Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 4/22


Good evening ladies,

This morning was SB Cardio Barre. This is a nice combination of cardio and weights. I followed up with 2 BBS Dance Cardios from the new app. Figured I would get some more use out of it before my subscription expires. All her dance cardios on the new app are 10 mins vs 20 mins on the old app. Not sure why they are so short. I feel like it is over before I get going! Time was 50 mins / 364 cal.

Diane Sue...I have never done any of Amy’s workouts other than her rebounder ones. Agree there must be something that halted her plans. Great job on the Les Mills workouts. No easy task. was beautiful here today but rain tomorrow. :(. Yes that p90x3 workout is tough. I have the program too but never did a rotation. Just a workout here and there. I liked it but It is not a favorite.

Deb..yes I bet you need your rest!!! GiGi is so much like Chester in so many ways. Makes us smile when we see the similarities. I love that she loves the water like he did. Thanks for the dog toy link. GiGi still has the one you made her. After seeing the video I m going to make a couple more.

Valerie..that is so terrible having to deal with all the added stress on top of losing your mom. Very sad. I hate all the adds too. My husbnd nd I has a long converstion about it the other day. Drives us crazy.

Carolyn...congrats with your appt. that is great news!! Good reason for a shorter workout. Short but still a good one!

Have a great night all!


I have been busy all day. I spent a good share of the afternoon working in the yard cleaning up seedlings, leaves and weeds while it was nice and in the 70's and not the usual wind. Cool temps and some rain tomorrow. I got in over 15,000 steps so far today. That is not the norm for me. Fit Bit gave me some badge for getting so many steps LOL Gertie was loving hanging out outside with me.

Deb, thank you so much for the dog toy link. I may try to get some fleece so my granddaughter and I can try this out this weekend :) I will get the heavier fleece, thanks for the tip. Gertie's toy lasted a long time till she finally had it full of holes and in shreds.

Lori, I think I have most of Amy's workouts. I always loved Slo Mo for weights. Drop Sets was one of her last workouts that she sold. Her stuff is pretty creative IMO. It takes some time to learn some of the choreography in her cardio. She has some fun kickbox workouts. I love Les Mills workouts. I was having so much fun with it this morning.

Carolyn, that is great that everything was good and you don't have to go back till next year. That is one of Kelly's workouts that I never purchased.


Good morning,

No workout yesterday. I still have back twinges, I may try something easy today. Not sure.

Valerie, agree with Diane Sue, your sister is not a happy person. I hope your visit is non confrontational when you go. How long will you be staying?

Judy, we did get the rain that you had, but not that much. Hopefully it will be gone by the weekend.

Diane Sue, I think your granddaughter will have fun doing the dog toys. I had one Les Mills workout, it was called Body Pump. It looked like a lot of fun in the commercial, but somehow it just didn't click with me. I ended up selling it on Ebay.

Carolyn, great news from your doctor. :).

Lori, I can't wait to get outside and start cleaning up too. Will you have that big screen in your yard again this summer?

Take care,


Deb, sorry you still feel the twinges in your back a bit. Have you tried some yoga or light stretching? I have Les Mills Pump. I like it, but wish the moves changed more from one dvd to the next. I always have the front of my shoulders hurt on the lying seemingly endless chest work. Those sections for the body parts are only 4 to 5 minutes, but seem incredibly long at times. I just dont enjoy a whole rotation of just that series. The music and instructors are fun. I did get the bonus workouts and love the three cardio and 20 minute yoga workout. That is where the first Combat workout came from, before the whole series. Anyway, i just like doing it once in awhile, then it is fun.


You are both 100 % right .unhappy and angry. Underneath she is kind but overrun by anger. People let it slide for a while but eventually don’t want to deal with it anymore.
Add constant complaining about “no computer” and unable to drive, but unwilling to change the situation. dismal. I would buy her a computer in a heartbeat but someone needs to teach her ... and she is very close to unteachable due to attitude. The biggest mistake was not selling her house and getting into low income senior housing several years ago. she needs support services, rides to appts, computer access. if she got used to computers gradually, seeing others use them, she would probably learn. dropping a system on her doorstep.... it would not even get opened. someone sent her a sewing machine and that's what happened. she has a big dog that would not fit in, but the dog is at least 7 yo and I won't help her find another one.
we will get there late Thursday and be home late Sunday funeral is Saturday

Carolyn that is a relief Always lifts a weight off when you get the all clear.

I did 30 min uphill 4-7% on the treadmill with hand weights and core 1. not hard but I did get blood flowing.

