Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 6/02/2024

Weve always been verizon customers because their coverage was always better than the other services. I dont know if they still compare as well. we just signed onto a verizon deal for unlimited coverage . it sure helps when traveling by car. I crank thru the data even though I'm usually just reading. verizon had the best coverage in Montana where the other services didnt do as well. might not be true anymore but I would need a good reason to switch. we got a decently good deal the last time. you have to talk to their phone team. you won't get anything from the crew at the actual stores. they cant negotiate it seems.

I did 10 min on the elliptical to warm up and then did the whole Stacked upper body. I backed off slightly on weight ,10 lbs from 12 on 2-3 exercises. overhead presses still feel hard if my back is unsupported so Im not pushing too hard. I'll do more reps with lighter weight for a while. I can do them but it feels shaky.

we are expecting a lot of rain over the next few days. so indoor work for me.
Watched a good movie tonight called King Richard, about the Williams sisters. I think it was nominated for some awards but didnt get any. In my experience I like the nonwinners beetter. Stars Will Smith before he got himself into the oscar flap with chris Rock. I wonder if that's why it took so long for the movie to get released? Very good movie, worth the watch.
I did my usual Sunday yoga/mobility this morning.

Diane Sue, nice job with the Raw workouts. I hope that your laptop is working today. Maybe your Windows system needs to update.

Valerie, great job with the elliptical and Stacked Sets Upper Body. I have considered watching King Richard several times but I remember it being a very long movie. I have a hard time watching long movies, even the good ones. It has been available for a couple of years but they might have taken it out of the lineup with all of Will Smith’s issues. I noticed that he is more visible lately promoting his new Bad Boys movie with Martin Lawrence.

Hello to Judy and Cathy.
Carolyn it was a fascinating movie. Will Smith does a great job in a role which was (I think) hard to play. he is very demanding but has his daughters best interests at heart. He's sometimes very gutsy and abrasive toward just about everyone. it's hard to imagine how he accomplished all that he did... teaching his daughters a skill he had no background in, and at the same promoting their skills to people who would ordinarily not pay much attention to him. there are cringe worthy moments when racial tensions that come up and at times I think people will walk away from him, but he's sure he's right and he does not back down. the film makers ( I'm guessing) resisted making him "too likeable". it's a well done movie and moves right along. I'm not a big tennis fan. play sequences are not too long or tedious. I think you will like it. on my famous rating system I'd give it 4.5 stars. I don't remember the run time, seems like it was close to 2.5 hours but it does not feel long.
I have no clue if the oscar flap delayed release of the movie. I dont think it won anything. I dont think it was available until very recently, at least not streaming. I had it on my list of movies to watch when they came out. its the story thats compelling, we all know how it turned out for Venus and Serena.

did a 35 min spin, then some weights, curls and presses and a modified version of x train abs. I'm not supposed to do actual sit ups anymore because of the potential for bending too much. so do aggressive crunches. also I do the banana position one and also the side to side one with my feet up. I never could do that before so all the therapy work I do has strengthened my abs a great deal.
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This morning I did an Intensity blend of warm up, step, low impact hiit and cooldown/stretch, followed by SB Bonus Abs and Stretch Max 2 with the ball.

Carolyn great job with JS One Mile of Motivation, STS 2 Standing Abs Metabolic Core Warm Up and yoga.

Diane Sue great job with Raw Kelly's 8 Favorite Moves(June) Total Body, yoga,

Valerie great job with elliptical and Stacked Sets Upper Body.
Valerie, Will Smith did win the best actor award for King Richard. It‘s been on HBO for a couple of years and is now on HBO Max.
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Carolyn thanks. I totally forgot after the dust up with Chris Rock. we watched the rest of the awards but I didn't remember. he certainly deserved it. its funny, I was stewing about who won best actor that year, and I couldn't remember. told myself I would look it up but never did. I have a record of not liking "Best " winners. my taste is different I guess.
we dont get cable movie channels (like HBO) so I dont know what's on them. when we dropped cable we lost that.
I think I said King Richard was on Netflix but not sure. DH sets things up while I'm getting dinner. on our screen it does not show what service after the movie is on. it could have been Prime.
Tonight we watched American Fiction. That was also a really enjoyable movie. very clever and funnier than most comedies.
Today I did Cardio Party for 39 minutes and 276 calories burned. My average heart rate was 133 and maximum heart rate was 154.

