Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 5/13

Good morning,

No workout yesterday except for whatever I did in agility class. My lower right back, and hip are where I am having issues. Also my left leg aches. :(. I may try one of the yoga workouts that Diane posted.

Valerie, I forgot about the pacemaker. Good that you saved the PT info from last time. When will you be going on vacation? To the Montana house?

Diane Sue, Nice workout combo, and thanks for the links. I guess I will have to sign up for her channel. Another password to remember....:). I have the same thing with my legs. I have not worked them at all, but when I get up in the morning, especially, it feels like DOMS, like I did a heavy weight workout the day before.

Carolyn, good idea to rest the knee some more.

Hi to Judy & Lori,

Take care,


Deb, I only have to sign into my youtube account to get all of the subscriptions I have. Once I have signed in I rarely have to do it again on a device. My smart tv and bluray player have my youtube account in them as well as my tablet and computer. What you have for pain sounds exactly like mine. It is so odd to have the left leg so sore like doms when the pain is in my rightbhip and lower back. I am going to go do something this morning before church. I may add in my therapy balls. I was thinking also that the recovery workout on P90X3 with yoga alternated with foam rolling might be something to use. I cannot sit for long periods without the pain so I get up and move. Nights are the worst and I find myself having to move aroud quite a bit. Once I am up and moving It is better. Some mornings I feel like I hurt everywhere. I have been trying to add more anti inflammatory foods some extra bone broth in soup, bone broth protein, etc. , but most suggestions I see on overtraining and on physical therapy sites, I already am doing. I hope we all get better soon. Oh, and Sarah Beth has a 10 minute up the wall segment that is supposed to help. One thing I will say is I think it is improving a little. For a few days my left glute was sore along with the right. That has subsided on the left an is more the hamstring.

My family is coming over later today, as they all have more than one mother to spend time with :) I hope all of you have a wonderful day :)
Diane sue, the golden beets are a massive improvement over the red ones. I dislike the mess. I think golden ones taste better besides. I am growing some this year and I would never grow red ones. there are also some red and white ones but I've never cooked with those so not sure if they are messy. I sometimes buy cooked red beets in a small shrink wrapped package. I like a few slices of beet on a salad but don't overall like red ones that much. I splash a little vinegar on the red ones and that tones down the sweetness if they are too sweet.

maybe it applies to most of us, too many workouts can work against us sometimes. ( Lori watch your step!) I will be on light duty for a while. Carolyn too bad about the impingement. I'm sure I had this before not sure if it's exactly the same location but rest and PT fixed it last time. I wish I knew what caused the basic problem because neither time was there any particular pain or problem exercise I could ID for sure. I am kind of stuck because we are going to be gone for a few weeks so I can't set up PT right away. I was hoping the cortisone shot took care of it, but only for a few days. I have the pages from my last bout and will take those with me since I will have time
Hello Ladies,
I am taking it easy today and enjoying a quiet Mother’s Day. My husband is grilling for dinner which is his version of preparing a meal.

Deb, the low back and hip pain that you describe is what I felt a few weeks ago. I did some stretching and used the foam roller on my hamstrings and it felt better.

It seems that we all need to be a bit more mindful of our routines. It takes more time for my body to recover which I need to plan for. I try to include less intense workouts and get in a yoga workout, but I haven’t done very well with that lately.

Have a nice day and take care.


I did about 26 minutes of P90X2 recovery and mobility which included the yoga and mobility start and most of the lower body foam rolling. I then did Sarah Beth Yoga up the wall 10 minutes. It was the same moves as on the end of the sciatic low back only held longer for each move, around 2 minutes. I have the worst time with the figure 4 move up the wall on my right side. I have to move away from the wall to do it. The left side is easy. My husband took me to the Garage restaurant for lunch and I got an avocado melt and sweet potato fries. I hope I am hungry when the family comes with dinner :)

Valerie, I am sorry the shot has not helped. I remember when I had a steroid injection for my knee it took some time to be noticeable that it worked. I hope it doesn't spoil your plans. I bought a package of rainbow beets once at Sprouts to try the different colors. I kind of felt that the white beets were kind of tasteless. I love red beets that are crisp tender sliced into a salad. I usually roast and rub off the skin. That is still messy when it comes to rubbing off the skin and slicing. But, I love them and canned does not compare to fresh beets.