Just for fun... the ice maker on our new frig stopped working. Just over a yr old. we bought extended warranty for this Ice makers are convenient but sure fail often.

I seldom have back issues. I'd avoid weights if my back hurt but use treadmill or elliptical, core work. I always feel better when I do "something" as a workaround.
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Today I did Fit Split Push Day for 41 minutes and 195 calories burned. Average heart rate was 115 and maximum heart rate 148.

It was a relief to get the “all clear” from my doctor yesterday. Even though my checkups have been good, I still worried.

Deb, it’s too bad that your back is still bothering you. Do you have the JS Gentle Yoga for Back Pain that Judy mentioned a few months back? That might help with healing and prevention of reoccurrence. I’m sure that you can do short parts of it since you don’t care much for yoga. Judy can probably tell you more about it.

Diane Sue, it was good that you could work outside yesterday. We have had rain and wind for days now. We will have to clean up the debris as soon as we get a break. Getting 15,000 steps is a nice accomplishment and I like the Fitbit badges.

Hello to Lori, Judy, and Valerie. Have a good afternoon everyone.


Today's workout was To the Max Step Hiit Tabata 30/20 and Solid step sections with the warm up and cool down, 40 minutes, 287 calories, met 6.5, 2,844 steps. I followed this with Amy Bento Ross Drop Set Strength split #2, chest, biceps, triceps, and core, 65 minutes (10 min over time)
met 4.o, 288 calories, 958 steps. Total time was 1 hour 45 minutes, 574 calories. map my fitness had the weights at 381 calories !! I used the weights setting on the Fit Bit, but don't think it made a difference at all.
see saw press (alternating bench press) 20#dbs 8 resp, 15#dbs, 10 reps, 12#dbs 12 reps
push ups on toes hands extended forward 8 count at 4 reps, push ups 10 reps, push ups on knees hands extended 12 reps
fly's 20#dbs 8 reps, 15#dbs 10 reps, 10# dbs 12 reps
bentover concentration curl(done in a squat position rotate at the bottom) 20# db 8 reps, 15#db 10 reps, 12#db 12 rep all right then repeat left
hammer curl 20# 8 reps, (from the hip starting less range) 15#dbs 10 reps, 10#dbs 12 reps curl into long curl
seated curl 12#dbs 8 reps, 10#dbs 10 reps (turn to bench like pouring at bottom) , 5#dbs 8reps( curl to long curl turn to step)
wide kickback 15#dbs 8 reps, 10#dbs 10 reps, 8# dbs 12 reps
overhead tension press (bringing dumbbells together at end of move) 12#dbs 8 reps, 10#dbs 10 reps, 8#dbs 12 reps
triceps push ups with bench 3 risers fall down push ups 8 reps, push up jump back walk in 10 reps, push up with one leg elevated 12 reps
standing figure 8 with halos 8#dbs 8 reps right and left repeat
tuck levitation 8 on step 8 on floor repeat
crunch lying on step with head elevated arms extended overhead 8 reps repeat
plank on step hop knees in right then left 8 reps repeat

Valerie, you are good to your sister, and I am sure somewhere inside she realizes it. I am sure that you will be glad when everything is past you. We bought our refrigerator new when we moved into this house. I have had it quit making ice several times. I read all kinds of ideas online and finally figured out that I had to take the ice bin out and reinsert it multiple times till it seemed seated right? and then it started making ice again. Each time it happened I would be surprised because all of a sudden there was no ice and I thought maybe something was frozen up, clogged, or it just quit. It is a frigidare with the digital readouts on the front. I was irritated last week when I got up on a stool to clean the top and caught the rag on the edge of the freezer door and a piece of plastic broke off. I used clear Gorilla glue to put it back on. The refrigerator is stainless steel, but not those edges.

Carolyn, I always feel relieved when I have got past those doctor visits and mammograms and stuff. Even if I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong. Those badges on Fit Bit are kind of motivating. I haven't had one in quite some time.


we did our 26 mile ride this morning. lovely out. tomorrow will be warm but I won't get to enjoy it, we will be traveling all day.

