Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 6/02/2024

Judy I've seen wild turkeys often but never met one. the turkeys the guy next door had were "domestic" ones but I'm not sure there's a difference in attitude. they let me get fairly close and didnt go after me, but herding them back thru the trees to his yard wasn't smooth. they go where they want. they are big. these didnt have nests and eggs but not friendly. if you get a chance, the program he did with mule deer was way more personal. He gets very close to them and gets them to trust him. IMO it's habituation. it does not help wild things deal with all the other humans who want to shoot them. some animals get very tolerant of people. we see it in our neighborhood. some people feed the deer. people post pics all the time with tame deer eating out of their hands. deer get less wary about cars and people. it takes a lot of effort to get them to keep their distance. not everyone wants to be their friend.

Cathy not very slippery, but so much debris is hard on tires. best not to ride over branches but they are hard to see. sometimes they blow the path off after it dries out. Ive read that storks, cranes, egrets, and herons are defensive and go for eyes with their beaks. Ive read that's an issue for those who try to save injured wildlife. I would think any good size bird would use that defense. a finger is not a biggie.

doing a small hike this morning and will see how my toe does.
Today I did Live Rock'm Shock'm Kickbox and Total Body Barbell. Still on the fence about the last one. If I do do it again, I think I'll use both my barbells because just using Cathe's barbell with 40 lbs worth of weights is too fast of changes without pausing.

Valerie there are areas where animals can survive being habituated to humans, but far more where it isn't safe for them at all. When doing anything with birds with large beaks, very sturdy goggles are definitely called for as they can move quickly. Anyone who's ever watched one hunting for fish, knows how quickly that beak can jab. Fortunately Irving is mostly out to steal sticks and entertain himself when it comes to his interactions with keepers. He's been living there since the savannah opened in '99, and so he is definitely used to interacting with the staff and seems to particularly delight in initiating new staff to his world. He's also far more likely to test short staff over taller staff.
Today I did RWH Chest, Triceps and Shoulders, 2 sets and no finishers. That was 32 minutes, 92 calories burned, average heart rate 103 and maximum heart rate 137. It certainly felt like I was working harder than that!

Valerie, great job with the road ride.

Judy, great job with the Peloton rides and MM Triceps.

Cathy, walking at the zoo sounds nice.

Hello to Diane Sue.
This morning I did RWH Legs which was 37 minutes and 210 calories burned. Average heart rate was 125 and maximum heart rate was 151.

Waving hello to everyone. Have a great day.
No workout today as I shopped. And went to Verizon to get the LTE internet set up. So easy! If you know anyone with limited options because of where they live tell them to see if they can get it. All I had to do was plug it in and wait for the light to stay solid and then sign in. Checked the speed and it's 5x faster than what we had and should certainly not be going in and out all the time.

Carolyn great job with RWH Chest, Triceps and Shoulders and RWH Legs.
I worked yesterday and today was an active rest day. I had a hair appointment in the morning and this afternoon I did a 10 minute row and 20 minutes of Arms & Light Weights. I plan on doing Cathe’s new Live PHA workout, Pump & Burn Express this weekend. I love all of the PHA workouts and this one looks like a good one.

Valerie-I watched the Joe Hutto turkey documentary and it was good but I agree with you in that I didn’t really like his approach. I’ll check out the program he did on the mule deer.

Cathy-Nice job with Live Rock'm Shock'm Kickbox and Total Body Barbell. We have been fortunate to have reliable internet service but it’s good to know that Verizon is an option if that ever changes.

Carolyn- Nice job with RWH Chest, Triceps and Shoulders, 2 sets and no finishers and RWH Legs.

Hi to Diane Sue
I am having computer issues and my laptop updated Microsoft edge so I keep having to log into things and find things, then it tried to do Windows 11 and came up with error message again. My granddaughter's husband that works on computers is going to come Sunday and look at it.

Yesterday I did Total Body Barbell Upper Body Only mix, 43 minutes, 114 calories, heart rate 97/132. I followed with Raw Yoga Stretch 14 minutes, 29 calories. Total time was 57 minutes, 143 calories.

Today I did CDorner Aerobics & abs 90's music hi or lo, 45 minutes, 201 calories, heart rate 127/161, 3,639 steps. I also did CDorner Mobility Day 12 spinal mobility and Day 18 chest and shoulders, 34 minutes, 49 calories. Total time was 79 minutes, 250 calories.

Valerie, I hope you enjoyed your hike today. That is a hard thing when the wild life start trusting humans for food and it makes them less cautious.

Carolyn, nice work on yesterday's RWH Chest, Triceps and Shoulders and today's and today's RWH legs

Cathy, that is great that it was so easy to set up Verizon LTE internet. I am glad it is working faster for you. Great job on Rock'em Sock'em kickbox and Total Body Barbell. I have things set up pretty well for Total Body Barbell. I have extra plates and two more 10# that has the hand openings. I still have to pause a bit here and there. I guess I could pull out my easy curl bar. I just don't Unfortunately my husband gave away my 25# plates along with the regular barbell that I gave him to use with the bench I got for him. My son in law has those.
Did the hike two days ago, about 2 hours. my toe got sore while hiking and for a while after, but the next day it was ok. I will deal with it being a little sensitive for a while. yesterday I did a longer than usual therapy session with more upper body work, and this morning we rode the bike trail again. it was quite a bit cleaner than last time after 2 sunny days but busier. most of the grass clippings and cottonwood branches were gone leaving mostly just cottonwood fuzz. getting some nice weather and that brings out the crowds. we are heading to MT tomorrow. I do at least some therapy work every day while dinner is cooking. not everything every day but stretches and ab work. none of it is hard. my abs and hip flexors are fit.

Judy that is the way Joe does things. he's much worse with the mule deer plus they are a lot smarter than turkeys. deer are curious to begin with. he gets animals to trust him. lovely in a way. regardless of what he says, I cant see how that improves their chances for survival with vehicles and hunters. the deer around here are not afraid of people and it allows them to get into a lot of things, and get way too relaxed around cars. we hit a deer once coming out of our driveway. traffic comes from the left, and the deer was the right but not even paying attention. we HAVE to look left but the deer just stood there . we were barely moving and it ran off but no way to tell if it was injured or not. hunting season they are sitting ducks. they don't even pay attention when we are out in the yard. when DH trims branches off cedars deer come right over and chow down like its a buffet. we arent seeing any right now but its fawn season here so probably soon. there are several neighbors who feed them.

Cathy weve always had better coverage with Verizon than the other providers especially in montana. in our experience the customer service on the phone is more able and willing to wheel and deal if you think you are paying too much. DH got our monthly reduced substantially when the store personnel could not do anything.
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This is my rest day. That’s a good thing since I am feeling rather tired today. I’m just going to take it easy for a change.

Cathy, that’s great that the Verizon LTE internet is going to work so well for you.

Judy, nice job with the hair appointment and active rest day.

Diane Sue, nice job with Total Body Barbell Upper Body and Raw Yoga Stretch. Computer problems are so frustrating. I hope that your granddaughter’s husband can get it working.

Valerie, good that you could do the hike but unfortunate that it aggravated your toe problem. Nice job with upper body work and therapy exercises.
Today I did Perfect 30 Perfect Pump Upper Body +extended stretch, 54 minutes, heart rate 98/134, 143 calories. That is all I had time for today.

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