Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 4/22


Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did Turbo Barre and this morning I did Spinervals On The Road, Tempe Training Ride, 1 hour and 50 minutes. I really felt like getting a longer ride in. This afternoon I have a hair appointment.

Deb- I hope you like the DVD. Jessica is very good at gentle yoga routines.

Carolyn-Great job with Cardio Super Sets! That's another one that I like and need to do more often.

Diane Sue-Nice workouts today!

Janet-Great job with Whole 30 and your morning workouts!

Lori & Valerie-thinking of you today (hugs)



Good morning,

No workout yesterday.

Janet, good job on sticking with those morning workouts and the Whole 30 eating plan! :)

Diane Sue, I used the calorie burn from my Polar HRM. I don't have a yoga setting on my FitBit. Maybe it is something I have to go to the actual settings for to add it.

Judy, thanks, I like JS a lot so I am sure this will be a good one. That was a long indoor ride! My cousin is doing a week long ride from NYC to Buffalo for cancer research sponsored by Roswell Park Cancer Institute. I think it's something like 400+ miles. Similar to what Josie used to do from LA to San Francisco for Aids.

Carolyn, good job on Cardio Supersets. I keep forgetting about the Low Impact Series. I need to revisit that one.

Lori & Valerie, I hope the trip was okay. Thinking of you both.

Take care,


All went ok yesterday flight was on time and ok. Alaska is my favorite airline by far. People are so nice and kind and helpful. Motel is ok and got some sleep. But we feel like we are strangers in a strange land. We will go look at my childhood home a last time. Assuming my brother is there to let us in. So far not even finding anyone to meet us for lunch. The motel has a decent looking workout room so that may be our activity.


This morning I did Fit Split Pull Day which was 50 minutes and 193 calories burned. My average heart rate was 107 and maximum heart rate was 132. This workout always leaves me feeling exhausted even though it’s not that long.

Valerie, I can identify with the last visit to your childhood home. I haven’t been home since my mother’s funeral 2 years ago. My nephew is living in the house now, but I could still stay there if I wanted to do so. We will probably visit this summer.

Judy, good job with Turbo Barre and the long spinervals ride.

Greetings to All and have a wonderful day.


Today I started with X Train All Out Low Impact Hiit Timesaver floor only, 22 minutes, 146 calories, met 6, heart rate average 133, max 160, 1,621 steps. I then did Amy's Bento Ross Drop Set Strength Split 1 (I started with 3 and went backwards :) ) , 76 minutes(64 actual), legs, chest, back, core, met 4, 335 calories, heart rate average 100, max 139, 1,279 steps. Total time was 98 minutes, 481 calories, 2,900 steps.
I noticed that shoulders and back are only done once in these splits. I see why as they do shoulder work in legs as well. My neck and shoulders are so sore, I think I will be laying off of them next week.
sumo squat arm positions change each set (rack) 17.5#dbs, 8 reps, (arms up to goal post "rack"position) 12#dbs, 10 reps, (arms overhead) 10#dbs 12 reps all right then repeat second set all on the left side
Bulgarian lunge 17.5#dbs 8 reps , (arms rack) 15#dbs 10 reps, arms overhead 10#dbs 12 reps all done on the right then repeat on the left
Close stance squats 25#dbs 8 reps, 15#dbs 10 reps arms move forward and back, squat overhead press 10#dbs 12reps
single leg deadlift 17.5#dbs, 8 reps, w/ a row 15#dbs 10 reps, w/ lunge back push off 10#dbs 12 reps right then repeat all on the left
seated Arnold press 15#dbs 8 reps point in like pouring at the bottom, 12#dbs 10 reps, 10#dbs 12 reps
Double Vs forward and back 15#dbs 8 reps, 10#dbs 10 reps, 5#dbs 12 reps
Eagles seated (lateral raise) 10# dbs 8 reps, 8#dbs 10 reps, 5#dbs 12 reps
see saw press (alternating) 17.5#dbs 8 reps, 15#dbs 10 reps 10#dbs 12 reps
push ups 3 positions with arms extended out 8,1012 reps
flys 17.5#dbs 8 reps, 15#dbs, 10 reps, 10# dbs 12 reps
bent over rows 17.5#dbs squat position 8 reps, 15# dbs 10 reps wider hand position , balance 1 leg 6/6 reps 10#dbs 12 reps
deadlifts 17.5#dbs arms turn back and lift on rise up 8 reps, 10# dbs 10 reps arms lift out wider, 8#dbs arms lift to high rack 12 reps
hip lifts body weight 8,10,12 reps
standing figure 8 with halos 8#dbs 8 reps right and left repeat
tuck levitation 8 on step 8 on floor repeat
crunch lying on step with head elevated arms extended overhead 8 reps repeat
plank on step hop knees in right then left 8 reps repeat


Judy nice work the last couple of days :) I have not done Turbo Barre in ages.

Deb, you have to log into the Fitbit account and set what you want on the FitBit. I have workout (which I use most of the time) weights, circuit training, bootcamp, kickboxing, and yoga on mine. I think it auto recognizing walking, jogging, elliptical, outdoor cycling. Not sure what else.

Valerie, thinking of you this weekend. Good that the trip went well and you got some sleep.

Carolyn, nice work with Fit Split Pull Day.

Lori, thinking of you and your time with Madeleine. Sending prayers your way.


Hi Everyone,

This morning I did Body Beast Bulk Shoulders. I was kind of tired from the ride yesterday so I didn't do much else today. Tomorrow may be a rest day.

