Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 3/12/2023


cathy so cool!. our salamanders, are different color but other wise similar. they get really sluggish when its cold. he should have set down a dollar bill or something near one so we could get size sense better. occasionally we pick up a rock or piece of wood, and there's a salamander there, waiting for spring.
we have a lot of alligator lizards, and see those more often, but not until it warms up. we have a population that over winter in cold frames we use for transitioning plants in spring. much easier to see and usually have babies we can see. when its cold we can carefully look in there and see them. they move fast when its warm, but when its cool they are sluggish and easier to see.


This morning I did Stacked Sets Upper Body. My time was 42 minutes with 251 calories burned. My average heart rate was 127 and maximum heart rate was 161. I went to Costco for a few items and made a stop at Publix on the way home. I‘m happy to say that it was a short shopping trip.

Hello to All and have a wonderful day.


Tuesday I did 50 minutes of Peloton rides. Yesterday I did a Peloton 20 minute full body workout and 30 minutes of Peloton Yin Yoga. Today I did ICE Rock'm Sock'm with the Blizzard Blast (modified a little), Muscle Meltdown Triceps (very light weight) and Icy Core 1. My shoulder is limiting how much weight I can lift so I'm still staying light for now. Overall it is better and I think that doing upper body work with light weight is helping rather than making it worse.

Carolyn-Great job with Total Body Giant Sets and Stacked Sets Upper Body.

Valerie-Nice job with the spinning, therapy exercises and outdoor ride.

Cathy-I hope you had a nice visit with your parents. That is interesting about the Salamanders.

Hi to Diane Sue


Yesterday I did CDorner Fast Basic Step #274 calorie torching step cardio, 24 minutes, heart rate 149/177, 153 calories, 2,333 steps. I liked this one as it moves at a faster pace, no fancy choreography without a bunch of learning the moves and breaks. I usually do better with ones that do not slow way down or have breaks because my heart rate drops fast and then it takes a while to get it back up again. I guess that is not a bad thing, but if the workout is short there is not much chance of keeping it up. I followed this with CDorner Totally toned legs, 46 minutes, 106 calories, heart rate 91/128, 633 steps. Total time was 70 minutes, 259 calories, 2,592 steps.
Today I did Raw Arms (biceps and triceps) I wasted time trying to find a just arm workout on CDorner. She is doing one tomorrow that says just arms but I will be at my appointment. So many of hers say arms and she starts right out saying and shoulders. I decided to do one that I knew instead. I followed this with CDorner 4000 Step high or Low Impact, 36 minutes, 196 calories, heart rate 133/158. I messed up and did the first 5 minutes with the strength setting and paused and changed to Cardio so just added the two together. I finished with CDorner Mobility Flow from yesterday, 28 minutes, 53 calories, 136 steps.
Total time was 88 minutes, 314 calories, 4403 steps. I was tempted to cancel my appointment in the morning, but I need to get these all out of the way. I am worried about ice, but the rain that was heavy let up around 4 o'clock today, so hopefully it dries out tonight, although temps are supposed to get down to 28. It should get up past freezing about the time I arrive at my appointment. Weird weather.


Cathy, that is interesting about the blue salamanders. I am sorry your low back and hip is bother you. I get that off and on. It always seems those workouts like barre work with high repetitions of movement till it feels like I cannot take anymore will set it off. Also those superman moves. I do them because it is good to strengthen the low back muscles, but I do not exaggerate the movement. I think that has been a problem. I can't put my arms out in front of me like Cathe does anymore. It causes pain in the front of my shoulder. I think they are are still weak. It helps to sleep with knees elevated so back is flat to the bed. I have a stress fracture in my hip that they monitor and they want me to build up that area. Not an easy thing to do!

Valerie, I have some Cathe tubing, but only the red one is left of those as my grandson managed to break the tubing by attaching to things and seeing how far he could stretch them. He was 6 at the time. I also have the B-lines tubing that you interchange the tubing with a set of handles. I had two sets of handles, but one got broke. Eventually I need to get some new ones, but it seems I have been using the bands and the fabric bands and loops more than the tubing.
Nice work on getting a ride in and doing extra physical therapy exercises.

