Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 4/15


This morning I did Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp with legs and glutes, 63 minutes, heart rate average 121, max 178, 384 calories, met 5.8, 3,819 steps.
I then did the lower body and stretch from Fit Split Push day that I skipped when I did the upper, 12 minutes, 44 calories, met 3.3, heart rate average 99, max 125, 91 steps. I finished off with Youtube Sarah Beth yoga Wednesday Power yoga 15 minutes, 37 calories, met 2.2. Total time 90 minutes, 465 calories.
weights Fit Split ( went a Cathe's or only slightly higher) most is lower than I have been using, but I wanted to be safe)
deadlift 25's 12 reps
squats 20's 16 reps
rear lunge off step 12's 8 reps
front diagonal lunge 12's 16 reps
push dips off step 12's 18 reps (as 15 reps then 3 sets of pulses)
deadlift 25's 12 reps
cross back slide lunge 12's
slide side lunge 15#
elevated lunge 12's
single leg deadlifts 20#
added 15's calf raises 30 reps
push day lower
superset squat 35# barbell x 12 reps/ high and tight with step held up or fit tower chair (whatever) 16 reps done 4 times
calf raises 20's 50 reps
I will be back in a bit. I need to shower and run out and pick up a package. I keep thinking I need to run to the vet and get some Frontline Plus before it comes time to use it this month. Their new office now has boarding and grooming.
This morning I did Build and Burn Trim and Tone Intervals for 24 minutes and 167 calories burned. Average heart rate was 128 and maximum heart rate 145. After that I did WS3 Tone and Flow which was 32 minutes, 160 calories burned, average heart rate 118, and maximum heart rate of 148. Tone and Flow included quite a bit of balance work. I only used 3# dumbbells but it still got my heart rate up.

Deb, the WS3 ab work is mostly standing, but there is some floor work too. She uses a small ball in Barefoot Cardio Core which helps with the ab emphasis.

Judy, great job with Body Beast Build Shoulders and Bulk Arms. I used to drink diet Dr. Pepper too. I have a friend who loves Dr. Pepper and she keeps it in her car because it’s not available everywhere. I gave up sodas many years ago and I don’t miss them at all.

Lori, I like Barefoot Cardio Core just fine. As I mentioned, she uses the playground ball to emphasize the movements. It’s good that you are keeping up with the SB rotation.

Diane Sue, I agree that we don’t work Abs as much as other body parts. For me I think it was memories of too many sit ups from the past. Ab/core workouts seem to have more variety now and I don’t dread doing them anymore.

Valerie, I hope you can get your ride in today.


It is a bit cooler today than it was yesterday. Yesterday I cleaned up a lot of leaves and seed pods before I hit the inside of the house. I was hoping to try and do something in back with some of it. It set off my allergies last night though, but it really needs done. My grandson that usually helps is working a lot and it is the final events of high school, so I have not been asking him to help.

Deb, good luck setting up the arena today. I know that you will be careful and all will go well.

Valerie, I have not heard of anything to carbonate your own water before. Enjoy your ride today :)

Judy, enjoy the nice weather. We have some rain forecast for this weekend. We need it for the wildfires that they are trying to control. Are you doing a Body Beast rotation?

Carolyn, I like balance work. I think it is an important part of fitness. You are right, abs used to mean endless crunches, oblique crunches, and reverse crunches. There is a more that we can do for abs and core. I remember travelling and my husband complaining that a lot of places did not have Dr Pepper. Other countries was the same way. No Dr Pepper.
we did our 26 mile ride and it was lovely. not crowded. warm enough. dandelions are blooming, so spring is here. I saw an empty robins egg shell, and a little garter snake zip across the trail, so other signs of spring.

I think I used to burp a little more from the carbonation.

Judy yes, it was lucky for her she stayed home that long. my brother was a jerk about it sometimes, but he kept her moving and drinking enough even if she didn't like it much. "Mr. diplomacy" he is not, but he made her get her pills down and enough fluids to keep her kidneys functioning until the very end. Deb, she had several kitties and loved to have a kitty sitting on her lap. she liked to read the paper but the last few weeks she couldn't anymore. even with readers, or magnifying devices. she has not done anything for herself, like make coffee, for a long time. it sounds like your father had a good exit from life. I hope I am that lucky.