Carolyn, it is easy to push hard when we are feeling great and much harder as we age to recover quickly. You are right about being more careful of our choices. I used to throw out a 3 hour hard workout like it was nothing. It has decreased over the years as I realized that it was not needed to be in shape. I am terrible at just following one well planned shorter program without feeling the need to add to it.
We did a road ride today, about 24 miles. it was busy on roads this morning as we had nice weather and mothers day brought out the people early. a head wind for half the way. so 2 hrs 20 min because it was busy and road and bridge crossings took longer. the one park we take our break, right downtown, was full of druggies. can't dodge them anymore. druggies and drug deals going down everywhere. I swear I would ride right over someone now and not call 911. tired of homeless drugged out people all over.

I am not incapacitated and my arm and shoulder work fine without any motion restrictions or discomfort. I get sore if I try to do actual specific weight exercises. so I will do the PT from a few yrs ago, ice when done, and set up formal PT when we get back from vacation unless it is better. actually even if it's better I will because this PT place is better than where I went before and maybe they can help me see where the problem movements are.

what are the red and white beets... chiogga? I never had one but maybe they don;'t bleed all over everything. the yellow ones don't. that would be a "no" on canned beets. these are refrigerated, shrink wrapped and cooked so you can slice and add to a salad. they are quite good. still I like the yellow ones better.
Good morning,

Yesterday I did the 30 minute yoga workout that Diane had recommended for back and sciatica pain. I forgot to start my HRM so I did not get a calorie burn.

Diane Sue, I did sign up for her channel. I liked the yoga workout, but did not realize that the end was using a wall. I don't have a wall in my basement area that you can use for those moves. I ended up just doing what I could on my back with my legs up. It was pretty humbling. I didn;t realize how much flexibility I have lost over the years. We have a Garage restaurant here too, I wonder if it is the same. The one here does not seem like a chain.

Valerie, I think that is good that you will be able to start the PT on your own while you are gone.

Carolyn, that's great that your husband grilled for dinner. Nice and easy with hardly any clean up. It's great that the weather is back to "grill weather"

Hi to Lori & Judy,

Take care,
Hi Everyone,

Saturday I did Body Beast Bulk Shoulders and a couple of Jessica Smith's 10 Minute Walks. Yesterday Chris and I went to an art fair and got some walking in and last night I did the 100 rep bicep challenge from XTrain and another JS 10 minute walk.

Deb-I hope the yoga session helped your back.

Carolyn-That sounds like a nice Mother's Day. I agree about being more mindful of our routines. It takes me more time to recover than it used to and it's beeen hard for me to accept that.

Valerie-Nice ride! It's good that you can start your PT on your own.

Diane Sue-I know what you mean about it being harder to follow one shorter program. It's hard for me to get out of the mindset that more is better.

Hi to Lori!



Valerie, I am not sure what they call the other beets. I think the texture seemed a bit different in other colors. I will have to look for refrigerated beets. I dont recall seeing any before, but I wasnt looking for them. That would be handy. I wonder if these other beet varieties have the same nutritients as the regular beets and what they use in supplements? I would not want to ride where druggies an so much pathetic sadness is. It would spoil the enjoyment.

Deb, I have workout equipment and bookshelves on all of my walls so I use the closet door. I have thought that one could use the fit tower for straight uo the wall , but it would have to be lowered for the figure 4 part which is so hard for me on my right side. As far as opening the legs out wide, that would have to be on the floor without a prop, maybe using the hands to give a little more stretch. She has some very relaxing slow yoga and some a little more active flows. I like the Garage. I know it is a chain and more of their foods are showing up on MFP. Not what I ate though. I sometimes sub bison for ground beef when I get a taco salad. I like their taco salads because they are not loaded with chips and lots of cheese. They onw have a sign up that they have gluten free buns available. I wish it wasnt always so loud in there though.

