Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 4/15

Good morning,

A rest day yesterday, except for agility class. We had freezing rain and sleet overnight. There was a huge ice storm warning, they said power outages, tree branches falling etc, but it looks like titwas not as bad as they predicted.

Diane Sue, I never get much of a calorie burn from KB workouts. I guess I don't put the "umph" into them that others do. Good job on S&S. I think I should go back to that series again.

Valerie, probably a good idea to have the shoulder looked at before it get worse. I have not seen sweet potato tater tots, however my grocery shopping is pretty limited. They may be out there in the larger stores. I never knew or heard of what happens to the injected botox when it goes away....good question!

Carolyn, nice meeting. I think it is great that you and your friends do this.

Hi to Judy & Lori,

Take care,
Good morning ladies,

Continuing on with SB challenge and Bouncing. The challenge has picked up since the 2nd week and I am enjoying it. Yesterday was a rest day. Bob and I kept busy cleaning the basement after my son moved out. Kids!!! We bought a reclining sofa and area rug for the room and today going to put up the movie screen. It is all coming together nicely. We also made a small area for our workout equipment. Can’t wait to use my heavy bag!! Not sure what the workout is today.

Deb...yesterday started out so nice here then quickly got cold and rainy. Wanted to take GiGi for a walk but was not able too. We played ball in the basement and she loved it. She did not mind being inside. She was never allowed in the basement and now it is all new to her this huge space she never new existed! :)

Judy....94 mins of ICE. You go girl!!! That heavy bag is perfect for me. I have been very happy with it. Doesn’t take up a lot of space either. were fortunate your rosacea was controllabe...good to get rid of it though. Glad the treatments work. I am been hearing more and more of insta pots. Need to check them out.

Caroyln..good idea to start with Phase 3. I may do the same when I get back to these workouts. My son has rice cooker and uses it all the time. Lol!

Diane Sue...if I do not workout first thing on the weekends then it will not happen. Yesterday the plan was a workout but my husband was full of energy when he woke and wanted to get going on all our errands. He usally sleeps in on weekends. Oh the many uses of duct tape!!!!

Have a great day all.


Today is my usual rest day. After family tome I may go to Sprouts. It is freezing outside today. I pulled my potted plants in to the sun room till it warms back up and I dont see freezing temperatures again. My youngest daughter planted her garden and is worried about this crazy weather. One day 80 and the next dropping to below freezing. It will warm back up in a couple of days.

Deb, ice storms are very worrisome. We have been pretty lucky this year. Any workouts where there is not a lot of movement around the room does not give me much of a calorie burn. Standing there swinging kettlebells or punching definitely does not give much burn.

Lori, you are really going to enjoy your basement. Gigi reminds me of Gerie when we added the room upstairs. She kept checking it out while in progress and afterward shecwould disappear and I would find her lying in the sun in there like it was her space. Once she got to check it out awhile she came back to staying where we were. She is pretty much a people dog. She loves being where we are at.
Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did Muscle Meltdown Triceps and the bonus ab workout from RWH. This morning I did a 35 minute interval ride.

Deb-We had freezing rain/ice last night and this morning. There are power outages all over metro Detroit. We haven't lost power yet but they are expecting more outages. We are staying home today as the roads are horrible.

Lori-Thanks! I loved the challenge of doing the longer ICE premix. I might try another one this week. I'm the same way on weekends, if I don't workout in the morning it doesn't happen.

Diane Sue-I'd rather have snow any day than an ice storm. Chino and Shadow are people cats and they are always following us around. They just want to be where we are.

Hi to Valerie & Carolyn!

Today I walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes then did WS3 Metabolic Conditioning for 34 minutes and 184 calories burned. My average heart rate was 119 and maximum heart rate was 152.

Hello to everyone and have a nice day in spite of the weather.
My sympathy for the ongoing winter weather. took the day off yesterday.

I am only interested in sweet potato "tots" (maybe) as an appetizer with drinks/ guests. a big plate of cheesey nacho/ corn chips is not exactly health food either. I've tried making oven baked sweet potato fries but they never work. fall apart, stick to everything and scorch easily. I've used the frozen ones a couple times, and they were better but not like the picture shows.

My mother landed in the hospital yesterday after me urging brother to take her in for several days. she was very sick and he still resisted, but finally hired a transport service to take her yesterday. the bad weather in the Midwest was an added issue. She is very sick and 98 years old. among other things, the first thing diagnosed was a roaring c.diff infection. she is in a decent hospital and we will see how things progress. I doubt she will be able to return home. my brother was recently hospitalized with an infection, was on antibiotics, and I suspect he is the source of the infection. the whole house will need to be decontaminated. She has been in since yesterday night.

I shopped today and didn't see anything like sweet potato tater tots. . they had sweet potato fries, regular, crinkle cut, and spicy but that was it. maybe this is a "test market" of a new product. If they are good it would only be an occasional use for entertaining.
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Judy, I have done some of the ice extra long premixes but, do not remember doing that one. I usually try to go through most premixes because sometimes I am surprised at the content, or how they feel put together differently. Also sometimes it gives me more options on workouts to use when I want something a little less shoulder intensive, or a bit easier on the knees or whatever is kind of feeling like it has had too much. I prefer snow to ice too.

