Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 6/19/2022

This morning I did Jane Adams Gentle Yoga Morning Energy practice which was 18 minutes and 29 calories burned. I’m going to try to ease back into some upper body work this week. I hate being this inactive.

Valerie, nice job with Perfect Pump Upper Body and XTrain Core.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
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we will be traveling this week and not too sure of where we will end up, except at our house for a while. depends on how well the road re-building is going. we can go places from there but not anywhere we had planned until forest service opens things up. maybe parts of the park. the north end that we are close to will not likely open at all this summer, but now surrounding areas are shut down too. we will try some work-arounds but need to see details before deciding.
carolyn I hope you can ease back in this week. as we get older it takes longer to recover from injuries so be patient. bummer for sure. I've been doing upper body regularly but I still backed off on weight amounts for perfect pump. geez, cathe goes heavy on that one! I could not find my work out sheet where I had weights noted, so I didn't go over 20lbs for anything. a couple moves I could have done 25. I feel a little today so I was close to right.

today I did a pedal power spin and several sets of push ups and curls. tomorrow will be sitting mostly.
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I need to catch up on posting. I worked Thursday and Saturday, 8 hours both days, so it was a little hectic. HD is having trouble keeping stable employees and I never know what I'm going to walk into. Garden has been very chaotic. Fortunately I'm taking the first week of July off and I have 4 days off this week.
Friday I ran 3 miles and did 2 Muscle Meltdowns, Triceps and Shoulders. Today I ran 4 miles. I'm very happy with running again but I do need to fit more strength training in too.

Carolyn-Great job with Jane Adams Gentle Yoga Morning Energy practice. I understand how you feel about not being able to workout the way you want to. I hope that you are back to your normal workout routine soon.

Valerie-Great job with Perfect Pump Upper Body and XTrain Core. I agree, Cathe really goes heavy on that workout.

Cathy-I'm sorry about your sleep. I have nights like that too. Yes, I run as early as I can in the morning. It's supposed to be hot again this week.

Diane Sue-Great job with the Coffeyfit and CDorner workouts last week.
This morning I did a chair workout from (Chris Freytag’s site). The workout was circuit style with seated cardio interspersed with upper body strength. It was 26 minutes and 140 calories burned. Average heart rate was 122 and maximum heart rate was 145. I was surprised at what a nice workout it was.

Valerie, nice job with Pedal Power spin, push-ups, and curls. I assume that you are traveling today if you are mostly sitting. If so, I hope that you have a good drive.

Judy, great job with running and the Muscle Meltdown workouts. I’m sure that you are looking forward to having the first week of July off.

Hello to Cathy and Diane Sue. Have a wonderful day everyone.
Sorry I've slacked. Saturday I did Blast Barre and Bands. It's a good workout and not what I was expecting. She does 4 blasts, leg barre exercise and then upper body. And I'm pretty sure it worked areas of my upper back well because it's really tight, sore in that area. Yesterday I did All Core on the Floor, which left me realizing that Saturday's workout had gotten my hamstrings because in a couple of positions, they were like "excuse us, modification not using us, please" and then today I did Hearts of Fire. That one starts out with a kickboxing section, then goes into 10 Hiit blasts finished off with low/high/low cardio segments. It's a good overall workout.

My week is being rearranged as Derek's girlfriend is arriving Wednesday evening and Thursday we are going to the zoo in South Bend. So, I'll be shopping on Wednesday, and we'll need to leave at 8:00 on Thursday so not sure if I'll get a workout in either of those days.

Valerie I hope your trip goes smoothly and that you are able to find some areas to hike, ride. I don't think at any time in my fitness life I would have been able to match Cathe's weights in Perfect Pump. Probably more of them than I can now, but there's a couple things that are a definite no.

Judy you're doing great with the running! Not looking forward to the heat, but I tell myself Nick has it worse as they are in a 2 week stretch of mostly 100-105 with a couple 98 degree days. But, he pretty much goes from air conditioning to air conditioning.