Valerie, American Fiction is a good movie. We were able to watch that one during the Christmas holidays because oldest daughter had an advance copy from one of her professional organizations.

Cathy, great job with the Intensity blend, SB Bonus Abs, and Stretch Max.

Hello to Diane Sue and Judy.
Today I did Live Ready, Set, Step, P30 Upper Body and Stretch Max 3 with the band. I may be able to match Cathe on legs, but I will NEVER match her weights on that upper body workout!

Carolyn great job with Cardio Party.
Carolyn I envy you and cardio party I love watching that one but will never do it. too many left feet. even step reviews don't help enough. but its fun to watch others having fun with it.
I did 30 min on the elliptical this morning. it comes out as about 300 calories but not sure I believe that..

Cathy after the rotator cuff issue, I wonder if Cathe can ever match her own weights again?
I would be willing to bet that she has had to back off on the weight levels she was doing. rotator cuff surgery is not something you want to do over again.
saw a podiatrist today. my feet are not looking very good but still mostly work ok. I had a stress fracture in the really sore toe which explains the soreness and difficulty I was having. nothing to do but wait for it to heal. it's was better today. walking, elliptical and bike are not uncomfortable now at 2 weeks tomorrow. .
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This morning I did Live Bun Burners Barre and Ball and P30 Bonus Stretch. Derek is driving up to Marquette tomorrow and looks like there's a chance of storms a few places. He had asked for time off starting Thursday, but his schedule had him off tomorrow, so even though Aliah is scheduled to work those days he'll still go up. It'll give him time to work on the video he wants to have for Friday, since she won't be home.

Valerie great job with the elliptical. Cathe has been doing short lives on Instagram and she's talked about having some arthritis in her knee from when she had surgery years ago, I haven't seen her say anything about weights, but I would think that at least for certain shoulder exercises she would back off.
Cathy its so disappointing to learn joints are being distorted by arthritis. I can't possibly get every surgery that may be recommended. I cant imagine "no weight bearing" for each foot for 2 months straight. one knee for sure. one thumb is going downhill fast, and I probably have arthritic joints in my neck. great! there are things you can prevent by staying in shape and exercising, but other things show up regardless with the blessing of shitty genetics. I can fortunately take anti inflammatory meds which help. not ready for a wheel chair yet. its not fair , but life isnt fair. I'm using upper body weights regularly and may not get back to what I was doing, but not sticking with 2 pounders either. If I can use 12, 15, and 20's I should be ok enough. my left thumb may be the limiting factor there.
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Today I did RWH Back, Biceps and Shoulders, 2 sets—no finishers. That was 36 minutes and 114 calories burned. My average heart rate was 107 and maximum heart rate was 135. I went to Costco for paper products and coffee beans trying to get ahead of the storms that are coming in this afternoon. It’s actually gotten very dark as I write this, so I guess the storms are here.

Cathy great job with Ready, Set, Step, P30 Upper Body, Stretch Max, Live Burn Burners Barre and Ball, and P 30 Stretch.

Valerie, nice job with 30 minutes on the elliptical.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.
Yesterday I did 40 minutes of rowing and 10 minutes of Arms & Light Weights. This morning I did about 40 minutes of running. It was a more interesting run than usual. About half way through I was turning into a more wooded part of my route and a wild turkey came out of a bush and started running and squawking at me. She must have had babies in the bush and was trying to protect them. I turned around and went back the way I came in. She ran after me for a few feet then stopped. We have a lot wild turkeys around here, usually they are crossing the streets and stopping traffic, but I’ve never had an encounter like this while running.

Valerie, Great job with the elliptical workouts, Stacked Sets Upper Body, 35 min spin, weights, and x train abs.

Carolyn-Great job with yoga/mobility, Cardio Party and RWH Back, Biceps and Shoulders, 2 sets—no finishers.

