonight brings.

Today was a cycling DVD or cardio of choice, so I did Hiit 30/30. Per Fitbit average heart rate 122 peak 153. That's pretty high for me. And of course the never agreed upon calorie burn of 111 per Fitbit and 206 in the Workout Manager. :rolleyes:

Watched the replay of the Freshman Parent Town Hall that NMU did last night. They are doing staggered move-ins and every student will be tested for COVID upon arrival with a 48 hours turnaround for results. Anyone who is positive will be quarantined in a dorm set aside for that purpose. Parents cannot help with move in and where originally the boys would drive up together, take turns driving, and I'd follow with Derek's stuff, now they may have to go separately. Neither has ever driven more than an hour and Nick rarely ever drives anywhere, and he will be the one with a car. So, my husband may need to ride up with him, and I'll follow to bring him home, and then I can just take Derek up myself. I've got it down to where I can do it in under 7 hours, but it's a very long drive if you are alone and have never done anything like that. And I'm doing it in one day no hotel stays. That's what I did when I brought Nick home mid-March. Left about 5 a.m. would have gotten home sooner, but somehow, even with me texting him my arrival, it was an hour between when I got there and we headed back home. Not the first time, he hasn't been ready.

Valerie we don't have the issue with the echo. While I'm a minimalist, my husband is a pack rat. The latter not being a plus in my view. Because of where we live, there are a lot of those adults around here that view mask wearing and precautions in general as infringing upon their rights. I go to E. Lansing and Okemos to shop and it's rare to see someone not complying. It's clearly a political line drawn here. Can't imagine the costs of weights being shipped. I've had mine for a few decades now and they were about $1 a pound back then in stores.

Diane Sue, the kettlebell workout sounds fun. I've never tried them. Boys and I have our regular scheduled cleanings this month and apparently they are back on schedule so they won't be changed. Derek and I have the same times slots, but Nick is after, and they are trying not to have people waiting in the waiting room. I'll talk to them when I take Nick next week for a filling about his just staying in the waiting room masked. Because of them being at college, we have to arrange the 6 months to fall during summer and winter break. I need to try and get them in for physicals, too. We learned the hard way that unless they are seen here within the last year, the doctor can't make referrals out of area and when Nick opted to play Rugby and get his foot stepped on and broken in the before season scrimmage!! I had to bring him back here for the surgery. So, now I make sure they are seen once a year. Our doctor is in his mid-70's though so not sure if he's seeing patients right now.


This morning I did Stacked Sets Lower Body for 38 minutes and 222 calories burned. Average heart rate was 122 and maximum heart rate was 150. My sinus headache is gone today and I’m back to normal.

Valerie, nice job with Rev’d Up Rumble. I like that one too. was very thoughtful of your neighbor to give you the masks. My daughter’s friends keep giving her masks to make sure that she is well protected. One friend is trying to perfect her design, so she keeps giving her the upgraded versions. There are strange shortages on everday things. The latest is deck building supplies and appliances. People are having trouble completing their DIY projects as well as new homes due to the shortages.

Lori, it must be exciting to have an actual moving date, but scary as well.

Cathy, great job with Chiseled Upper Body and HiiT 30/30. I try to fit yoga in each week. My 69 year old body needs the flexibility training. I tried different yoga DVDs over the years, but I couldn’t really get interested. I eventually found a few that I enjoy and now I can tell when I go too long without doing something. From my Cathe dvds I like the STS Extended stretch which is about 15 minutes long, as well as Cathe’s Yoga Relax.

Diane Sue, nice job with Raw Cardio Crush and Raw Power Up. The staff at the dentist office was very careful, but they changed some of the permission forms to address Covid 19. They also added a 10.00 charge for PPE, but I had already read that some medical and dental practices were doing that.

Hello to Deb, Judy, and Cathy.


We did a hike this morning 4 hours 15 min. nothing ridiculous but a few miles and a climb. lovely flowers. about a 10 min drive from our house.

Part of our issue is we did an "open space" design so kitchen, dining, living are one big room. vaulted ceiling in living. OMG the echo was horrible to begin with. we have added one thing at a time to dampen it down. never occurred to me that it might be an issue so we got an area rug, furniture, some big canvas prints, honeycomb shades and it helps. still an echo...... just less.

I didn't know how much home exercise I'd be doing here so bought things a little at a time as needed. I bought 5,8,10 and was fine for a while, but 12 and 15lbs would be nice. when I bought they were 1$ a pound. a lot more now if you can even find any. I assume because gyms all closed and people had to switch to home based work.
one other thing that has been unavailable locally is slug bait. this is the land of slugs and snails in spring especially. cant find any bait anywhere!. DH finally ordered some from amazon and it was a normal price. I have heard that cheap refrigerators/freezers are hard to find now too because people stocked up so much on food they needed to buy extra storage for it all. I have a garage refrigerator ( very old) that needs replacing because it's freezing everything solid so will need to deal with that soon.

Cathy that's a long drive if you aren't used to it. I always took a minimal overnight bag with me just in case something went wrong I could stay comfortably. my job involved extensive travel so I got used to things not always going as to the plan, so I always took a small overnight bag with my needs just in case. if weather craps out, a bad wreck, unexpected detour, its good to know you can spend the night and roll on the next day. I got stuck in Des Moines once for 2 days in an ice storm, when a jet went off the runway and airport closed, plus a total power out in the area including the hotel.