Carolyn that's great that you found a workout you can do. I noticed the other day that Cathe has a two live workouts with her Seniors among those that are available. It looks like they are seated, and using yoga balls.

Hi to Diane Sue!
Saturday I did Alyssa Kun Low Impact and strength workout using 2 and 5# dumbbells, 30 minutes, hwart rate 105-144, 112 calories, 2007 steps. THis is from her Arthritis Adventure subscription page. She has lots of info and demos along with some workouts. I also did Burpee Girl outdoor workout Fat Burning Cardio for weight Loss, 25 minutes, 108/129 heart rate, 2,646 steps. I finished with Jane Adams morning energy yoga, 17 minutes heart rate 84/97, 37 calories. Total time was 72 minutes, 250 calories, 4,654 steps.

Today I am exhausted, but still pulled off a weight workout. I did Coffeyfit Raw Shoulder and Neck Limitations, 40 minutes, 90 calories, heart rqate 91/118, 618 steps. I then did Raw Abs Circuits 16 minutes, 38 calories, heart rate 84/103, 47 steps. I finished with Walk Strong 3 Total Stretch, 18 minutes, 26 calories. Total time was 74 minutes, 154 calories. Too many long days and today my Garmin gave me 5 out of a 100 body battery when I got up. I clicked it and it showed me having stress all night. I guess coughing, pain, and dry mouth trying to get dried out gum I use to help that from being stuck on the roof of my mouth. I get tired of dry mouth drops and cough drops and I have about choked on them enough times. That being said, it also said I got 7 hours of sleep LOL Yesterday we had a nice family day.

Shoulder Limitation workout 3 rnds of 6 exercises
Squats 15# dumbbells 13 reps, 10 reps, 13 reps (timed)
Biceps 10# dbs 13 reps right then 13 left all 3 rounds
Reverse Lunge alternating 15# dbs 12 reps all 3 rounds
1 arm kickbacks 10#,8# 8# 14 reps
body weight hips/ quads knee pull/hip circle 2 rounds then just knee pulls 3rd round
scap squeeze with leg lift back 10# db's, 8# dbs, 10# dbs (uncertain of weight)
Yesterday I did Boss Bands Total Body. It felt really good after running the day before. I didn't feel like using heavy weights or doing a strenuous workout and this was perfect. I work today then will be off the next 3 days.

Carolyn-That chair workout sounds really good. I'm glad you found something you can do while you are recovering. Yes, I'm really looking forward to having extended time off.

Diane Sue-I looked up that Arthritis channel and it looks good. Thanks for mentioning it. Nice job with the workouts.

Cathy-Great job with the Live workouts! It looks like it's going to be hot for the next few days, but like you said, it's not as bad as Texas and other areas. It would be really hard to exercise outside in that kind of heat. My runs will be very early this week.

Hi to Valerie
Today I did Boss Bands and Loops Metabolic. I've done that one before and I just think it has too many long pauses for explanations to be a really true metabolic workout. Of course, I could just do something during those times.LOL It does hit all areas.

Judy nice job with Boss Bands Total Body. Did you see parts of the Western Upper Peninsula hit a 100 yesterday! So many people up there don't have air conditioning. Temps were varying widely. 100 in Houghton and 80 in Marquette only 1 1/2 hours away. Marquette has more lakeshore, but Houghton sits between to parts of Lake Superior on a river.

Diane Sue sorry you are having trouble sleeping. I've found that my sleep app does weird things some times. Especially when it shows me sleeping and I know very well I had a long period of playing on my iPad in the middle of the night! Great that you were able to get a workout in anyway.

Stay cool everyone!
I didn’t try a workout today as I don’t want to rush things. My leg is feeling much better and I want to keep that forward momentum.

Diane Sue, nice job with the Alyssa Kuhn Low Impact and Strength and Jane Adams Morning Energy, Coffeyfit Raw Shoulder and Neck Limitations and Raw Ab Circuits. It sounds like your body needs a bit of rest and recovery.