Carolyn nice work with Stacked Sets Upper Body.

Judy, nice work with the Peloton rides and yin yoga and today's Rock'm Sock'm with Blizzard Blast, muscle meltdown triceps, and Icy Core. It is amazing how the joints need some work. When I did PT the first time before surgery, they had me working with tubing and working on posture muscles along with 3# dumbbells. I hope it continues to get better.
Just did Live Strong Glutes and Thighs. Definitely a thorough workout. Four rounds, first three are repeated with slight variations. Uses 10-15's and the green fabric loop. First two rounds are weights only, third is weights and loop and fourth is just loop. I changed my reservations by a week, so hopefully the forecast for then hold. I got new medium tubing yesterday. Haven't tested it out yet to see how well it will work. If I don't think it will I'll return it next week.

Valerie those salamanders are 3-5" so pretty small. So cool that you have a population wintering where you get to see them come out.

Carolyn some of my lower back issues come from workouts, but most of it is self inflicted. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I play on my phone/iPad and end up in positions that put pressure on that area. I keep telling myself to just get up if I can't sleep, but it's nice and warm in bed. And when it's really bad, I do put a pillow under my knees and sleep on my back, which helps a lot, but I'm truly no good at staying and sleeping on my back. It also helps, to lay on my side, knees pulled up, but I often will fall asleep that way and wake up on my stomach.

Judy glad to hear that your shoulder has improved.

Carolyn I hear so many people talking about shopping at Costco, I just wish one were closer to me.


we did a road ride yesterday, 15 miles in an hour and fifteen minutes. will mt bike this morning if it warms up. only 31 right now. a little too cool with wind chill.

I've modified my therapy exercises to more stretching and skipping moves that are irritating. doing more of the helpful feeling ones and skipping ones that aren't comfortable. I am scheduled for a cortisone injection next week in my lower spine. its scary but it is the first step. surgery would be a BFD but if cortisone doesnt work, thats the option. I feel very much like my joints have suddenly fallen apart. my hip on one side bothers me now. it's one thing after another. I'm not expecting any answers from anyone but it feels like I just complain all the time and cant do many workouts.

we decided it was sunny and would be warm enough so did our winter (regular) mt bike. an hour and fifteen minutes. a lot of climbing on this one. trails wont be open for a long time yet. some of the roads are not pounded down enough to be safe. big loose chunky rocks are very risky. the trucks will pound them in and then they will gravel it over with finer rock.
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Today I did Stacked Sets Lower Body for 41 minutes and 219 calories burned. My average heart rate was 123 and maximum heart rate was 149.

Judy, nice job with the Peloton rides, Peloton Full Body, and Peloton Yin Yoga, Rock’m Sock’m kickboxing with Blizzard Blast, MM Triceps, and Icy Core 1. Great workouts!

Diane Sue, great job with the CDorner workouts, Raw Arms, and CDorner Mobility flow.

Hello to Valerie and Cathy.


Cathy, nice work on Live Strong Glutes and Thighs. My Loop Bands are from another manufacturer, and I mainly use the medium and large ones. I checked the forecast for weather for next weekend and it looks good for us and travel. I used to always end up curled up on my side when I slept and I would read my tablet in bed and my neck would hurt so bad. I was forced onto my back with the shoulder surgery. Could not lie on my side and I still feel it in my shoulder and neck if I find myself in another position. I sit up to read now. Just cannot do it. I have to read with my posture erect and head over my shoulders. No looking down. I pay for it if I don't.

Carolyn, Great Job with Stacked Sets Lower Body today.

