Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 5/2


This morning I did All Out Low Impact HiiT, the no no disc premix. That was 34 minutes and 227 calories burned. My average heart rate was 127 and maximum heart rate was 155. I had to go grocery shopping after that. I was a little disappointed because a lot of produce wasn’t restocked yet. I think that the delivery trucks for this store now come on Thursday. I might need to rethink my shopping schedule.

Valerie, X Train is a great series. I‘m sure that you will enjoy it if you decide to focus on that.

Cathy, nice job with Stretch Max. I have done that stretch dvd many times, but I rarely used the band stretch. I’m not sure why.

Judy, great job with Turbobarre and a Peloton ride after that.

Diane Sue, it’s good that you were able to get in some workouts even if they were shorter than you like.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


Today I did a trial and error workout doing portions of different workouts for weights. I started with CDorner 30 minute cardio workout at home she did today (low impact steady), 32:50 minutes, heart rate 153/186, 213 calories, 3,423 steps. I liked the music in this and it was fun. I did some of the bit higher impact moves she demonstrates. It was a good workout. Then, her comes the mish mosh of workouts for weights:
CDorner Full Body Strength (stopped at 10 minutes 37 calories, heart rate 106/140
this starts with warm up
forearm turning plank
20# dumbbell held at chest level oblique with squats(felt it was hard on shoulder holding and probably not too friendly on the spine IMO)
squat holds with pulses with 20# I stopped here as she then goes to the hands and knees holding knees off the floor move or option wall sits. This was just not something I wanted to do

Next CDonner Push/Pull Upper done in sets of 10 reps assuming you already are warmed up
push ups floor, wall, couch or whatever works
bend over rows 25# dumbbells 10 reps
flys 15# dumbbells 10 reps
front raise palms up 10# dumbbells(me 8's)
reverse flys 10# dumbbells (me 8's) repeating all throughout workout
(this bothered my right shoulder and I started to feel snapping as I moved) This was 7 minutes, 21 calories

I went from here and did Ice Muscle Meltdown Biceps and Triceps, 29 minutes, 93 calories, heart rate 102/136, 93 calories
All moves are 12 reps done in a giant set fashion and repeated 3 times
standing dumbbell curls 15's, 12's, 12's
standing hammer curls 15's, 12's, 12's
preacher curls with stability ball 12's, 12's, 12's
incline with stability ball hammer curls 12's,12's,12's
1 arm concentration curls 12,12,12# dumbbell
repeat 2 more times
overhead extension 12's, 12's, 12's
kickbacks 12's, 10's,10's
dips body weight 12 reps
lying extension 12's, 12's,12's
close grip bench press I did one set of these with 10's then did more kickbacks with the 10's for the last two rounds
repeat 2 more times

I finished off with CDorner, full body stretch 23 minutes which I really needed.

Carolyn, nice work today. I was not able to get green grapes and some other produce from Whole Foods Tuesday. Yesterday I went to the Walmart in the smaller city by us and their shelves were low and no grapes of any kind. Wondered what was up with that.


No formal workout yesterday. we decided to head to montana this weekend using our repaired camper. we picked out two road bikes adventures to do on the way so it wont be our usual marathon 11 hr drive. one is in WA near spokane, the other is Coeur d'Alene trail in northern idaho. that one we've ridden parts of several times before. its lovely in spring with birds and animals common. we saw a moose really up close previously, tons of gorgeous water birds. couldn't do it last year because camping was closed.
loads to get ready, and garden work to finish. it got breezy, power went out mid afternoon. the usual, tree on power line. took a couple hours to get it fixed but not long enough to cause issues except planning for dinner is tough. what can you eat without opening the refrigerator or freezer? not much.

power came back on so I made the fried rice dish from skinnytaste. 1 WW point and really easy if you have cooked rice, which I had made in the morning. the seasonings I like, toasted sesame oil, chili power, red pepper flakes, soy sauce fish sauce. I season DH's portion separately using only the chili powder and coconut aminos (fake) soy sauce. then he said "it doesn't taste like anything". Arrgh!.... if you don't want any seasoning in your portion, it probably won't! its supposed to have shrimp but he wont eat that either so used some leftover grilled chicken. my portion was very good. he makes a BFD about some flavors and then when I leave it out of his, complains anyway. no win! the shrimp version was better. I'm done with him and shrimp/salmon. I make it.... watch him poke at it and act like I put a dead rat on his plate. Done with that.

cathy late teens. early twenties is a common time for mental/adjustment "issues" to appear. a lot of stresses, away from home, no one disciplining them, barriers removed, using drugs or deciding not to use prescribed drugs, acting out, a lot of possibilities pop up. for the first time for many, they don't have parents riding herd on them and they gradually go off the rails. sounds like your kids are doing well in spite of roommate challenges.