I have backed off on upper body workouts. my shoulder gets better if I leave it alone, and I don't have time to make an ortho appt for a while. I will do fewer moves, lighter weight. Definitely not time to look at kettleballs! wish I knew what causes this. the elliptical doesn't bother it at all. I can do biceps, triceps work. there is a spot on the front that is sore but it is better after some NSAIDS and less shoulder work.

and then, as we were leaving to ride, the garage door opener broke. a chain part snapped. can't whine it is almost 30 yo. it is a Stanley brand and they went out of business long ago. :mad::mad:


My workout may be short tomorrow. I will have my grandson who broke his arm as he is not ready to go back to school and the other two younger ones are coming at noon and will be staying the night. I will be entertaining :)

Judy, I have looked at Beast, but just am not ready to commit to a rotation like that unless it is a short one. I just go by my goals and needs lately.

Valerie, that is good that your brother did make sure that your mother had what she needed. I know some people are just not as patient as others. That is too bad that she could no longer read. Your ride sounds really nice today.
Good evening ladies,

Todays rotation called for a relaxation stretch. She never had this during the week. So what did this girl do? She bounced! shocker I know. :) time was about 50Mins. I forgot to start my apple watch. Hate when I do this!!!! The bounce was a combination of BBS and SB. Used ankle and hand weights throughout.

I do have all of BBS’ dvds and youtube workouts so I will have plenty for a bit. I have not done these in a while so it will be good to get thru them.

Diane Sue...oh your poor grandson. Yes I bet he is feeling it now. :( great workouts today. must have really pulled your back. Years ago I strained my lower back muscles and boy did it set me back. I always like to know what people are reading as I am always looking for my next series. is great having a soda fountain at work. It is free to employees which is even nicer. :) our company is great like coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and coke fountain products. We even have an espresso machine. As office manager I purchase all the inventory and everyone is always happy. :) that stinks about your garage door opener! Your ride sounded nice.

Judy...awesome with Body Beast. That is one tough program!

Carolyn...I love it when I use light weights and I am exhausted! Great workout!

Have a great night all!
Good morning,

We had a very troubled and sad night last night. 3 houses around the corner from us ( and one belonging to friends of ours) were burned. An elderly man in one house blew the house up allegedly to commit suicide. Both houses on either side of his were burning. One is completely destroyed, the one where our friends live may be able to be saved. So sad. No one was hurt, including the man that started it all, but the people lost everything. He apparently has had mental issues for a long time.

That is our house right behind the fire truck with the tree on our lawn:

Judy, I hope we get the weather you had today. Thanks for the info on stopping the diet soda. Funny you mentioned Dr Pepper...the Sheriff Dan Rhodes book series I am reading, the sheriff is addicted to Dr. Pepper.

Carolyn, I really like standing abs. I should try to find more of them on YouTube. Maybe even a JS one.

Valerie, nice that you got that ride in. Good idea to back off on upper body work until your shoulder is better. It is good that your brother was able to help your Mom in some ways.

Diane Sue, you will definitely be busy with 3 grandsons being there. Also caring for the one that broke his arm.

Lori, LOL that you bounced instead of doing that stretch. I think you would like the one I mentioned by Peter Swanson. I found another one by him that I am reading now.

Wish me luck with the show today!

Take care,
Likes: WD
Wow Deb, what a horrendous night! Luckily your house was far enough away. such a shame the man chose such a destructive way to try and end things, and destroying what wasn't his in the process. Makes my garage door issue seem pretty minor. The lingering smell after a fire like that is pretty unpleasant for a while. you're lucky you got by without damage. what an attractive house! too bad we get to see it under bad circumstances.

Dr pepper is a taste I never warmed up to. Not sure why I dislike it so much, but I do. Ugh.
I never liked coke either. pepsi was just OK Never could see how anyone could drink much of any of them. Like coffee with sugar inn it. I love coffee, but sugar kills it for me. when I see people at starbucks getting these gigantic cups of syrup and whipped cream that don't even resemble coffee, I am dumbstruck.. I love coffee and hate to see it ruined like that.


This morning I did Fit Split Mixed Impact Cardio time saver, average heart rate 131, max 158, 32 minutes as I started the warm up ,got side tracked, and had to go back, 212 calories, met 6.0, 2810 steps. I then did Ice Low Impact sweat workout #1 skipping the warm up, 22 minutes, 144 calories, heart rate average 125, max 162, 1,510 steps. Total time was 53 minutes, calories burned 356. I have grandchildren here today :) I didn't get much sleep last night. We both seemed restless and Gertie started howling at the moon or something at midnight. She doesn't normally howl like that except once in awhile on Saturday when the noon sirens go off.

