Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 3/12/2023


two days of heavy duty clean up gardening. need to get this done before things start growing too much.
we set our clocks ahead before going to bed so we are already adjusting to the new time. I wish we could get this settled and stay on one time all year, either standard or daylight. I hate the switch.
Valerie I'm with you on ditching the time change. I used to set mine the night before, too, but now so much changes itself automatically. We do still have two wall clocks, but my husband does those because he's the one that wants them. I do the stove and microwave. And as usual in the morning when I point out the time change, my husband didn't know it was happening. "I thought it was next week."

Woke up around 3:30, went back to sleep after 5, plus losing an hour, I slept right through my Fitbit going off at 7:30 and it's backup 10 minutes later. So, I was definitely running late. Ended up doing the step portions of Cardio and Weights. Hadn't done those in quite awhile, but I wanted something short and it was a cardio day. Made my reservations in Marquette for next Sunday, Monday. Derek is heading back up sometime today, but that group is not early starters. Plus he and Aliah were up really early yesterday as they got there around 5 a.m.

Judy great job with the Peloton rides and I'm glad you weren't affected by the snow. The roads here were clear pretty quickly as the temps were warm and they had plowed faster than usual. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Hopefully it heals quickly.

Carolyn your investment club sounds interesting.
Good morning. I did my usual yoga today.

We set our clocks ahead for daylight saving time before going to bed last night. I don’t mind the mornings, but I will feel “off” as it gets later in the evening. I hate the switching back and forth.

Have a great day everyone.
I have a wristwatch that needs setting, cars, oven/micro plus a few regular clocks. the regular clocks are the easiest, the subaru the hardest. the easier things reset themselves we run thru things late in the evening and painless in the next morning.

did a walk this morning, 50 min of a forest walk near by here.
Just did LIS Barre, only the barre segments. Some of those are brutal. Snowing again here today, but while constant it's not amounting to much.

Carolyn great job with the yoga.

Valerie that's so nice that you got a walk in the woods. It's so peaceful being in that setting.
This morning I did Cardio Party for 39 minutes and 288 calories burned. My average heart rate was 134 and maximum heart rate was 160.

Cathy, great job with Cardio and Weights step and LIS Turbo Barre. I haven’t looked at Cardio and Weights in many years. I’m glad that the snow is not too heavy in your area.

Valerie, great job with the garden cleanup and the walk in the forest.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.
last night we decided to watch the oscars. weve seen only two movies nominated, so seemed like a waste of time but it was actually good. we have seen "all quiet on the Western front" a brutal account of the battles of WWI. we have been learning about a lot of the history that somehow was not included in either of our education. somehow neither myself or my husband got much background in history but its possible to upgrade if you want to. high school we got to about the civil war and ran out of time. in college, by the time we completed course requirements for our majors, there was little time for much else.
re the oscars, we review the titles for things to watch during the year on netflix, prime, hulu. Jimmy Kimmel is a good host, funny and mostly an smooth easy presence. a few jokes fell flat but most were fun and not heavy handed. reminds me of billy Crystal. no flubs this year and some very heartfelt speeches. it also gives you ideas of movies you can be pretty sure you will not(!) enjoy too, so helps to weed in/weed out. we started watching, agreeing to switch to something else if necessary but we watched the whole thing. we mute commercials and some boring acceptance speeches. it was a surprisingly pleasant show.

Carolyn, how is the whole shake up at WW affecting you? I feel its in keeping with the overall movement to make all of us do everything ourselves. plan and pay for our own trips online, self check on groceries, order online for most things because stores that are open don't have any shelf stock. so why have any WW personal meeting places? its probably cheaper to operate for them and I expect they will continue to whittle away at options. I don't like to see promotion of weight loss drugs because it doesnt address the root of the problem. I'm online only so not a big change for me. for people attending meetings long term , it seems a huge betrayal of what they signed up for.
Valerie, I’m not really concerned about the changes at WW. I attend a regular virtual meeting with an occasional in studio weigh in. I see upset people on the app posting many things that aren’t really true. The program isn’t going away, but they are adding that medical component for a small group of people who need it. I received an email update for Lifetime members that I will not need to do an in person weigh in from now through February 2024, but encouraging me to continue to attend meetings. I have noticed that my regular studio has reduced the number of classes over the past year, but they had a lot of them scheduled. I know there are others who prefer virtual as I do. It’s just so convenient. From a business standpoint I can see the need to reduce the number of classes offered. I suspect that the free Lifetime membership as long as you are within 2 pounds of your goal weight might go away eventually, but that‘s just my opinion. As for me, I don’t plan on going anywhere since this program works for me.
carolyn good to know it doesn't affect you. I'm disappointed with the move normalizing weight loss drugs, especially since it must have involved investment money. it completely evade the issues most people with weight problems need to deal with, and just pushes problems down the road. if someone needs one of these drugs, they should be on board with their primary care person not doing it via some telehealth program. cant always tell what's fact and what's spin. I would not go to an in- person meeting although nothing is close. I am at goal but continue to pay monthly although I feel I could drop it. my computer does not have a camera so I would need to use the laptop and have never bothered.