Carolyn, nice work this morning and good heart rates for your walk and WS3. I had a hard time understanding my heart rates yesterday with my Fit Bit because they were so low with SS Bootcamp and the Z Cut. I didn't even put it down and went by past workouts and map my fitness. Since I was still using Fit Bit for the heart rate I still was not up to where it was in the past. My average was 110 and 111 calories. With all of that cardio and the burpees and bench hops I just did not feel that was close to accurate. I am hoping it picks back up correctly tomorrow. I wondered if it was maybe malfunctioning some as it did not get my sleep stages for two nights in a row.

Valerie, I get sweet potato fries once in awhile when we go to the Garage for dinner along with a bison burger or bison taco salad. I like that they do not load their taco salads with fried flour tortillas or chips. Sweet potatoes have a lot of nutrients in them. It would seem that they would be a better choice for snacking. I may see if I see some at Walmart tomorrow when I go. I do not have real good luck making potato or sweet potato fries in the oven. I don't care how much oil I drizzle over them, they stick and fall apart. I think I have seen recipes where they dipped them in egg whites or something. I never tried that. I put parchment paper under them and it soaks up some of the oil. I am thinking of trying this with spiralized sweet potatoes and potatoes. I have been doing them in a skillet. My husband does not like shoestring french fries so I only tried that once with him and his potatoes. Maybe it requires the old non stick coated baking sheets. It seems I used to make potato wedges in the oven for the family growing up and I do not remember them sticking. I have rid myself of most non stick pans though. I have sort of eyed the non stick ceramic skillets, but have not heard how well they work. I hope your mother gets well quickly. Something like that is very hard on aged people. That is too bad that your son may have exposed her to the infection.
I wrote out a long post earlier today and lost it when my internet went out briefly. I thought that part of my post would have been saved but that didn’t happen. This morning I didn’t have a lot of energy for working out. I think it was because of the pastries and breakfast casserole that I ate yesterday morning. I feel much better when I watch my diet.

Diane Sue, I have noticed that sometimes my Fitbit seems to lag with heart rate data when I am working out. I can tell that my heart rate is elevated, but the Fitbit doesn’t register it immediately. After wearing the Polar for so many years I have a good idea about where my heart rate should be. I love sweet potato fries, but I haven’t been able to make them at home to my satisfaction.

Judy, great job with Muscle Meltdowns and RWH Bonus Abs. I hope that you didn’t lose power today. My sister in law lives in Detroit and she had power problems today.

Valerie, I’m sorry that your mother has that infection. I haven’t seen sweet potato tots anywhere, but I could have overlooked them.

Lori, I know you will enjoy having your basement back. It’s wonderful to have the children home, but it feels food to get the house back to normal.

Deb, I hope that you had a good day.
Good morning,

No workout yesterday, I had a horrible headache all day, not sure if it was the weather or what. After all that freezing rain and sleet, there are all kinds of flood warnings. When with the real spring arrive?

Lori, great use of a rest day! You got a lot done.

Diane Sue, Gertie sounds like Keegan. He goes around the living room looking for sun beams to lie in. I swear sometimes he is a cat. I have a couple of non-stick ceramic pans and like them a lot. (Calaphalon I believe is the name). You have to be very careful how you clean them, no scrubbing type pads at all. Sweet potato fries are such a treat, I would just get them out once in a while where you know you like them, and call it a day!

Judy, Great workouts! You are very lucky to not have lost power. We did not either. I can count on one hand the number of times we have lost power in our house, in the 34 years we have lived here.

Valerie, I hope your mother is okay. Is there a place that she can go to when she is better? It has to be frustrating to be so far away when something like this happens.

Carolyn, that brunch you made sounded great, even though it may have derailed your workout the next day. I am sure you will be back on track today.

Take care,


I have been having some stomach discomfort and trying to figure out the culprit. I finally found that the Amazing grass effervescent tablets have sorbitol and stevia below where the ingredient list is. Ii had not noticed it before. I wont be buying more. Sorbitol is not in the Immunity powder I usually buy.

Carolyn, it is amazing how diet affects how we feel and workouts. Th a t happens to me too. I find things like ice cream, cookies , sweets in general settle like a ton of lead and at times leaves me nauseaus. I often wonder why I forget. If it is a tiny bit like Valerie does I am usually okay if it is occasionally, but I am not good at tiny bites. I am the same way with knowing how hard I was working and burns with the Polar. Particularly with workouts I have done with Polar. I am generally using lower burn stats than I am pretty sure it really is.

Deb, I would stay in if possible with flood warnings. We are expecting heavy rains this weekend. Thankfully it will be 70 today. I may check out a ceramic pan. I have a couple of enameled type pots and once something sticks and you have to scrub it off they continue to stick. I would imagine ceramic would be similar. You cant use scrubbing pads on teflon either. So it wouldnt be much of a change other than food safety. I have two stainless skillets , but rarely use them.
Deb-I'm sorry about your headache :( We were very lucky not to have lost power. This morning there are still 250,000 people without power. There are flood warnings here too.