Deb, that is terrible and so very close to your house. Did you feel the explosion? I hope your friends house can be saved. One of the children is my 10 year old granddaughter and I will be supervising her doing her school work this afternoon before fun begins.

Lori, I always start the Map My FItness app along with my Fit Bit so if one is off the other picks up from it. At least that way I get time and calories from Map My Fitness. I bet you were happy it was a bounce workout.


Valerie, I can not understand how people could drink those large coffees with all of that syrup. I will say there was one that they had quite a few years ago that I treated myself with that was expresso with dark chocolate and I went with the whipped cream which was actually real "whipped cream". They discontinued it. I sort of lost my taste for it when I went to a Starbucks in Target once and the woman making it said she wasn't sure if they had cleaned the machine well when it came out and she tasted my coffee!! Then she poured it out and refilled the same cup after pushing some buttons and gave it to me. I couldn't drink it and never got one again. Normally I do not ever have sugary coffee drinks. Cream yes, sugar no. I am working on coconut or nut milk for my coffee to take some of the bitterness away and seem to be adjusting. I think that is the only reason I feel the need for something in my coffee is some are bitter, cold brew is better as it doesn't have that taste. I drink decaf so it is not for the caffeine.
I didn’t get in a workout this morning. I had to go out to take care of something unexpectedly just as I was getting ready for my workout. A rest day is good, but I prefer to plan it.

Deb, that’s terrible about the fire. So glad that your house was not affected.

Diane Sue, I don’t blame you for not buying coffee out again after that experience! I can’t believe that girl drank from your cup :(. I love my coffee—no sugar or cream. I have gotten Starbucks lattes occasionally, but they aren’t worth the calories for me. I like to savor the taste of the coffee.

Hello to all and enjoy your day.
Good morning,

We qualified in one of the 2 events yesterday with a 1st place! It was a lot of fun. Hope to do both today. It is fun either way.

Valerie, I am sort of one of those people with the specialty drinks...not the big syrupy kind though. I like to get a half coffee, half hot chocolate. I like the mocha flavor it gives the coffee. Otherwise I drink coffe black with nothing. Since the heartburn situation, I have gone mostly to herbal tea.

Diane Sue, Yuk! on that coffee experience... I hope you got some better sleep. I wonder what was bothering Gertie? We did not feel or hear the explosion, only heard all the sirens and they kept coming closer and closer until the whole street was filled with fire trucks and police cars. It is so strange, there are people driving up and down the street, walking etc to look at the houses. It's like its a tourist attraction or something. We have never had this many cars going up and down the street, pulling over etc. They took down one of the adjacent houses yesterday, had to block the street on both ends to keep people from driving down.

Hi to Carolyn, Judy, & Lori,

Take care,
Deb congrats on a first place!. all that work and practice paid off. I used to get a free non fat latte whenever I bought starbucks coffee but they dropped the free drink. I like coffee with nonfat now, although black is still fine. I failed at all kinds of tea. I thought it would be a nice no calorie alternative hot drink but I never enjoy it. Hope the novelty of your neighborhood disaster wears off quickly.

DH likes chocolate in his coffee and likes frappacinos. I used to love them but they don't taste good anymore. even double shots don't appeal. I assume this is the effect of removing most sweeteners from my diet. my tastes changed a lot. things used to like are too sweet now.

we replaced the garage door opener yesterday. ended up taking most of the day but new one works fine and everyone is happy.
This morning I did Cathe’s Rockout Knockout kickboxing which was 54 minutes. I burned 424 calories (?), my average heart rate was 137 and maximum heart rate was 177. I used my boxing gloves for the segment where they use gloves and that really gets the heart rate up. We went to the outdoor farmers market and ran a few other errands. The weather is so beautiful today.

Deb, congratulations on qualifying for two events. I wish you luck today. I don’t understand why people feel the need to drive by to look when something happens. Hopefully it will get quiet soon.

Valerie, we have had the garage door spring to break and it was so loud that it terrified me. I was trying to leave for work when it happened. Good that you were able to replace your opener immediately.

Diane Sue, Sprouts has 25% off vitamins going on and the Bulletproof bars were included in the sale. That surprised me. It seems like you have figured out how you like to use the Fit Split workouts. I plan to add in a few of them soon.