Cathy-Great job with your intensity blend of warm up, step, low impact hiit, cooldown/stretch, SB Bonus Abs, Stretch Max 2 with the ball, Live Ready, Set, Step, P30 Upper Body, Stretch Max 3 with the band, Live Bun Burners Barre and Ball and P30 Bonus Stretch. I’m the same with weights, I can generally match Cathe for lower body but I can’t even come close to her upper body weights on her heavy strength workouts.

Hi to Diane Sue
Today I did Total Body Barbell premix lower Body + Core, this has the bonus lower body included, My time was a bit longer because I had to stop a couple of times to forward some messages to my husband. This was 42 minutes, 116 calories, heart rate 97/129. I keep using the weight setting on my Garmin and I think that I need to go back to the cardio setting. This is higher reps and I think I was working harder than the stats look. I finished with part of today's CDorner Mobility which was just too much on my hands doing things like bear so switched and did Day 30 Full Body static stretch (holds stretches for 30 sec with timer), 28 minutes, 36 calories. Total time was 70 minutes, 144. Yesterday I did two short videos, Raw String along cardio 13 minutes, and CDorner upper back and neck stretch. My neck is really hurting along with upper back lately. Total time was 27 minutes. I needed something to get things moving.

I am sorry that I am not here as much lately. I am trying to adjust to my husbands new hours and timing to get workouts in, housework and still work on the paintings for my granddaughter. I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning so made my husband a pan of chili before I took off to the appointment. He eats dinner before he leaves for work after 12.
I have wondered how Cathe keeps up with all of the new workouts after the shoulder surgery. Plus she had that surgery during the first STS workouts. She is really strong though. I have noticed she has changed some angles with lat raises. I know my PT had me do them slightly forward. I am sure that she is aware of changes needed. Hopefully she does not injure herself again. I am afraid to go real heavy with overhead stuff and even bench press.

Valerie, I hear you on arthritis. It is the ugly part of aging I guess. Some are luckier than others. I think if we did not work out like we do we would probably be some of those people that cannot hardly get around anymore.

Judy, that is kind of funny about the Hawk coming out and squawking at you. We used to have a bush by our side door that some robins nested in. People would come to that door and they would squawk and swoop down at them and make them duck in the door.

Cathy, I have watched some of the short Instagram segments with Cathe in them.
Weve had 4 days of rain and this morning it got windy and with all the trees fully leafed out, wham, the power went out for most of the county. seems like between 9-10. I was planning to go to costco so after a couple hours I went, thinking power would be back. so hard to do anything if you can't open the fridge. anyway, power was out much of the day, back on at 3:30-4. I had all the sheets/linens in the wash and had just started the dryer when all went dead. got pretty busy after 4!

Judy we saw a program a while ago where this wildlife specialist raised a brood of turkey chicks. I don't remember why he was doing it. when the birds were very young they were friendly but as they became adults all that friendly nature went away and they got very aggressive and attacked him. vigorously. you're right , the hen you got close to probably had eggs or chicks. turkeys are big. I wouldn't want to be in an argument with one. it was a interesting show. he did something similar with mule deer where he got to know the deer in the herd that hung out near his cabin in Wyoming. his name is Joe something, cant think of it now. It was a good read but I didnt agree with his approach. our next door neighbor raised turkeys one year. they kept getting out of their pen and coming over to our yard. I hazed them back to his place often but it wasnt easy. turkeys do what they want! Ive heard about grouse and owls doing the same thing.

I dont regret at all the work I put into keeping fit, but dont we all do it to some degree in hopes it will head off some of health problems? it just surprised me that so many things seemed to pop up at once.

diane sue I am careful about overhead things especially if I dont have back support. I havent gone more than 10 lbs. if I'm sitting against a bench or lying down it feels much better and Im doing 12 lbs without issues. its funny though, my shoulders bothered me for a while and now that seems to have settled down. it seems better to do more reps with lighter weight.
Today I did KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix, workout two. That was 29 minutes and 204 calories burned. My average heart rate was 132 and maximum heart rate was 180.

Judy, great job with rowing, Arms & light weights, and running. Being chased by a wild turkey certainly added something interesting to your run!

Diane Sue, nice job with Total Body Barbell Lower Body + core, CDorner Mobility, Raw String Along Cardio, and CDorner Upper Back and Neck Stretch. You have a lot going on right now.

