Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 6/19/2022

Yesterday I did Coffey Fit Raw Step Boxing, 31 minutes, heart rate 120/145, 144 calories, 2,664 steps. I also did Raw Circuit Training, 29 minutes, 101 calories, heart rate 106/129, 740 steps. Total time 60 minutes, 3,404 steps 246 calories.
Today I did Michelle Briehler Lower Body Hiit, 37 minutes, heart rate 110/142, 136 calories. I then did a mish mosh, started doing Michiell Briehler Pilates Yoga Piyo, first 11 minutes(too many push ups and planks for me), Perfect 30 Flow Express #2, 36 minutes and some foam rolling on upper back, 50 minutes for all 3, heart rate 89/115, 103 calories. I have a busy weekend. Another wedding shower Sunday. Husband is off so getting some errands run. It is so hot. I waited till it was almost dark to go out and tend to plants and stuff. 101 out there is too hot. Things were wilting even though I ran the sprinklers early this morning.

Today's workout total time was 87 minutes, 239 calories, 1211 steps.
Lower Body Hiit 30/15
warm up
block 1 squats 20# db
squat Jump heel clicks or side to side squats
3 times
Block 2 Deadlifts 20# dbs 2 sets 15 1 set
alternating curtsy reach floor
3 times
Block 3 alternating reverse lunges 15's 15's 20's
lunge clap under knee
3 times
Block 4 band above knees 15# db Bridge
just band hip lift reverse table
3 times
Block 5 Band squats 20# db
lateral band walk with hop
3 times
brief stretch
Today I did a 30 minute Peloton Arms and Intervals ride.

Carolyn-Great job with KCM’s Power Splits Upper Body. I was thinking about doing those workouts again soon. Good idea to do the boxing seated. I was reading through some Tanita literature and it sounds like their bone mass reading is calculated from subtracting muscle mass, body water and body fat from total weight. It's more of an estimate, and I'm sure not as accurate as the dexa scan.

Valerie-That sounds like a wonderful hike! I didn't realize you could get clothing pretreated with permethrin.

Diane Sue-Great job with Coffey Fit Raw Step Boxing, Raw Circuit Training, and Michelle Briehler Lower Body Hiit and Perfect Flow. You are getting a lot of good workouts in!

Cathy-Nice job with Metabolic Med Ball Blast. That's one of my favorite Live workouts. I've done it several times.
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judy there are several companies that make pre treated clothes. ex officio, ll bean. Rei carries some too. companies specializing in outdoor or travel gear.
permethrin itself is expensive at about $16 for a spray bottle. if you spray your own clothes it will last multiple washings. hard to say exactly how long but I redo it every spring on whatever I wear to hike that year. June is the worst month for us.
commercially treated will last for 70 washings although the clothing is more expensive too. seems that the mechanical process of the washing machine rubs off the chemical spray so the more times things get washed, the faster the protection washes off. I spray our backpacks because they get can get ticks on them from sitting on the ground or brushing past bushes. since they dont get washed, I assume its good for a year. neither of us ever got sick from a tick bite but we have pulled off plenty of ticks.

the advertising makes it sound like it works for insects other than ticks but I havent noticed a big difference. when mosquitos and black flies are rampant, I stay home. I cant handle the bites. I get attacked big time.
Today I did Gethealthyutv Chair Cardio which was 25 minutes and 147 calories burned. Average heart rate was 123 and maximum heart rate was 159. Then I did the Chair Stretch and Mobility for another 20 minutes and 26 calories.

Cathy, great job with Metabolic Med Ball Blast. Your day at the zoo sounds like it was nice. The Atlanta zoo closed for the benefit of both the visitors and animals. The 99-100 degree temperature plus humidity was unsafe and outdoor activity was discouraged during the afternoon hours.

Valerie, your hike in the meadow with all of the flowers sounds lovely.

Diane Sue, great job with Raw Step Boxing, Raw Circuit Training, and Michelle Briehler Lower Body HiiT, plus Perfect Flow express.

Judy great job with Peloton Arms and Intervals ride.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Today I did Cathe's 400th live from this week. Upper body and an interesting pattern. Cardio followed by 5 upper body workouts with a total of 5 rounds. Not really sure what purpose the cardio served as the segments were so spread out. First three rounds were cardio, weights, and the last two were cardio, medium cloth band. Lots of variety.

Judy nice job with the Peloton arms and ride.

Valerie from what I'm hearing the black flies are really bad in the upper peninsula this year. I've just glad that so far we've escaped having mosquitos. Some years they get really bad in our backyard and they still could. But spring is often the worst.

Carolyn you are rocking those chair workouts. So great that you have found something that works for you. It's upper 80's here today and that's too hot for me. Thankful that our 90 plus days are rare here, though it's been an extra hot June so far.

Diane Sue you've been putting together some excellent workout combos. Enjoy the shower tomorrow.
I worked 8 hours today and took a rest day from workouts.

Valerie-I've seen the ex officio brand at REI. I need to get some more sun protective clothes for running so I'll see if they have the permethrin treated clothes too. Mosquitos haven't been too bad yet this year.

Carolyn-Great job with the Gethealthyutv Chair Cardio and Chair Stretch and Mobility.

Cathy-Great job with Cathe Live this week. I purchased the download of that one. It looks like a fun one.

Hi to Diane Sue
we did a fabulous hike today. it wasnt too hard although it was uphill about 1500 feet elevation, ended up at 7800 feet the flowers were absolutely stunningly beautiful. the best I have ever seen. the detail simply does not show in pictures so many different kinds. there were quite few people there too, including people mt biking the trail. we actually started biking it once a few years ago, but we were too early in the season and the road to the trailhead was still gated. by the time we rode up the road, we didn't have enough gas left to go up the trail too. the main flower was golden balsamroot, but lupine, forget me nots, lungworts, clematis, anemones, and dozens and dozens of others. the variety changed as you went up in elevation and varied with the sun exposure. it was a stunningly beautiful day with cool temps and a nice breeze. so worth it! about 4.5 hours. probably 6-7 miles. not a bug in sight, and no ticks either. this will all get hot and burned out looking in a month or so, and then the bugs will pick up although I have never been overwhelmed in MT like I have been in WA. especially black flies.

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