Hello to Lori and Judy.
Carolyn that is SO true! we had the spring break years ago. heard a KABANG noise. looked all over trying to figure out what it was. incredibly loud! didn't figure it out until we tried to open the door. replacing the spring is for professionals. this was only the chain drive on the opener itself. it made noise but nothing like the spring. DH was inside and had just hit the button to shut the door, and I was outside with the bikes. I knew something was wrong, but not what. then the door came down fast and a chain section flew out the top. DUH .... got it!. thought chain just fell off, but no, the metal broke. It would not be easy to open the door but we decided to do it ASAP in case we needed to hire someone for the job.

Ambulance chasers ! I am curious sometimes, but mostly they are opportunists looking for a chance to grab something.
we are doing a big garden today so far. really lovely out.
Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did Body Beast Build Legs and Bulk Back. Today is a rest day.

Deb-Congratulations! That is so great that you qualified in 2 events! I hope you had great luck today too. That's too bad that so many people are driving down your street :( I can't imagine that is something that I'd want to do if it had happened around here.

Diane Sue- I like coffee at home but I'm not big on going to coffee shops. I used to do that more when I was younger. That was a really bad experience that you had.

Valerie-I've never used sugar in coffee. I think it would taste way too sweet to me. It's good that you were able to get your garage door opener replaced so quickly.

Carolyn-Great job with Rockout Knockout! The weather is really nice here this weekend too.

Hi to Lori!



The grandchildren just left. We had a pleasant time together. They can be so sweet. Olivia and I tied a quilt project that she brought over. I got in my workout. It was a bit of a challenge with Micah, the 4 year old and Gertie in the room with me. He was tossing my therapy balls and jumping on the rebounder and the balls and him would come flying off periodically. Gertie kept getting in the middle of the room and took over the corner of my mat when doing abs. It is raining today. I guess it started early this morning. It is greatly needed here.
My workout was Low Impact Series After Burn, 61 minutes( there was a couple of breaks which made it longer),met 5.8, heart rate 118 average, 156 max, 2,945 steps. I then did Strong and Sweaty bonus abs, 13 minutes, 57 calories, met 4.0, 288 steps, heart rate average 103, max 134, 288 steps. Total time was 74 minutes, 447 calories.

Deb, that is great that you made 1st place in the trials. I hope tomorrow goes well too. I think people do not even think about the fact that when they want to go look at things like that that they make it difficult for the people working it and slow down the process. Besides, I could never understand the want to go look. When we had the bombing downtown we felt it and our house shook like crazy, I heard it and thought a plane had went down in the field across the street. We live/lived quite a distance from downtown Oklahoma City in the NW part. It was frightening when I turned on the news and then you could see the smoke cloud.
They were fast at taking down that house!

Valerie, I bet it feels good to have the garage door opener replaced. It is amazing how much we rely on those things working. I like teas, but I have a hard time liking the herbal teas. I use them once in awhile, but just am not a fan of most flavors which either tend to be kind of tart or even sweet which is a definite no. I had purchased some matcha green tea bags and they ended up having some other things in them and were sweet. I have so many boxes of teas that just sit here. Yes, there are those opportunists looking for things they can take.

Carolyn, nice calorie burn with Rockout Knockout. I think I am getting used to the Fit Bit workouts. I skipped the Shred cardio workout altogether this week since I started the week with my knee pain. Step can aggravate it when it is like that and I knew that workout was not a wise choice. I was going to do the FS metabolic workout, but I have done it recently and thought I would look for another workout instead. So, I managed all of the upper and lower workouts from FS, abs, and cardio's but one. The moves in Fit Split has gotten easier. I saw that on the 25% off on the Bulletproof bars. They have had the price marked down for awhile. They were 2.29 when I went in last week. One day they were out and I got one of the brownie ones and I liked it. I don't normally care that much for brownies, but these tasted a lot like the shortbread one with a hint of chocolate. I need to hit the store before the sale is done. The only thing is, Sprouts tend to put the price up to retail and then take the 25% off and for some things like Ancient Nutrition products it isn't as good as the price I sometimes get off of Amazon. The same goes for the price I got my Joint Vibrance for at Amazon compared to Sprouts.

Judy, I only get coffee from coffee houses when my daughter brings me one when she occasionally stops before my grandson is brought over. Not often and she doesn't usually go to Starbucks unless she has gift cards that patients and staff have given her. The experience was not good and I have had several things make me think about the cleaning of the coffee machines in those places. My son has talked about 7 Elevens staff and the need for thoroughness of cleaning that stuff. Also, I went to french press because I know there is no mold or bacteria lurking in those little tubes that run the water and coffee through into the automatic pots.

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