Judy, walking around an art fair sounds pleasant. We just had our annual art festival here.
The shrink wrapped beets are usually around the bagged lettuce and packaged salad specialty items. with bags of broccoli slaw, pea pods, etc. one brand was Melissa's but I think this latest is a different name. the package is small, maybe 3x3 inches. I don't think they are a real "hot" item. I like a little piece of beet but not a lot so this works for me. I've seen shrink wrapped at Costco too, but not always, the same shrink wrap packaging but too big. DH doesn't like them. the brand I have now is "Love Beets". I forget if I said earlier.... if they are too sweet, a little spritz of white wine vinegar takes it down a notch. they are small compared to the fresh beets in the produce dept.

No one is doing anything obviously illegal, but if you watch you can see drug buys take place, people connecting. it's a city park and has the only bathrooms on the ride which is no doubt what draws other people too. mostly it's a nice park. we saw a dead overdosed guy there last summer but the PD was handling it, and ridden past people sleeping under cardboard boxes. It is so common and a massive problem. between needle exchanges and proposed 'safe injection sites" I wonder what is wrong. it is sad to see the numbers involved.

we did a short ride this morning with most of the elevation gain. a beautiful morning but it was buggy with gnats. drove us both crazy .... getting behind our sunglasses so we cut it short. probably better later in the day.
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Today I did WS3 One Mile of Motivation which was 15 minutes and 116 calories burned. Average heart rate was 131 and maximum heart rate 157. After that I did KCM’s Start Here workout one cardio. That was 32 minutes and 211 calories burned. My average heart rate was 123 and maximum heart rate was 139. This workout was fine for me today. I am trying to take note of what movements to avoid that might be aggravating for my knee.

Deb, that’s great that you were able to do the yoga. It looks like one that I would enjoy.

Judy, it sounds like you had a good weekend. Outdoor fairs and festivals are nice this time of year.

Diane Sue, good for you doing the recovery workout. I hope your hip is starting to feel better.

Valerie, I haven’t seen the packaged beets, but I will look for them. I would like to have a small amount for salads without the messiness.

Hello to Lori.


Today I did You Tube Sarah Beth 20 minute yoga for energy and weight loss, 25 minutes, 61 calories, met 2.2. I then did Strong and Sweaty Ramped Up Upper Body timesaver mix 12 double triceps and biceps, 45 minutes(37 actual) met 4.5, 184 calories, 613 steps. I finished off with Sarah Beth 10 minute cool down yoga for legs and hips 13 minutes, 30 calories, met 2.1. Total time was 83 minutes, 275 calories.
I am feeling somewhat better today. I am not taking any Advil or anything like that. Just stretching and trying to keep the nutrition right. I am hoping to maybe do the some of the Ramped Up workouts the rest of this week. Maybe when the hip as all better I will try some floor work like on the Ice dvd.
I kept the weights with what Cathe used today.
close grip bench press 20# dbs 8reps, 12 reps
triceps dips 32 reps, 16 reps
triceps lying extensions 10# dbs 10 reps, 4 reps with pulse between each, 8 reps
triceps standing overhead extensions 12#dbs, 10 reps
band kickbacks
Repeat all
biceps hammer curls 15# dbs 12 reps
biceps sweeping curls 15# 12 reps
biceps isolation curls 12# dbs 4 reps
standing biceps culrs 15# dbs 12 reps
biceps crazy tubing 24 reps /24 reps
repeat all

Valerie, the only refrigerated beets I saw today at Sprouts were fermented beets in a bag. For some reason, that does not sound very good to me. Maybe I did not look in the right area. I did not look where they have the chopped and packaged veggies like mushrooms etc.. It seems they are encouraging the drug habit more than anything else. I remember as a teenager, we had a nice park and the druggies and winos took over. They finally chased them all out. We use to walk there to use the pool. Then it got bad and we had to void it. I can only imagine how much worse things are now.

Carolyn, I found when I had the knee problem that cross back lunges was very irritating for my knees. Especially if they were off a bench. Also the diagonal lunges. I still do not do these moves with a very large amount of movement now. Of course step is a bit uncomfortable at times. I am okay now if I don't do it day after day. It is good to take notice if your knee hurts after a certain workout or you feel uncomfortable with something. Oh, and side planks sometimes make my knee hurt and feel vulnerable. Mine mostly aches on the inside of my knee and towards the back a bit where I believe the bakers cyst was.
Good evening ladies,

Sorry for not posting. Been crazy busy at work - more than usual!! My company filed for bankruptcy a couple weeks ago and is restructuring. We closed 20 restaurants but keeping 59. It has been very stressful. My job is fine - just need to get thru what we have to get thru. Once this is all said and done we will be a vibrant company once again. That day can not come fast enough!