going to do the spin bike today. and of course the therapy work I continue to do forever.

just to ask a question that has mystified me for years, what is the big to-do about Rhianna? she sang last night and of course half time at the superbowl. I must be missing something. fancy clothes, make up and then.... meh... can anyone tell me what I am not seeing here? I realize being a 'star" is not always easily definable, but why?
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Today I did Yvette Fitness Low Impact Cardio and weights, 66 minutes, 305 calories, 4,783 steps. I liked this one and it was really all low impact. The first 30 minutes is all cardio then weight segments with cardio breaks and weights ranging from around 8-20 lbs and a couple of cardio segments in the last half used a stability ball. I won't work out tomorrow as I am going to my ladies get together and it will probably take around 45 minutes to get there. No workout yesterday other than a CDorner mobility workout as I really needed stretching a movement. My allergies are in the top category and lots of coughing and sneezing which sets off other things. So I stayed home. I do not like time changes either. I do rather like this time schedule better ad it gives more sunlight in the evening to get things done outside. I always had a dislike for the morning when the sun was coming up right in my windshield when taking the grandchildren to school. I sat through a whole light in a big intersection once waiting to make a left turn because I could not see a thing. That is on annoyance, but then it hits people on the way home from work at times too I guess.

Valerie, good job on getting the yard clean up done. I still have a bit more to do. I still have a little more to do. I am hesitant on the crape myrtle as it is not doing anything yet, but I think I need to trim off the tips with the dead blooms on them from last year. I did thin it last year so water could get through. I hope it is not dead as the bark is grey and I cannot remember so much last year. My gardenia looks dead as well so I am leaving it alone. I would like something bigger in that planter anyway. I need to get my husband to take me to Lowes so I can get mulch as much of it has floated away with rains and yard flooding.
I never watch the oscars. I guess I do not really care as I do not watch movies much and so much ado about all of it. My husband likes for me to watch movies with him so I do usually during the weekend.
I do appreciate history if it is accurate. I sat up one night and watched 3 hours of a black and white movie of each country's view of the battle they were fighting and the horrors of it. The battles were all important and something to be learned and not forgotten. I have been reading stuff on American history.
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Valerie, the type of music that one enjoys probably has a lot to do with the appreciation for Rihanna. I enjoy her music when I hear it, but I would be hard pressed to name a specific song. The song that she did last night was one that she wrote and performed for Waukanda Forever and was a tribute to Chadwick Bozeman who passed away. I didn’t watch the Oscars but I like seeing the highlights.
I worked the past two days and got quite a lot of steps in. I'm off for the rest of the week and will be focusing on cardio and lower body work. My shoulder feels a little better but I'm going to take it easy on upper body work for the rest of the week just to be safe.

Cathy-Great job with step portions of Cardio and Weights and LIS Barre. I will be so glad when the snow and cold is over for this year.

Carolyn-Great job with yoga and Cardio Party.

Diane Sue-Great job with Yvette Fitness Low Impact Cardio and weights. She has some good workouts on her channel. I don't watch the Oscars either. I love history too. I prefer documentaries to movies.

Valerie-Great job with the garden work and walking in the forest.
I did not get finished posting. I had to stop and get my husband's dinner ready before he went to work. I just got my reminder that it is bedtime. Eventually I will get this timeclock of mine fixed.

Valerie, I have only heard the name Rhianna so have no idea what she sings.

Carolyn, nice work with Cardio Party this morning.

Cathy, nice work with Low Impact Barre today.

Judy, I hope that you shoulder issues go away. It is nice that you have the rest of the week off. Yvette talked about her paid subscription at the end of this workout. She also said she had had requests for more low impact workouts. I think she might be leaving what she has up but is adding 5 new workouts a month to the paid subscription and she has her own website.
Diane Sue-I wondered about Yvette having a subscription. It seems like most of the YouTube fitness instructors are going in that direction.
This morning I did Total Body Giant Sets, no round 3 or 5, for 40 minutes and 217 calories burned. My average heart rate was 122 and maximum heart rate was 154. I had someone coming to fix our garage door opener this morning and had just enough time to get finished with my workout.

Valerie, I many people in the WW virtual classes don’t have their cameras on. Some listen in while they walk outside or on the treadmill. Some people use their phones but I use my iPad. You can access meetings from the main WW website but the app is easier for me. You could try a few to see if the coach’s style is a good match. I attend coach Michelle W on Wednesday mornings but she has other times. I tried a few different ones to find this group. There are a few regular attendees and others who come and go.