we never used to buy extended warranties. then got burned on the DW.
wary of ice makers. we checked the manual, jiggled and adjusted, but it stopped. it is about 16 months old so we made the right choice on paying the extra. service calls and parts are so expensive. it is a whirlpool.
for montana we didn't get an ice maker. will use trays. did't want worry of a water line. there is a water line installed but not connected, so it would not be a big expense to hook one up in the future.
diane sue, sister must realize. I'm one of the few people talking to her anymore. people at first feel sorry, try to help, but nothing ever improves. it gets exhausting! I regret helping her get her current dog. she did not want to sell her house and move after her previous dog died. I pushed her toward selling her house but I don't think she ever seriously considered it. that was the chance. this current dog is too big and unruly to take to any kind of senior housing. will have to wait for this dog to get old and die! sounds uncaring, but that is how it will work. my understanding is usually small pets are OK but this is a big untrained german shepherd. it has nipped several people, including her daughter. I made her buy a book on dog training but I don't think she read two words of it. I don't think she needed to do anything elaborate, but she needed to teach her sit, stay, heel, no.
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Good morning,

Yesterday I did Cathe's Yoga Relax, one of the shorter premixes...28 minutes, 34 calories. I was kind of confused about the calorie burn. I guess because you are holding poses and relaxing, your heart rate can get pretty low.

Valerie, have a safe trip.

Carolyn, thanks for the info on that yoga workout. I will look it up. Assume it is on Amazon.

Judy, how do you like the JS back yoga workouts? I know you have described some here and in MFP.

Diane Sue, we have had a Kitchenaid refrigerator with an door ice maker for 20 years now, and the only time it quits making ice is when the ice container is full. I guess we have been pretty lucky. I think I got a Mount Everest climbing badge, or something like that for the number of floors climbed. LOL...

Hi to Lori

Take care,


Good morning ladies!! I promise I’m alive and still doing my morning workouts. I started a Whole30 on April 2nd, which is forcing me to spend a good amount of time in the kitchen. I am really rearranging my relationship with food. Forgive me for not posting. But I hope things will start to settle down for me soon. I plan to eat Whole30 ish when my time is complete. I am not supposed to weigh myself, but we are in the middle of a weight loss challenge at work. I plan to go with Whole30 until after May 15th, which is when our weight loss challenge is complete. I have lost about 10 lbs so far!! I really needed some help with meal planning and organization so I joined the Real Plans service. This service is extremely helpful to me! I have totally avoided eating out with the exception of a co-worker’s retirement lunch.

I hope everyone is doing well. I look forward to reading soon.


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Good morning ladies,

I am taking an unexpected flight to Charlotte to visit Madeline. The cancer has now spread to her brain. She has fought so hard and bounced back so many times. Do not see how she can bounce back from this. I am at logan now for an 8:30am flight. Will check in when I can.


Lori, I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you and her family. Sending prayers your way!

Deb, I dont use my Fitbit for calories on yoga. Map my fitness gives a much higher burn using the yoga setting and the Fitbit heart rate. I just end up using Cathes yoga stats at low intensity on workout managee. Otherwise it would come out to pretty much nothing with the met value.. My Polar used to give me a better more reasonable reading than FitBit. I am not sure which device you were using As I think I remember you got Fitbit for sleep stages. I think newer refrigerators are like everything else and made to last only to slightly beyond the warranty.

Janet, it is good to see you are hanging in there :) I have done whole 30 and until lately have mostly stayed with paleo. I keep letting snacks get in the way since I bake for family all of the time. I had in mind to do it again when I bought the Fast and Easy cookbook and my daughter in law started it for help with arthritus. I need it.
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Lori, I’m so sorry about Madeline. It’s good that you are able to visit.

Today I did Cardio Supersets from the Low Impact Series. That was 41 minutes and 260 calories burned. My average heart rate was 125 and maximum heart rate was 157.

Deb, I’m glad that you were able to try Yoga Relax. I think you will like the JS yoga because it feels like a good stretch instead of a yoga practice. My calorie burn is usually low like that on the Fitbit when I do a slow type yoga.

Janet, it’s good to hear from you. It sounds like you have a good plan going with the Whole 30. I have tried it but I don’t strictly adhere to the guidelines.

Diane Sue, great job yesterday with To the Max and Amy Ross Drop Sets.

Valerie, my thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

Waving hello to Judy.


This morning I did Kelly Coffey Amped Up Cardio both workouts, heart rate average 143, max 171, met 6.2, 290 calories, 5,023 steps. I then did Build and Burn Kettlebell Kickbox Fusion timesaver 120 minutes, heart rate averafgge, 136, max 170, 1,157 steps met 5.8. I finished off with Les Mills Flow, heart rate average 90, max 114, 46 calories, met 2, 73 steps. Total time was 98 minutes, calories burned 563, steps 6,252 from workout, total today so far 7,186.

Carolyn, good job on Cardio Supersets today.

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