Deb-That sounds like a wonderful ride that your cousin is doing!

Carolyn-Thanks! You have been some great workouts in too!

Diane Sue-I hadn't done Turbo Barre in ages either. I looked at my log and the last time I was doing it regularly was in the spring of 2015, when I was having low back issues couldn't do regular leg workouts.

Valerie-I'm glad your trip went well. Thinking of you this weekend.

Lori-Thinking of you and Madeline



Good morning,

Yesterday I did Live Low Impact Step Boot Camp, 45 minutes, 276 calories. I was kind of intimidated when I saw the title had "step" in it, but this was just basic moves for the cardio portion, no combinations at all.

Valerie, good you got there ok with no airline "mishaps" or delays. Your brother still lives in your childhood home? Nice that there is a workout room in the motel and that you were able to get some sleep.

Carolyn, Good job on FS. I may do those next week,

Diane Sue, thanks for the info on the FitBit settings. I have weights, interval workout, ( this is where it buzzes every 30 seconds or something like that so you can change what you are doing), treadmill, run, elliptical, workout, and bike, Not sure what the difference in using these when it comes to measuring heart rate?

Judy, after that ride, I can see why you would be so tired!

Lori, thinking of you. ((HUGS))

Take care,


Good morning all,

Madeline is doing well. You can see the brain cancer starting to taking its toll with her memory. She is having a hard time remembering things so I am glad I was able to be with her this weekend. She goes for another MRI in 2 weeks. in the last 3 weeks it is grown 10% so we will see with the next MRI. :(. My flight home is at 6:30 tonight so I will be home at about 10:30pm. Going to be very sad to leave.

I was able to get a workout in yesterday while she napped and it helped me relax some. I brought some bands and my travel ankle weights and did several SB workouts. I find doing barre very therapeutic for me. Will be doing another round this morning.

Valerie, glad you are home. Been thinking of you.

Judy...I did a premix of Turbo Barre recently. When it first came out I was not doing barre at all and remember thinking it was such a hard workout! It still is very challenging but I do not have the dread.

Carolyn...I loved the weight workouts in Fit Split. Going to try and fit them in this week.

Deb...I have not previewed the new live workout yet. I usually do shortly after it is posted. Good to know you liked it.

Janet...congrats on the 10lbs!!! Good for you. Awesome too you are still doing your morning workouts. Are you liking working out in the morning? It took me a while to enjoy my morning workouts. I am going to look into whole 30 and real plans service. I am not familar with either!

Diane Sue...awesome workout yesterday!! Yes relax that shoulder.

Have a gread day all.


Good morning all. Lori madeline seems resilient but good not to assume best or worst with this desease. Hugs to you!

We are slogging thru things. Went to mothers house yesterday. brother lives there. it is packed with junk. With my mother gone... not to worry anymore. Nothing I can do about it it is a disease. Any clean up would just get refilled quickly. Picking up my sister this morning since no one has contacted her and not sure she wants us to come inside as her house sounds like it’s a reeking mess but she wanted us to see her dog. I called her to confirm and she was her usual vicious angry bile spewing self. Man!! I will need a family break after this!

We used the gym yesterday and spent about 40 min on elliptical treadmill and bike. Might do it tomorrow too. No time today. It was a pleasant break ...daytime tv is so awful. nothing tolerable to watch is a limiting factor. No DVD players to use with disks we brought. Did not realize they have become so scarce. I’d rather watch paint dry than Maury povich or dr oz blech!


Today I did Jane Adams’ Gentle Yoga Morning Energy practice. That was 18 minutes and only 23 calories burned, but it was a nice low intensity practice. This is the beginner dvd that I bought for my husband and it includes 7 different practices. After that I did WS3 Pilates + Yoga for 32 minutes and 89 calories burned.

Deb, I’m impressed that you did the Live Low Impact Step Bootcamp. The preview looks good.

Lori, Madeline sounds like she is a real fighter. It’s good that you were able to get in a workout while there. I can understand how barre workouts would be therapeutic for you.

Diane Sue, I always enjoy All Out Low Impact HiiT. Great job on that and continuing with the Amy Bento Ross Drop Sets. I find that I like the Fit Split weight workouts, especially the Push and Pull.

Hello to Judy, Valerie, and Janet.


Today I just did Fit Split Kickbox Bootcamp timesaver, 35 minutes, heart rate average 130, max 160, 227 calories, 3,135 steps. I have two grandchildren here today 3 and 10 years. I did lots of yard work and spent time with them outside yesterday. My granddaughter helped.

Judy, I have looked at workouts and checked and it would be much longer than I had thought since I last did them. I guess that comes with having so many and using favorites most of the time.

Deb, I am not sure how the Fit Bit is supposed to identify some of the workouts other than maybe the movement patterns. Maybe stride and arm movement. I don't think it makes a lot of difference though.

Lori, I know it is tough seeing Madeline having memory loss. I would think the barre work would help relax a bit.

Valerie, that is sad that your sister wants you to see her dog and is angry at the same time. I am sure the gym was a nice relief. It seems streaming is the only way anymore. Having a hook up for a phone or tablet to stream from or carry around another small device. Before I purchased Directv now when my husband was off he would sit here and watch Judge Judy, and some paternity court show. I find it hard to figure out where they come up with these people on these shows. Not entertaining to me at all.

Carolyn, I am liking Fit Split more than I did at the start. The time savers are nice when I want a shorter cardio or weight workout or want to tack it on to something else. I still have a hard time loving cardio shred.

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