Judy, great job with Boss Bands Total Body. Chris has some great workouts on her site with several different trainers. I had looked at the Chair workouts before and thought that they were good.

Cathy, great job with Boss Bands and Loops Metabolic. These 100 degree days are dangerous for doing anything outside. I hope that those without air conditioning will be okay.

Hello hello Valerie.
Today I did Michelle Briehler Cardio Kickbox Low Impact (all standing), heart rate 113/139, 127 calories, 31 minutes. Michelle showed low Impact, but not everyone did low impact. I do not think of burpees, lunge floor touches etc as standing though. I did some of the low impact versions for sure. I used 1# dumbbells.
I then did CDorner Cardio Kickboxing Tabata, 31 minutes, heart rate 138/162, 181 calories. Steps for both was 4,605. Chris uses dumbbells for the last part of the workout. I did not use them. I then did CDorner Flow Stretch from today but skipped part of the down dog plank stuff and those stretches (I think scorpion?) where you end up lying back with your arm straight behind you. That one hurts. I used to could do it. Total time was 87 minutes, 354 calories.
I almost tried an Kickboxing with Alyssa Khun on her arthritis site. She has very muscular legs. Obviously she works out. I watched a video she did an interview with on nutrition and arthritis this morning before I worked out. I took some notes. The suggestion is two cups of fruits and vegetables at each meal to get what we should get and .7 gm of protein per lb of body weight, between 20 and 25% protein. Avoid prepackaged foods and snacks. I am going to check the website out. Optimize Me Nutrition with EC Synkowsky.
I will try to get back here in awhile. My grandson will be picked up soon.
This morning I did Chair Cardio from Gethealthyutv. That was 25 minutes and 144 calories burned. My average heart rate was 123 and maximum heart rate was 140. Once again I was surprised that it was such a good workout. Chris was accompanied by another trainer and they discussed how these workouts are great for someone with an injury (me), seniors (me), or beginners.

Diane Sue, great job with Michelle Briehler Cardio Kickboxing and CDORNER Cardio Kickboxing Tabata. Alyssa Kuhn’s meal suggestions are similar to the way that I try to eat. I avoid prepackaged foods and snacks and I eat nonstarchy vegetables with every meal including breakfast. I eliminated prepackaged and highly processed foods years ago because of my thyroid problem. They work against my body functioning as it should. A small serving of fruit is usually a part of my lunch salad along with 3-4 cups of leafy greens and some type of lean protein.

Cathy, there was one Senior workout on Cathe Live when I subscribed. I previewed it, but it wasn’t what I wanted at the time.

Hello to Judy and Valerie.
Today I took a rest day. I got some rest and took a nap which helped me get some things done. I needed to do some things outside and am catching up on things I let go while my grandson was here.

Valerie, I hope they get things taken care of so you can get out and do your usual rides. Hopefully you can find some good work arounds. You are getting in some good workouts anyway.

Carolyn, nice work with the chair cardio. Kelly has a chair boxing workout on her raw channel. She has another that I do that is shoulder limitation workout and a seated weight workout. I am trying to keep easy to grab fruit and vegetable items. Alyssa Kuhn said many people think they are eating healthy, but they eat things they don't realize are not good like prepackaged so called healthy foods. I prefer fresh foods prepared but have kind of fell into a slump since the surgery. She has a lot of interesting stuff on her website I want to look at. I used to consistent with a large leafy green salad with varied toppings. I like to put apples or sliced grapes on a salad. The packaged foods are counterproductive for people with auto immune conditions too. I am glad you have found something that you can do to get some cardio in while you mend.

Cathy, someday I want to get Cathe Live so I can try some of those newer workouts. Funny that your watch thinks you are sleeping when you are looking at your ipad. The Garmin is pretty good about the sleep. It does allow me to get up to go to the bathroom and continue to monitor my sleep when I get back in bed. It will show I was awake that time though. It is supposed to get to 102 here Saturday. It is hot!! I don't know what is up with my sleep. I took melatonin last night and still woke up too early.