Valerie, it was 31 when I got up to get ready to go to the doctor today. I felt that trip was long and a waste of time. All I got was the nurse practitioner and a new nurse and PT came in and she asked me some questions. Filled out her chart and said I could go. They took my blood pressure and pulse and that was it. That and lots of road work which had me arriving late.
I am sorry you are having so many problems. It is hard when one area is out that it throws others off. I am finding myself wanting stand light on the foot that has been bothering me and most weight on the right side which is the side that my hip has issues. I try to focus on not putting the weight on one side. I am still avoiding an injection. They did offer one for my foot. Also, one for my neck between the vertebrae. If I work at it I can keep the neck pain down. My foot is better as long as I do not jump and wear snug shoes around. I have been looking at shoes on Orthofeet shoes. They have lots of toe room and have ways for you to adjust the shoes. Also they give 60 days trial and free returns in condition where they can resell them. Amazon has some for about 20 dollars more than the current price on Orthofeet and they ship from Orthofeet.
I did P30 Upper Body this morning. I can do a handful of exercises at the same weight as Cathe, but she sure does go heavy on that one. Yesterday all the snow was gone except in the shadiest areas, and out back paths have standing water in them. Woke up this morning to the ground covered in snow and we are in the middle of getting 2-4". That and the real feel temp is 4 degrees! Still looking good for my drive up next Sunday and fingers crossed!

Valerie I'm sorry to hear about your continuing issues, but it's great that you are still riding and getting in good cardio workouts. Hopefully the cortisone shot will help a lot.

Our doctor situation has taken an interesting turn. As I've probably mentioned before he's in his mid 70's. He's had his practice is a remodeled house for over 20 years, his wife is the nutritionist and there's an accupuncturist in the basement. Less than a year ago he merged with another doctor and the office staff changed over, too. Well last week he called my husband personally and told him to cancel his appointment for this coming week. Gave him his personal cell number. Said he was moving to a new location, and the other doctor was trying to steal his patients. And when my husband called to cancel, they did try to get him to see the other doctor. Today, I can see in my post office email, the boys and I are getting letters from him from a new location. I need to get in soon for bloodwork, so we'll see how this all plays out. He's in no way shown any interest in retiring, and something pretty major had to have gone down for him to move out of the building he owned all these years.


This morning I did JS Stride and Step which was 30 minutes and 192 calories burned. My average heart rate was 125 and maximum heart rate was 147. I wanted another day of cardio since I missed my Wednesday workout.

Cathy, nice job with P30 Upper Body. I hope that the weather cooperates for your trip next weekend. That’s a strange situation with your doctor and also kind of sad. It sounds like the other doctor is trying to force him out and take his practice.

Diane Sue, I hate it when I feel like an appointment was a waste of time.

Hello to Judy and Valerie.


we did a walk this morning at our local state park. about 1 hr 40 minutes. lovely day out. I am not feeling very good. my back is just killing me. Im having panic attacks at night about the outcome of this.

cathy that is odd. very often an older doctor adds a new younger person to the practice to transition gracefully into retirement. the younger person meets his patients, the changeover would be smooth and go from one person to the "new guy" smoothly. most people in their mid 70's would be retiring, and most retire sooner. in small businesses, its common to sell your practice, introduce and acclimate your clients/patients to the new guy, and then taper off your presence. we just did this with our accountant. and not toolong ago, our dentist. medicine in small communities is probably still done that way. thats how my DH got started in his practice back in about `1985. maybe there is a misunderstanding about how the change over would happen?

would someone else please take over starting the weekly thread? I will still try to contribute. I dont feel like I have much to say and am hoping that this thursday will bring some relief from this progressive discomfort. I want to think a cortisone shot will help but I think I will need more than that.


Today I did CDorner Super Sweaty Step Hiit, 32 minutes, heart rate 128/165, 152 calories, 1,675 steps. I then did Cathe Muscle Meltdown Shoulders and Back, 41 minutes, 118 calories, heart rate 99/123,175 steps. I finished off with CDorner Mobility Flow with bonus neck and shoulder, 29 minutes, 49 calories, heart rate 80/103, 74 steps. Total time was 1 hr 41 minutes, 319 calories, 1,924 steps. I would have thought I had more steps, but the Step Hiit did have some planks and thrust back and mountain climbers.
Family dinner tomorrow and a birthday. I am just doing spaghetti and I made two cheesecakes today.

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