We're a little wary of the vacation crowds reappearing this year ,overcrowded and unpleasant. usually in MT we can find quiet places to go and we think we got all the family obligations covered last year.

Carolyn, is the visit with your daughter going well?


Today was one of those “anything is better than nothing“ days for me. I did JS One Mile of Motivation for 15 minutes and 117 calories burned. Average heart rate was 134 and maximum heart rate was 153. Then I did Mobility Basics Stretch premix for 21 minutes.

Diane Sue, nice job with that mix of workouts that you did yesterday. Shopping for food can be very frustrating sometimes. I think that my store was getting ready for the weekend shoppers instead of being ready for those who come in on Thursday. I didn’t want to drive to Sprouts for my produce since they are doing road construction along that route.

Valerie, your plans for the drive to Montana sound great. That is a good way to make the long drive more enjoyable. My daughter’s visit is going well. It’s so good to have her here. Health wise she is doing great. Things are stable for her right now and her medication seems to be working as it should. We are all learning to appreciate the present instead of wondering “what if”.

Hello to Judy, Cathy, and Deb.


Today I did CDorner Step Aerobics #110, Int/Adv 57 minutes, heart rate 123/158, 257 calories, 4,692 steps. I got my fabric bands in the mail today that Chris Dorner uses. I will try them out tomorrow. I had my eye appointment today along with school. I made up a pot of chicken soup last night for lunch today for my granddaughter and me. Made some time to play a new game with my grandson and we gave him his birthday present before we had to leave for my eye appointment. Glad that did not take too long. I couldn't remember if it was going to be the field vision or the other exam as I do two a year for taking hydroxychloraquine.
I am trying to find where air filters go in our heating and air system that is in the attic. There is an air intake in the hall, but no filter there. I guess I will have to go in the attic to check. Still learning all of the nuances of this house. I think the dryer must vent through the attic or something as the walls around the laundry would be garage, bedroom or kitchen.

Valerie, that sounds like a nice trip with some fun breaks on the way. I hope all goes well. Glad the power came back on for you. I find it is better if I just put stuff in the food and don't say anything. I found a teriyaki sauce recently that is not bad and has no soy in it called Ocean Halo. I use Worchestershire sauce a lot in my husbands dishes. He seems to go for that as part of seasoning and I prefer Lea Perrins that has lower sodium than soy sauce. I don't get complaining about seasonings and then complain because the food is bland.

Carolyn, I get it about wanting to avoid road construction. I usually go to 7 Eleven for gas and when I took my granddaughter to her school, that area was blocked off and I had to go past my turn and come back up to make a right as there was no left, along with only 1 lane. I may wait and go to one on the way to or from church Sunday, but I will be in a hurry to come home as some family will be coming over.
Playing catch up...again! Thursday I did Live Kickboxing Plus Core and I really liked it, but I'm very confused as to why it was called kickboxing. It's all boxing, then a less than four minute leg drill section followed by the core. Friday was LITE SBSS Upper Body and I actually kept up with Cathe on that one with weight selection. Followed that with the Bonus Butt Work. This morning was all about technical difficulties. Ugh! I had planned to do my Finished Step Combo workout, but it was like watching a TV with rabbit ears and the reception was bad. Cutting in and out. Our wifi was fine, and nothing I did worked, so I gave up and did my IMAX 3 Combos only workout and that worked fine. Then I followed that up with Step Boss Bonus Abs and I got audio and a totally black screen. Fortunately, I know that workout really well and can do it with just audio. Hopefully that was a one day fluke thing. Derek and I are off to a very brisk morning at zoo. It's his first day off, though the little rat went over on his lunch break the other day and saw the new wolf exhibit without me. Nick's already at work since he moved up to the first level of overseeing other people, so he has to be there for all the prep stuff.