Judy, nice work with Boss Bands. I like both of the workouts, but I think Total Body the most. They sure have been good for me getting back into some strength work without lifting heavy weights. I am getting strength back gradually. I think the high heat feels different in some areas. I found Arizona heat to be more tolerable than Southern California and Houston area. The humidity made it much more unbearable. I remember my grandmother talking about not having air conditioning and they were used to the heat.
we finally arrived at our house after some adventures on the way. we had nice weather and nice camping. our rides were not what we hoped. the first one got stopped when there was a tree blocking the road before we were near the trail. we dont have a saw with us. the second ride location was in a nice area but also had a big tree down across the road but much closer to the trail itself. we hitched our bikes over the tree and rode it anyway. it was okay but not a repeater, and by the time we got back to our camper the tree had been cut and removed. Because it was still early we drove to location #3 to check our the area and decided to ride it right away if we could. this was not as described and was a total mess. way too wet and marshy and then a lot of rockfall and then of course, a series of downed trees. not what we hoped for. an occasional tree problem is just normal, but this was way too many. it was a decent dispersed camping spot to stay for the night so we did. the next morning we drove to an area we wanted to hike with interesting rocky areas and plants. it was nice with great flowers and birds so we spent about 4 hours there. the only bad part was ticks. OMG I hate ticks. we noticed a few about half way mark, and looked carefully the rest of the way down. they are so hard to kill. they are small and hide in obscure places like wrinkles in your socks. when we got back to our vehicle we spent 20 min making sure we picked off every one. I usually spray our clothing with permethrin when tick season arrives but its been so cold and wet in WA there was no need. well, all of a sudden there was a need! I have permethrin spray here and after running everything thru the wash, I will spray all our clothes. not 100% but pretty effective but it doesn't last from year to year.

there is still a river running high, and most of the road damage is not close to us. the north part of the park will be closed all summer. we have to re adjust everything we'd planned to do. traffic is much less without so many people going to the park.

heat without humidity is not as bad though I still don't like it. it gets hot here in MT but cools off dramatically at night, and humidity is usually very low. Even WA is usually not humid when it gets hot so it isn't great but its more bearable but nights don't cool down. heat in the midwest was almost always miserably humid. I hate it and never go to hot humid places. I see no reason to go somewhere if you to spend all your time indoors with AC. why are you even there?
cathy of course this doesn't apply to places you "have" to be, but it always mystifies me that people stay in climates that are so awful. it helps of course if its a limited time. I have never been able to sweat much, must be some physical thing, and I get overheated very quickly and high humidity makes it much worse.

diane sue have you tried Biotene products for dry mouth? my night mouthguard makes my mouth dry and the flavorless gel helps a lot. there is also a spray.
I didn’t work out today. I needed to pick up a few things from Costco, coffee beans being the most important in my mind! It’s going to be so hot that I wanted to be sure to get it back early. It will be 99-100 degrees here. The Zoo is even closing early, both yesterday and today. The last visitors will be admitted at 1:00 and the Zoo will close at 2:30.

Diane Sue, I’m glad that you took the day off from your workout to give your body some rest.

Valerie, it’s great that you made to your house after a leisurely drive with some adventures. Stopping for camping and riding makes every day a part of your vacation rather than just a long drive.

Judy, I finally bought a pair of the Hoka One Clifton 8. The support is so much better than my other shoes and I can really feel the difference in my hips and thighs. It was some time ago that I asked you about them but I decided to do it after talking to the Nurse Practitioner at my doctor’s office. She was wearing a pair and loved them for all day walking. Several others in the office also wear them. Anyway, thanks for telling me about them.