Valerie, I’m sorry that you had a long power outage. Like you, I have no regrets about the time and focus that I spend on fitness and wellness. I’m sure that I would be in much worse shape given my family history.

Hello to Cathy.
We did a road ride this morning, after 4 days of rain. 15 miles. an hour 20min. chain fell off to begin with but with 2 people its easy to get it back on. it was messy out there. they had just cut the grass along the trail so all the grass cuttings plus debris from cottonwoods was everywhere! cottonwoods are incredibly messy trees. the grass was already 4-5 feet tall in places so it makes for a lot of grass clippings.

No I dont regret anything except maybe not doing more. not quitting.

Judy I looked up the guy who wrote about turkeys. Joe Hutto. we saw him on a PBS program that might still be available. if you google his name and turkeys or mule deer you will find him. I read a book a few years ago he wrote about a why bighorn sheep in the mountains in Wyoming were not doing well. I dont remember him getting "involved" with the animals like he does on his own. there was also a pbs program on the mule deer project. its really touching what he accomplishes but I dont agree that its a good approach. the turkeys were wild and he raised them but it doesnt continue happily forever. turkeys being turkeys as you know personally.
Today I did 45 minutes of Peloton rides and Muscle Meltdown Triceps.

Diane Sue-Great job with Raw String along cardio, CDorner upper back and neck stretch, the Total Body Barbell premix, CDorner Mobility, and Day 30 Full Body static stretch. I agree about working out like we do. It makes a difference. I am grateful to still be able to do as much as I do at 61.

Valerie-Great job with the road ride. Thanks for the mentioning Joe Hutto. I looked him up and found his PBS turkey program on YouTube. I’m going to watch it tonight. I definitely learned a lesson about turkeys yesterday. Very aggressive and big birds that you don’t want to mess with. I’m going to adjust my running route to avoid the more wooded and secluded areas.

Carolyn-Great job with Cardio Quick Fix, workout two. I agree, I have no regrets about all the time I’ve spent on fitness and exercise.

Hi to Cathy, I hope you didn’t have any problems with the storms today. It was bad here but only for a short time, around 4 pm.
Walked at the zoo today so no workout. Had an 8:00 appt for the tire rotation and that took all of 15 minutes. Got gas and then sat at the zoo and read for awhile. Dreary morning, but the animals were all active. It was the day for rain. Nick drove to work in the rain at 6 a.m. and sat in the car for a few minutes before running in, Derek drove in and out of rain going north, and we had about 15-20 minutes of torrential downpour with some thunder/lightening at least it wasn't windy. Derek had told me a deer was leaving her fawn in the tortoise exhibit and sure enough it was all tucked up in a corner between wood fence and building. The tortoise has a foot infection keeping it inside right now, so not an issue there, but they've been getting lots of people telling them about it and then having to tell them it's fine. And he got his first animal related injury. LOL Came home with a bandaid on his finger. Irving the Maribou stork, about 4'9" tall (my height) with a big beak and Derek's only 5'3". Irving is the bane of the keepers existence when they have to go out on the savannah each day. He LOVES sticks, because he collects them for his nest and they have these large sticks that they carry to fend off animals. Well Irving wanted the stick, grabbed the end and started working his beak up towards Derek's hand and then got close enough that he got his hand. He wasn't really trying to get Derek, he just wanted control of the stick. Derek said it didn't hurt much at all.

Judy turkeys are definitely not something to mess with, retreat is definitely the option there! Great job with the Peloton and Muscle Meltdown Triceps workouts.

Valerie sorry about your power outage. Always a pain. Great job with the ride. Do the grass clippings and stuff from the cottonwoods make the trail slippery? And definitely on exercising to keep fit. I have a lot of longevity in my family and even as a teenager, I planned to live a long time and it impacted my choices even then.

Carolyn great job with RWH Back, Biceps and Shoulders, and KCM’s Cardio Quick Fix.

Diane Sue great job with Raw String along cardio, stretch and Total Body Barbell premix lower Body + Core.

Edited to say Cathe posted a list of equipment for the new workouts and it has two balance discs. I have one. Sigh She's also using yoga blocks but I'm going to wait and see how she uses them, and if I have something that will sub.

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