Valerie sorry to hear about the power outage. Those are never fun. Safe travels to Montana. The extra rides you are planning sound like fun. I get similar things from my husband things are either "that had no flavor" or "that's too spicy." :confused:

Diane Sue great job with all the workouts! Michigan has a website where you can check for accidents, travel speed, construction zones, view the roadside cameras, you can even watch the cameras on the snow plows. So, I knew where the construction zones were at and was able to give the boys a heads up. Right now they are working on the stretch of highway we use and our entrance ramp onto it is closed right now, so we have to go all the way through that town to get on and I was doing that most of the time anyway because I hate those traffic shifts where they have both sides of the highway side by side with the cement barrier in the middle. But, the roads here are REALLY bad, and it's much needed. I love driving up north because once I get north of Lansing, it's way smoother traveling.

Judy great job with Turbobarre and the Peloton ride! I really like Turbobarre.

Carolyn great job on the AOLI Hiit! That's a fun one. Doing something on those "anything is better than nothing days" is always a good thing!

Now I gotta fly to get ready to leave!


another busy day with shopping and moving plants around. our neighbors dropped in for a visit to see our new garden wall and stayed a while. so funny to realize its been a year and a half since we've been able to do that. no formal workout. will try to do something today as tomorrow will be mostly driving. then the next two days will be riding so probably some upper body weights.

I probably wont be able to start the thread tomorrow so someone else please do it. I will check in after we are driving but cant do that from the car.
Cathy, I keep up with the DOT cameras when we're traveling for all those things. in 3 states as we go. they are all different apps and work differently. also twitter since a couple of the WSP people post there on detours and accidents. depends on who's working as to whether useful information shows up long before it shows up on the DOT map. we will be staying within WA today but the summer road work might be rolling along in drier areas of the state. there usually aren't detours but a few times having that info was extremely valuable. if a bad wreck or fire shuts down the interstate at least you are warned and can take another route. all those freeze/thaw cycles and heavy truck traffic makes sure there is a lot of road repair every year. usually not as much on sunday so another reason to commute on a weekend.

DH is a "super taster" IMO, so sensitive to any heat, whereas I an nicknamed "asbestos mouth" so I'm used to adding extra heat to my serving. this time he didn't like the soy sauce substitute I used so maybe a different brand will be better. I use the coconut aminos on his serving, and tamari on mine. he likes more salt than I like but even pepper annoys him.

another frustrating call with my sister. her cat died, put down actually. he was old and developed cancer but now she decided she wants another cat. a kitten actually. good luck finding one. everything is online and very hard to pin down an exact geographical area. most of the shelters don't put kittens on their sites as far as I can see. I assume because they don't adopt out until they have shots and are spayed/neutered. I can find kittens locally here, but not there. its so clear that one needs computer literacy to do almost everything these days.
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This morning I did P 30 Perfect Pump Upper Body for 31 minutes and 170 calories burned. My average heart rate was 120 and maximum heart rate was 161. I was working with a tight schedule since today was my investment club meeting. I forgot to create and post the agenda yesterday so had to do that first. Then it was my workout and a quick shower before the 9:30 meeting time.

Diane Sue, nice job with the CDorner Step Aerobics. I’m glad that your eye appointment went well.

Cathy, great job with Live Live Kickboxing plus Core, SBSS Upper and the Bonus Butt work. I know that you will enjoy the zoo trip.

Valerie, that’s great that your neighbor dropped by and stayed to visit.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


Good afternoon ladies! One of my favorite all time DVDs is Cathe's Pyramid Upper and Lower Body. I did STS Total Body yesterday and I think I've found a new favorite DVD. I have almost finished the entire STS series and I am amazed at how much stronger I have begun. I haven't lost any weight, though, and that bothers me. I do cardio on most days even if it's just heavy on legs, it usually gets my heart rate pumping. I also love all the PHAs, Low impact HIIT, Lean Legs and ABs (I really love that Ab workout) and great glutes. Pizza presses are HARD but effective. My thighs and butt are solid now, for sure. I need to lose 30 lbs. of darn menopause weight. What are some of your favorite workouts that combine toning and cardio?