Hello to Cathy. Have a wonderful day everyone.
Yesterday I did a 4 mile run, at an easy pace since it was hot out. Today I did a harder 3 mile run. It was much cooler and I was able to push it. I also did 20 minutes of Peloton upper body work last night. One thing that I've noticed since I started running again is that my bone mass reading on my tanita scale has gone up. It was consistently at 4.6% for years and now it's reading 4.8%. I'm not sure how significant that reading is vs. a bone density scan but I'm happy to see the increase.

Cathy-Great job with Boss Bands and Loops Metabolic. The temps in Michigan are crazy this summer. I feel bad for the people up north without air conditioning. Hopefully the heat wave won't last too long.

Carolyn-I'm so glad you like the Hokas! Chris has a pair of the Cliftons and he loves them. I wear the Bondi for work and I've been running in the Arahi. I don't think I could run in any other brand of shoe now.

Valerie-I'm glad you made it back to your house. It sounds like you had an enjoyable trip. Nice that you got some hiking and biking in too.

Diane Sue-Great job with the Michelle Briehler Cardio Kickbox and CDorner Cardio Kickboxing Tabata. I signed up to get emails from Alyssa Khun's arthritis site. There is so much good information there. I've always lived in areas with heat and humidity. I bet I would like Arizona.
we lounged around yesterday did clean up and maintenance, laundry, and I permethrin sprayed our clothes. if I were buying new clothes, you can buy them pre treated, good for 70 washes. I plan to buy some socks but getting delivery here is not as fast. socks get washed more than other garments so thats much better than home spraying. the clothing is supposed to repel other insects too, like black flies and mosquitos but I'm not too impressed with that part. when flies are bad I stay home.
it's hard to tell with ticks..... if you come back without any, how do you tell if they were repelled by your sprayed garments, or if there weren't any ticks to begin with? in our experience, some areas are loaded with them in early summer while other areas that look the same have none, so we spray our clothes once a season and check for any extra companions when we get done with a hike or a ride. they can hitch a ride on packs too, so it helps to spray those once a year. they can grab on when you sit down, or when you brush by grass and shrubs so its possible most places.
This morning I did KCM’s Power Splits Upper Body. My time was 35 minutes with 175 calories burned. Average heart rate was 121 and maximum heart rate was 168. I did the boxing finishers seated instead of standing.

Judy, nice job with your 4 mile run, 3 mile run, and Peloton Upper Body work. Any reading that shows an increase in bone mass is good to see. I‘m curious about how the scale calculates that score.

Valerie, nice job with taking it easy and getting settled in yesterday.

Hello to Cathy and Diane Sue.
nice hike this morning. about 4 hours but we sat up in a meadow in flowers and relax for a generous half hour. wedid a hike tuesday too about the same time and distance. no ticks today but it was very lush and green and looked exactly like the area on tuesday so who can tell...
Wednesday I shopped and then yesterday went with Derek and his girlfriend to the zoo in South Bend. Beautiful day for it and plenty of shaded areas, so we weren't in full sun that much and it was breezy so overall very pleasant. This morning I did Metabolic Med Ball Blast. 10 rounds of a med ball segment followed by a weighted segment. Lots of variety.

Valerie I'm glad you made it to your place. Sounds like your rides have been pretty mixed lately. Not a fan of ticks. In the spring, we get a lot of small dark ticks. For whatever reason they don't attach to us. Which is just fine. We flush them them when found. This year wasn't too bad.

Carolyn I'm glad the chair workouts are working well for you. The hardest part of injuries for me is always the inactivity. Slowly but surely you'll be back to regular workouts. We've been too zoos where they pull animals off exhibit at certain temperatures, though more often because it's too cold than too hot, but I'd not heard of a zoo closing entirely due to heat.

Judy nice job with your running. That's great that your bone density has increased. Looks like the next two weeks will be upper 70's to upper 80's which isn't too bad. And a lot of the overnight temps are getting down into the 50-60' so we can cool off the house overnight and put the air on later in the day.

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