Valerie-I'm sorry about your mother :( I hope she will be ok.

Carolyn-Thanks, I was very surprised that we didn't have any problems. I hope your sister in law has her power back.

Diane Sue-I recently started doing more of Cathe's premixes and I am seeing how much they add to the program, especially with a series like ICE.

Hi to Lori!

Today I did WS3 Cardio Step Jam which was 32 minutes and 232 calories burned. My average heart rate was 131 and maximum heart rate of 186. I’m not sure why the maximum was so high. After that I did WS3 Add-On Abs, one of the 15 minute workouts.

Deb, I’m sorry that you had that headache. I certainly know how that can be.

Diane Sue, I get very frustrated when I buy a product and discover that it has one of those sugars. I bought a barbecue sauce recently that everyone at WW was raving about. I read the label in the store but not carefully enough. It tasted sweet and had an aftertaste. I looked at the label again and saw that the last ingredient was sucralose. I couldn’t stand the aftertaste and threw the bottle out.

Hello to Judy, Lori, and Valerie. Have a wonderful day everyone.
diane sue that sounds like my experience with sweet potato fries. stick to every surface, fall apart, and then scorch besides. so I tried some frozen ones that are better, the alexis brand. still, not a regular item for us, but I quit trying to make myself.

I don't like any sugar substitutes and have trouble with HFCS in things like ketchup. the product seems to get sweeter as it sits in the frig. I don't use much of either. all barbecue sauce has become so darn sweet! I used to like it occasionally but that was many years ago and current products are too sweet for me.

Surprised no one has posted.

ETA a sad day for me . My mother passed away this morning in the hospital. today was her 98th birthday. suddenly, everything went badly. turned out it was not c diff as initially thought. a different infection, heart failure, kidney failure, you name it. she was tired and hurting in many ways , and no improvements possible.
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Today I did STS Shock cardio athletic step, 48 minutes, heart rate average 139, max 169, 337 calories, met 6.5, 4055 steps. I then did Fit Split Mixed Impact timesaver pre-mix #5 pull day 2 sets (this skips the pull overs and does set 2 and 3), 31 minutes, heart rate average 99, max 127, met 5.0, 154 calories, 448 steps. Total time was 79 minutes and calories burned 491.
one arm rows 30# db x 10 , 10 reps
overhand row with firewalker loop 15# dbs 10 , 10 reps
deadlift barbell 55# 10 reps, 10 reps
super set
upright rows barbell 45# 8 reps with rear delt flies 12#dbs 8 reps
super set
lateral raise 8# dbs 8 reps with 5# external rotation with firewalker loop 6 reps depending on how you count the pulses
giant set
barbell curls 45# 8 reps/ w curls 15# dbs 8 reps/ sweeper curls 15# dbs 8 reps
repeat with everything 6 reps
hamstring roll ins lots of reps and pulses :)

Judy, I have done a lot of the premixes on Ice. I need to try some more of them on Fit Split. I have only done a few and those have been the only cardio or only strength, or all of the upper body on one day.

Carolyn, I used to love to make salads and mix barbecue sauce with fat free ranch dressing. Now I don't care for either one. I have made a couple of my own barbecue sauce recipes. I think one was from Practical Paleo or one of her other books that wasn't bad and I added a bit of smoke flavor to it. Since I started making my own mayonnaise and turning it into my own dressing, I have not cared for any of the others. I have missed things on labels a lot. It is hard to catch it all when the print is so small on the ingredient list.

Valerie, I think the Alexis brand sweet potato fries are decent. I would just prefer to have my own choice of oil used. I didn't see any sweet potato tots at Walmart. I was thinking on the way home that one might have to look in the specialty area of the store? Maybe some place like Whole Foods carries them. I have never liked ketchup. It is too sweet and not real flavor other than tomato, vinegar, and sugar. I think I may have eaten it on hot dogs when I was a kid.
Good morning,

Yesterday I did KCM Strength & Stamina Wk#2. I had to cut it short as I pulled something in my back doing a KB swing. :(. If I do anything it will be a walking workout on the treadmill.

Valerie, I am so sorry to hear about your mother. ((HUGS)).

Diane Sue, that is good that you found out what was causing your stomach discomfort. Amazing that you thought to look at those ingredients. Stainless cookware is probably the safest, but I can see how it would not be easy to clean at all.

Judy, ICE is one of the best series, and has great premixes.

Hi to Lori & Carolyn,

Take care,
Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did ICE Low Impact Sweat Basic Premix #3, the one with both Low Impact Sweat workouts, Muscle Meltdown Back and Icy Core 2. The premix time was 81 minutes but it took me closer to 90 minutes. I am a little sore this morning so I will either do a Yin Yoga session or a short indoor ride, or maybe both. It's snowing and we have a winter weather advisory for today.

Deb-I'm sorry about your back :( The first time I hurt my low back it was from using a KB. I hope it feels better today.

Diane Sue-I haven't done much with Fit Split. I need to try the Push Day and Pull Day workouts.

Carolyn-Nice job with the WS3 workouts! I can't stand anything with sucralose either.


Hi to Lori!


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