Diane Sue, nice job with the Yvette Low Impact workout. I’ve noticed that most of the YouTube fitness instructors are started to offer subscriptions. In Cathe’s weekly newsletter she talks about fitness trends. This seems to be one of them. A couple of the food related sites that I like have started subscriptions. You get access to all recipes and more detailed information with a paid subscription.

Judy, I’m glad that your shoulder is feeling better. It’s good that you have the next few days off.

Hello to Cathy.
I like movies a lot but find usually the biggest awards go to films I don't like much. a lot of the films nominated for lesser awards are better movies, so I make a list and watch for them during the year. there are some really good movies made but there is also a large amount of absolute crap to fill all the time. I do as much sorting as I can do ahead of time. the "Everything" movie does not look like I would enjoy it but if its easily accessible, I'd give it a try. Ive been surprised before trying something new.

it seems like rhianna has almost a cult-like following. I didnt know it was dedicated to chadwick bosman. Ive not seen the Waukanda movies. Im not sure Ive ever heard Beyonce either. just dont come across either music. radio doesnt play much music anymore and that was always my main source. times have changed.

I understand WW is in business to make money and not a "public service". I feel bad for so many people who lost their regular local meeting. I'll try to remember to listen in on a meeting. thanks for the name.

I did 35 on the spin bike yesterday and therapy as planned.
Valerie, nice job with doing 35 minutes on the spin bike and therapy exercises.
Everything Everywhere All At Once doesn’t appeal to me at all. I might try it just to see because of Jamie Lee Curtis, but I‘m not a big movie person. I usually read while my family is watching a movie. Coach Michelle is on spring break with her daughter this week. I don’t know who will sub for her. I have a dental appointment and won’t be attending.
Last couple of days my lower back has been really tight. I think the LIS Barre added to that as it really hits my upper glute area and my low back issues are right there beside them. So, yesterday morning I just did Stretch Max with the ball, and then some foam rolling of the adjacent areas. Getting a tire rotation this morning and then going to Kalamazoo to see my parents, so not working out.

Checked the weather this morning and it looks like there could be as much as 8-10" of snow in northern lower Michigan and the UP, Friday and Saturday, and I'm just not feeling like dealing with what's left on Sunday. So, I'm probably moving my trip to the following week. Going to verify with Derek, but I think between work and classes, Sunday night is the only time that will work for him to get together. I'd rather not pay Friday/Saturday rates, even if they aren't that high this time of year. Also, better chance the following week that the salamanders at Presque Isle Park will be on the move at night and I'd like to see them. They close the road that goes through the park during that time, because too many of them were getting killed. Now they have people there counting, and visitors can help count. Derek and Aliah went a couple times last year.

I didn't watch the Oscars. I'm not much for movies. I enjoy Rihanna's music, but I don't actually have much by her in my collections. There are definitely huge followings for both Rihanna and Beyonce.

Is anyone ordering any of the individual STS 2.0 workouts? I'm on the fence about a few more pieces of equipment. Nick says they need to do an intervention for my equipment addiction. LOL I measured the tubing I have and DH has stretched it out by a foot! in the years he's been using it, but then he's a bit more than a foot taller than me. I checked and Meijer has some, and they are cheaper than Cathe's, he may just buy me a new one tomorrow. ;)Also, I really need a smaller yoga ball. Something between the two sizes I have. I'm also on the fence about the strap for the door. My old one will work, but the newer one definitely looks more sturdier and secure. Decisions, decisions.

Judy I'm glad your shoulder is feeling better.

Time to get going. Love sitting and waiting for car stuff. Not LOL
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later yesterday I rode my mt bike around the local roads. only about 3 miles but a big hill so its not a "nothing" ride. finally getting nicer warmer weather. after it warms up later in the day. also did therapy work 2x yesterday.

cathy that is so cool about the salamanders! we see them here but not in that quantity. maybe we drove over all of them, who knows? I bought the Cathe tubing a year or two ago and am happy with it. the handles are nice and unobtrusive. I had two older ones that had clunky plastyic handles that got in the way so its about more than the tubing itself. I bought the set of 4 but I use the two harder ones by far the most. I'm not buying more workouts. I'm not "done" but I don't use what I already have.

we don't watch many movies, maybe one a week. it's possible to never see a decent movie if you don't prescreen what you watch. I understand everyone won't like the same thing. movies for kids and teens are not great for older adults. there's so much junk , many times with well known people in them, and so many channels with air time to fill! its beyond annoying looking for something you will enjoy if you dont do some homework. we watch more series than movies and the same thing applies there.
I had a dental appointment this morning, so no workout for me.

Cathy, I’m sorry about the low back issues. Stretching and using a foam roller sounds like just the right thing to do. Enjoy your visit with your mom.

Valerie, nice job with the ride around the neighborhood.

Hello to Judy and Diane Sue.

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