Still trying to keep up with my workouts. Saturday was a rest day. Had way too many errands to take care of. Sunday I did Cathe’s most recent live...Cardio Kickboxing and Cardio Barre. I liked it. I used 1lb hand weights and 2lb ankle. I also did a pop sugar jumprope. This morning was an adv SB Lower body and also a LEKFit bounce. to do a yoga workout. Hope this helped and you get relief.

Diane Sue...I love having Youtube as an app on my TV. Makes doing a quick streaming workout so easy. I just discovered VHX has a roku channel. This is how I stream LEKfit and BBS. I also use Cathe Live on the roku which is awesome. I wish Bellicon and SBF had a streaming channel.

Valerie...that stinks the shot is not helping. I feel for you. I am not a beets fan at all. My mom loved them though. Us way! right knee sometimes acts up. I have learned to be very mindful of it with certain moves as to not have a flare up. Liked your husbands prepping a meal! are doing great with body beast! I competely forgot about the 100 rep challenges. I enjoyed them. Going to start adding these in.

Have a great night all!


Lori, that is too bad your company had to close so many stores. I bet you are working hard to keep up with things. I use youtube through my bluray player. It is almost like having the roku box. It is simple to use. I could bting the rokunstick I have been using for the guest room for grandchildren, but havent really been using any streaming that would require it. Thevstick is so easy to pop in from one tv to another.

I made the golden beet arugula salad tonight. I am glad I bought arugula & spinach since I am not a fan of arugula. Next time I will use kale or something else. It was good except for the arugula. The dressing was sort of like a honey mustard and viniagrette. Not very sweet with only a teaspoon of honey. Then there was 4 figs diced in the salad. I had more than enough spiralized beets.
Good morning,

Still no workout. I think my hip/back is finally easing up.

Judy, that sounds like a nice weekend.

Diane Sue, I have a door, but it would be completely facing the other way from the TV...I would not be able to see what she is doing. Maybe the Fit Tower would help. I don't think the Garage restaurant here is part of a chain. They took over an auto class shop, its really small. I think they just used the name "Garage" because they open up the overhead doors that used to be where you drove your car in, and then it is turned into a patio.

Valerie, that is so sad that they have let the people get to that. Gnats would not be fun on a ride...I may check out those beets too,. I have never had fresh beets, hate, hate the canned ones.

Carolyn, I have KCM's Start Here, but never opened it. How was it? More like a beginner weight workout?

Lori, wow, that has to be stressful for all the employees. I hope it ends quickly and everyone can get back to normal. Great workouts! I have never done one of the 100 rep challenges. I should try one.

Take care,


Deb, my hip is gradually improving. Not fast enough though. I have used the bath door before that goes into the exercise room, but cannot see the tv. You have to know the moves. On the 10 minute up the wall , she holds longer and has her arms overhead, but the same moves. She doesnt do up the wall on all of the workouts for low back and hip.
There are some foods I like but as an "accent"...beets are one of those. just like I would not want a whole bowl of pickles or olives, I don't want a boat load of beets. just a few small pieces on a green salad.
roasted golden beets were much milder and good but I mixed them with roasted brussels sprouts as a side dish. diane sue, I like arugula too but mixed with other greens. all by itself, it's too strong. smaller leaves are not as strong, and I think it gets a stronger flavor when weather gets hot.
Deb, canned vegetables are not the greatest. canned corn is OK but frozen is better. other canned vegies like tomatoes and green chilis are fine but I bypass the canned vegie section. If you find beets to try, don't overdo. just a few slices on a green salad adds some interest but doesn't overwhelm. the other downside of red beets is if you eat a big serving of them, the red color shows up 'later" . I don't like them enough to eat a bowlful.

air was very still warm yesterday and that is probably why the bug problem. for some reason gnats want to get behind your sunglasses! they usually cause problems. we will do a regular road ride today instead.