Today I did CDorner Fun Step Aerobics #112 first 32 minutes, (I wanted my muscles warmed up first) heart rate 153/186, 213 calories (this was fun and I want to do all of it next time) 3,423 steps.
I then went to her band workouts and did Butt and Thigh workout 31 minutes, 74 calories, heart rate 91/131, 420 steps and finished off with Quick Mobility 19 minutes, 25 calories. Total time was 88 minutes, 312 calories, 3,735 steps. The Butt and thigh started with some squat and standing with the 50# purple band then moved to some no band work which was included throughout and switched to some with a regular latex band rather than the fabric and she used two, but said not to do the work with the fabric bands around the ankles. I just used Cathe's blue heavy band for this. Lots of reps on the floor that were a bit hard on my wrists and with hands turned back in bridge positions that started to bother my shoulders. I liked the Tabata one better, but my legs and backside were really feeling this. My hip flexors always seem to get tight when doing quad work like this. I did a bit of extra stretching for that area when done. I finally went up in the attic and figured out that is where I change the air filter at. It is a thick filter meant to be changed every 6-12 months. Also found the dryer vents out through the roof. I ordered new filters as what was there looked dirty. I thought they just serviced it all and replaced something as the builder messed up. We have all of this building going on and they are clearing out behind us and burying sewer lines and some sort of dam where the drainage is so I am fighting dust and allergies are terrible.

Cathy, nice workouts. I hate messing with stuff that is not working right. It is such a waste of time. I guess that you do not have the dvds with the premixes where you could just do the combos only or whatever? It seems Cathe always calls the workouts kickboxing even if there is very little kicking in the workouts. Kelly Coffey has done that, but on her Raw channel, she has workouts that are called boxing though as there is absolutely no kicking in them. I like heavy bag workouts that have some kicking in them. I like doing the kicking. I remember looking online at construction areas to avoid and where slow traffic is. I am sure we have that too. Yesterday when we went for my eye appointment we ran into stopped traffic as the freeway had one lane closed going both ways. It was a mess coming home as people were trying to get on the freeway and were backed up. My husband finally pulled off and went up some streets and got back where it met another freeway. What I don't understand is why they can't just get something done in one area than having it going on for months or years all over the place. Where we live now I can get on the turnpike easily and there is very little traffic for getting to the places that I want to go. I don't generally drive highways, but this is not bad. Get on and hardly anyone on it. Lots of open space along the way till I get where I want to get off and that is where more business starts. There is a lot of open areas here.

Valerie, I heard on the news yesterday that a lot of people are taking their pets to shelters. I guess because they are back to work or just don't want them after all. It would be hard to find your sister a cat without being near her. I am sure she is not going to go online to find one herself. Maybe a pet store in her area? I don't know how it could be delivered to her though. That is ridiculous that she cannot figure that out on her own. How did she get her other pets? Maybe a vet would have some idea? I like coconut aminos, but I generally add more than recipes call for because it does have such a mild taste.

Carolyn, nice work getting all of that in this morning. I do like that Perfect 30 workouts can fit into the schedule when busy since they are not so long.

SuzieLaw, Ice Bootcamp Circuit is a good one or Strong and Sweaty Bootcamp, and X Train Cardio Leg Blast for strength, toning, and cardio all in one.


My workout today was 8 hours at Home Depot. I had over 20,000 steps on my Apple Watch. It was a busy day in the garden dept.

Diane Sue-Great job with the CDorner workouts. That is really sad that people are taking their pets to shelters. I remember when everyone was adopting pets due to having to stay home all the time when Covid started.

Carolyn-Great job with Perfect Pump Upper Body.

Valerie-I'm sorry about your sister's cat. I agree with Diane Sue, a vet would be a good place to look for a new kitten or cat. We adopted Shadow from a vet clinic.

Suzie-XTrain Cardio Leg blast is a really good combination workout. Also RWH Lift it Hiit it Legs and Upper and Lower Body Circuits.

Cathy-Great workouts this week! I'm sorry about the technical difficulties.


thanks for the ideas but I already suggested she look at her vet for pet listing. the vet I used always had a bulletin board with pets listed from the local area. this clinic was not helpful. she needs something close by so she can get a ride there to look at it. then she decided she "had to have" a kitten, and they don't seem to be available thru shelters. adults kitties are much more available.
she has had mostly pets she inherited from other people. her dogs she bought from private individuals until the last one who was humane society. that one only lasted a day or two and ran out the door and got run over. the current kitty was from a friend of our brother. she used to be able to drive and was able to get around normally, but her seizures are less well controlled now and she will not ever drive again. she had this kitty a long time. its hard to access info if you don't have online access. I will say again that I would buy her a computer in a heartbeat if there was even a chance of her using it. there isnt!!
humane societies and shelters limited walk in visits and did a lot electronically this year. I would think with people going back to work, you're right, pets will be getting returned to shelters. so sad. DH and I keep talking about going to a shelter and adopting a kitty but we haven't done it.

I did Perfect Pump and some extra push ups. wow judy that is a lot of steps!.

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