I like chiseled upper body too, except for the windmills.

the county I live in is considering backing up to phase 1 because of increasing cases. the kids are one problem, the non compliant adults #2 problem.


oday I did Step Sync full workout and added the bonus first combo and finished product. I had to stop and mess with my Fitbit multiple times as it kept dropping out and losing the heart rate. I wanted over 300 calories so added the extra to the main workout. This took 73 minutes with pauses to adjust, 352 calories, heart rate 118/153, 7,364 steps. I then did Lindsey Samper Safe Stretches, 19 minutes, 18 calories, 26 steps. I really needed a stretch. I woke up sore all over from yesterday's workout. Total time was 92 minutes, 370 calories, 7,390 steps.
We went to vote and banking errands before my husband had to go to work. I need to get some cleaning done and want to try to get up earlier so I can get to the grocery store. I need nut butter and will go to Sprouts for it this time. The last two times I purchased at Walmart Market and I am thinking they leave it somewhere hot. Not good in hot warehouses. The first one was almond butter and it was so dried out and almost crumbly, couldn't spread it and trying to melt it a little was not working well. Then last time I bought Nutzo nut and seed butter and the plastic jar smelled like plastic. I could taste it in the nut butter and removed it from the container and some of the plastic taste went away. I ate it and my husband told me I should not have ate it like that. Anyway, I am going to Sprouts tomorrow. I need some fruit and maybe salmon. I will try to come back before I go to bed. Things need to get done and it is almost 10.


Hi Everyone,

I'm doing KCM workouts this week. I plan on doing them for a few weeks then I'll go back to a Cathe rotation.
Yesterday I did Strength & Stamina, Combined Burnout Premix, 63 minutes. I'm working 4 hours this afternoon, off tomorrow, then working Friday-Wednesday. I'm going to try to finish out this next week then decide about going back on leave. I think the governor may decide to back up to phase 2 in our area. Chris has his colonoscopy scheduled for August 17th. I am afraid that it might get cancelled if everything shuts down again.

Carolyn-Great job with Stacked Sets Lower Body!
I was due for a dental appointment in April but that was cancelled due to Covid. They are open again but I am still a little concerned about going in due to cases rising in our county again.

Lori-I am truly disgusted by the way younger people are acting. You are right, this is a huge problem. We have several younger people at work that are traveling out of state over the next couple of weeks. One of them is going to Arizona and another to Florida. I am very concerned about them bringing back something. This is one of reasons I will probable go back out on leave. If I have to quit, that is ok too. I'll just find another part time job when this is over.

Valerie-You are right about freezers being hard to find. My HD sold out of freezers back in mid March, when all this started. People were buying them to stockpile frozen foods for the lockdown. I am so glad that I had all of my weights prior to this year. It's almost impossible to find anything on Amazon now. Chris is using the ones I have but he needs some heavier ones eventually. Mine go up to 30 lbs. He doesn't plan on returning to the gym even if it does reopen.

Cathy-I have trouble getting enough sleep too. The mask thing is definitely political. Most of the people in this area are compliant but it seems like Home Depot attracts a small group of people who feel like they need to make a statement by refusing to wear one.

Diane Sue-Great workouts this week! I am enjoying KCM's older DVDs. I need to revisit her Raw workouts too.


I haven't shopped for a fridge yet. garage fridge. I expect those were most popular. not fancy, not huge size or stainless or ice machine. we think the old one is its drawing too much electricity. then when I pulled out some yogurt it was a frozen block. yogurt does NOT defrost well! it could be a fridge without a freezer. a project for later this month.

Judy we have to 35 lbs. weights area goofy thing to carry back and forth but I may to do that. I don't want to pay $45 for two 12 lb dumbbells. yes, the folks who are making it into a political statement instead of the medical issue are sure tedious. I am worried the numbers will keep going up until we are back in lockdown with these unwilling people making an increasing fuss. closing up businesses just barely reopened will be very difficult.
Ugh! Woke up about 3 again. Yesterday, I did quite well all day, but today not so much. Brain started getting foggy about 9 though before that, I managed to accomplish some stuff I needed to do on my laptop. Had great intentions for my workout which was supposed to be ICE Metabolic Total Body, got as far as putting the disk in and my body was just like hell no. :confused: So, I did the extended stretch from Step Boss.

Valerie, whenever I've gone to Marquette prior to bringing Nick home last time, I have stayed overnight. In a pinch, I'm good just getting a toothbrush from the hotel desk. I travel really light anyway. But, I had an adventure last winter when I was trying to bring Nick home for spring break. I have 4 weather apps on my phone and whenever I have to travel up there and it isn't before September or after April, I become obsessed with them. Not only can the UP get bad weather, but if there is ONE place I'm going to hit snow it's in the middle of the northern lower peninsula. Because he didn't have a Friday class, I made the decision to go up Thursday and get him home Friday. Things were looking good when I left and then BAM lake affect snow that started before Houghton Lake and was pretty much a white out, though not the worst I'd been in as I could actually see the exit. I pulled off at Houghton Lake and parked at a gas station and checked out motels. Got a room intending to head up the next day, but NO between overnight and the next day it got worse. I finally headed north on Saturday morning, roads were almost clear, a few iffy spots, but I made it to Marquette and we came back home. Big picture, I could have just waited till Saturday, and been fine. :rolleyes: The lake affect snows in certain areas of Michigan, just pop up and that one just sat over that area for more than 24 hours. Thanks for reading my novel.:D

Judy that's rough to have co-workers and especially irresponsible ones traveling to those states right now. I don't blame you for feeling like you should quit. It sounds like a really unsafe situation. And that sounds like a great workout!

Diane Sue Step Sync is currently my fave step workout. Those nut butters sound nasty. I finally started buying my husband his own as he would always dump out the oil on top of my peanut only one and by the time it's halfway gone it's all dried out. Weird to actually buy one and find it that way.

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