Lori that is upsetting.. restaurant business is pretty volatile.

the drug/homeless problem is huge here. seattle just passed a head tax bill for big employers to try and get more money to address the problem. some of it is the people themselves, but a lot has to do with the sudden and dramatic rise in cost of living here that is putting people out of their homes and apartments. this used to be a fairly inexpensive place to live and it's gone absolutely crazy.
Today I did X Train Cardio Leg Blast using the Jump Sport for most of the cardio. Total time was 58 minutes with 311 calories burned. My average heart rate was 116 and maximum heart rate was 141. I modified the cardio moves that I did on the Jump Sport but it worked okay.

I just read an article that says Montmorency cherry juice helps with insomnia. It has naturally occurring melatonin. The study referenced suggested drinking some in the morning and at night. Has anyone tried it? I know that it has anti inflammatory properties and is good for joint pain, but I hadn’t read about it being helpful for insomnia. The article was a link in the NG’s email.

Deb, Start Here is more of a beginner workout or a recovery workout. She uses light weights at the end of the cardio segment which seems odd to me, but it works. Fresh beets taste nothing like the canned variety which I can’t stand. I like them on a salad with goat cheese and walnuts. If you see the fresh packaged ones that Valerie mentioned you might give them a try.

Lori, I hope things at work settle down soon. I read about that bankruptcy in a business article a few weeks ago and I thought it was your company but I wasn’t sure. Restructuring the business must be hard on everyone. Your workouts are probably a good outlet for stress.

Diane Sue, it’s good that your hip is starting to feel better. Side lunges bother me if I go deep into the lunge. It’s odd, but some things that I expect to hurt like static lunges are fine. Bending with hamstring curls or high knee lifts bother me more so I modify those. I love the peppery taste of arugula, especially when I get it at the local farmers market.

Hello to Valerie and Judy.
Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did a 1 hour Spinerval and today I did Walk Strong 3 Lower Body.

Lori-Thanks! I've been enjoying Body Beast. I love the 100 rep challenges from XTrain too.
That is really too bad about your company. That must be very stressful. I'm glad that your job is ok.

Deb-I have KCM's Start Here. I've used it when I was having low back issues and needed an easier workout. Also for active rest or recovery days.

Carolyn-Great job with Cardio Leg Blast! That's another one that I really like but haven't done in a while. I should try the cherry juice you mentioned. Maybe I'll pick some up at Fresh Thyme later today.

Diane Sue-I'm glad your hip is getting better.

Hi to Valerie!



Today I did Strong and Sweaty Ramped Up cardio timesaver mix 11, double back and chest, 45 minutes (38 actual), 228 calories, 96 average heart rate, 136 max. I then did double shoulder mix from Ramped Up upper skipping the warm up and stretch, 20 minutes, 108 average, 141 max, 104 calories. I finished off with YouTube Sarah Beth 15 minute flexibility yoga for hip flexors and hamstrings, 5 minute hip yoga, 10 minute sciatica (up the wall) which I had to finish on my own because the streaming stopped suddenly, but I knew the moves. This was 32 minutes, 75 calories. Total time was 99 minutes, calories burned 407.
back one arm row R 30# 16 reps followed by back 1 arm fly R 10# 10 reps
back one arm row L 30# 16 reps followed by back 1 arm fly L 10# 10 reps
repeat Right and Left
back-pullovers 35# DB 10 rep; 35# 10 rep rear
back rear delt flys 10# dbs 10/10 reps; 10# dbs 10/10 reps
band t rows 32/16 reps
repeat all
chest flys 15# dbs 12 reps followed by push ups pyramid 12,10,8
chest flys 15# 12 reps followed by push ups 4 reps variable movement
Shoulders overhead presses 15# dbs, 12 reps, front raise 15# db 12 reps, lateral raise 5# dbs 8/4 with pulses/8 reps
Shoulders overhead presses 15# dbs 12 reps, front raise 12 reps, lateral raise 8/ 3 with pulses/ 4 reps
shoulders lateral band circles 32 forward/32 back
shoulder band kickback rear delts
repeat all

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